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  1. Attached Image Good day, where can I find the battlegrounds emblems, Lion and Eagle, not angeling and archangeling. Can somebody share please?
  2. Could you please provide me with the name of the patch? As per attached, I am using the 4144 version and I can´t found any relative function to the char display in the service select.
  3. Good day, my service select screen is not showing online users, could you help me how to enable.
  4. Ok, is this is costume garment? Could you please share the file and let me find out by editing the luafiles514\lua files\spreditinfo\2dlayerdir_f.lub Inside the file you can try and test by adding the garment bellow a size layer, only one option at once.
  5. Hello, sorry for the late posting here, I am having a similar issue with this one: could you help me please with this code to make it work in rAthena? BUILDIN_FUNC(flooritem2xy) { struct item_data *item_data; int nameid, amount, m, x, y; const char *mapname; mapname = script_getstr(st,2); if( (m = map_mapname2mapid(mapname)) < 0 ) return 0; x = script_getnum(st,3); y = script_getnum(st,4); nameid = script_getnum(st,5); if( (item_data = itemdb_search(nameid)) == NULL ) return 0; amount = script_getnum(st,6); if( amount < 1 ) return 0; map_addflooritem_area(NULL, m, x, y, nameid, amount); return 0; }
  6. Not working with the latest version of rAthena
  7. Good day, dear DoriTos Nacho, To solve the backpack sprite penetrating the front of the character, Just open : luafiles514\lua files\spreditinfo\2dlayerdir_f.lub and remove [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_WINGS] = LAYER_BIG, [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_BAG_OF_ADVENTURER] = LAYER_SMALL, [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_WINGS_OF_FALLEN_ANGEL] = LAYER_BIG, [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_AMISTR_BAG] = LAYER_SMALL, [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_Love_Dad_Wings_2012] = LAYER_BIG, [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_KIRIN_WING] = LAYER_BIG, [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_Ribbon_Piamat] = LAYER_SMALL it will fix your problem. I had the same issue once with the cat fork sprite, and i managed to solve editing that file.
  8. Good night dears, I'm having the issue with cart termination skill and mamonite, The skill is taking money even when casting on invalid targets, This happen only on corpses at pvp and bg maps. Is this normal? and why this happen? Nezumi Ro 07_12_2019 10_58_48 p. m..mp4
  9. I have the same issue check this Please support us
  10. Thanks, it helped a lot. I am working in a custom job quest warper, and it was neccessary to grab the information individualy. any upper inlcudes the high's or rebirth jobs, and I can't send a high novice to the valhalla, I was wondering how to do the class check, because my custom Job quest warper works with menu for each class, example... a normal thief will open the warp menu for the 2 job choices and the high thief will open a menu to read ymir book and change the last job in the valhalla. Swordsman Archer Merchant must work individualy to. Now is solved
  11. Hello, could you help me please? I need to now, how to check and filter jobs? without branches? The problem is that using the if (BaseJob == Job_Novice) gathers both novice and super novice, I need a filter focus in the job and no the classes. Example: - if High Novice goto greet; - if Novice goto deny; greet: mes "Hello"; deny: mes "Not allowed"; Same for other classes, I want filter only high novice to a chek without involving the other rebirth jobs as high thief and etc.
  12. Good day, browsing the data.grf I found 2 sound effects that belongs to ankle snare, yes they exist and can be played. One of that sound is when the trap is deployed, and the other sound is when a monster step in (sounds like a stab). SKILL_EFFECT_INFO_LIST = { [SKID.HT_ANKLESNARE] = { beginMotionType = ACTOR_STATE.ST_PICKUP, waveFileName = "effect\\hun_anklesnare.wav", }, I only managed to add the trap deployment sound in the skilleffectinfolist.lub with success, but I need help with the second one, the sound when the monster step in, I tried many times but nothing happen. If someone could share me the raw file of the skilleffectinfolist.lub with the whole thing (all job skills), I can do something. Any ideas? Attached video, here you can see how the sound works properly when deployed the trap, but not when the monsters step in. Nezumi Ro 07_01_2019 12_21_27 p. m..mp4
  13. Dear Optimus, this is monstertalk table you brought, the mob_chat is the issue reported, when you fight Nydhogg, Wounded, or Lost Dragon the will display the script located in db, mob_chat_db.txt is not displaying, how to enable it? any conf?
  14. Solved Alt+Y and turn off /mineffect