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  1. Does anyone know where the mercenary sprites are located (like Bowman 1)?
  2. So I made necromancer into a pet and I was trying all the available bonus scripts I could think of to get him to summon monsters, but it wasn't working. Couldn't even get him to add a bonus to drop dead branches by chance. BUT THEN, I remembered that some pets already summon monsters- like Sera, and I was able to take the pieces (source code and the various skill_db files) to Summon Legion and was able to create a new move that I only plan to use as a "pet bonus", where I can use bonus3, "skillname", skill_lv, proc chance to make it seem like my pet is summoning whatever monsters I want it to. The nice thing is- skills have a max lv of over ten, which means I could have ten different pets summoning ten different enemies at different amounts. And I did get this to work. My necromancer procs rake scaraba spawning right now (my test mob). I encourage you all to try it out. It's quite fun. You could make a lunatic that spawns 10 more lunatics if you want to. I don't plan to release the code in the source releases, because it's a lot of different little file edits, and I have yet to figure out how to make a branch on GitHub. If it was easier to share code, I'd do it.
  3. Does anyone know where the code is that causes stone and freeze statuses to break upon getting hit? I'm having trouble finding it, and I'd really love to // it out. Thanks! EDIT: Thank God, I found it. You have no idea how much joy this gives me, as I love having hard controls in games (soft control = status change ends when hit, or could be things like curse / hard control = stops someone from doing pretty much anything and doesn't end when hit). For everyone who I know will be banging their head against a wall trying to do this as well, the answer is in status.cpp: Look for the above code and simply // whatever status you want to be a hard control. If you want something to be a soft control, you can likely just add it here, and it will end when a character/creature gets hit. #hard controls, soft controls, sleep, stun, stone, freeze, crystalize
  4. I'm looking to access pet data (pd) in skill.cpp so that I can make a player's skill trigger a pet to do it's special performance, but I'm having trouble. Any thoughts? Adding pet data to the structure didn't work for me. Said pd was still an uninitialized local variable.
  5. Is there a way to script it in the pet db (yaml file) so that when a pet bonus triggers the pet will use it's attack animation? Or is this something that could only be done in the source code? I just made a Dimik pet, but the thing I love about Dimik the most is the attack animation. Thanks! (I'm looking to be able to get this to work for individual pets, not all pets at once.)
  6. Unfortunately, when you add a bleed or stun or freeze effect to an item, it does have a set base duration. And thankfully, I found the code. It looks something like this in status.cpp: When you change the val4 value (like if you replace "tick-t_tickime" with 10000), it changes the duration of the status effects. I've been able to balance out the damage from the status effects that I want by both balancing their damage values (in a separate location) and by changing the val4 values at this location (but I have to make a separate last section [starting with t_tickime and ending with break;] for each status effect, because the durations need to be different if my intervals are different, in order for the damage to be the same).
  7. I'm talking about base duration of the bleed status effect, as a standalone status effect, meaning not attached to a skill.
  8. Thanks for the info everyone! I appreciate it. This will give me more to work with.
  9. Does anyone know the specific code that controls poison, burn, and bleeds durations? I've changed their intervals (how often they tick) and the damage to make them equal in the end, but I can't figure out where the code is that is controlling their base duration. Thanks! (I assume it's somewhere in status.cpp that I'm just missing.)
  10. My point being is that I was asking more people if they were interested, which I think they are. While I only offer $10 at the moment, if other people start commenting they are willing to drop $5 or $10 or whatever it may be, the money could start to add up.
  11. I'd love for my super novice to be able to use a bow, pistols, and the other weapons they don't currently have access to. I'd be willing to pay someone up to $10 for help getting my super novice using the bow with a similar animation to the archer. I have a feeling I'm not the only person who would be willing to pay for this. Who's with me? And do we have any spriters who might be able to make this happen?
  12. Looks like magic is being unresponsive for me, but the other stuff appears to be working on. I downloaded rAthena back in October of 2019 looks like. Anyone else having magic damage not responding to the global changes? (I don't know how to find my git hash number.) Outside of that, I'm loving the mod so far.
  13. @infected Would you be willing to share your geffenia files? Or do you know some place online I can find them? You just replaced the map files, the gat gnd and the rsw files correct? I'm having the exact same problem as you.
  14. If this goes fully live and people offer it for their servers, will it allow custom classes and skills? And I'd like to slip you a small donation for encouragement on this project. What would be the best way to do that?