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  1. Thank you @Vykimo! Works like a charm
  2. I'm trying to increase the range of Arealoot. At default it is at 3x3 cell radius. The src code is set to read the splash level from Greed, which is currently set to lv 4 (which is 11x11 cell radius). But this part is not working. Here is the src code below: /// Request to pick up an item. /// 009f <id>.L (CZ_ITEM_PICKUP) /// 0362 <id>.L (CZ_ITEM_PICKUP2) /// There are various variants of this packet, some of them have padding between fields. void clif_parse_TakeItem(int fd, struct map_session_data *sd) { struct flooritem_data *fitem; int map_object_id,debug_i; int skill_greed(struct block_list *bl, va_list ap); map_object_id = RFIFOL(fd,packet_db[RFIFOW(fd,0)].pos[0]); fitem = (struct flooritem_data*)map_id2bl(map_object_id); do { if (pc_isdead(sd)) { clif_clearunit_area(&sd->bl, CLR_DEAD); break; } if (fitem == NULL || fitem->bl.type != BL_ITEM || fitem->bl.m != sd->bl.m) break; if (pc_cant_act(sd)) break; if (sd->state.arealoot == 1) { //debug_i = map_foreachinrange(skill_greed,&sd->bl,3,BL_ITEM,&sd->bl); debug_i = map_foreachinrange(skill_greed,&sd->bl,skill_get_splash(BS_GREED,1),BL_ITEM,&sd->bl); //ShowDebug("debug_i=%d", debug_i); if(debug_i == 0) return; } else if (!pc_takeitem(sd, fitem)) break; return; } while (0); // Client REQUIRES a fail packet or you can no longer pick items. clif_additem(sd,0,0,6); } And this is the part that is not working. if (sd->state.arealoot == 1) { //debug_i = map_foreachinrange(skill_greed,&sd->bl,3,BL_ITEM,&sd->bl); debug_i = map_foreachinrange(skill_greed,&sd->bl,skill_get_splash(BS_GREED,1),BL_ITEM,&sd->bl); Here is a preview of Greed & Arealoot in game. Greed (with splash lvl 4): Arealoot:
  3. Thank you so much for that beautiful compliment @Mina-chan ! I'm planning on improving most of the maps slowly.
  4. Nice, but it's going to overlap with headgear though, which wont look too nice.
  5. You will have to combine the images manually using a program like photoshop, and remake the sprite. Because only the image on the first layer shows up for headgear sprites.
  6. Adel

    Hi there, do you have Discord?

    1. Zell


      Hey. Yes, here:


  7. Did you enable the 64k hairstyle patch when diffing the client?
  8. As far as I know, currently the client does not support animation for Robe type sprites.
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