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  1. GM Suit on 2015 client

    Maybe you added this patch on NEMO?
  2. Multiple Purchase Dynamic Shop

    Like the error said you have missing or extra TAB it means you added SPACE instead of TAB. -<TAB>itemshop<TAB>YGG_SHOP<TAB>-1,7227,607:1,608:1
  3. Job Sprite: Third Job Costumes: Corrected

    Sorcerer is already out : 170718_2ndcos_sorcerer.gpf
  4. R> GOTM Prize Giver

    As stated in the title above does any have this?
  5. Job Sprite: Third Job Costumes: Corrected

    Shadow Chaser is already out: 170321_2ndcos_shadowchaser.gpf
  6. Extended Vending System [August 2016 | Renewal, Pre Renewal]

    Try changing this status.inventory to this inventory.u.items_inventory and this status.cart to this cart.u.items_cart This was changed when they added the Optimized Inventory, Cart Inventory, and Storage usage
  7. MVP Ladder - Instanced Edition

  8. Celestial Thor Patcher Skin

  9. Thor Patcher

  10. R> Manners mod

    Well i found this manners on Hercules but its currently on plugin maybe i can request a rA version on this? PS. I found out that there was a old topic on eA about this server side manner.txt but the problem is it was gone.
  11. Cash Ladder Script Error

    Try changing this... query_sql "SELECT `char`.`name`, CAST(`value` AS UNSIGNED) FROM global_reg_value " + "LEFT JOIN `char` ON global_reg_value.account_id=`char`.account_id " + "WHERE global_reg_value.`str`='#CASHPOINTS' GROUP BY `char`.account_id " + "ORDER BY CAST(`value` AS UNSIGNED) DESC LIMIT 128", to this... query_sql "SELECT `char`.`name`, CAST(`value` AS UNSIGNED) FROM acc_reg_num " + "LEFT JOIN `char` ON acc_reg_num.account_id=`char`.account_id " + "WHERE acc_reg_num.`key`='#CASHPOINTS' GROUP BY `char`.account_id " + "ORDER BY CAST(`value` AS UNSIGNED) DESC LIMIT 128", PS. This is just a test and i havent tested it also
  12. Costume npc currency

    yes, thanks for this. But the question, how to set it into zeny? set @Currency$,"7179"; this is my setting for the currency, now i want to change it into zeny. Check the top of the script for the settings // Settings : // - Only required to edit the ShopSetting() Function // Notes : You may also add / remove Menu ( If any ) // - Shop Currency can be either ItemID or Variable Name, but must write within Quotation Marks ( "" ) // Ex. of Variable. -> Zeny , #CASHPOINTS , #KAFRAPOINTS , CustomVariable , #CustomVariable // - ERROR Message are used to show Invalid Settings in your NPC.