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  1. so you saying Digital Ocean is Lag if your using it around Asia.? i have plan on moving other VPS
  2. Help on the Latest HateffectInfo.lub , im using @llchrisll hateffectinfo.lub and it seems that it cause miss positioning of the hateffect. 20180621 SOLVED: Used another Hateffectinfo.lub
  3. bro what i'm looking for is the HATEFFECT, cause the current HAT_EF_C_Valkyrie_Wing for the Valkyrie wings didnt work.
  4. it is already added as a costume item, what missing is the effect animation of that feathers fluttering ..
  5. how to add that feathers fluttering? i saw the sprite at ÀÌÆÑÆ®/valkyrie_wing/
  6. Gravity finally released the 4th class job sprites! Their maximum level is 250 and they will add new "status points" Some animations can be found in their youtube video. original post : https://divine-pride.net/
  7. can you elaborate the scr sir please? i already got my custom effect.
  8. what i mean is, the 3rd job aura at lvl 175 . i was asking if does anyone have customized 3rd job aura for it.
  9. but what i mean sir is, is there a chance that we can make our own customized HAT EFFECT?
  10. NEW pRO Costume Freebie Headgear - " Costume [ pRO ] ROK ON @Naruto Hehe some old stuff on my files, will update much cooler Naruto/Boruto stuff
  11. i just thought that, if we can customize our own Hate Effect on headgears? or is it possible? cause i saw some server having one.
  12. Follow me at Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/clarence.matias27 So this was my OLD showcase at Hercules , so i just want to share it here. : https://herc.ws/board/topic/8733-showcase-infinity-blade-susanoo-naruto-rasengan-updates-2020/ 12-05-2020 Added : Costume [pRO] ROK ON (Upper Headgear) 03-05-2020 My Very Own Beginner Headgear. ENCHANTED NEKO HAT. Mikumo Hat New Update Shiroe's Mask of Destruction. Made this Really Amazing Wings.. Glowing around oyeah (y) Are a Fun of Sword Art Online. Kirito? well out of boredom I made this Kirito GM Suit Preview New Updates : ADDED - 1. Shisui Susanoo 2. Naruto's Futon Rasengan Version 2. New Updates: Just Finished My Fire Aura I think it looks CooL - Fire Aura News Updates: Just Finished my New Gear pRO [ PinoyRagnarokOnline ] Chibi Kurama NEW UPDATES Finished the Winter Wyvern Headgear . Just so you know , after i finish this stuff i want to sell them and then Contribute to Yommy so he can Release Updates on 2015 clients and much more. Preview New Updates : Hey. let's get Classic Classic Rayban Aviator Looks Cool. Preview News Update: - Added Madara Uchiha's Gunbai Fan Preview Infinity Blade from the game itself " Infinity Blade " 100% Completed Preview Completed the " Infinity Blade " Angelus Wings 100% Complete Preview Completed the " Angelus Wings " Mu Online 4th Wings (just inspire on this game wings) 40% Complete Dark Negation Wings (Perfect World)50% Complete Preview DarkNegation Wings (Perfect World) inspired on DN ANGELS (Anime Series) Silver Edge Wings. Buster Sword of Zac on Final Fantasy Just Finish the Request of zackdreaver here it is. but still need improvements. Play it on 480p quality so you can see the lighting on the buster sword
  13. i encountered this one to some AMD users. it's because of the new drivers , and i found out that its still the problem since 2018, and AMD won't even awknowledge the issue. btw, nice sharing it will help others
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