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  1. can someone upload the diffed files here? dunno how to diff. dunno how to add manualy it gives me errors.. or is this already on Rathena Offline? i wish i would just copy paste and recompile then add the NPCS and work on the CLient side
  2. example please.. try with these .. red potion,501,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,{ calfunc "potion" },{},{} - function potion,{
  3. i want to use potions only on a specified cell of a map.. example.. pvp_1-1,50,50 to pvp_1-1,60,60 you can only use pots on these cells any way??
  4. And.. a debuff for non guild owner during WOE .. Also this is only rental.. example.. pay a total of 1 B.. to get the buffs or,, 1000 gold coins.. Pay another 1000 gold coins for the debuffs .. Rental will 1 day up to 7 days
  5. is it possible .. for example.. you own kriemhld.. you'll get stats or skills .. setarray .guildmaps,prtg_cas01,prtg_cas02,prtg_cas03,prtg_cas04,prtg_cas05, if(strcharinfo(2) = owner of 1 of the castles on .guildmaps) bonus hprate 10% skill AL_HEAL,10 close; if the your guild was captured by another guild.. removes guild effects on you.. close; yeah something like this
  6. the problem here is when you're on the Specified Cell,, and not talking on the NPC .. other players can still talk to the NPC something like this .. if (([email protected] == 1) && (strcharinfo(0) != [email protected])) mes "someone is on front of me"; mes "and i am waiting for him/her to talk to me"; mes "wait till the player leave the cell"; end;
  7. @Litro Endemic tried the 3rd script.. the problem is you can still talk to the NPC when you are not in the cell.. but it shows a pattern on which you can talk to the NPC.. a Plus (symbol) Cells from the allowable Cell.. meaning if you are on the left, right, up and down from the point where the Allowable Cell is located..
  8. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/effect_list.txt ( effect list) go to your item_db.txt ( i do search it here ctrl + F then find " EF_ "
  9. try 1201,Knife,Knife,5,50,,400,17,,1,3,0x3E9F7EEF,7,2,2,1,1,1,1,{ if(getrefine()>=9){ autobonus3 "{ bonus bFlee2,100; }",100,3000,"SU_TUNAPARTY","{ specialeffect2 EF_ENHANCE; }"; },{},{}
  10. thanks ill try this.. but suddenly my map server crashes idk what happened.. i tried to disable all the NPCs on the custom.conf and still map server crashes
  11. the Ontouch: function still lets you use the NPC even you are far away from the NPC.. also on Ontouch you can be any 1 cell around the NPC.. it should be on a specific cell ... is there a script command for check cell? check cell users? and function for a specific cell?
  12. Areawarp will warp all players .. what i need is for example.. Healer NPC --- to be able to use heal you need to be in front of the Healer NPC which is "that" specified Cell so when you go to that Specified Cell you can use the Healer NPC.. another thing is when another player is already on the Specified cell and you want to use the Healer NPC.. you have to wait X minutes "OR" wait for the Specified Cell to be empty
  13. Hii good day.. is there a way for example the NPC is located at quiz_02 238 379.. and this NPC will only work if you are only on this cell - quiz_02 237 378 .. if you are outside of the cell you can still click the NPC but it will just say that you need to be in front of me,, and count players on the cell.. only 1 player at a time can be on the cell with a time limit of 10mins after 10 mins warp to quiz_02 246 376 NPClocation - quiz_02 238 379 CellworkAllow - quiz_02 237 378 Checkcellusers - 1 per cell.. if 2 warp player on quiz_02 246 376 if not on CellworkAllow - mes"you need to be in front of me"; if you are on CellworkAllow && if checkcellusers = 1 mes"i am talking to someone right now try again later"; Celltimelimit - 10minutes - On10mins On10mins - mes"ok enough talk i will be warping you now" - warp quiz_02 246 376 end; =D
  14. yeah but i can't collect it at first.. so i was confused.. found out that i need to update my system/achievement_list.lub
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