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  1. does anyone get this to work? just the footer is loaded nothing else... seems like the header misses some lines? can someone help me here
  2. Wer will denn nen deutschen Server erstellen? das hat schon früher kaum funktioniert und ergibt, in der jetzigen zeit, noch sehr viel weniger Sinn. mit deutscher Bereich war der Athena german Bereich gemeint. wollt halt wissen ob hier noch Leute anzutreffen sind ps finds eigentlich schade das hier nix mehr los ist
  3. Nach mal wieder sehr langer Zeit bin ich wieder bei Ragnarok Online und Rathena gelandet. ist hier noch wer oder ist der deutsche bereich nun endgültig ausgestorben?
  4. I dont want an exchanger What I want is simple User donates to the Server and get the cashpoints directly to use in the clientside cashshop no exchanger no coins or whatever
  5. Hi I wonder where I can edit the Points in Flux CP to Cashpoints for ingame Cashshop It only adds points to ist own shop but I want it to add them directly to the `acc_reg_num` Database so users can buy items directly from the shop there thanks
  6. I will try it thank you Elsa EDIT: OH MY GOT ELSA LET ME KISS YOU THATS IT, IT WORKS.
  7. thats a good question i use the client I got from ragnahost I think I will ask the Support there^^
  8. I used this guide but it dont help me here to find the error I did
  9. So maby it is really a clientside thing and not db or server related I will try it after I came home from work EDIT: So i´ve edited now an other item seems to work... I created a new item with an free item id 18400 thought this will fix it but it seems like its the used view ID if I go over view ID 654 Clear Sun Costume item that is in PRE Renewal my item want show up.. There must be a way to insert Custom items without replaycing other sprites...
  10. Hello, I have some problems with creating the costume items from renewal. I have found them in the item_db_re.sql REPLACE INTO `item_db_re` VALUES (19509,'Butterfly_Wing_Ears','Butterfly Wing Ears',4,0,NULL,0,NULL,0,NULL,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,2048,NULL,'1',0,695,'bonus bUnbreakableHelm,0;',NULL,NULL); i tried it first with directly put the in my item_db.sql dont work so I have edited it by myself REPLACE INTO `item_db` VALUES (19509,'Butterfly_Wing_Ears','Butterfly Wing Ears',4,0,NULL,0,'0',NULL,0,0,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,2048,0,1,0,695,NULL,NULL,NULL); this is created with rathena database editor from scratsh but even this dont work everytime i try to create these items with @item it just says @item failed. then I tried to edit renewal.h to renewal my server tada item works I have no clue why these items wont work if the server is PRE RENEWAL. Is there something special I have to obay? Or is it somwhere in the client are those view IDs just for Renewal? I tried it now the whole day maby somone knows more than me.
  11. Woahoo^^ I remember the Time i stand all alone there and try all by myself I thought i know the most now but your videos told me something else^^ really great work maby i will work on my Estepolist maps aggain now ^^ thanks for your hard work
  12. Das erklärt dann auch warum 10 nich ging ^^ Der schlaue hätte ja mal nachsehen können was in der erklärung steht ... da steht normal irgendwo im Bereich 2xxx ging halt direkt beim Diffen mit auf und ja hab dann noich weiter nachgesehen was es war jetzt geht es ja als nächstes kommt dann die prerenewal Umsetzung
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