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  1. Slot Machine 24 hours

    Just remove this from the script so it won't hide the npc when the script loaded : OnClock0400: OnClock0800: OnClock1200: OnClock1600: OnClock2000: OnClock0000: announce "Slot Machine will begin in 1 minute.", bc_all; sleep 60000; announce "Come and Play slot machine at prontera", bc_all; hideoffnpc strnpcinfo(3); sleep 300000; announce "Slot Machine already finished", bc_all; hideonnpc strnpcinfo(3); end; OnInit: <-- Don't remove this hideonnpc strnpcinfo(3); <-- Just remove this line Here is the file where I remove the hideonnpc part. Slot Machine.txt
  2. Summoner entfernen bei Pre RE Servern?

    Copy the Summoner's Skills from db / re / skill_db.txt and paste it either into db / import / skill_db.txt or db / pre-re / skill_db.txt Here it is: summonerskills.txt
  3. Temporary Item Array

    Can anyone help me how to make an npc with temporary array. The npc should be like this: Talk to npc then selection of Add Item or Close. After clicking Add Item, it will ask for Item ID then Item Amount. Then it will show the item name and amount after clicking next. ( After next it will show the current item list and it will show the same menu (Add Item or Close) ) After clicking Add Item again, it will do the same then after adding item id and amount it will show the list again including the latest item added and the same menu. When you click close, it will clear the array.
  4. how to get/open RWC Private Server *Revo Classic

    No one will give you a ready-to-play server. You need to develop your own server like that.
  5. AndRO for Athena

    Are you able to update your server that uses thor patcher using this AndRO without manually updating the folder in your device?
  6. Need fix this MVP check by NPC

    // https://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?&act=attach&type=post&id=5866 //===== eAthena Script ======================================= //= Super Convex Mirror //===== By: ================================================== //= Brian //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= eAthena SVN //===== Description: ========================================= //= Detects if every MVP is alive or dead. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=242050 //============================================================ prontera,156,175,3 script Super Convex Mirror::convex 46,{ for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize( .mvp_name$ ); [email protected]++ ) { switch ([email protected]) { case 9: @alive = mobcount( "lhz_dun03", "summon_boss_lt::OnMyMvPDead" ); break; case 26: @alive = ( $ktullanux_summon < 4 || mobcount( "ice_dun03","ice_boss#on::OnMyMobDead" ) ); break; case 28: @alive = mobcount( "niflheim", "NifInvasion::OnLoDDead" ); break; case 42: @alive = ( [email protected]_summon < 6 || mobcount( "thana_boss", "#Death::OnThanaDead" ) ); break; default: @alive = mobcount( .mvp_map$[[email protected]], "" ); break; } if ( .display_type == 2 ) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + ( ( @alive ) ? "^FF0000" : "^008000" ) + .mvp_name$[[email protected]] + "^000000 (" + .mvp_map$[[email protected]] + "):"; else if ( .display_type == 1 ) mes ( ( @alive ) ? "^FF0000" : "^008000" ) + .mvp_name$[[email protected]] + "^000000 (" + .mvp_map$[[email protected]] + ")"; } if ( .display_type == 1 ) close; [email protected] = select( [email protected]$ ) - 1; if (.warp_to_mvp == 1) warp .mvp_map$[[email protected]],0,0; else if(.warp_to_mvp == 2) { sleep2 1000; sc_start SC_BOSSMAPINFO,600000,0; } end; OnInit: // 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled, 2 = enabled + SC_BOSSMAPINFO .warp_to_mvp = 0; setarray .mvp_map$, "moc_pryd06","ra_fild02","ra_fild03","ra_fild04","ve_fild01", "ve_fild02","lou_dun03","prt_maze03","abbey03","lhz_dun03", "gl_chyard","abyss_03","gef_dun02","gef_dun01","treasure02", "pay_fild10","gon_dun03","abbey02","xmas_fild01","ra_san05", "prt_sewb4","mosk_dun03","man_fild03","thor_v03","ama_dun03", "kh_dun02","ice_dun03","ayo_dun02","niflheim","anthell02", "mjolnir_04","pay_dun04","gef_fild02","gef_fild14","gef_fild10", "moc_pryd04","in_sphinx5","moc_fild17","ein_dun02","xmas_dun02", "beach_dun","spl_fild03","thana_boss","tur_dun04","odin_tem03", "jupe_core","lhz_dun02"; setarray .mvp_name$, "AmonRa","Atroce","Atroce","Atroce","Atroce", "Atroce","Bacsojin","Baphomet","Beelzebub","Bio3", "DarkLord","Detale","Doppelganger","Dracula","Drake", "Eddga","EvilSnakeLord","FallenBishop","Garm","GloomUnderNight", "GoldenThiefBug","Gopinich","HardrockMammoth","Ifrit","IncantationSamurai", "KielD01","Ktullanux","LadyTanee","LordofDeath","Maya", "Mistress","MoonlightFlower","OrcHero","OrcHero","OrcLord", "Osiris","Pharaoh","Phreeoni","RSX0806","StormyKnight", "TaoGunka","TendrilLion","Thanatos","TurtleGeneral","ValkyrieRandgris", "Vesper","Ygnizem"; .display_type = 1; if( .warp_to_mvp > 0 ) .display_type = 2; end; } I also switched the color code.
  7. Need fix this MVP check by NPC

    Try to change [email protected] to @alive ( Remove . ) Just a guess.
  8. Can't edit num2cardillustnametable.txt

    Just edit it using notepad or wordpad then add your custom card and save. Don't edit it using Notepad++. That's the only way you can add new card cutin. Or try my suggestion to edit your num2cardillustnametable.txt inside the GRF Editor add your custom card then save, then extract it if you need to make a patch.
  9. Battleground problem

    Check your mapflag, maybe it is set as GVG instead of Battleground.
  10. Contume items cannot be worn during current status

    If you have the item in your inventory then change its location from normal headgear into costume headgear you need to type @refresh or drop the item or relog. Then you can equip the costume item.
  11. Summon monster midnight

    Try this one. It will summon 10 (Big) Wild Rose in Prontera on Midnight (12:00AM | 00:00 Server Time). You will get Reward once you killed the Wild Rose. - script Midnight Mob Invasion -1,{ OnClock0000: announce "[Invasion]: 10 Giant Wild Rose has been summoned in Prontera!",0; // Summons 10 Wild Rose in prontera. monster "prontera",0,0,"[Event] Wild Rose",1261,10,strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnEventKill",2; end; OnEventKill: message strcharinfo(0),"You have killed Wild Rose! You have been rewarded!"; // Rewards when killed getitem 607,1; end; }
  12. Query_sql error

    What is the expected result in modifying this card seller?
  13. help player command still not available

    As @hendra814 said, please use @reloadatcommand or restart your server to make it work. @reloadscript only reloads npc scripts, not commands (unless it is inside the script using bindatcmd).
  14. How to add time to an event

    Haha No Problem
  15. How to create own ragnarok online private server.

    Check exp.conf and drops.conf inside your trunk/conf/battle folder. You can change exp rates and drop rates there base on the file name.