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  1. @umsdavid user: ayenpanda i hope it can read also some encrypted files created by grf editor (toeki) someday. ^^
  2. it's working now, it's my fault forgot to reload. xD
  3. but how about the card? you have to manual put it?
  4. i tried but it appears just apple worth 1k
  5. how can i make this card seller npc make the currency into cash for payment? https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/custom/card_seller.txt
  6. AyenPanda


    Looking for Developer who can update and upgrade Renewal Server up to 17.1 episode and so on.
  7. can someone Translate this to current .yml stuff?
  8. did someone know the script of this item? here's the link of the description. https://divine-pride.net/database/item/18953/pro-10th-cap PRO 10th Cap 18953 A newly crafted cap. It's already quite powerful but can still be refined, more power the better. Happy 10th Anniversary pRO! STR +2, INT +2, DEX +2. Increase resistance against human type monster by -5%. Increase healing effect of Slim White Potion, White Potion and Siege White Potion by +50%. More than 10 Refine LV resistance against human type monster by additional -5%. Increase healing effect of Slim White Potion, White Potion and Siege White Potion by additional +50%. More than 12 Refine LV, MaxHP +5%, MaxSP +2%. Class : Headgear Defense : 10 Location: Upper Weight : 10 Required LV : 25 Jobs : All
  9. oh i see, i just thought that it was followed according to kRO , so yeah, just trying to help..thank you for enlightment.
  10. Regarding Muscle Fool item script, it was +1000 Def and later on updated to +200 vit instead. and i saw the item_db.txt it is still +1000 def instead of Vit +200. at RMS it is already Vit +200 { autobonus2 "{ bonus bVit,200; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_All,-50; bonus bMatkRate,-50; }",10,5000,BF_WEAPON,"{ specialeffect2 EF_GUARD3; }"; },{},{ heal 0,-300; } https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=muscle+fool&page=re_item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search Also the following items ID 4875,Bear's_Power,Bear's Power 4876,Runaway_Magic,Runaway Magic 4877,Speed_Of_Light,Speed of Light 4879,Hawkeye,Hawkeye 4880,Lucky_Day,Lucky Day
  11. so you saying Digital Ocean is Lag if your using it around Asia.? i have plan on moving other VPS
  12. Help on the Latest HateffectInfo.lub , im using @llchrisll hateffectinfo.lub and it seems that it cause miss positioning of the hateffect. 20180621 SOLVED: Used another Hateffectinfo.lub
  13. bro what i'm looking for is the HATEFFECT, cause the current HAT_EF_C_Valkyrie_Wing for the Valkyrie wings didnt work.
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