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  1. Technoken


    Might help
  2. man can you tell me where i can get/buy xrag ?


  3. Technoken

    Commands showing in chat / pm box

    Have you tried this one on feature.conf? // Atcommand suggestions (Note 1) // If one type incomplete atcommand, it will suggest the complete ones. feature.atcommand_suggestions: off Not sure what it actually does but might help
  4. Technoken

    Unexpected type for argument error.

    My bad, i missed an apostrophe XD getmapxy(getd("$mapPRT"+strnpcinfo(2)+"$"), getd("$xPRT["+atoi(strnpcinfo(2))+"]"), getd("$yPRT["+atoi(strnpcinfo(2))+"]"), UNITTYPE_NPC, strnpcinfo(3)); Anyway we can help you better if you post the script or infos of what you really want to achieve. Maybe this could help too - script Pronterian -1,{ end; OnInit: donpcevent "::OnSetPCoord"; end; OnSetPCoord: [email protected] = atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); getmapxy([email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], UNITTYPE_NPC); setd "[email protected]"[email protected]+"$", [email protected]$; setd "[email protected]"[email protected]+"", [email protected]; setd "[email protected]"[email protected]+"", [email protected]; end; } prontera,150,150,1 duplicate(Pronterian) Pronterian#1 844 prontera,150,152,1 duplicate(Pronterian) Pronterian#2 844 prontera,150,154,1 duplicate(Pronterian) Pronterian#3 844 then fetch the variables with [email protected]$ [email protected] [email protected] and so on.. PS: I haven't test the script myself
  5. Technoken

    Unexpected type for argument error.

    You need to use getd to fetch the reference of the variable. and since strnpcinfo(2) returns a string, you need to convert it to number using atoi command. Try getmapxy(getd("$mapPRT"+strnpcinfo(2)+"$"), getd($xPRT["+atoi(strnpcinfo(2))+"]), getd($yPRT["+atoi(strnpcinfo(2))+"]), UNITTYPE_NPC, strnpcinfo(3));
  6. Technoken

    save setarray after end;

    since you are using a scope variable([email protected]) for the array, it will end when the script ends. You can try to use a temporary character variable (@) instead to pass the array. Just make sure that the variable name is a unique one.
  7. Technoken


    Try item script: {},{ doevent "zxcasdqwe::OnEquip"; },{}; script: - script zxcasdqwe -1,{ end; OnEquip: switch(Class) { case Job_Paladin: changelook LOOK_HEAD_BOTTOM, 3000; break; case Job_Lord_Knight: changelook LOOK_HEAD_BOTTOM, 3001; break; case Job_Champion: changelook LOOK_HEAD_BOTTOM, 3002; break; default: break; } end; }
  8. Technoken

    @warp/@go delay

  9. Technoken

    How i do make a invencible mob?

    So it would be like every attack will miss considered as 0 damage? Using setunitdata, you can try to alter the mob mode to MD_SKILL_IMMUNE so skills won't affect it and set perfect dodge to 100 dodge normal attacks.
  10. Technoken

    MVP Boss Error

    ou need to set the mob mode as boss so it will be immune to statuses Check out this LINK
  11. Technoken

    when equiped script / portal script

    1. { Script },{ OnEquip_Script },{ OnUnequip_Script } On the onequip script you can use warp "prontera",99,99; 2. Last location before you equip the item? You can save the current location before you execute warp command. {},{ getmapxy(@last_map$,@last_x,@last_y,UNITTYPE_PC); warp "prontera",99,99; }, {} Then for the portal prontera,150,150,4 script warp#lastmap 45,2,2,{ if( @last_map$ != "") warp @last_map$,@last_x,@last_y; else warp "SavePoint",0,0; end; }
  12. Technoken

    Error achievement

    Wrong section. Moved to "Source Support".
  13. Technoken


    Wrong section. Moved to "Client-side Support"
  14. Technoken

    Cant install FLUX CP

    Might be related to this issue i encountered before.
  15. Technoken

    Cant install FLUX CP

    The error says it. You need to give user write permission to your data/tmp folder. You can try chmod -R 755 /var/www/html/data/tmp