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  1. Experiment 001

  2. Flying Sheep

  3. Xmas_Hamster

  4. Taco hat

  5. NPC Auction System

  6. 2ndpassword_bg.bmp

    Great! thanks for sharing, the image can be better hehe keep working please!
  7. Great job Fanoe i like it your sprites <3 keep working!!!
  8. Official Colour palette

    hi! pallet for Graphics Gale Paleta Shiro.rar
  9. [ Showcase ] Oktoberfest

    nice map and costume! great job sr
  10. (Showcase) Magma Spear

    i like it hyuna!!! use more color for shading its great the form is perfect!
  11. Spriteing problem

    review the pallet try save the image in photoshop and others programs then conview the frame to sprite
  12. great map!!!! keep working its amazing!
  13. [Showcase] Pudge & SF

    wow.... fabulous! T.T i want make something as this heheeh