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  1. AinsLord

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    will this work on 20151104 clients???
  2. AinsLord

    Rebirth System [50 Rebirths]

    ill test this one out thnx thnx
  3. thnx for the help sir sader btw what folder it goes?? is it on the same folder as the spr and act??
  4. your application creates the folder too??
  5. Fixed ^_^ question do i stil need to do this every custom robe?? putting all the class in that folder??ryt??
  6. the wing is not showing what are my lacking materials?? #TIA
  7. thnx for this one but my problem is i need this folder in my GRF ryt the one with the red circle?? but after saving it the GRF got errors
  8. im trying to add custom robe costume on my game after doing all the stuffs my GRF got error the 1st image shows after putting all files on my GRF so i closed it and this 2nd image it changed the file name to this thnx in advance
  9. can you share the link please on whats the procedure thnx
  10. example FAW wings equipped on garment wings will show?? as ive check it only supports 2012 clients?? will it still available for 2015 client if yes how will it work #TIA
  11. as you can see on the screen shot im wearing 2 daggers but it shows 1 hand sword questions : 1. why is it like that i honestly put the proper sprite for it when i wearing 1 dagger it shows the sprite 2. does it affect the card compounded on the weapon like only left hand card/effect will work?? #TIA
  12. when double click the box and click cancel the item disappear any solution for that heres my code function script WeponBox { setarray [email protected]$, "Shin Spear", "Shin Shuriken" , "Shin Kudachi" , "Shin Fist" , "Creator Shin Axe" , "Shin Katana" , "Shin Revolver" , "Stalker Shin Mega Bow" , "Shin Whip" , "Shin Guitar" , "Prof Shin Staff" , "Shin Katar" , "Sinx Shin Dagger" , "WS Shin Bloody Axe" , "WZ Shin Staff" , "HP Shin Reaper" , "Sniper Quincy Bow" , "SG Book"; setarray [email protected], 47001, 47002, 47003, 47004, 47005, 47006, 47007, 47008, 47010, 47011, 47012, 47014, 47015, 47016, 47017, 47018, 47019, 47020; [email protected] = getarraysize([email protected]$); for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + [email protected]$[[email protected]] + ":"; getitembound [email protected][select([email protected]$) - 1], 1, Bound_Char; end; } its a callfunc command or how can i make my box have a msg like this #TIA
  13. here is the script prontera,155,181,5 script Sample 757,{ set .Guild,getcastledata( "prtg_cas01",1 ); if( getcharid(2) == .Guild ){ mes "^FF0000Current Tax : "+$Tax+" %"; mes "Total Earning : "+$Earn+" Zeny."; } mes "This Gold Room is currently owned by ^FF0000"+getguildname( .Guild )+" Guild^000000."; mes "You may hunt gold inside the room, but with a ^FF0000"+$Tax+" % Tax Rate^000000."; mes "Each kill in the Room you will gain 1 Points and each point equal to 100,000 zeny."; next; switch( select( "Hunt Gold", "Claim Zeny", ( strcharinfo(0) != getguildmaster( .Guild ) )?"":"[^0000FFMaster^000000] Claim Earn", ( strcharinfo(0) != getguildmaster( .Guild ) )?"":"[^0000FFMaster^000000] Change Tax" )){ Case 1: warp "mosk_que",0,0; end; Case 2: mes "You have "+#GoldPoint+" Points."; if( !#GoldPoint ) close; mes "How many you want to points claim ?"; input @Amount,0,#GoldPoint; if( [email protected] ) close; next; set #GoldPoint,#GoldPoint - @Amount; set [email protected],(( @Amount * 100000 ) - ( @Amount * 100000 * $Tax / 100 )); set Zeny,Zeny + [email protected]; mes "Gained ^FF0000"[email protected]+"^000000 Zeny due to Tax Rate of "+$Tax+" %"; close; Case 3: mes "Total Earning : "+$Earn+" Zeny."; if( select("Claim It:Cancel") == 2 ) close; mes "How much you want to claim ?"; do{ input @Amount,0,$Earn; if( [email protected] ) close; if( ( Zeny + @Amount ) > 1000000000 ) mes "Limit Exceed..."; }while( ( Zeny + @Amount ) > 1000000000 ); mes "Gained "[email protected]+" Zeny."; set Zeny,Zeny + @Amount; set $Earn,$Earn - @Amount; close; Case 4: mes "^FF0000Current Tax : "+$Tax+" %"; mes "Enter your New Tax Rate."; input $Tax,1,20; mes "^FF0000Updated Tax : "+$Tax+" %"; close; } OnInit: monster "mosk_que",0,0,"Gold",1002,100,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnMobKill"; end; OnMobKill: monster "mosk_que",0,0,"Gold",1002,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnMobKill"; set $Earn,$Earn + ( 100000 * $Tax / 100 ); set #GoldPoint,#GoldPoint + 1; dispbottom "Total Gold Point = "+#GoldPoint+" Points."; end; } mosk_que mapflag nowarp mosk_que mapflag nowarpto mosk_que mapflag noSave mosk_que mapflag noteleport //mosk_que mapflag nocommand 50 thnx for the help~
  14. AinsLord

    Need help Installing Website / Flux CP

    i tried VPS > WebServer telnet 45.xx.xx.xx 3306 Trying 45.xx.xx.xx ... telnet: connect to address 45.xx.xx.xx : Connection refused does this means that the VPS is not accepting the remote access of the DB?? i havent tried webserver > VPS i cant open the webserver in putty EDIT i tried it again here is the output telnet 45.xx.xx.xx 3306 Trying 45.xx.xx.xx... Connected to 45.xx.xx.xx. Escape character is '^]'. J 5.6.38▒2;[email protected][email protected]$1h=517mysql_native_password Connection closed by foreign host. dunno what kind of error is that
  15. AinsLord

    custom dagger sprite || not showing dual dagger

    ow i c so its not just me actually same goes for female sprite when 1 dagger equips the sprite shows but when dual it will show as a sword and also in additional may katar skill move on female sprite it act as a sword not a katar katar act on skill act on custom katar