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  1. @umsdavid user: ayenpanda i hope it can read also some encrypted files created by grf editor (toeki) someday. ^^
  2. it's working now, it's my fault forgot to reload. xD
  3. but how about the card? you have to manual put it?
  4. i tried but it appears just apple worth 1k
  5. how can i make this card seller npc make the currency into cash for payment? https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/custom/card_seller.txt
  6. can someone Translate this to current .yml stuff?
  7. did someone know the script of this item? here's the link of the description. https://divine-pride.net/database/item/18953/pro-10th-cap PRO 10th Cap 18953 A newly crafted cap. It's already quite powerful but can still be refined, more power the better. Happy 10th Anniversary pRO! STR +2, INT +2, DEX +2. Increase resistance against human type monster by -5%. Increase healing effect of Slim White Potion, White Potion and Siege White Potion by +50%. More than 10 Refine LV resistance against human type monster by additional -5%. Increase healing effect of Slim White Potion, White Potion and Siege White Potion by additional +50%. More than 12 Refine LV, MaxHP +5%, MaxSP +2%. Class : Headgear Defense : 10 Location: Upper Weight : 10 Required LV : 25 Jobs : All
  8. oh i see, i just thought that it was followed according to kRO , so yeah, just trying to help..thank you for enlightment.
  9. Regarding Muscle Fool item script, it was +1000 Def and later on updated to +200 vit instead. and i saw the item_db.txt it is still +1000 def instead of Vit +200. at RMS it is already Vit +200 { autobonus2 "{ bonus bVit,200; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_All,-50; bonus bMatkRate,-50; }",10,5000,BF_WEAPON,"{ specialeffect2 EF_GUARD3; }"; },{},{ heal 0,-300; } https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=muscle+fool&page=re_item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search Also the following items ID 4875,Bear's_Power,Bear's Power 4876,Runaway_Magic,Runaway Magic 4877,Speed_Of_Light,Speed of Light 4879,Hawkeye,Hawkeye 4880,Lucky_Day,Lucky Day
  10. so you saying Digital Ocean is Lag if your using it around Asia.? i have plan on moving other VPS
  11. Help on the Latest HateffectInfo.lub , im using @llchrisll hateffectinfo.lub and it seems that it cause miss positioning of the hateffect. 20180621 SOLVED: Used another Hateffectinfo.lub
  12. bro what i'm looking for is the HATEFFECT, cause the current HAT_EF_C_Valkyrie_Wing for the Valkyrie wings didnt work.
  13. it is already added as a costume item, what missing is the effect animation of that feathers fluttering ..
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