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  1. yes i removed the mf_restricted on the script it works and put it on restricted.txt but when i tried to commend the one on the restricted.txt and try the one on the script doesnt work
  2. sorry to bump on this but i just wanted to ask how can this script choose location for each guild prontera,155,191,4 script The King#KoE 1_M_MERCHANT,{ mes "[The King]"; if ( !getcharid(2) ) { mes "You must have a guild to participate in the ^FF0000King of Emperium Hill Tournament^000000."; close; } mes "Hello."; mes "Would you like to participate in the ^FF0000King of Emperium Hill Tournament^000000?"; if ( select ( "Yes", "No" ) == 2 ) close; if ( !getvariableofnpc( .start, "KoE" ) ) close; switch( rand(1,4) ){ case 1: warp "koe", 14, 17; end; case 2: warp "koe", 14, 84; end; case 3: warp "koe", 85, 84; end; case 4: warp "koe", 85, 16; end; } } is it possible? thanks in advance
  3. im trying to disable all healing items on certain may specially for LMS here is the mapflag used on script so i add the restricted "2" for pvp on this particular map - script Event_LMS -1,{ OnInit: // Mapflags setarray [email protected], mf_nowarp, mf_nowarpto, mf_noskill, mf_noteleport, mf_nomemo, mf_nosave, mf_pvp_noguild, mf_pvp_noparty, mf_noicewall, mf_nobranch, mf_restricted, 2, //- added mf_noreturn; this is may item_noequip.txt 501,64 // Red Potion 502,64 // Orange Potion 503,64 // Yellow Potion 504,64 // White Potion 507,64 // Red Herb 508,64 // Yellow Herb 509,64 // White Herb i made it 64 so it only reads the zone 2 so with this mf_restricted, 2, on script above it wont work but if i put the map here restricted.txt //Jail sec_pri mapflag restricted 2 06guild_01 mapflag restricted 2 the restricted mapflag works why is that isnt the "mf_restricted, 2," works the same or they dont? or i did wrong on mf_restricted, 2, thanks in advance
  4. @Mastagoon sir this is the script that im going to use regarding the bindcommand - script maintown -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "maintown",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnAtcommand"; end; OnAtcommand: if(gettimetick(2) < cooldowntime) { dispbottom "Please wait "+(cooldowntime - gettimetick(2))+" seconds."; end; } atcommand "@warp alexandria 158 144"; set cooldowntime, gettimetick(2) + 10; end; } where should i put the script? heres what i made - script maintown -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "maintown",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnAtcommand"; end; OnAtcommand: [email protected] = logout_tick(); dispbottom "You have been in combat "[email protected]/1000+" seconds ago."; if([email protected] >= 5000 || [email protected] == 0) atcommand "@warp alexandria 158 144"; else dispbottom "You cannot use this command if you have been in combat during the last 5 seconds."; end; } thanks again in advance
  5. thnx a lot again will there be a problem announcing the map where the NPC hides or none? PS : none XD thanks again
  6. very much thank you i do really appreciate this edit: @Mastagoon i got this error showing on my console here was the script i edit i dunno if i put it on wrong place but i followed the instructions //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Find the gm event (hide and seek) //===== By: ================================================== //= Mastagoon //===== Description: ========================================= //= The npc (GM sprite) will teleport to a random location on //= the map, and will open a waiting room. The first player to //= join that waiting room will win the round. //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Featuers: ============================================ //= Can set the number of rounds, map, item&zeny rewards. //= the event can start manually or automatically. //= There is another version of this script compatiable with //= Stolao's event manager. You can DM me if you want that file. //============================================================ alexandria,166,155,4 script GM Masta#findgm 871,{ if(.status < 2) { mes "["+.npcName+"]"; mes "When the event begins, i will teleport to a random location on this map."; mes "And you need to find me to win!"; close; } end; OnInit: //SETTINGS .rounds = 5; // for how many rounds should the event last? .map$ = "prontera"; // the event where the gm will hide setarray .maps$[0], 'prontera', 'izlude', 'geffen'; .itemReward = 1; setarray .rewards[0],6379,5,7227,5; // [itemId, itemAmount, {....}] .zenyReward = 0; .zenyAmount = 10000; .debugMode = 0; .npcName$ = "GM Kiks"; .countdown = 3; // the time between event announcements and when the event actually starts. .automatic = 1; // automatic event or does it need a gm to run it manually? .runEvery = 3; // (ignore if manual) run the event ever X hours .offset = 1; // (ignore if manual) sometimes, you might have another event/announcement at the same time as the event announcement. you can set an offset (announce X minutes after event time.) // Do not edit the code below. if(.countdown < 0) .countdown = 1; if(.rounds < 1) .rounds = 1; if(.winnersPerRound < 1) .winnersPerRound = 1; for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.rewards); [email protected] = [email protected]+2) { if(getitemname(.rewards[[email protected]]) == "null") { debugmes "[Find GM]: Invalid item id provided "+.rewards[[email protected]]+" removing item from the rewards list.."; deletearray .rewards[[email protected]],2; [email protected] -= 2; } } .status = 0; bindatcmd("eventstart", strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnEventAnnounce",60,99); strnpcinfo(3); end; OnMinute00: if(.status || !.automatic || gettime(DT_HOUR) % .runEvery != 0 || agitcheck() || agitcheck2() || agitcheck3()) end; sleep .offset * 1000 * 60; OnEventAnnounce: .status = 1; for([email protected] = .countdown; i > 0; i--) { announce "[Find "+.npcName$+"] : The event will begin in "+callfunc("F_InsertPlural",[email protected],"minute")+"!",bc_all|bc_blue; sleep .debugMode ? 5000 : 60000; } announce "[Find "+.npcName$+"] : The event has now begun!",bc_all|bc_blue; OnEventStart: .map$ = .maps$[rand(getarraysize(.maps$))]; sleep 2000; npctalk "I will now teleport to a random location"; sleep 2000; npctalk "You must find me to win the event!"; sleep 2000; npctalk "This event will last for "+callfunc("F_InsertPlural",.rounds,"round"); sleep 2000; npctalk "Goodluck!"; donpcevent strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnRoundStart"; .status = 2; .round = 1; end; OnRoundStart: initnpctimer; do { [email protected] = rand(0,450); [email protected] = rand(0,450); } while (!checkcell(.map$,[email protected],[email protected],cell_chkpass)); unitwarp getnpcid(0),.map$,[email protected],[email protected]; debugmes "[Event]: npc is at: "[email protected]+" & "[email protected]; announce "[Find "+.npcName$+"] :"+.npcName$+" is hiding in a random place in "+.map$+", Find him now!",bc_all|bc_blue; delwaitingroom; waitingroom "Here!", 2, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnRoundEnd",1; .status = 2; end; OnRoundEnd: if(.status != 2) end; .status = 1; //#TODO the winner should be already attached here no? getwaitingroomusers strnpcinfo(3); for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]_users); [email protected]++) { if([email protected]_users[[email protected]] > 0) { [email protected] = [email protected]_users[[email protected]]; } } if(!attachrid([email protected])) { .status = 2; end; } specialeffect2 EF_SPHERE; announce .npcName$+": I've been found by "+strcharinfo(0)+"!",bc_all|bc_blue; if(.itemReward) { for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.rewards); [email protected] = [email protected] +2) { getitem .rewards[[email protected]],.rewards[[email protected]+1]; } } if(.zenyReward) { Zeny += .zenyAmount; dispbottom "You've gained "+.zenyAmount+" zeny for winning a round in the event."; } sleep 1000; if(.round >= .rounds) { donpcevent strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnEventEnd"; end; } .round++; donpcevent strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnRoundStart"; end; OnEventEnd: .status = 0; announce "[Find "+.npcName$+"]: The event is over! thank you for participating.",bc_all|bc_blue; unitwarp getnpcid(0),.map$,195,58; delwaitingroom; sleep 5000; end; OnTimer1800000: if(.status) { stopnpctimer; donpcevent strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnEventEnd"; } end; } thanks again
  7. @Radian in addition to this post how can i add additional maps where the NPC hide like randomly i was trying to put .map$ = "prontera"||"izlue"; // the event where the gm will hide im getting error
  8. i would like to have some edit with the PVP script i found what should i put when it needs to announce everyone who enters the PVP here is the script: - script PvP Warper 843,{ mes "[ ^ff0000PVP Warper^000000 ]"; mes "Do you want to warp to the PvP Arena and fight your enemies?"; menu "Sure, Bring it on!",L_Yes,"Nah, I'm not ready yet.",L_No; L_Yes: next; mes "[ ^ff0000PVP Warper^000000 ]"; mes "Which PvP Arena do you want to enter?"; menu "PvP Arena [ Ancient - Normal ] [" + getmapusers("guild_vs3.gat") + " / 20]",L1, "PvP Arena [ No - Yggdrasil Berry ] [" + getmapusers("guild_vs4.gat") + " / 20]",L2; L1: if (getmapusers("guild_vs3.gat") >= 20) goto Lsorry; warp "guild_vs3",0,0; close; L2: if (getmapusers("guild_vs4.gat") >= 20) goto Lsorry; if(countitem(607)) goto Lsorry2; warp "guild_vs4",0,0; close; Lsorry: next; mes "[ ^ff0000PVP Warper^000000 ]"; mes "Sorry but this PvP Arena is full, maybe you could try another one."; close; Lsorry2: next; mes "[ ^ff0000PVP Warper^000000 ]"; mes "I'm sorry but you can't have any "+getitemname(607)+" when entering the pvp room, please storage them and try again."; close; L_No: close; } // Mapflags //force_4-1 mapflag pvp guild_vs3 mapflag pvp guild_vs4 mapflag pvp alexandria,151,151,5 duplicate(PvP Warper) PvP Warper#Alex 843 hugel,101,147,4 duplicate(PvP Warper) PvP Warper#hugel 843 alberta,31,239,4 duplicate(PvP Warper) PvP Warper#alber 843 //force_4-1 mapflag nocommand 99 //force_4-1 mapflag nosave SavePoint //force_4-1 mapflag noteleport //force_4-1 mapflag nowarp //force_4-1 mapflag nowarpto //force_4-1 mapflag nomemo //force_4-1 mapflag notrade //force_4-1 mapflag noreturn //force_4-1 mapflag nobranch //guild_vs3 mapflag nocommand 99 guild_vs3 mapflag nosave SavePoint guild_vs3 mapflag noteleport guild_vs3 mapflag nowarp guild_vs3 mapflag nowarpto guild_vs3 mapflag nomemo guild_vs3 mapflag notrade guild_vs3 mapflag noreturn guild_vs3 mapflag nobranch guild_vs4 mapflag nocommand 99 guild_vs4 mapflag nosave SavePoint guild_vs4 mapflag noteleport guild_vs4 mapflag nowarp guild_vs4 mapflag nowarpto guild_vs4 mapflag nomemo guild_vs4 mapflag notrade guild_vs4 mapflag noreturn guild_vs4 mapflag nobranch thanks in advance
  9. update to this heres mine with most of mini are listed im still trying to add the monsters that are not normally spawned .Blacklist$ = // Blacklisted mob IDs. "1062,1088,1183,1186,1200,1212,1220,1221,1234,1235,"+ "1244,1245,1250,1268,1290,1293,1294,1296,1298,1299,"+ "1300,1301,1303,1304,1305,1306,1308,1309,1311,1313,"+ "1515,1588,1618,1676,1677,1678,1679,1796,1797,1974,"+ "1975,1976,1977,1978,1979,1089,1096,1388,1641,1830,"+ "1839,1307,1283,1302,1582,1091,1093,1205,1783,1681,"+ "1120,1929,1259,1990,1626,1643,1645,1720,1919,1921,"+ "1918,1920,1640,1090,1289,1262,1203,1956,1700,1295,"+ "1320,1894,1702,1701,1754,1755,1644,1703,1829,1991,"+ "1705,1710,1707,1712,1706,1711,1704,1709,1960,1961,"+ "1959,1958,1204,1092,1765,1642";
  10. example i do have @mall bindcmd can this have like cant use when your being hit by monsters on in PK maps?? coz as far as i know the only commands can have this are the @go/warp/jump thnx for hel appreciate it
  11. im using 2018 client im not yet used to the 2020 client which needs webservice something
  12. thanks a lot ill try this one PS: @Tokei tested out still has the same error
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