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  1. Add them here VIP are group 5 https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/6a12857583c4747aacc1428feb47d717da2527c7/conf/groups.conf#L230
  2. basically i want all 1st 2nd and high class to recieve free buffs from the healer if (Class > 4007) end; sc_start SC_IMPOSITIO,240000,5; specialeffect2 84; also i do have special buffs for vip users im using group ID 0 if(vip_status(VIP_STATUS_ACTIVE)){ sc_start SC_INCREASEAGI,300000,10; specialeffect2 37; sc_start SC_BLESSING,300000,10; specialeffect2 42; but VIP players cannot recieve any buffs from the healer npc and 1st to high class can get buffs
  3. try this http://www.mediafire.com/file/7hcz6u9vl4vjhb4/newprontera.grf/file source from here
  4. im getting error's the skill would animated but no effect when used GetSkillAttackRange [string "buf"]:262: attempt to index field 'AttackRange'(a nil value) im using itemscript itemskill "SL_NINJA",5; itemskill "SL_GUNNER",5;
  5. when converting an item with item_combo_db script the effect will remain
  6. can you convert to YAML format? i tried using the tool csv2yaml both app and batch file but it failed to convert
  7. i think this is the original thread can someone help us out.
  8. thanks for the great share! i try it on my free time
  9. do you mean the location? data->sprite->¾ÆÀÌÅÛ
  10. you should uncheck this on nemo to easy spot your exact error Ignore Lua Errors Ignore Resource Errors
  11. same here care to share the fix? prontera,143,143,4 script Emperium Breaker 4_M_ACROSS,{ // What Map will be used set .Map$,"job3_arch01"; // How many Top Breaker will be Recorded set .TopRank,10; // Message to Inform Players while inside the Room setarray .Instruction$[0], "Please Listen here carefully.", "This is Emperium Breaker Test Room , which is use to test your Breaking Time.", "Prepare youself...and do your best to Break it...", "Okay that's All i want to say , get Ready yourself and it will Start Soon."; while( 1 ){ mes "This is Emperium Breaker test Room. "; mes "You are able to calculate your Emperium Breaking Speed in this Room."; next; switch( select( ( getmapusers( .Map$ ) )?"^FF0000NOT Available":"^0000FFAvailable^000000", "Top ^FF0000"+.TopRank+"^000000 Breaker Ladder", ( getgmlevel() < 90 )?"":"^FF0000[GM]^000000 Reset Room", ( getgmlevel() < 90 )?"":"^FF0000[GM]^000000 Reset Ladder" )){ Case 1: if( getmapusers( .Map$ ) ){ mes "There is another player inside it now."; next; break; } warp .Map$,0,0; killmonster .Map$,"All"; // removemapflag .Map$,mf_noskill; donpcevent strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnReady"; end; Case 2: mes "^ED1ADCLatest Record^000000 : "+LatestRecord/1000+"."+LatestRecord%1000+" Seconds."; for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < .TopRank; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1 ){ if( !$TopRankTime[[email protected]] ) break; mes "^FF0000Top "+( [email protected] + 1 )+" : ^0000FF"+$TopName$[[email protected]]+" "; mes "^FF0000Time Taken : ^ED1ADC[ "+$TopRankTime[[email protected]]/1000+"."+$TopRankTime[[email protected]]%1000+" Sec. ]^000000 "; } next; break; Case 3: mapannounce .Map$,"A GM has RESET the Breaker Test Room.",0,0x00FF00; killmonster .Map$,"All"; sleep 3000; mapwarp .map$,"prontera",0,0; mes "Done Reset. and Player who are inside are warped out."; next; break; Case 4: switch( select( "^0000FFAll Player^000000:^FF0000One Player^000000" ) ){ Case 1: deletearray $TopRankTime[0],getarraysize( $TopRankTime ); deletearray $TopName$[0],getarraysize( $TopName$ ); mes "RESETED WHOLE LADDER."; break; Case 2: mes "Please input the ^FF0000EXACT NAME^000000 of player you want to delete."; input .Name$; for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < .TopRank; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1 ){ if( .Name$ == $TopName$[[email protected]] ){ deletearray $TopName$[[email protected]],1; deletearray $TopRankTime[[email protected]],1; mes "Removed ^FF0000"+.Name$+"^000000 from the List."; } } } next; break; } } OnReady: sleep 3000; for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize( .Instruction$ ); set [email protected],[email protected] + 1 ){ mapannounce .Map$,.Instruction$[[email protected]],0,0x00FF00; sleep 2500; } for( set [email protected],5; [email protected] > 0; set [email protected],[email protected] - 1 ){ mapannounce .Map$,"Count Down : "[email protected]+" Seconds.",0,0x00FF00; sleep 1000; } //mapannounce .Map$,"Hit the Emperium Now and Skills Disabled.",0,0x00FF00; setmapflag .Map$,mf_noskill; monster .Map$,29,27,"Breaker Test",1288,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBreaked"; set .Record,0; sleep 500; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer600000: if( !mobcount( .Map$,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBreaked" ) ) end; mapannounce .Map$,"You spent too much time. i think you are AFK , so you are out.",0,0xED1ADC; sleep 3000; mapwarp .map$,"prontera",0,0; stopnpctimer; end; OnBreaked: set .Time,getnpctimer(0); copyarray [email protected]$[0],$TopName$[0],getarraysize( $TopName$ ); copyarray [email protected][0],$TopRankTime[0],getarraysize( $TopRankTime[0] ); set LatestRecord,.Time; for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < .TopRank; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1 ){ if( .Time < $TopRankTime[[email protected]] || !$TopRankTime[[email protected]] ){ set $TopRankTime[[email protected]],.Time; set $TopName$[[email protected]],strcharinfo(0); copyarray $TopRankTime[[email protected] + 1],[email protected][0],getarraysize( [email protected] ); copyarray $TopName$[[email protected] + 1],[email protected]$[0],getarraysize( [email protected]$ ); announce "[ "+strcharinfo(0)+" ] Achieved Top "+( [email protected] + 1 )+" in Emperium Breaking with "+.Time/1000+"."+.Time%1000+" Seconds !!!",bc_all,0xED1ADC; break; } } stopnpctimer; announce "Current Time Taken : "+.Time/1000+"."+.Time%1000+" Seconds. ",bc_self,0xED1ADC; // removemapflag .Map$,mf_noskill; sleep 5000; mapwarp .map$,"prontera",0,0; end; } job3_arch01 mapflag nocommand 50 job3_arch01 mapflag gvg on job3_arch01 mapflag gvg_castle job3_arch01 mapflag monster_noteleport job3_arch01 mapflag nosave SavePoint im using this by Sir Emistry when i try to reset the room i got error [Error]: buildin_mes: fatal error ! player not attached! [debug]: Function: mes (1 parameter): [debug]: Data: String value="Done Reset. and player who are inside are warped out." [debug]: Source(NPC): Emperium Breaker at prontera (143,143)
  12. i already added in my import/castle_db 100,job3_arch01,Emperium Breaker,test,1 but still occuring
  13. yeah its working now i didnt notice the colon and semi colon's
  14. i copy the said script on npc/re/merchants/pet_trader.txt into my folder pre-re works fine on the pet listed on the script but i cant my custom egg i already have databases on my mob_db, pet_db, item_db, and iteminfo
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