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  1. this is distance from npc right? how about distance from other player's shop/vendor?
  2. Hello, How can i restrict players to open vending in same cell with other vendors so that the shop is not overlapping. Thanks
  3. Can you share the fixed and working correctly script sir?
  4. Hello guys! I would like to ask, does anyone here can fix/update this script or have a working script for this? I've tried to install it but it's not working on latest git. Thanks in advance
  5. Oh sorry. What i mean is a 10 secs countdown once there are 2 players in the arena. Countdown like localbroadcast in a map before pvp turn on. And also, there is a time limit once duel is started for 5 minutes only
  6. Hello! How can i add a timer like 10 seconds before the duel start in the arena? So that players can get ready before pvp turn on in arena. And also, once 2 players are inside the arena, there are limit for 5 minutes only. If exceed the time limit, both players will be kicked out of the arena. Here's the script: duel.txt
  7. yes currently i adviced my players to enable /ns
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for a working Cell PVP. Does anyone have it? Managed to apply this and it worked but it's Cell PK where u have to press shift to hit. Not Cell PVP. Thanks in advance ^^
  9. is it possible to combine this 2 functions into 1? i think i found the error since im using @afk diff currently. when i tried to remove 1 of the functions, recompiling is working without any errors void pc_update_last_action(struct map_session_data *sd) { nullpo_retv(sd); t_tick tick = gettick(); sd->idletime = last_tick; if (sd->state.afk == 1) { sd->state.afk = 0; clif_changelook(&sd->bl, LOOK_HEAD_TOP, sd->status.head_top); clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "Happy to see you again !"); } } void pc_update_last_action(struct map_session_data *sd) { struct battleground_data *bgd; int64 tick = gettick(); sd->idletime = last_tick; if (sd->bg_id && sd->state.bg_afk && (bgd = bg_team_search(sd->bg_id)) != NULL && bgd->g) { // Battleground AFK announce char output[128]; sprintf(output, "%s : %s is no longer away...", bgd->g->name, sd->status.name); clif_bg_message(bgd, bgd->bg_id, bgd->g->name, output, strlen(output) + 1); sd->state.bg_afk = 0; } return 1; }
  10. Yea i noticed that since the author is missing and no response. I've tried your diff but same error happens when recompile. Can u help me brynner?
  11. Hello! I need help on how to fix this issue. Im applying diff extended-bg by easycore and i got this error while recompiling (refer photo 1) Then i've tried to change the int pc_last_update to void pc_last_update and got this error while recompiling (refer photo 2) What should i do next? Im willing to pay if theres any charge to fix my issue. Thanks in advance
  12. I see. I have added u in discord. Please check. Thanks man
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