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  1. How can I make the character will logout and stays in-game like autotrade then if someone pm the char it will say the message sets on @afk like cydh made before?
  2. Okay thanks, I'll let you know once I tried to patch again with this new nemo since I already patched the Enable Proxy Support on my client. Thank you.
  3. I can't login from both ip once I change the subnet of the server to 0 instead of 255. But I can login if the subnet is 255 and the proxy IP is used when I checked in the login-server. How to fix the connection when the subnet is changed? Thank you.
  4. As the title saied, I want to get the Title Reward from AG_ADVENTURE type of achievement. I tried to use the 'achievementupdate(id,ACHIEVEINFO_GOTREWARD,gettimetick(2)); but nothing happend. Also used 'achievementinfo(110000,ACHIEVEINFO_COMPLETE);' before using the achievementupdate. I want to get the Title Reward without information in achievement_list.lub Hope someone can help me to get achievement reward without achievement_list info. *Getting Title Reward Thru NPC Only*
  5. My client will crash after I feed my homunculus. No missing sprites shown or error on map server. My hash version is : 54b2cf3215e6f2eeeb6ff304be11dd9ee3e13b3f My client version is : 2018-06-20eRagexeRE Hopefully someone can help me with this problem. Thanks.
  6. Why is the first selection is doubled and don't show the last selection? It happens when I used hash a12f1ce. Back then when I'm using r17704, the selection is good without this problem. Any solution in this? Thanks.
  7. I can't make db/skill_damage_db.txt work. I already added the #define ADJUST_SKILL_DAMAGE and recompiled but still not working. SM_BASH,BL_PC,15,100 Is my code wrong? Please lighten me up how to make it work.
  8. Thanks for this images. Got my rAthena Mug now
  9. Try mo gawin to : prontera,154,182,5<tab>script<tab>SG Resetter<tab>644,{ Yung mga may <tab> delete mo tapos click Tab. Baka spaces kase yung nababasa ng script kaya hindi lumalabas yung npc. Or pag di parin gumana check mo kung may error sa map-server. Baka may mali sa script.
  10. You just need to load the npc in your server : Open npc/script_custom.conf Add this line: npc: npc/custom/luckyroulette_prize_changer.txt Copy the downloaded npc file in your npc/custom folder. Type @reloadscript or Restart your server then go to the npc in the middle of prontera to change the prize in your lucky roulette. After changing prize you need to restart the server.
  11. Here is the answer to your question :
  12. You can't add more rewards. It is fixed for 42 item rewards. You can just edit the roulette prizes in this script.