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  1. Thumbs up for this post. after i selecting character and loading. The client will automatically close. any idea? btw, where we can get the palettes.grf?
  2. @Dracula @Secrets Is google cloud is for around the world? i mean when i go google cloud i don't need to have proxy server? If the google cloud does not have DDOS protection. Is there other way to apply the DDOS protect in google cloud?
  3. I see. Thanks for clarification
  4. You mean this one? https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/re/item_flag.txt
  5. Hi, Which file did you add this one?
  6. I wonder where the data will be save? I think if you restart your server the data/list will be lost.
  7. How to remove this one? please see below for the image. Also, it seems this is not for client modification.
  8. Anyone knew how to do this? I saw this in other server. When my character go to under trees or other spire to block my character they will faded or transparent. Kindly see the attached image.
  9. I already did this no tax was deducted. But the tax in mail it always show. Did you know how to diff the client like you said this one? 'this rate is hardcoded in the client, you need to diff your client accordingly if you change this value.'
  10. Hi, is there anyone who knows how to remove the computation tax in MAIL upon inserting zeny?
  11. Thanks man. I appreciate your feedback, I already implement this and I still looking for the script level. Hi, Is there any script level that did not focus on MAP? Example: In MVP map with PK/PVP on. GR should be enable when receiving damage in player and GR should no effect in mobs?
  12. How do I remove the effect of ghost armor /ghostring in monster? and it will effect only in PVP?
  13. Hi, Are you referring this one? But as you can see. This data will be recorded in our database once the player is initiate/done the quest . Do you know how I can display the other official quest and tagged as not-started? Also, upon checking the official quest is in "quest_db.yml". Do you know how can I display this data in my NPC quest board checker?
  14. Is there anyone who knows how to add board npc that shows all done and pending quest?
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