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  1. Again, just saying. The IRC channel wouldn't be dead if more people used it. As well, there are several developers on the IRC channel and more people would entice more to join. Makes no sense to have two chat facilities for one project. THAT'S the negativity.
  2. Just saying.... What's the point of this when the IRC channel has been around for ages and ages and more people hang out on (and is less cutterf*kd then any other chatroom software out there)? Currently there are 29 people connected, there is a webchat client, it's easy to use, and supports a theoretically unlimited number of users.
  3. Just as I suspected and predicted when I was booted out, rAthena has been turned into a cash cow. Enjoy.
  4. Honestly, the "Hall of Shame" in RMS was a horrible idea and still is. I really don't feel that having this sort of thing on an emulator project is such a great idea.
  5. If it's a different SVN then you would need to ask them directly. It sounds like what's happened is someone has saved the configure script with the wrong encoding (Windows only) thus failing on Linux systems because of an extra newline charatcer (or lack thereof).
  6. Use the yum repositories. >.< yum install apache2 phpmyadmin Or, follow this:
  7. Surely a software developer or outfit would keep the original license file intact as the terms for that license. Everyone knows what the folder structure of CodeIgniter looks like and even more so if you keep the original Welcome.php controller file intact. And CodeIgniter's license clearly states that CodeIgniter is OK for redistribution so long as the license file stays intact with the distribution. (Number 6) Come on people....
  8. This will probably get deleted before too many people see it, but it seems rAthena administrator(s) have been into my account and reading my PM's. Be warned.

    1. Kido


      lol why they would do that?

  9. Heh, a bunch of people get "honorary badges" except me. I see what slaving away at this place for a year gets you. :P

    1. Maki


      Slaving away will get you nominated at least =p

    2. DevilEvil
  10. Come back ;__;

  11. "I have big plans for my future baby" does not mean I want to have a baby...just thought I'd clear that up. Brian misunderstood it. xD

  12. I -might- be willing to host it as its virtually maintenance free, but everyone would have to re-register their nicknames. It would actually be a proper IRC server, too! With an actual network! XD It also wouldn't be under the rAthena name, but would still be pretty much private. That way you wouldn't have to deal with lost nickname registrations and such. Just an offer. I liked hosting IRC and I could actually maintain it a bit better.
  13. The typical stance we've taken on this has been: If there is a strong enough community for such a section it will be established. Please keep in mind there must be a moderator for this section as well, someone that the Managers/Administrators have faith in that will be active and lead the section without bias. If you feel that there is a community for this, please have them post here, and if we get any experienced folks for a moderator position for the proposed Italian section we will consider its addition. Thanks.
  14. The Exp tables are official all the way up to 255. After that, they are considered a custom algorithm to get to 1000.