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  1. Adel's Sprite Showcase

    Valentines Sprites
  2. [Showcase] Logo

    Looks nice! Were these made completely from scratch?
  3. Responsive Website

    I think it is REALLY good! I love the gentleness of the layout, and seriously, it looks like it was done by a pro~
  4. what is the use of "_h" in spr files?

    Those sprites are for the baby classes.
  5. Sprite Fixing

    You can also re-size it with Act Editor. If you want to make it look good for every class you will have to adjust the act for each class seperately. I suggest you make it in to a robe type sprite.
  6. Just lay down for a bit the dizziness will go away. Also you are probably in bed right now anyway so... step 1 check.  :ani_swt3:

  7. Adel's Free Sprites

    Haunting Spirits A little Halloween gift for the community. Hope ya'll enjoying Halloween! Please join my Discord channel and click on #freebies to Download.
  8. Old client bug with latest GPUs

    From what I know this usually happen only on laptops.
  9. [ Question] Help me what wrong with this

    Take a look at the effects listed in item_bonus.txt
  10. The act file (which controls the animation) is the difference between a headgear and a monster sprite, since the act of a headgear has way more to edit than an act of a monster.
  11. Available Mob IDs?

    Try starting from 3899
  12. missing sprites

    Yes, this is something new by gravity. But you can open data.grf using GRF Editor.