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  1. Thank you @IsabelaFernandez collection images are missing in package of cards
  2. hi, i have test server, how do i add color to item image to MVP card i have seen in some servers, they have red color MVP card, so it can highlight among normal white card. for example like below screenshot of from another online server, see they have red color MVP cards.
  3. i am using 20180620 ragexe, in game i can open skill tree and i can see my skill point but i am not able to learn skill or increase skills by clicking on it. but when i type @skillall i can see all skills can anyone tell me what is this issue ? not able learn skills..
  4. amol00700


    how to configure webserver on nGinx??
  5. amol00700

    FluxCP IP

    how to configure flxucp in nginx
  6. item description not changing. i have changed my item description in grf file, i am using 10-04-2012 client by judas guide
  7. how did u solved?? i am too facing same problem with resoloution....... can u tell me the solution???
  8. screen resolution problem with 10-04-2012 client
  9. me too same problem. please help me too.
  10. Need help - how to define ragnarok exe (ragnarok client) in sql base ragnarok server how to define ragnarok exe in mmo.h and grf files.
  11. i just want know how to make ragnarok client from ragexe and how to define it in sql based ragnarok server and how to make .GRF file of private ragnarok server
  12. Need help for Defining Ragnarok client and GRF file in ragnarok private server
  13. when i register on fluxcp its register succesfully but its not login in server or game..........but when i click on server status on fluxcp its showing map char and login server is online but only one problem is new register id is not login in game (server)
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