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  1. Mining System with level effect
  2. Have you ever wondered, why RO is one of the few games that doesn't have a good sound system on the game's buttons and features? Turn On your Sound and Watch the full vid!
  3. Yeah it looks very fun. But I want to do something more customized, as you can see in my vid... the players hp bar, towers hp bar, i've created the kill announcer with the effect only from first blood until penta, didnt do the hexakill efffect.... I'm doing the dragons mechanics, etc...
  4. Yeah i know, this is in my to do list. Thanks for your suggestion.
  5. Moba Ragnarok haha Give me your opinion, what is best: 1- Use RO mobs for towers or use the LOL towers ? 1- With RO mobs and towers 2- With LOL Towers Please ignore the errors, there was some missing data files when I recorded the vid.... OBs: This system is not ready and so it is not for sale yet. If you wnat only the map, just call me on discord: Daniel '-'#0070
  6. Whatch it in HD and Full Screen mode and give me your opinion/suggestion =D OBs: Its easy to edit the MvP's name and the words vivo (alive) and Morto (Dead) from portuguese to english
  7. @DoSS @Olrox I have model in dae extension model, is it possible to convert to GR2?
  8. Thanks a lot @Zell !! Amazing work as always ! Hope someone create a guide for this with a simple screen =/
  9. danielps

    Src Bug ?

    Hi guys, I created a instance npc... everything working good, no errors on mapserver... but sometimes idk why, i get the following src error: [Error]: Memory manager: freed-data is changed. (freed in c:\users\pichau\desktop\moba\src\map\map.cpp line 241) If I log in and stay stopped in prontera, this error don't happen... When i'm on my instance, some times this error are shown and map-server restart himself.... I don't think it's the script, cause this error is happening in different situations and times in the instace... I looked my map.cpp and i didn't changed anything in this line 241 of the error.... my map.cpp: int map_freeblock_unlock (void) { if ((--block_free_lock) == 0) { int i; for (i = 0; i < block_free_count; i++) { aFree(block_free); block_free = NULL; } block_free_count = 0; } else if (block_free_lock < 0) { ShowError("map_freeblock_unlock: lock count < 0 !\n"); block_free_lock = 0; } return block_free_lock; } line 241 -> aFree(block_free); Please guys any help?
  10. Bro, It doesn't work, i tried many things, many brow edit vers.... you can try it yourself any custom map you have.... Anyway we just fixed it as zell told.
  11. Hi, I created a customm map, but it seem that all gats are set with water type, because sacer job can create the holy water anywhere he wants in my custom map, but my map gats are all green of red (walkable or not), and i didn't use any setcell script.... how is it possible? My map seems to be all gats set as water but it's not! How to solve that?
  12. Hey guys, You are all doing a great job! The script commands are ok, we can use it, and Annie is helpping me a lot with some questions i used have ^_^ I think we don't have any problem, all doubts were solved =D Thank you guys you are awesome
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