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  1. As stated in the title above does any have this?
  2. Shadow Chaser is already out: 170321_2ndcos_shadowchaser.gpf
  3. Try changing this status.inventory to this inventory.u.items_inventory and this status.cart to this cart.u.items_cart This was changed when they added the Optimized Inventory, Cart Inventory, and Storage usage
  4. Well i found this manners on Hercules but its currently on plugin maybe i can request a rA version on this? PS. I found out that there was a old topic on eA about this server side manner.txt but the problem is it was gone.
  5. Try changing this... query_sql "SELECT `char`.`name`, CAST(`value` AS UNSIGNED) FROM global_reg_value " + "LEFT JOIN `char` ON global_reg_value.account_id=`char`.account_id " + "WHERE global_reg_value.`str`='#CASHPOINTS' GROUP BY `char`.account_id " + "ORDER BY CAST(`value` AS UNSIGNED) DESC LIMIT 128", to this... query_sql "SELECT `char`.`name`, CAST(`value` AS UNSIGNED) FROM acc_reg_num " + "LEFT JOIN `char` ON acc_reg_num.account_id=`char`.account_id " + "WHERE acc_reg_num.`key`='#CASHPOINTS' GROUP BY `char`.account_id " + "ORDER BY CAST(`value` AS UNSIGNED) DESC LIMIT 128", PS. This is just a test and i havent tested it also
  6. yes, thanks for this. But the question, how to set it into zeny? set @Currency$,"7179"; this is my setting for the currency, now i want to change it into zeny. Check the top of the script for the settings // Settings : // - Only required to edit the ShopSetting() Function // Notes : You may also add / remove Menu ( If any ) // - Shop Currency can be either ItemID or Variable Name, but must write within Quotation Marks ( "" ) // Ex. of Variable. -> Zeny , #CASHPOINTS , #KAFRAPOINTS , CustomVariable , #CustomVariable // - ERROR Message are used to show Invalid Settings in your NPC.
  7. You can use the default Quest Shop in npc/custom/quests/quest_shop.txt Or Use this Multi Currency Shop
  8. Change this... if(getgmlevel() >= 50 ) to this if(getgmlevel() >= 2 ) PS: based eto sa default groups.conf and pwede mo din gamitin ang getgroupid tignan mo lng sa doc/script_commands.txt ang func.