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  1. Phaige

    Official DeV Future Updates 2018 kRO

    Hope it gets implemented in rathena soon.. I will await this..
  2. can i know how u setup  andro ?

    i copy paste into android but i getting error at character list

  3. Phaige

    AndRO for Athena

    Can you fix cash shop purchase.. I cant buy anything from the cash shop.
  4. Phaige

    AndRO for Athena

    How adjust volume control? It seems for me in options>settings Nevermind Issue Fix. Sorry
  5. I dont know if the functor I add years ago was you anyway im interested of purchasing gepard shield pls add me..or probably check if  we are already friends skype name is natassia.martinez

  6. link is down anyone has a mirror?
  7. @cyd item_randomopt_group.txt loaded perfectly but still getting the same error..
  8. Can I request for a tool or an editor that can generate or edit mob_drop.txt This tool can choose item id from your item_db.txt and mobs from your mob_db.txt. Hope someone can make it..
  9. Phaige

    Enchantment stones

    How do I make enchantment stones when click like cards but unlike card the stones will be place only at the forth slot or hidden slots. So that there is no need to use a npc.
  10. Phaige

    achievement commands

    Thank you so much Crazyarashi
  11. Phaige

    achievement commands

    Does any one have a source code or patch of custom commands for achievement system.. like @ reloadachievement and @achieve which is compatible for the latest rathena.. thanks
  12. Phaige

    [PvP] Courtyard

    Nice work
  13. do you have a preview how your launcher looks like?