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  1. Hello good day! Can someone point me on to put some buffs like ghostring, taogunka, holy scrolls will not disappear when got dispelled by Professor? Just like the Alchemist 'Full Chemical Protection' skill. Thanks!
  2. Hi, may i know how to use/run this script?
  3. Hello! I need a little help. How can i make this script to have an input option. Example, i got 30 vote points. And when i talk to npc, i want to exchange only 15 vote points to vote token. So i need to input the amount of 15 to be exchange. The thing is, this script can only allow me to exchange 1 by 1 and it doesn't have an input option. Here's the script. Thank you guys ^^ votenpc.txt
  4. this is distance from npc right? how about distance from other player's shop/vendor?
  5. Hello, How can i restrict players to open vending in same cell with other vendors so that the shop is not overlapping. Thanks
  6. Can you share the fixed and working correctly script sir? bump! still need help for this. anyone?
  7. can you share, my friend? bump thanks alot! im much appreciated. god bless you buddy hello, just tried the script. but i think it got bug where it's always jumped to the same vendor. when i type the command using the item ID or any item ID that are not sell by any vendors, it's still jumped me to the same vendor
  8. Hello guys! I would like to ask, does anyone here can fix/update this script or have a working script for this? I've tried to install it but it's not working on latest git. Thanks in advance
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