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  1. Add User Accounts and Host Any. like the screenshot bellow.
  3. every developer we invite we create them a pages there is no special treatment on skyzone.
  4. for your information skyzone hosting is not selling your product. thats all we know. why you dont find the right creator of PandRO?
  5. yes thats it. AndRO is good and have Encryption Supported already. But yeah Service Support is not good. I hope he improve his Support level. again he is crazy now that accusing me that we are recreating his work. PandRO is Out in my zone we only advertise who are supporting RO. Ragnazorg can prove that I hope Ranazorg not busy one of this day to comment here. I Know Chris is already talk to her about this false accusation.
  6. before you say that. for your information We have our own Development of Dark RO Files wayback 2014 to 2016 we are the Dark RO Holder base on Philippines after the server closing I continues developing our files but no luck of time. so I keep it for my vloging only. and reselling files? are you crazy We dont sell this files LOL. sprite is not our own. some of my friends give the sprite to me and now release to other. about Haziel Works do you search about me and Haziel? we post there works on our page for advertisement. we give discount if haziel give us a discount on our Discord Page. also Adel and Katakuri we do this on our page Transaction is not in our hand we disclose deal from there privately. dont make story that you don't have a proof.
  7. This Allegation is wrong we don't resell anything from our customer's. We Dont Distribute AndRO on Skyzone. one thing is I know we Advertise there Works Like PandRO, Haziel, Vykimo, katakuri and Frost. they have a proof if I sell anything there works this developer's will have approval to Post and Advertise on Skyzone before I put there service on my website I Ask them if there service is OK to Put on my web pages. if not then we dont put. that is easy. many of this are saying we distribute AndRO LOL I know your feeling bad. why you dont ask @ragnazorg she can give a proof to you that we don't recreate your work @meyraw. and for all our customer's we have service polecy on our services. all there server are in Private Safe and secured. We are not like other Reseller Hosting. we dedicated our work and services.
  8. As I said to you I'm not a Android Developer How I can Help you on this shitty wrong accusations. any one know who is the owner of PandRO and AndRO. how you can tell that I'm on that shit work. as far as I know. Not Only AndRO and PandRO we have on our website also XPRO, are in there. so it means I'm stealing work by Vykimo ask him if I question him about how to develop his work. nothing because I don't care about development. I care only introduce there service LOL ask him if I earn money to them. your a blind man. because of something refusing you? and giving wrong accusation on Skyzone Hosting. If I can do developing AndRO that base in your work I can Tell I'm not like other who keep silently. And first of all we don't scam any customer on skyzone hosting no one has get this. we give the best support of all time. without interrupting there server's Thanks with me because some of new Ragnarok Owner are in your hands already and using your Service. you know new owner in my country don't know AndRO and where can contact you. you're acting is like a bullshit crying baby with a wrong person. why don't you Post on who is the Developer of PandRO instead of me.
  9. about this I don't have any customer that using on this PandRO it seems all my customer are using AndRO License under Chris. like Arunafeltz, javaragnarok, lumina and other server.
  10. About this I don't know what is coding from because I don't asking for this what made. I message them to be one of our partner's and all are free, I only do this because of interested customer from skyzone to deal with this Developers, and WHY YOU SAYING THAT IS MINE? PandRO is another company. PARTNERSHIP is no MONEY INVOLVE. WHY YOU SAYING THAT SKYZONE IS THIEF from your Work? First of All I don't care of your Work. because when AndRO is on Ragnarok Gepard Shield is none sense anybody can bypass skills. I include there pandro support only this because some of them are looking of what kind of AndRO and the PandRO better Look..... I DONT CARE what other saying but your Accusing me without a proof that IM DEVELOPING YOUR ANDRO and RESELL to EARN MONEY that is NOT TRUE. everybody know who and what I do support on skyzone hosting. I don't accepting AndRO Support, but Im kinda shy to not respond to there needs that you dont do in your support, I tell them on my page what they do on my Web Hosting needs. My work on Web Developing is more Pricy on AndRO is only 400 to 500$? and My Web Developing Skill is enough to pay for 500$ to 1,000$ every week I have customer to develop website. you think I'm do this for your AndRO you crazy man. about this information can you tell me where you message this? you are basing nothing and wrong accusations. you know. improve your service support thats all. I work on skyzone hosting silently 20 hours a day and you think we can do dealing something not we don't work.
  11. Thanks bro I don't know you personally but thank you, you appreciate my support to does creator's he is trying to do this something that I don't do. well lets wait some of his License Owner to comment here. this accusation is false. I don't have any message from AndRO Support like this offer. if you do that in my Facebook Page it is a bonus to me that you are giving me this offer. because partnership is totaly free. my work here is to forward the information who is the verified owner like @Functor many of my customer I help to find who is the verified owner of this support. also Im doing this in PandRO and AndRO that messaging Chris on GMAIL to get a AndRO. im LOL here on this post he is giving a exposure that skyzone hosting is existing on rAthena. well @meyraw if you interesting to partnership with me you can message me here https://www.facebook.com/skyzonehosting lets do team up on your service. don't make a scine that we don't do. we are very good in terms on VPS/VDS/VPN and Webhosting Support here. .
  12. I don't earn a profit on what you accusing to me because I don't dealing support on PandRO for there clients. I do only Hosting a VPS,VDS VPN and WEBHOST for my customer. try asking other license owner on your andro who refered to there license to you. you are blind not reading what we release on our website parnetship program on my website is free dealing we dont deal involving a money to them we only need to introduce skyzone hosting to there Pages also Streamer's are same with this introducing since we open Skyzone Hosting we dont advertise here... Not Only Ragnarok Online we support we do a MU Online, Ran Online and Cabal Online support on skyzone. do you think we can earn on your AndRO that our Service is very cheap price and all are DDOS Protected and that many proof that we can protect all here on skyzone with a lowest price and safety of there resources. We offer referring services without involving payment to introduce there products on skyzone hosting. like @Adel sprites @Haziel spries event Katakuri and Frost we always recommend to get there sprites and giving skyzone discount to manage there sales if this support giving me on skyzone discount for my customer's.
  13. The pricy of his work is fine. I saw many of my customer in skyzone was on his License. why he losing profit for his work? feed back from my customer is his support is very very poor. I message PandRO if he accept my proposal to post his work on Skyzone without payment is fine. PandRO Developer's is no agreement about his work. I do advertising there work's and I dont care about what inside cause I Don't care about development on Android. I wrote a page for PandRO and thats all. about the Support there is a Contact Support to them. everytime there is asking about Android Support I suggest to check on the Partner's Menu on my Front Website. don't know where you get that information accusation wrong with distributing your work. every time that are looking for AndRO I always recomment Chris to email. try to ask other your customer who refered to get in your work. this was the problem on you. IMPROVE YOUR SERVICE SUPPORT AND PUT A CUSTOMER AREA'S. @meyraw I can help you on that way in the right place don't think on me that we stealing project on you. we dont care about service support of PANDRO. I always asking to direct chat on there Page it is not my obligation to answer there questions. ONCE AGAIN IM NOT INVOLVING TO DISTRIBUTING OF YOUR WORK I DO MY OWN SUPPORT HERE.
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