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  1. There are server which are much closer to kRO then iRO is. And playing on kRO isn’t much fun if you don’t know Korean.
  2. Version v19.5.06 is now available. Can be found here: It includes some fixes, better error tracking, new splashscreen and support for 20180919. Note: This is just a small release and does not include support for 20151104. 20151104 will be supported in a later release.
  3. There is no point of keeping such things secret. Do never rely on security by obscurity. Update your server and you are fine.
  5. A patch file for a recent rAthena version was added by @sctnightcore. It can be found here: If you are using this project with a rAthena hash which is not available in the repository feel free to create a PR. It would be highly appreciated. ~norm
  6. I will add a statement to the main post when I am back home. (Monday) But basicly: I talked to @Functor and discussed some options, but it‘s a hell lot of work for him and me to get this to work (the amount of work would exceed our time). Also please keep in mind that gepard already has !ping !vsync. Functor also offers options like LGP (RCX/colored tiles) and colored nicknames in combination with gepard.
  7. Add mich mal in discord, ist für mich dann deutlich einfacher viele, wahrscheinlich verschiedene Fragen zu beantworten. Und/oder join hier da sind noch ein paar andere deutsche, die schon mal ein Server gebastelt haben. Da kannst du dann alles fragen was du so wissen willst ~norm PS. Das gilt natürlich auch für alle anderen, die das hier lesen
  8. I am sorry there is nothing much I can do about it currently.
  9. I am sorry that I am unable to come up with a new release today. Next release will probably be within next week. What will be in the next release? Clientdates: - 20180919 - 20151104 A reworked logo (by @Daifuku ) Teaser: I looked a bit into Discord's Rich Presence and will maybe include it in a future release. (Not the next release) The 'big picture' represents the current job. The 'small picture' (the red maker) shows the current map on hover OR it will be used to indicate if the user is AFK ingame. The final layout is not yet decided, so if you have clever ideas let me know. If you want to help me: I need someone who creates all the job pictures for discord. If you are interessted drop me a PM in forum or discord. Greetings, norm
  10. Release will also include support for 2015-11-04 and some ghidra scripts (for those who are interested in such things)

    ETA: ~Friday

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      It is not compatible with Gepard. 

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      uhmm how about Husky?

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      Sorry I cant predict what closed source projects will do.

  11. Try only make, instead of make install
  12. Upcoming PiB release: 2018-09-19

  13. If you have control over the proxy you can tell the server to share the ip of the proxy instead of it‘s own. for your login scenario: I don’t think the proxy is bypassed, the server only knows the Ip of the proxy, how should he send an answer to the client ip directly? (That’s wrong if there is a client packet which contains the client ip but I doubt) for the char scenario: Same as above. If you have control over the proxy you can share it’s ip instead of the servers public ip. in both scenarios: if you don’t have control over the proxy (eg user uses the proxy) then non of the connections will be bypassed. You can imagine a proxy as something you hide behind, your communication partner does not know that you are not the proxy but sit somewhere behind it. This works as long as all your traffic (related to the communication with your partner) is „tunneled“ through the proxy.
  14. v19.4.19 is now available. It adds some CI which makes deploying all DLLs easier and a splash screen. Like this: More details will be added to the changelog soon. I will try to add some more clientdates in the next days.
  15. Well the emulator would be rAthena and the translation
  16. In case you get following messages and a client crash: Please try without Nemo Patch 'Hide build info in client'
  17. If you want see updates for your suggestion create a issue on github (check if it maybe already exists)
  18. That’s wrong, it is possible. Check the successrefitem script source. Its certainly not possible to do it without writing your own script command, as far as I know. but creating the command you want should be quite simple with the successrefitem as reference.
  19. Yes this is indeed an error on the recent commit. But this only occurs if the selected clientdate is below ~2014. will be fixed in this PR
  20. Can be added as optional, so either HH:MM:SS or HH:MM selectable via command
  21. You are using a RE exe. The dll you use is for 20180620 NOT 20180620RE.
  22. Daifuku's service is awesome. The logo she made for me exceeded my expectations. I can really recommend her service if you are looking for professional graphics for your server/project. 10/10
  23. Released v.1.1.1 Changelog will be added to the main post.