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  1. You have to use one of those: BL_PC - Character object (default) BL_NPC - NPC object BL_PET - Pet object BL_HOM - Homunculus object BL_MER - Mercenary object BL_ELEM - Elemental object Setting „3“ in getmapxy does not mean „screen area only“. if you want „screen area only“ set .Party = 3. Sorry for the ugly formatting. Copy paste is weird on mobile.
  2. Normally git creates a folder based on the repo name. So there is no direct need to specify a path. That is not a rAthena problem. Your problem is related to git. I would suggest using some google. For example:
  3. Why would you use old and no longer supported Windows OS?
  4. Das ist ja nett, good Luck und so.
  5. Added /timestamp as a command. This allows enableling and disabeling of the timestamp mod.
  6. [Client Mod] Chat Timestamp As you can see in the picture above this Mod enables chat timestamps. To get this mod you can visit my github and get all the required files. ( How to apply to your client? Add your client date to client_ver.h Compile it for x86 Use something like CFF Explorer ( to add the dll to your client. Done. What clients are supported? 20180620 more to come. I have trouble with XY If you run into a linker error make sure that detours.lib is linked and that you compile for x86. If your Client does weird things/crashes (or whatever) please enable debug in client_ver.h and compile again. Start and put in 1337 if you get asked for a port. Start your client and wait until your bug appears, then check output of and send it here. How to get it for client date XY? If you buy me a coffee or energy dring (2$ Donation) I will sit down and add your requested client date. Buy a coffee/energy drink Also I will try to add new clientdates from time to time. Please don’t PM me directly, feel free to post your questions here. (Maybe someone else would ask your question too)
  7. Der Guide sieht doch sehr detailliert aus. Vielleicht kannst du nochmal erklären welchen Schritt genau du nicht verstehst.
  8. You are using v1, v1 is no longer supported. Please use v2 (
  10. gdb ./map-server Some useful links:
  11. Compile your server with debugging symbols. Start your server with gdb. Wait for crash. Get the backtrace. Share the backtrace here.
  12. I am currently not actively developing the bot. you may want to check this link: That was one of my first projects ever, it does the same as the python bot but in Java with a bit more functionality, e.g. the Feature you asked for. But be warned, it’s poorly coded and my contain bugs. Maybe you are better off overall if you try to find another bot which is actively developed.
  13. @cder why should he look into the script commands docs if he wants to create a src modification? Makes no sense too me. Maybe you could elaborate on why your suggested script commands help. @SyncMaster Have you tried taking the duel command src code as reference for your custom script command?
  14. Normynator

    SC and SCE? There you can check the definition of the structs.
  15. If it’s not listed then it’s probably not supported. So it’s not working with your client
  16. Dropped support for Version 1. Added reference links for Version 2.
  17. If you use Linux use gdb to get the call trace. Then you can determine what the cause of the crash was.
  18. Add mich auf discord ich helf dir, dann musst du nix zahlen
  19. Wenn du packet_obfuscation im Server nicht an hast brauchst du es im Client nicht. Bekommst eig auch immer angezeigt, falls was mit packet_obf nicht stimmt.
  20. Eig wäre es am aller besten, es so zu machen wie es im Kommentar steht und das file gar nicht zu editieren.
  21. Was genau spuckt wireshark denn aus? Connectet der Client zu CharIP:CharPort?