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  1. An excellent job! highly recommend! Quality of work: 10/10 Time: 10/10 overall: 10/10
  2. Exist one pull for Royal Guard? Example: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/4709 If not, where's the formule information for job improvement?
  3. How to add that effect skills?
  4. Hi, i want change declaration of area_size to other in especific map or cell. // Visible area size (how many squares away from a player they can see) area_size: 15 i Try that but not works, because i dont know to get map SD: map.hpp #define AREA_SIZE getareasize(battle_config.area_size) int getareasize(int size){ struct map_session_data *sd = ???????????; int NOVA_AREA_SIZE = size; if(map_getcell( sd->bl.m, sd->bl.x, sd->bl.y, CELL_CHKPLATEIA) ){ NOVA_AREA_SIZE = 30; } return NOVA_AREA_SIZE; }
  5. Reference: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Illusion_Dungeons I need that: Illusion of Frozen Required Level: 110+ Guide Illusion of Abyss Required Level: 150+ Guide Illusion of Teddy Bear Required Level: 150+ Guide Illusion of Luanda Required Level: 160+ Guide Illusion of Labyrinth Required Level: 170+ Guide
  6. I'm trying to find an IRO itemInfo. But I didn't find it.
  7. I put this commit on my server: [Converted the skill database to YAML] https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/dca3797d44da3f000039a9f7ab386cc605787557 and now as unrecognized skills as an element. The problem is: skill.c #define skill_get_lv(id, lv, arrvar) do {\ if (!skill_check(id))\ return 0;\ int lv_idx = min(lv, MAX_SKILL_LEVEL) - 1;\ if (lv > MAX_SKILL_LEVEL && arrvar[lv_idx] > 1 && lv_idx > 1) {\ int a__ = arrvar[lv_idx - 2];\ int b__ = arrvar[lv_idx - 1];\ int c__ = arrvar[lv_idx];\ return (c__ + ((lv - MAX_SKILL_LEVEL + 1) * (b__ - a__) / 2) + ((lv - MAX_SKILL_LEVEL) * (c__ - b__) / 2));\ }\ return arrvar[lv_idx];\ } while(0) int skill_get_ele( uint16 skill_id , uint16 skill_lv ) { skill_get_lv(skill_id, skill_lv, skill_db.find(skill_id)->element); } this function return 0 for all skills. I changed that code in one skill -> skill_db.yml: Element: Water for: Element: - Level: 1 Element: Water - Level: 2 Element: Water - Level: 3 Element: Water - Level: 4 Element: Water - Level: 5 Element: Water - Level: 6 Element: Water - Level: 7 Element: Water - Level: 8 Element: Water - Level: 9 Element: Water - Level: 10 Element: Water And it works.... @Aleos can you help? Edit: Solved! I copyd actual func in rathena. uint64 SkillDatabase::parseBodyNode(const YAML::Node &node)
  8. 2008,9,6,2,3,0x4A,1:1:1:2:2:2:3:3:4:4,10,1,no,0,0x40000,0,weapon,0,0x0, RK_DRAGONBREATH,Dragon Breath How can i put 0x4A in new read YML skill_db? - Id: 2008 Name: RK_DRAGONBREATH Description: Dragon Breath MaxLevel: 10 Type: Weapon TargetType: Ground DamageFlags: Splash: true IgnoreFlee: true Flags: TargetTrap: true
  9. When i open the laucher, It opens the JPRO website and does not update.
  10. How i can download the updated JRO grf? I tryed in jro website but i cant update...
  11. I altered the max level of class Super Novice to 175. But the aura not apears and have that problems too: the base bar dont desapear... job_exp: Client.conf: map.h:
  12. Hi, my server are crashed. I think is because the func are incorrect when null or not existing params passing. GDB error: Core was generated by `./map-server'. Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault. #0 0x000000000058a3bd in pop_stack ([email protected]=0x7f3a25a859ec, start=0, end=0) at script.cpp:3459 3459 struct script_stack* stack = st->stack; Missing separate debuginfos, use: debuginfo-install glibc-2.17-292.el7.x86_64 ke yutils-libs-1.5.8-3.el7.x86_64 krb5-libs-1.15.1-37.el7_7.2.x86_64 libcom_err-1.4 2.9-16.el7.x86_64 libgcc-4.8.5-39.el7.x86_64 libselinux-2.5-14.1.el7.x86_64 libs tdc++-4.8.5-39.el7.x86_64 mariadb-libs-5.5.64-1.el7.x86_64 openssl-libs-1.0.2k-1 9.el7.x86_64 pcre-8.32-17.el7.x86_64 zlib-1.2.7-18.el7.x86_64 (gdb) bt full #0 0x000000000058a3bd in pop_stack ([email protected]=0x7f3a25a859ec, start=0, end=0) at script.cpp:3459 stack = 0x0 data = <optimized out> i = <optimized out> __FUNCTION__ = "pop_stack" #1 0x000000000058fb31 in run_func ([email protected]=0x7f3a25a859ec) at script.cpp:4068 data = <optimized out> i = <optimized out> start_sp = <optimized out> end_sp = <optimized out> func = 327 #2 0x00000000005906c0 in run_script_main (st=0x7f3a25a859ec) at script.cpp:4331 cmdcount = 655351 gotocount = 2048 sd = <optimized out> stack = 0x7f3a3489307c #3 0x00000000005911ea in run_script_timer (tid=<optimized out>, tick=<optimized out>, id=<optimized out>, data=139887716620780) at script.cpp:4174 st = 0x7f3a25a859ec ---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit--- node = 0x7f3a29284354 #4 0x000000000040b638 in do_timer (tick=<optimized out>) at timer.cpp:374 tid = 8528 diff = -4 #5 main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at core.cpp:368 No locals.
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