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  1. thanks for the responpse. i will let you know if this fixes it.
  2. Hi guys, i hired a guy for a server set-up and he said that the files hes giving me is 99.9% fixed. but i found TONS of problems, and im not exaggerating. one of my biggest problem is some of my 3rd jobs are missing their 2nd and 3rd skill tree. i would appreciate so much if someone could help me out with this problem.
  3. thank you! please do look for it and notify me.
  4. thank you for trying to help but nope, that is not it.. my friend said ti looks like a bats wing but its not the "manananggal wing" that we have here on rathena. it looks like a Bat's wing and is pretty wide, comes in purple, black and red color.
  5. Hi guys, so... a friend of mine keeps talking about this Vampire set that he once saw in OSRO.. so i was wondering if anyone here has this set? maybe you guys can provide me a link to the site where its located or a direct link for download. i dont know what it really looks like so i dont have any pictures of it. thanks guys, hope someone helps.
  6. is there another way? my friend who holds those files is still offline.
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/view/myfiles/#dt1qf35cv81mg55 i dont know why but "image" doesnt work. so please use the link
  8. i have a little problem here Guys, can someone please help me. me and my friends are trying out sa test server, and i can't seem to figure out why whenever we use @allskill or @skillall we get the skills but we cant use them, we cant click them nor put skill points on the skill to level it up. little help here guys, thanks in advance.
  9. been out for a long time. to all who wants to customize the script, go ahead! its for everyone.
  10. Hello guys, you might now about the famous anti-bot system that Myzter made. i kinda need help. when the anti-bot initializes, a window pops up. asking the question. on the window there is a [next] button. in my case, the [next] button only appears for .5-1sec. which is too quick cause you have to read the question, then the [next] button (after 0.5-1sec) turns into [close] button, then there is no answer box or choice box. how do i fix this? and if possible can some one modify it? instead of sending a player to jail, just use @nuke the player if he/she fails to answer correctly and/or fails to answer in time. thanks. here is the link to the Anti-bot system: http://rathena.org/board/topic/66834-antibot-botkiller-6/
  11. Hey there. could you make a modification on the anti-bot system for me? just a simple change?
  12. Hello guys, i used this script but it isn't working. the server doesn't say any errors so i dont know whats wrong. //===== eAthena Script ======================================= //= IP Ban NPC //===== By =================================================== //= llchrisll //===== Version ============================================== //= 1.0 Remake of a older version // Re-making the time calculation //===== Compatible With ====================================== //= Every eAthena Version //===== Description ========================================== //= Allows you the IP Ban someone. //===== Comments ============================================= //= None... //============================================================ vip_lounge,158,247,4 script IP Master 451,{ set [email protected]$,"[Mikey]"; set [email protected]_access,60; set @day_feb,28; set @time$,gettimestr("%Y-%m/%d %H:%M:%S",21); set @day,gettimestr("%d",10); set @month,gettimestr("%m",10); set @year,gettimestr("%Y",10); set @day_calc,@day + 7; if(@day_calc > 31 && (@month == 1 || @month == 3 || @month == 5 || @month == 7 || @month == 8 || @month == 10 || @month == 12)) { set @day_calc,@day_calc - 31; if(@month != 12) { set @month,@month + 1; } else if(@month == 12) { set @month,1; } } else if(@day_calc > @day_feb && (@month == 2)) { set @day_calc,@day_calc - @day_feb; } else if(@day_calc > 30 && (@month == 4 || @month == 6 || @month == 9 || @month == 11)) { set @day_calc,@day_calc - 30; } set @month_calc,@month + 1; if(@month_calc > 12) { set @month_calc,@month_calc - 12; set @year,@year + 1; } set @year_calc1,@year + 1; set @year_calc2,@year + 2; set @list$,""; set @rtime$,""; set @reason$,""; setarray @ban_time$[1],gettimestr(""[email protected]+"-"[email protected]+"/"[email protected]_calc+" %H:%M:%S",21), gettimestr(""[email protected]+"-"[email protected]_calc+"/"[email protected]+" %H:%M:%S",21), gettimestr(""[email protected]_calc1+"-"[email protected]+"/"[email protected]+" %H:%M:%S",21), gettimestr(""[email protected]_calc2+"-"[email protected]+"/"[email protected]+" %H:%M:%S",21); if(getgmlevel() < [email protected]_access) { mes [email protected]$; mes "Sorry, but I can't help you."; close; } else if(getgmlevel() >= [email protected]_access) { if(getgmlevel() >= 99) { mes "Actual Time:"; mes @time$; mes "(Test Time for 1 Week:)"; mes "("[email protected]_calc+") (Day)"; mes @ban_time$[1]; mes "(Test Time for 1 Month:)"; mes "("[email protected]_calc+") (Month)"; mes @ban_time$[2]; mes "(Test Time for 1 Year:)"; mes "("[email protected]_calc1+") (Year)"; mes @ban_time$[3]; mes "(Test Time for 2 Year:)"; mes "("[email protected]_calc2+") (Year's)"; mes @ban_time$[4]; next; } mes [email protected]$; mes "Hello, "+strcharinfo(0)+"!"; mes "I can make an IP Ban for you."; mes "As well, I can display the current"; mes "IP Ban's and delete them."; mes "Valid duration's are:"; mes "1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year, 2 Year's"; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "What do you like to do?"; switch(select("- Show IP List:- Add an Ban:- Delete an Ban")) { case 1: next; mes [email protected]$; mes "I will list now"; mes "the current IP Ban's"; mes "in your Chat Box."; close2; query_sql "SELECT `list` , `rtime` , `reason` FROM `ipbanlist` ORDER BY `list` DESC", @list$, @rtime$, @reason$; if(@list$ == "") { mes [email protected]$; mes "There are no entrys in the IP Ban List."; close; } dispbottom " IP / Ban Expire / Reason"; for(set @ei,0; @ei < getarraysize(@list$); set @ei,@ei + 1) { dispbottom ""[email protected]$[@ei]+" / "[email protected]$[@ei]+" / "[email protected]$[@ei]+""; } end; case 2: next; mes [email protected]$; mes "Now type the Account Name or"; mes "Account ID of the Account"; mes "you want to ban and I will"; mes "search the IP logged to it."; next; t_again: if(select("- Account Name:- Account ID") == 1) { input @acc_n$; next; mes [email protected]$; if(@acc_n$ == "") { mes "Invalid Name, try again."; goto t_again;} mes "The inserted name is: "[email protected]_n$+"."; mes "Is that correct?"; if(select("- Yes, it is.:- No, again please.") == 2) { goto t_again; } else { next; query_sql "SELECT `userid` FROM `login` WHERE `userid` = '"[email protected]_n$+"'", @check_id$; if(@acc_n$ != @check_id$ || @check_id$ == "") { mes "Invalid Name, try again."; goto t_again;} dispbottom "Account Name: "[email protected]_n$; } } else { input @acc_id; if([email protected]_id || @acc_id < 2000000) { mes "Invalid Value, try again."; goto t_again;} mes [email protected]$; mes "The inserted name is: "[email protected]_id+"."; mes "Is that correct?"; if(select("- Yes, it is.:- No, again please.") == 2) { goto t_again; } else { next; query_sql "SELECT `account_id` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id` = '"[email protected]_id+"'", @check_aid; if(@acc_id != @check_aid || [email protected]_aid) { mes "Invalid Account ID, try again."; goto t_again;} query_sql "SELECT `userid` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id` = '"[email protected]_id+"'",@acc_n$; dispbottom "Account ID: "[email protected]_id; } } next; mes [email protected]$; mes "Alright, so how"; mes "long do you want"; mes "to ban him/her?"; switch(select("- 1 Week Ban:- 1 Month Ban:- 1 Year Ban:- 2 Year's Ban")) { default: set @rtime$,@ban_time$[@menu]; break; } next; mes [email protected]$; mes "Now I need a reason, why do"; mes "you want to ban that Account."; input @reason$; if(@reason$ == "") { mes "Invalid Reason, try again."; goto t_again;} dispbottom "Reason: "[email protected]$+""; mes "After the calculation, I will"; mes "need a confirmation again."; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "The Account \"" + @acc_n$+"\""; mes "will be banned until"; mes @rtime$; mes "duo the reason "[email protected]$+"."; menu "Correct",-,"Not correct",t_again; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "Your IP Ban Request has been sent."; close2; query_sql "SELECT `last_ip` FROM `login` WHERE `userid` = '"[email protected]_n$+"'", @last_ip$; query_sql "INSERT INTO `ipbanlist` ( `list` , `btime` , `rtime` , `reason`) VALUES ('"[email protected]_ip$+"' ,'"[email protected]$+"' , '"[email protected]$+"' , '"[email protected]$+"')"; end; case 3: next; mes [email protected]$; mes "Please choose, which one"; mes "you want to delete:"; mes " "; query_sql "SELECT `list` , `rtime` , `reason` FROM `ipbanlist`", @list$, @rtime$, @reason$; if(@list$ == "") { mes "There are no entrys in the IP Ban List."; close; } set @ban_menu$,""; for(set @ei,0; @ei < getarraysize(@list$); set @ei,@ei + 1) { mes "Banned IP Nr. ^FF0000"+(@ei+1)+"^000000"; mes @list$[@ei]; mes "----Ban Expire:-----"; mes @rtime$[@ei]; mes "-----Reason:------"; mes @reason$[@ei]; mes "================"; set @ban_menu$,@ban_menu$ + "- "+ @list$[@ei]+":"; } set @ban_menu$,@ban_menu$ + "- Nothing"; if((prompt(@ban_menu$) - getarraysize(@list$)) > 0) { break; } else { next; set @ip,@menu - 1; mes [email protected]$; mes "You have choosen:"; mes " "; mes "Banned IP Nr. ^FF0000"+(@ip+1)+"^000000"; mes @list$[@ip]; mes "----Ban Expire:-----"; mes @rtime$[@ip]; mes "-----Reason:------"; mes @reason$[@ip]; mes "================"; mes " "; mes "Wanna delete this Entry?"; if(select("- Yes, please:- No, don't") - 1) { close; } else { next; mes [email protected]$; mes "I'll delete it now."; query_sql "DELETE FROM `ipbanlist` WHERE `list` = '"[email protected]$[@ip]+"'"; close; } } } } }
  13. yes this is what i was looking for.. so... i do it like this? dispbottom "You have received "+getitemname([email protected])+"."; dispbottom "You have received "+getitemname([email protected])+"."; dispbottom "You have received "+getitemname([email protected])+"."; dispbottom "You have received "+getitemname([email protected])+"."; dispbottom "You have received "+getitemname([email protected])+"."; dispbottom "You have received "+getitemname([email protected])+"."; is this right? then i just, apply this to my script right?
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