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  1. You can only do that with Tga or Png images.
  2. You will have to combine the images manually using a program like photoshop, and remake the sprite. Because only the image on the first layer shows up for headgear sprites.
  3. Adel

    Hi there, do you have Discord?

    1. Zell


      Hey. Yes, here:


  4. Did you enable the 64k hairstyle patch when diffing the client?
  5. As far as I know, currently the client does not support animation for Robe type sprites.
  6. Wow. Sage this map is breathtaking! Specially the indoor maps, very elegant!
  7. This is really amazing! You have improved so much since the last time I saw your work. The moon, is that ground or is that a model?
  8. I'm pretty sure the ID 1929 is in use for an official mob. You'll have to use a higher ID. Try 3000+
  9. Welcome! It's always exciting to see new artists around here I'm impressed with the amount of details you've put into this map, considering how simple it looks overall. Good job~
  10. You can rotate texture with the [space] key. With H & V keys you can turn texture horizontally or vertically.