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  1. Just lay down for a bit the dizziness will go away. Also you are probably in bed right now anyway so... step 1 check.  :ani_swt3:

  2. Adel's Free Sprites

    Haunting Spirits A little Halloween gift for the community. Hope ya'll enjoying Halloween! Please join my Discord channel and click on #freebies to Download.
  3. Old client bug with latest GPUs

    From what I know this usually happen only on laptops.
  4. [ Question] Help me what wrong with this

    Take a look at the effects listed in item_bonus.txt
  5. The act file (which controls the animation) is the difference between a headgear and a monster sprite, since the act of a headgear has way more to edit than an act of a monster.
  6. Available Mob IDs?

    Try starting from 3899
  7. missing sprites

    Yes, this is something new by gravity. But you can open data.grf using GRF Editor.
  8. Pet Accessory

    The pet accessory for poring is poring_Ã¥°¡¹æ.act. There is only an act file for pet accs. Lua file that is related to pet accessory is datainfo/petinfo.lua
  9. Adel's Sprite Showcase

    Drooping Eleanor Light Up Santa Hats Heart Balloons
  10. Absolutely love it!
  11. Map created with Browedit - Client Error

    Are you using any of the new prontera models in your maps?