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  1. Hey guys, it's been a long time! Not sure if anyone remembers me. I noticed there was no topic about Ragnarok M and was wondering if anyone here is playing? Maybe we could share our IGN's here and meet in-game. I have 2 characters: Jaki - Priest Emperius - Merch
  2. Hello sir, i would like to follow up my payout request :D

  3. Hello Sir Maki, I requested a payout request 2 months ago, and still it's not been processed yet. I would like to follow up my payout request. and also i'm really hoping for your reply.

  4. Hello Maki, i have request another pay out request. please process the request, its been a month for now.

    1. K e o u g h

      K e o u g h

      Hello Sir,Please process my payoutrequest. Thank you!

  5. Happy (belated) Bday Emistry /me just wanted to join in on the fun
  6. Amended my post with your suggestions.
  7. Hello, On behalf of the rAthena staff, I'd like to announce a few changes regarding our Paid Services section! The following has changed for Paid Services: Some clarifications regarding Contributions: All art should be original works, owned by you. PSD's and/or original files should be provided. Contributions will be weighed.E.g., a single loading screen does not carry the same weight as a pull request that fixes 2 bug reports or a pull request that fixes some documentation within our repo, or even a bunch of wiki edits. You may make any contribution that you believe will benefit the project, for example, you may contribute to: rAthena Main Repo Clientside Repo FluxCP Repo Wiki Graphic-related (Loading screens, sprites, maps) Etc Additional clarification: while your previous/past contributions are greatly appreciated, this rule has been designed to require a new contribution that you have given to the community since the rule has been imposed (4th Feb). Due to the 'Paid Service' rule changes, all current services will be placed into a pending forum and those users will be given roughly a month to respond; meaning: From Feb 4 - Feb 28, they can commit or send their pull request. (we will accept substantial contributions from 1st feb onwards) On March 1, those who did NOT commit in Feb will have their topic moved to Rejected Ads, with a reasoning as to why it was rejected. Please reply to your own Paid Service thread with links and descriptions of your contribution. An Administrator will look over them shortly afterwards Edits: Clarified contribution weights [Maki] Added additional examples [Akkarin]
  8. Hello, Original post has been edited to include a link to the original thread . Please use the report button next time if you have an issue, no need to jump on the bandwagon and spam this topic unnecessarily.
  9. The rAthena Staff would like to wish everyone happy holidays and a good new year
  10. Hello, rAthena forums will be down for 1 hour starting at 7 PM EST (which is in about 3.5 hours from this post)! We will be updating IPB to 3.4.6 and updating a lot of the mods/apps we use on these forums as well. Please notify us if you see anything broken after 8 PM (EST) ! PS: I'd like to thank Yommy & Lighta for making all of this possible!! EDIT: All forum applications and hooks upgraded to the latest version. [Akkarin]
  11. Hello Maki, please make process with my pay out request. Thank you! :)

  12. http://rathena.org/board/topic/86377-about-merger-wpe-free/?p=218500
  13. Hello, We are slowly transitioning ourselves to GIT so it may be a better idea for you to learn to use that instead
  14. Ya this would be awesome, also with git i can add my own custom releases in a fork right? I wonder how, I'm to lazy to look up atm maybe ill look later if no one answers~ Yes that would be possible! I split the the above two posts from the original topic (so we did not get too off-topic).
  15. Hello, I am assuming you mean something like Social Groups for IPB?
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