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  1. Howdy all. As we all know, HP and SP regen rates (passive rates) are horrid. Even at 1000% regen, people get very little bonus compared to other boosts in battle (give me 1000 defense over 1000% regen any day). I'm working on fixing this, and I'm coming close to finishing it. I'm just asking for help with some of the coding tweaks. First, how do I cap hprecov at 1000%? I know it looks something like this (possibly), but what I have below hasn't seemed to work for me yet: Second- Is there a way to make the following pattern into one formula (it goes from 1000% regen at rate .1 all the way down to 200% regen at rate .9): Thanks!
  2. So I figured out how to make ranged weapons get their accuracy from Intelligence instead of Dexterity, and I wanted to share that with everyone here (for those who don't know), but I don't know how to do that without using a spoiler/code box, as my status.cpp file also has other changes. Can someone explain that process a little for me so I can add benefit to the community? Thanks!
  3. I've been having trouble finding the formulas for the core stats (str, dex, luk….). Can someone tell me where they are? I'd like to adjust a few (like lowering the hit bonus from luk and etc). Thanks!
  4. I think I'm going to edit a few things to make it work for me. I wanted the players to get bonus stats at the final lv. after completing a quest, so I think I'll just use a stat point seller that needs an item from the final lv. quest (I can give actual stats that way, instead of stat points, which will ruin people's ability to go from 250 to 200 in one stat in order to add 100+ in another). I might also alter the transcendent stat bonus so that it applies to everyone when they reach their equivalent of 3rd job. Will be a little bit of work, but I think I have all the tools to do it. Will just take a little trial and error in the coding.
  5. That only works if my game is reading stat point gains from the statpoint.txt file. My game is creating the stat points to give per level based on the formula I wrote (outside of that one extra amount I'm trying to add at the end). The reason I'm using a set formula is so that I don't have to edit level after level of stat point numbers. It saves me time.
  6. I altered the stat point formula for the game, and it is working like I wanted it to, except for one thing. When a player reaches max level (201 for me), I want the game to give them 217 extra stat points to play with. Can anyone see the error in my formula, or perhaps I'm missing a flag I need to create? Is there a way to make a separate command line that says "At this level, give all characters this many extra stat points to raise stats with"? Here's my coding, and the coding I based the formula off of (the stat cost formula, which is below my stat point gain formula, works with addressing different level ranges): I've tried adjusting the stat point gain to one level lower (200) and it still didn't give the extra (+217) stat points I was looking for. It keeps using just the ((level / 10) + 5). Thanks for any useful feedback. Also, I'm not looking to add that many stat points to lv. 1 characters or transcendents, as that would be too much of a boost in stat points for me for lower level characters, so those paths are not an option.
  7. From my understanding, statuses that damage, like poison and burn, don't give exp if they kill a monster. I'd like to make some character builds that take enemies out by using tons of status ailments. Does anyone nowhere to simply turn on the exp gain from death from status ailments (and damage from status ailments as well, if that is separate)?
  8. I know about Azzy AI. I use to use it all the time. I tried it on my diffed client with the homun fix, but it wasn't working. Are you saying that you are using a newer client (6/20/2018 or later) and it's working for you?
  9. So this has worked for you with a 6/20/2018 client or later? Because my attempts at it didn't work.
  10. So I'm using the 6/20/2018 client, and I have NEMO diffed to fix homun, but they are only attacking when I get attacked, and they aren't using skills at all. Has anyone gotten them into aggressive mode and using skills? Also, if this hasn't happened, I know Tokei and them over at NovaRO got the old functioning back for homuns, perhaps they would be willing to create a download that people could pay for *wink wink*?
  11. I've gotten rid of skill pre-requirements server-side, but it looks like NeedSkillList is still holding on to the requirements client-side. Is there a way to bypass this for a certain class? Like a certain class doesn't get checked just for whether they have pre-skills or not (for every move)? I can see how I might do it for one or two moves, but doing it for every single move in the game would get tedious. Thanks! (I'm looking to make a super novice that can use any skill in the game without pre-requirements, but I already have it sorted to first tier classes and second teir classes, so having access to higher level skills at low levels would mess up my theme.)
  12. Humble_Bee


    This is my intro and my thanks. I started off playing iRO a while back, but the server started to die, so I went to check out a private server that someone mentioned in their forum before the post got removed. I ended up enjoying that private server, but eventually wanted to see what other private servers had to offer. After checking out another one and not liking everything about it, I realized that these private servers had to start from somewhere, and that led me here. I'm really grateful to find here, because not only has it taught me how to get my own server up and running (that I plan to only play myself), but having long-term arm injuries, I can now program my server to work with my disabilities, so that I get to enjoy the game without the button mashing that is often required in video games. Being able to add my own classes and pets later is only a bonus. Thanks again!
  13. So Meteor Storm normally requires choosing a spot, but it doesn't when it autocasts from Shadow Spell or Lion Model Hat. I'm looking for coding to go one further than that. I have made Abracadabra autocast from a hat, but it keeps requesting me to target things for target skills. Is there a way to code so that all skills from abracadabra that target the ground will auto-select the spot directly below me and cast? In the same light, is there a way to make all buff skills auto-select me and autocast from it? I imagine it would be rather easy to do this for one skill that Abracadabra casts, because I could follow the coding that Meteor Storm or Heal follows, but doing it for every skill that Abra can cast would be very tedious. Thanks for any pointers! I imagine that this code from skill.c has some relation to what I'm looking for.