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  1. thanks for the great share! i try it on my free time
  2. do you mean the location? data->sprite->¾ÆÀÌÅÛ
  3. you should uncheck this on nemo to easy spot your exact error Ignore Lua Errors Ignore Resource Errors
  4. same here care to share the fix?
  5. i already added in my import/castle_db 100,job3_arch01,Emperium Breaker,test,1 but still occuring
  6. yeah its working now i didnt notice the colon and semi colon's
  7. i copy the said script on npc/re/merchants/pet_trader.txt into my folder pre-re works fine on the pet listed on the script but i cant my custom egg i already have databases on my mob_db, pet_db, item_db, and iteminfo
  8. How to add if itemid is not found it will say itemid has failed //============================================================ //= Preview Item Script //===== By: ================================================== //= iHeart //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Description: ========================================= //= A method to allow headgear sprites to be previewed without //= being 'stolen' //============================================================ guildhall,105,54,4 script Dressing Coach 624,{ //save current look for later set @bottomview, getlook(3); set @topview, getlook(4); set @midview, getlook(5); //doesn't actually execute until just before a 'close' statement, or when the char leaves the npc's control addtimer 1000, "PreviewStuffGlobal::On_Leave"; INTRO: mes "[Dressing Coach]"; mes " "; mes "Welcome to the"; mes "Headgear Preview NPC!"; mes " "; mes "Please input an itemID you would like to preview"; input @itemid; //modifies char's look based on item set @equip, getiteminfo(@itemid, 5); set @view, getiteminfo(@itemid, 11); if(@equip != -1 && @view > 0) { //note: yes...i'm using atcommand here cause for some reason // 'setlook' has permanent effects...last time i checked at least if(@equip & 1) atcommand "@changelook 3 " + @view; if(@equip & 256) atcommand "@changelook 1 " + @view; if(@equip & 512) atcommand "@changelook 2 " + @view; } next; mes "Would to like to preview something else?"; next; if(select("Yes", "No") == 1) { goto INTRO; } //*preview wears off automatically here due to delayed timer*// close; } - script PreviewStuffGlobal ,{ On_Leave: atcommand "@changelook 1 " + @topview; atcommand "@changelook 2 " + @midview; atcommand "@changelook 3 " + @bottomview; end; }
  9. i just tried atm i think its not working there no decrease agi appearing i want is for every refine level of weapon you would get level 1 decrease agi
  10. skill "AL_DECAGI",1+getrefine(); but the skill exceeds to level 11 supposed to be level 10 only, can someone correct it for me
  11. ±Ã¼öArcher weapon sprites ÇåÅÍHunter weapon sprites carefully check the notes
  12. are these you were looking for? https://rathena.org/board/files/file/2436-34-kamishis-clothes-dyes-updated-2018/ https://rathena.org/board/files/file/2610-36-kamishis-unique-dyes-with-brown-skin/ https://rathena.org/board/files/file/2701-553251-old-dyes-palettes-working-all-classes/
  13. check it out here https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Custom_weapons
  14. try this battle.conf set it to no // Should ammo be unequipped when unequipping a weapon? // Official behavior is "yes". ammo_unequip: no // Should a suitable weapon be equipped when equipping ammo? // Official behavior is "yes". ammo_check_weapon: no
  15. you mean item_db_equip.yml? add this Slots: 4
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