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  1. You can try to resave your map in browedit 2.0, is very compatible on all kinds of models.
  2. @Skyline By PM I mean, either rAthena, Facebook or Discord. I have said for months that I'm would not prefer to use skype, (I only use discord now) I often dont get any messages as is bugged. My skype account is from and running logs since 2008 or so that's part of the reason. Also I made publicly that I was not taking commissions of new maps or fixes of pre existing ones back in that day. Reasons are beyond of this thread. Now I have to be sorry if I answer late on here, but didn't hear your PM yet and I'm not very aware of this thread. To answer now : the map you see now, is indeed based but clearly not the same as it was rework years later. The exclusive doesn't applies on further new works made on this condition, some of that is added on a text file you get on each RAR. I would like to add to the record I'm not offering any exclusive maps anyways - pre existing or further works, reasons are again, public to my followers on Facebook. I would like to, however, provide you this version as a compensation since you asked, I'll look further on your msg.
  3. I will answer your questions by PM this thread is about another map.
  4. @Sage hello, srry I thought I replied, seems I didnt. I do appreciate your suggestions and I follow your further work to improve areas I need. @everyone ty for your comments and support, I do appreciate. Yea is a remake of the audacity, is weird this map had two different names... backstory of that: I misuploaded the video on my channel and I gave it a random name: "audacity" then it became official somehow
  5. Hi there, Man I feel great, seems this forum always is on activity and I do stalk a lot of new maps and so as map creators ^^ sadly not enough time to reply on some topics, but I do follow this forum a lot. Was already time to shows some map stuff, you 'll find it out on spoilers. Is an improved version of a map I did a while ago. The map is done already, I don't think it will have any editions whatsoever soon but suggestions are always welcome on new work I'm doing already. Best wishes to you all, see you soon
  6. Hi there, just scratching your wall~

    1. Najara


      Hiiii~ How've you been? c:

    2. Olrox


      Just a bit bored, how about you

    3. Najara


      Aw, I'm sorry to hear that.
      Doing alright, just finished homework. Going to relax some now. ^_^ 

  7. Nice map man, nice feedback by @sage btw I like the distribution of the models, not a big fan of the model choice, but as a first map very nicely done
  8. There is no way as far as I know
  9. Olrox

    The problem of making the Gr2 monster model

    The texture should always be BMP, I think you are using TGA on that one
  10. @peterl The diff only allows you to load stand animation on the model. The custom mob should appear visually and regardless if the diff is present on the client or not. if you see a poring as your mob, means the client is not reading the resource. Of course is going to work if you set the mob id of a guardian, as you are using an official ID for that; Is worth to mention that I think the option work on that client.
  11. Olrox

    The problem of making the Gr2 monster model

    @312200492 by the screenshot I see that you have bink texture format (4) which is incorrect. In my videos I think I mentioned bink texture format must be either (0) or (1), these parameters are added when you run the granny exporter in 3ds max in texture format. If you load that gr2 model in RO is going to crash your client. Edit: if the texture is changed automatically to another format means you have to disable transparency or decrease bit depth.
  12. Excuse me, I have a problem with the Gr2 model. If you have time, please help me with a solution thx!


  13. Olrox I have a doubt in the Brow edit how do I find a template and texture + template Custom ?? I put the template in the data.grf more does not appear please help me <3

  14. Is nice to see people using granny animation, nice one
  15. Olrox

    June Digest 2017

    Nice updates