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  1. [SERVER INFORMATION] Welcome to Oracle Gaming, we the Oracle team built a server for hardcore and casual gamers to have fun and enjoy the classic Ragnarok experience,this server is built to last for years to come, so we encourage you to join our Oracle family. SERVER INFORMATION Open Since: OBT: July 07 2019 | CBT: August 05 2019Episode: 13.2 Pre-RenewalMax Level: 99/70Max Stats: 99Max ASPD: 190Server Time Zone: EST -5Main Language: EnglishMain Town: Prontera SERVER RATE [X10 RMS BASE DROP RATE] Floating Rate: EnableBase & Job: 10x/10xCommon/Healing: 10xArmor/Weapons: 10xNormal Card Drop: 10xMini Boss Card Drop: 5x (Disabled on GvG, BG and KoE maps)MVP Card Drop: 5x (Disabled on GvG, BG and KoE maps) SERVER SPECIFICATIONS Dedicated ServerLocation - CanadaCPU - Intel(R) Xeon(R) 4CPU E5-2690 @ 3.1GhzRAM - 16GBStorage - 2x Cloud SSD SECURITY SYSTEM Gepard 3.0Protection against dll injection.Protection against WPE/RPE/OpenKore.Protection against PotND, meth4u, xRag, xLike, RoTools and others.Protection against macro/autopotion tools.Prevents using nodelay.Light Graphic Plugin: Enabled Prevents modification of resources.Dual Client: On CUSTOM FEATURES Here are some of the custom features that we provide:Daily SupplyHourly RewardAutomated Events []Daily Rewards [Daily Quest, King Poring Card Reproduction]Weekly Game Master EventReal Life Money Reward on Special EventsOracle Token RewardRenewal Costume ItemsFriendly Game Master'sFeel the Classic Server.
  2. View File Darkforce Themes Hello rACommunity, This themes is Responsive . If you want a Light Version you are freely to contact me. if you purchase this Themes: You have Free 1 Year Webhost on my Web hosting just contact me to get your Freebies. PHP VERSION REQUIRE: - PHP Version 7.2 PACKAGE INFORMATION: - MATERIAL BOOTSTRAP - EXCLUSIVE FONT AWESOME - EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL FONT ICONS WATCH SAMPLE: Submitter Skyzone Submitted 08/15/2019 Category Fully Coded Themes Video Content Author Skyzone  
  3. the Credit? yes I make NPC to redeem the Credit inside the server
  4. Hello Read my pm sir thanks

  5. Hello I hope this will be help in the future that get the same problem that has no answer until now. this will be not solve in the latest rAsvn. #define MAX_EVENTQUEUE 2 that value is already set in the latest but I think its not work. I try some experiment I set it to this #define MAX_EVENTQUEUE 1000 but don't forget to backup your original src.
  6. Hello rADevs I have problem on my Donation Payment. I configure application.php already 'PayPalIpnUrl' => '', and already set my IPN on paypal. Notification URL I receive the payment on paypal but the player don't receive there credits. is there enything to configured? Im using latest Flux.
  7. the item suit is not same in the character. it is not the original suit.
  8. Yes I buy it long time ago, but I don't use it because. I preserve it to my collection. this time I back to RO Developing. please add a note or information that this file is already in the latest svn. Thank you and God Bless ^_^
  9. if i got my payout from my credit in rathena I will donate the Half of my payout this is great work in RO1 ^_^
  10. this is great to show the ping and fps to the player.