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  1. I think that includes a modification to the client.
  2. How can I disable the ItemID: [35130](Click Me!) only for custom items?
  3. Fixed, the problem was the id monsters, they were very high.
  4. I have the same error. I followed these steps and I get luas error
  5. Mejor sigue los pasos al pié de la letra, pero de esta guía.
  6. Thor patcher is better by far.
  7. Mael

    @gstorage problem

    storage skill i think Investigating in the discord of rAthena I found the answer. FIXED. diff --git a/src/custom/defines_post.hpp b/src/custom/defines_post.hpp index 253b8cdbf..4c10c0623 100644 --- a/src/custom/defines_post.hpp +++ b/src/custom/defines_post.hpp @@ -9,6 +9,8 @@ * For detailed guidance on these check **/ - +#ifdef OFFICIAL_GUILD_STORAGE +#undef OFFICIAL_GUILD_STORAGE +#endif #endif /* CONFIG_CUSTOM_DEFINES_POST_HPP */ thanks @Secrets another solution is... "for pre-re" db/pre-re/guild_skill_tree.yml - Id: GD_GUILD_STORAGE MaxLevel: 5
  8. thanks @Royr! works fine now
  9. hi rAthena ! Could someone update this guide? It would be very nice to be able to have this modification back, it is very useful! thanks in advance.
  10. Mael

    @gstorage problem

    hi rAthena ! I have a small problem with the @gstorage, does not allow me to use it, even when the guild is maximum level, has all the skills enabled and using a gm level 99 account. The guild does not have a guild storage. @gstorage failed. Im using the last rAthena, I have configured it for pre-renewal and I am using the most updated luafiles of the zackdreaver project. the only thing that has changed about them is the problem with the skill tree -> reference Any recommendations on how I could fix that problem with @gstorage? thanks in advance.
  11. this could help you to create the script that you need.
  12. Mael


    This is what I'm talking about, thank you very much @sader1992
  13. Mael


    I think you can not understand my request...
  14. Mael


    I'm looking for a command that explains what these 2 commands that I put in my example.