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  1. I am not sure exactly what the problem is with mobdb, as I cannot reproduce the crash, but did some fixes that hopefully helps. The new version is up and can be downloaded once it was approved.
  2. What is the error message? Edit: Once the new version is approved the issue should be fixed.
  3. Hi! I am uploaded a newer version (it will be visible once the admins are reviewed the changes). However this issue is not fixed since I was not able to reproduce. Could you share the db lines that causes the trouble? Are you using SQL or text database? Regards, Xazax
  4. Ouch. I did not consider/notice this issue, when I was implementing item_db2 support. Unfortunately I'm extremely busy nowadays, so I don't know when will I have time to fix this issue. As a workaround you can use item_db and mob_db for your custom items. Once I have some time I will enhance the custom DB support.
  5. Windows is very resource hungry, for example you always run several GUI related services. However if you use linux, the base system can use really low RAM, for example: 50MB or bellow.
  6. A better practice to store pernament data in SQL tables.
  7. I think it is a great idea to cleanup the leftovers from txt from makefile. Fixing the problems with script files are also a great thing to do. Unfortunately I'm not competent enough with makefiles to revise your changes, but based on your description I like them so far. My only request: just try to test the new settings on as many platforms as possible.
  8. About comments above functions... Doxygen?
  9. Same, I really wanted to do one with Z3R0 but then he vanished and I kinda got lost with other stuff lol. <off>Yay! Mercurial is back! </off> There were multiple script converters posted in the dev area, I don't know where did they go. Once I started to write an item converter with Muad, however unfortunately my time schedule become extremely busy (university, job and research). But the aegis databases are soo different, it is not straightforward to write a converter, but it would be great to have one. As far as I remember Mercurial likes to write parsers and converters with his beloved .Net and C#. Let's make him write one
  10. Status icon would not be a problem, I'm almost 100% sure about that. As long as the selected status icon is available on the client side of course.
  11. In my opinion using scripted statuses would not reduce performance significantly (of course they would not perform as good as hard coded ones, but I doubt that overhead would be noticeable even for popular servers). However maintaining scripted statuses would be easier.
  12. I would prefer a branch to macros, but I definitely would not like to see pre-RE dropped, since lots of the servers still using it.
  13. @MarkZD Is it planned to implement unique id's for stackable items? The most valuable items in most of the servers are the cards, so probably one wants to track them. Even though the community seems to like this feature, I kinda dislike incomplete features. IMHO the gain of this feature (even if fully implemented, including support for stackable items) does not worth the complexity penalty of the code. About the naming conventions, I think all of the proposed field name is ok, as long as it is clear from the documentation (of the corresponding config option) what it means. @Kisuka You should really learn to respect others. Your achievements do not make your superior and do not authorize you to write in this manner. Enumerating your contributions is not an excuse.
  14. I had some spare minutes today, so I fixed this bug. Now loading a DB will unload the opened database first. There is a warning of course if there are unsaved modifications. Once my submission got approved the new verison will be available to download.
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