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  1. Can I request for a tool or an editor that can generate or edit mob_drop.txt This tool can choose item id from your item_db.txt and mobs from your mob_db.txt. Hope someone can make it..
  2. Enchantment stones

    How do I make enchantment stones when click like cards but unlike card the stones will be place only at the forth slot or hidden slots. So that there is no need to use a npc.
  3. achievement commands

    Thank you so much Crazyarashi
  4. achievement commands

    Does any one have a source code or patch of custom commands for achievement system.. like @ reloadachievement and @achieve which is compatible for the latest rathena.. thanks
  5. [PvP] Courtyard

    Nice work
  6. do you have a preview how your launcher looks like?
  7. Hyvraine V1 - FluxCP

    There is no log file I need to install flux cp of xantara first? before intalling hyvraine files? Anyways problem solved....
  8. Question about Instancing

    I would like to ask how to create an instance for solo players without a party for solo challenge dungeon. Actually i\ve been pondering how to do it because I would like to have instance dungeon for (example: prontera dungeon) that has solo mode, party mode,hell mode).
  9. GRF getting corrupted after patching

    Thank you for replying Haziel.. I will try this..
  10. My case is the same with this post . But that topic got archived already and upon reading it there has been no clear solution for it.. Im using thor patcher to patch one of my grf because im using multiple grf. Another thing to consider is that the operating system of the pc is Windows 8. Does anyone got similar problems like this? I'm wandering what's causing the grf to corrupt and how come if I got windows 7 or XP the newly patched grf is working. Can someone help me with this..
  11. About Enchant orbs

    How can I make these item to go the hidden slot or 4th slot of an equipement without using a npc scipt. Just like when you click on a card in your inventory it will be place on the first slot. But I want these armor enchant items to act like a card when you click on it it will direct to your equipment and after choosing an equipement the orb will be placed in the 4th or hidden slot..