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  1. Hi! just a little help. i want to edit the script of megaphone input [email protected]$; announce strcharinfo(0) + ": " + [email protected]$,bc_all,0xFF0000; i want to put [Streamer] before the character's name thank you!
  2. Hi there again, can someone how to fix this error i got a newly no edit grf translations from here https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE
  3. my line 493 is total empty o.o got it working already. some of the text are needed to be align
  4. okay this time i put the whole this time have a look this is the last two entry on my item_db.yml import # Non-kRO Eden Group Mark effect #============================================================= # - Id: 22508 # AegisName: Para_Team_Mark_ # Name: Eden Group Mark # Type: Delayconsume # Script: | # unitskilluseid getcharid(3),"AL_TELEPORT",3; # - Id: 5135 # AegisName: Cyclops_Visor # Name: Cyclop's Eye # Type: Armor # Weight: 200 # Jobs: # All: true # Novice: false # SuperNovice: false # Locations: # Head_Mid: true # EquipLevelMin: 75 # View: 207 # Script: | # bonus bMaxSP,50; bonus bFlee,50;
  5. Hi There again! i am trying to add some bonus script on an item eg. cyclops eye db/pre-re/item_db.yml -< i am using this directory i am assuming that this is an import file am i correct?t this is inside of my item_db.yml Header: Type: ITEM_DB Version: 1 Body: - Id: 5135 Script: | bonus bMaxSP,50; bonus bFlee,50; then i @reloaditemdb tons of error pops up on my mapserver.bat and also this is a newly fresh clone atm
  6. i really dont know i accidentally found out this one repository > open in gitbash idk i guess its working now?
  7. Hi! i got a fresh new clone rathena repo from github desktop i want to apply and update on other branches and merge to the main branch i already sign up for a git account but i got this error *** Please tell me who you are. Run git config --global user.email "[email protected]" git config --global user.name "Your Name" to set your account's default identity. Omit --global to set the identity only in this repository. fatal: unable to auto-detect email address (got '[email protected](none)')
  8. Hi there! good script can you also add modification to disable @warp command directly to that particular map when mvp are alive and can @warp again after mvp is killed
  9. Hi There! i had a trouble finding the formula for the auto berserk skill seems the codes are to complicated for me to understand can someone point out to me where exactly it is? i just want to edit the HP Trigger % to activate provoke skill TIA
  10. Can someone kindly update this one? this is so useful and easy to use
  11. Yea i gave up which do i need to edit inside msgstringtable.txt could you please point it out which text to be edited out? :)
  12. may i know which text needs to be edited i want to edit use,eap,etc and fav tab too
  13. yup i tried editing this part (%d)# and wont work for me
  14. i saw this one https://rathena.org/board/topic/69976-help-service-selection-user-display/ but its too old i guess i tried but not working any help will appreciate thanks
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