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  1. GM see SP bar of players

    Zel quanto tempo haha Sou eu o cara do mobaRO, consegui fazer tudo funcionar haha Só q eu queria ser bem fiel ao moba lol e exibir o hp e sp do inimigo, acho q da pra fazer da mesma forma que o jogador ve seu proprio sp, bastaria pegar na src onde ele envia os pacotes ao cliente para exibir o SP, mas já desisti pensei numa forma mais fácil.. meio gambiarra mas vou criar vários custons visuais da barra de sp e ir trocando eles conforme o sp atual do jogador, meio gambiarra mas vai funcionar haha Dai seriam vários custons da barra de sp desde 0 até 100% preenchida.... Bom é isso ai, vlw haha vou reputar de qualquer forma obrigado
  2. GM see SP bar of players

    Hi guys, Is it possible to GM see both hp/sp bar of players? Cause they just see hp bar, is there a way to send sp bar view as well?
  3. Project Einherjar

    I love runescape! I remember my first 99 *it was strenght), this game is awesomeeee !!
  4. Skill duration edit

    No need to edit src?? greaattt !! Thanks a lot mann !!! But this time is in miliseconds? like, in the skill description saya lvl 1 = 20 seconds, lvl 2 = 25 seconds, this numbers "40000:50000" don't manke sense for me... And duration in mobs and players are different, so what are these numbers? I want this skill to slow player like 1 second only, this mod is in this place? May i aske you a last question? I want to duplicate this skill but the new skill i want only to slow the target, this skill is slowing and decreasing agi obviously... the agi decrement is on src side to edit, right? I found this in skill.c case AL_DECAGI: case MER_DECAGI: clif_skill_nodamage (src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv, sc_start(src,bl, type, (50 + skill_lv * 3 + (status_get_lv(src) + sstatus->int_)/5), skill_lv, skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv))); break; To this skill only slow the target and not descrese his agi, i will have to change something here? I didnt find another place where this skill is called in src so i think that is here...
  5. Skill duration edit

    Hi guys, I want to reduce the duration of skill decrese agi, its 65 seconds on levle 10 i thinks that is tooo much !! How do i edit that? Thanks!
  6. Variable declaration in src

    I tought in use the OnTouchNPC, but in src there is only 3 places that i can see ontouchnpc_event_name: script.h const char* ontouchnpc_event_name; script.c "OnTouchNPC", //ontouchnpc_event_name (run whenever a monster walks into the OnTouch area) npc.c safesnprintf(eventname, ARRAYLENGTH(eventname), "%s::%s", map[m].npc->exname, script_config.ontouchnpc_event_name); Only these 3 lines make the OnTouchNPC work?
  7. Variable declaration in src

    Why? In this session-less events i don't need a SD-> ? I will have a look at that and study more... i'm not so good with src but i'm very interested and studious. Thanks for you tips guys !!
  8. Variable declaration in src

    Ah ok, i will try it! Only one question, what if there is no players in visible range of the monster? I mean, my custom label is OnIDLEMob, so mob can get idle mode with no players in visible range, in this case i won't have sd, right? And probably get crash, right? Thanks a lot for your help, i will give like in yours answers and latter i tell you if it worked =D Thanks since now!
  9. Variable declaration in src

    Dude, my code -> "sd = (TBL_PC*)md->mob_id" compile successfully, but i get crash ingame when a mob see me. If i'm in @hide there is no problem, mob normaly walk, when i appear using @hide again, map-server crash in the same time! How do i get sd in this function? i need the block_list src, right? but in this function i just have "the mob_data *md", any idea how do i get the sd to call the label?
  10. Variable declaration in src

    Hi @Playtester, I did this and compiled with sucess. My only question is about this part of my code sd = (TBL_PC*)md->mob_id;. Is this mob_id right? I think that the correct is set in sb, the value of the unique mob id and not the id related with the database (like 1002 = poring) TOnight i will test, but do you guys see any error in my code? that mod_id is right? Is really this value i need to put in sd ?
  11. Variable declaration in src

    What happens if i declare sd as null? I really need this sd tô attach a custom label in mobs that get in idle mode? Or if i declare sd as null í will get crash? I dont understand the need of sd, actually idk what is this sd.... Thanks for the help bro!
  12. Variable declaration in src

    Thanks a lot bro but what í need is exactly the oposite. I want tô create a label when mob stop attacking and get idle mode. So í think that i put my code in the right place, or not? My problem is: to create á new custom label i need to put sd variable in npc_script_event(SD Right? But in that block of code that turn the mob in idle mode there is no sd. Did you get it? And i want this custom label tô attach to the mob that get idle mode and not his target.
  13. Variable declaration in src

    Hi guys ! i added a new line 1527 with a custom labem OnIdleMob that with attach the mob when it get in idle mode. The problem is that the fuction "mob_unlocktarget" don't have the session data, so when i compile i get this error "sd was not declared" cause we have to use sd in custom label, in this case my custom label is -> npc_script_event(sd, NPCE_IDLEMOBATTACH); how do i fix it?
  14. Attach a mob to a NPC

    Ok bro no problem, thanks for helping!
  15. Attach a mob to a NPC

    I don't watn anybody to do it and give me ir ready. I'm smart and excited to do that, if somebody just lead me to the right path, i think i can do this and post here in the community. Almost all my src mod, i did with @Playtester help, he told me where to start and i did everything work as i wanted xD If there is somebody who have any idea, how to do that, on at least where to start studiyng, i'd be very gald ^^ Thank you guys!