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  1. Es ist wahrscheinlich deutlich einfacher, wenn du beim Login und Logout ein timestamp erstellst. Dann musst nur noch wenn der Char sich ausloggt die Differenz berechnen. Die berechnete Differenz rechnest du dann auf eine Char Variable drauf, die in der SQL DB liegt und fertig! Wenn jemand per command oder npc die Zeit checken will geht das mit dem timestamp ähnlich.
  2. New release soonish.

    Features: Discord addon & Player Guide (command /pib)




  3. Just an idea: Tracking positions when using fly wings
  4. The if statement is wrong. I guess it should check if there is only one player left not more then one.
  5. Da kannst du gern joinen, wir helfen immer gern.
  6. I am sorry, there was a typo in the post. The file has to be bmp not png. Post is fixed now.
  7. I added a discord server where you can ask questions, add suggestions and provide feedback.
  8. New release is available: Thanks @SandroRios, for writting the changelogs and helping me testing. v19.7.19 “Added some improvements to the configuration file. Now the settings can be saved using a command inside the client.” New Features Command: /savesettings Save the current active client settings. e.g: display fps on/off, display timestamp on/off and so on. Fixes & Improvements Minor small fixes. Better error tracking. Additional Client Versions None The release of the discord feature is close and currently under beta testing.
  9. It‘s a quote. (Not from the Song)
  10. Version v19.6.12 is now available. Can be found here: This version features a config file for all available mods. Changelogs have been added. Note: Added a info about custom splash screen to the main post.
  11. Still working on a much simpler version for creating mods. But currently don’t have much time. so once that is done the discord thing will follow. (Cause it will be based on the new Mod system)
  12. There are server which are much closer to kRO then iRO is. And playing on kRO isn’t much fun if you don’t know Korean.
  13. Version v19.5.06 is now available. Can be found here: It includes some fixes, better error tracking, new splashscreen and support for 20180919. Note: This is just a small release and does not include support for 20151104. 20151104 will be supported in a later release.