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  1. 4CrAM-Open Hey everyone. Today marks a very special day for the 4CrAM project. A day that will change the private server community. The project has been a big success and it has not only made it possible to have fully working for 4th jobs on private server's a thing but it also allowed me to recover from a difficult situation I was in at the start of the project. Im very thankful to the people who have supported me up to this moment. Without you this project wouldn't of been possible. But its been about a year and a half and with the code finally reaching a point that im happy with it, I feel its time to reveal it to the public. Today is the day I make all of the work ive done up to this point public for the community but with a little extra in it. The code contains fully working 4th jobs, fully working traits system with the sub-stats working 100% official, the AP system fully working, all 4th job skills working, a few new commands along with some others modified for developing purposes, a custom job changer NPC for all the latest jobs, and a few other goodies. But the last feature to be included with this release is something I felt would be a good thing for the player base, overall community, and my way of saying thanks. I don't want players to be divided into 2 sides due to one side having access to 4th jobs and the other side having their character's potential limited. So with this I decided to also release full ready to play support for all of the expanded jobs. This will allow all players to reach their final jobs and gain access to base level 250 and the traits system. However, none of their skills are coded in yet. The power gap between 4th jobs and older renewal era expanded jobs was just too great to keep this from the community and with this release the gap can be minimized. I hope everyone enjoys this release and have as much fun with it as I did coding it all. This is my gift to the community. Enjoy. Also be sure to leave me a thank you if your not too lazy. One final note. CHECKMATE AND FUCK YOU TO A CERTAIN PERSON!!!! You know who you are. >=D 4CrAM-Open Github Link Note: A 2020-09-02bRagexeRE client or newer is needed for 4th jobs access. A 2021-11-17aRagexeRE or newer is needed to access everything. Be sure to adjust the set client date your using in the defines_pre.hpp file. Keep in mind the 2021-11-17 client is still new and issues are likely to still exist with its support. https://github.com/Rytech2/4CrAM-Open
  2. Today marks a good day for the project as all 4th jobs are now fully coded in with all their skills now fully functional. There's still a few small extras to do like bugs/issues and keeping up with rAthena merge updates but the project is pretty much done. Due to this ive decided to reduce the price now that the project's development is complete. The main post above has been updated to show the pricing details and faq's to those who are looking for a quick answer. Im super thankful for the suppot ive gotten from the current buyers/supporters and without them this project wouldn't of been possible. Im looking to do other projects in the future for as long as the community continues to be supportive of my work.
  3. I can imagine someone walking around looking like Wario while having this thing as a pet.
  4. I believe this issue is caused by using older clients with newer OS's. Try using a newer client to see if it resolve the issue.
  5. I would say its a possible issue with your msgstringtable.txt file but your not likely using one so outdated that issues with a 2012 client like that would appear. But I could be wrong. Make sure all your translation files are up-to-date.
  6. My work is now in a project called 4CrAM and you can find the topic for it here....
  7. 4CrAM - 4th Class rAthena Mod Welcome to the topic page for 4CrAM, a project that adds fully working support for 4th jobs (and other future trait era jobs) and all the systems that comes with them. This mod was started back in July of 2020 and slowly revealed to people a few months later as development progressed. The project's development is split into multiple phases with each one focusing on the development of certain things and as of the time of typing this 2 of the 3 phases are completed. With 6 of the 12 jobs completed I feel its time to fully reveal the project here to the public. So what are the 4th jobs and what do they offer? 4th jobs are a new era of jobs I like to call "Trait Era" jobs. These jobs are very unique compared to other jobs due to a number of new game mechanics that comes with them call the trait system and the AP system. To the right side you will see a lower half of the stats window with a bunch of new stats related info. This is the traits system and only trait era jobs can access it. When a player changes into a trait era job and levels above 200, they get trait or T.Status Points which can be spent on one of the 6 T.Stats which will increases the T.Sub-Stats and even affect regular sub-stats. This system adds a whole new layer to a character's build, allowing for a bigger variety of builds. T.Stats are also very powerful as the T.Sub-Stats they affect have a big impact on a character's performance. The other thing to the top left is a 3rd gauge that appears in the UI once you become one of these trait era jobs. This is the AP (Action Point) system. AP can be gained by using certain skills and is used as a requirement for casting some of the most powerful skills. You can even see a white bar below the character on screen right below the HP/SP bars. Finally, (not shown here as its not coded in yet) trait era jobs have access to new level 5 weapons and level 2 armors which offer more attack and defense increase per refine and also another new system called the ranking system which adds a rank mark on the equip, making the gains from refinements much higher. With all these new mechanics its clear that these jobs are much more powerful and more fun to play then the previous jobs and brings a new era to the world of RO. Im excited to finally reveal the project to the public and bring this new era to the private server community. However, unlike my previous project 3CeAM, 4CrAM is a closed source project that can only be accessed by purchasing access permissions to the repository's im hosting the code on. To keep it short, im treating this project as my job and a source of income due to these difficult times (Fuck you COVID). But on the bright side it means im able to spend most of my time working on this project instead of working at some place outside my home and having little time for the project. If your interested you can check out the project's facebook page and join my discord server where you can chat with the community, see screenshots of the progress, get announcements, and also get more info on the project and its pricing. 4CrAM Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/4CrAM 4CrAM Discord Server https://discord.gg/NSm44Wp
  8. OMG I completely forgot I made this topic. Im really sorry to everyone for not following up on this topic and my posts for this. A lot has happened since and I now have the entire systems completed for 4th jobs and have 6 of the 12 jobs completed. I am selling access to anyone interested. Just send me a PM and I will reply when I can. Note: Im recovering from the winter storm as of the time of this post and won't be active for the next day or 2. I should be fully active again by Wednesday.
  9. Not coded in then. You can type in the following commands to see (or hear) them. "@displayskill 692" for the Cat Cry or "@displayskill 695" for the Dream Summer Night. Being that these are old gimmick skills the sounds may not trigger anymore.
  10. Last I remember it was just a skill that makes a meow sound when used. Similar to how another item gives access to a skill called Dream Summer Night which plays some creepy circus sounding music when used.
  11. There's a reason for all these issues. We been stuck with the 2018-06-20RagexeRE client for almost 2 years due to dev's not wanting to put in the major amount of time and work needed to support newer clients which required the 2 billion item ID's support in the packets. Plus they had a lot on their plate that they needed to catch up on first. These road blocks tend to happen every few years when certain kind of changes happen to newer clients and because of this, other area's of development lag behind for a while. Now that 2020 clients are usable, people are able to use them and see whats working and whats broken and as usual the issues appear and need to be reported. 4144 is working on the diff's for Nemo but there's likely some that are broken and not reported yet. I was asked for help fixing the 64k hair styles one multiple times. Sorry but im not the one who makes these diffs. Report it to that project dev please. Also around March 2019 the compiler used for clients changed which is why every diff has to be updated to work on newer clients. So if a diff gives any kind of issues, report it so he can fix that. Way to minimize errors caused by diff's is to try using the minimal amount first and see what it does. Best try only with recommended first and then add additional diffs from there. Next is the translation project which is done by zackdreaver. When newer clients come out, they expect the code for newer functions in the lua files to be in there. If something is missing, you will get lua errors and possible crashes. The biggest cause for these issues is that the lua function files (Ones with _f at the end) are in this project as well which shouldn't be. This just causes headaches for those updating to newer clients since the files in the project are older then the ones in the data.grf/rdata.grf. They shouldn't even be hosted there at all since no one edits them and hardly any of them has stuff needing translating in them. Heck even textures that don't help with translating are there too which can sometimes cause issues if dated. A lot of unneeded trash needs to be purged from there. But if you encounters with error messages or client crashes, this is another area to look into. Ways to minimize errors from this is to remove all your lua's first to see if it fixes your issue. This is the biggest cause of error messages on startup and after selecting your character. Textures rarely cause issues but ive seen the ones for character select cause issues before when they got updated but used with older clients. If you suspect that could also be the cause of your issue, try removing them. Last is issues with rAthena. So far with 2020 clients im hearing of apples appearing in the refine UI and guild emblems not appearing. These are issues the rA dev team has to resolve but sometimes its not as simple as it seams and may take longer then usual to fix. Like how gif guild emblems are handled. Also there's a chance other item related issues may appear due to July 2020 and newer clients having a updated item packets structure of a added byte for item ranks. Im not aware of any other issues but we might see more hidden ones appear soon as more servers update to these newer clients. If you encounter any of these issues or other odd glitches in the gameplay, report it in rAthena's issue tracker in the git repo. I hope this info helps those looking for answer. Please give all the dev's time to catch up on everything. It will take a few months to get this stabilized. Around 6 to 12 months likely but we can minimize it by reporting these issues.
  12. Sorry for the lack of updates but I wanted to get a lot more work done before showing off more. Glad I did too since some juicy stuff got added this week and well....ill let the pics speak for themselves. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and things can change. The entire base for the systems is complete. T.Stats, T.Sub-Stats, T.Stat Points, AP system, the effects from the T.Sub-Stats, framework for the 4th jobs, and other important things is pretty much complete and stable. Also I did a few special debug commands to show off some skill animations since I don't have any skills coded yet. There's a little over 200 new skills that needs to be coded in. Finally, this has turned into a full project and more info about whats going to happen with it will be announced soon.
  13. Doing a few skill animations testing to see what they look like. So many impressive looking animations I gotta admire the work of the dev's making them.
  14. Hey everyone. I wanted to share something I started working on this month for a server. While these features are very new, the work ive been doing for them have been quite a trip so far and are still in heavy development at the time of this posting. But after a lot of work and testing im finally able to see it all in action. Here's a screenshot of the progress made so far and a peek at the future of RO. There's still a lot of work to do but the main parts are close to done. I may post more pics in the future as more progress is made. Note: My work is now in a project called 4CrAM and I have a topic made for it here....
  15. kRO Renewal/Sakray stops patching at 2020-03-04data_sakray_004.gpf and there's nothing more in the patchRE2.txt.
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