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  1. Does anyone made robrowser work? I ve tried installing it to my web server and I am just getting a white screen. What do I need to install in my webserver in order to run ro browser? Any Guide? Is it require to use wsproxy?
  2. Can you please update this to work on the latest rathena..
  3. How to set this up.. player x amount of time in the day so he can claim the reward
  4. I am using 20160620e ragexe Re. but unfotunately grf editor encryption did not work for me. Whenever I start the client, It will not display the client and the process is running as a background process in task manager. but when I use a non encrypted grf the client work fine. How did you make it work? can you send me the unpacked client that you use @Gorder
  5. Does any have a souce diff of script command pcblockmove. Because I want to apply it to an old revision of rathena.
  6. How to fix the gibberish job title https://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee269/Phaige_photobucket/prob.jpg
  7. @Emistry How to change the effect instead of healing into other buff effects/boost effects.
  8. awesome script. Working perfectly. How about adding some buff effects? how to do that instead of healing buffs within the area
  9. @Functor Yeah. And it work !! You are an angel. Thank you so much for your help. Problem solved.
  10. @Balfear I have learn that my problem happen on my pc but the same client works fine with other players... I wonder what is causing this? anyone?
  11. Thanks @babysmile I tried this nemo patch but got this error I also tried using 20180317 and 20181621 ragexere and still client closes when reloging to character selection
  12. @Cydh I cant find that topic as well. Can anyone refer me to that topic. please
  13. Bumping on this again.. Help please..
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