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  1. you can take this error if you modified your Skills. sometimes it is because of the monsters
  2. the client date is 20180621
  3. Hello rADevs, Anyone have the same issue of this? because this WFIFOSET is giving huge Lag on during WOE some of my client server. this is my first time to see this error. my client is using 2018 Client. if anyone have idea on this issue to be fixed please help us. this kind of error was not seeing on other that they have this on there server specially to latest rAthena Users this kind of error from the latest rA. Thank you in Advance.
  4. Hello I will Re-Upload this on bootstrap Flux Integrate is it ok to you? I will credit your design
  5. anyone know how to change the Atk Multiplier when I put STR. the Red Down Arrow will be increase too. I want only increase is the Red Arrow UP. anyone how can I edit this on SRC?
  6. this will giving you exploit in bound items. better to change the Clip Display Message clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "Cannot buy with Bound Items."); To clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "Please put your bound items on your storage and try again.."); or its up to you.
  7. I best recommend this for custom server to show the Custom Level Aura.
  8. Thank you for supporting Rathena ^_^
  9. Message me for this issue. we have updated version of this Themes. Updated Product will be posted after this year end
  10. @Secrets hello madam how I can fixed this Warning?
  11. this is already implemented on Latest Rathena. you dont need to wait just use Updated rA
  12. View File Darkforce Themes This themes is Responsive . If you want a Light Version you are freely to contact me. PREVIEW: VISIT HERE PACKAGE INFORMATION: - MATERIAL BOOTSTRAP - EXCLUSIVE FONT AWESOME - EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL FONT ICONS WATCH SAMPLE: Submitter Skyzone Submitted 08/15/2019 Category Fully Coded Themes Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rKiudwQWuY Content Author Skyzone  
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