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  1. IMPORTANT NOTE: With the implementation of Battleground Queue System I will stop updating this modification for a indeterminated time. I am going to focus mainly in Extended Battleground 2.0. This is my priority and the people who have this modification. Once it is finished I will resume updating this free release.
  2. Do not overwrite resnametable.txt, only copy the content inside yours.
  3. Snowball War Battleground Snowball War is a custom Battleground Arena. The objective is to eliminate the enemy team until the indicator is 0. Participants only can kill throwing Snowballs to their enemies. Features Compatible with default battleground System. Compatible with Extended Battleground. Compatible with Extended Battleground 2.0 Snowball Custom Skill Snowball skill is only available on Snowball War and its behaviour is like a ground/place skill. This skill requires x1 Snowball in Level 1 and x3 Snowball in Level 2 and 3. To obtaining snowballs players need to find a Snowman and click him in a close distance. Snowman is teleported once the player gets the snowball. KVM Map Christmas Edition The arena is performed in a snowy KVM map. GitHash: 662a3e
  4. New update: Battlefield Queue Interface Battleground Queue Interface entrance mode: - A single queue for each arena. - A new command @bgstatus to check all arenas status (Idle/Playing/Players required). - Fully configurable: You can choose between BG Queue UI or Legacy Mode (@joinbg).
  5. autobonus "{ bonus2 bHPRegenRate,500,400; }",20,9200,BF_MAGIC;
  6. That patch doesn't works after Doram implementation. Try 2015-05-13.
  7. Those files are part of Nemo: https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/tree/master/Support/Luafiles514/Lua Files
  8. If you didn't make any modification in your emulator Open an issue with your problem.
  9. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/src/map/skill.cpp#L6274 Add: status_percent_heal(bl, x, 0); Replace X by the percentage.
  10. First message: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/conf/char_athena.conf#L15 Second message: https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE/blob/master/Ragnarok/data/msgstringtable.txt#L3470
  11. is_atcommand(fd, sd, "@command", 1);
  12. You do not specify which is the error showed on console.
  13. if (skill_get_inf(skill_id) == INF_SUPPORT_SKILL) if (skill_get_inf(skill_id) == INF_SELF_SKILL) https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/src/map/skill.hpp#L54
  14. View File Random Option Global Functions Random Option Global Functions I have made two new global functions for Random Option: F_GetRDMOPT_Name,<ROA_ID> Returns the Random Option name from <ROA_ID>. (Names are based on zackdreaver's translation) F_GetRDMOPT_Value,<ROA_ID>,<VALUE> Returns VALUE plus (+), (-) or (%) depending in the Random Option. VALUE is returned as string. Examples: mes callfunc("F_GetRDMOPT_Name",9;)+" "+callfunc("F_GetRDMOPT_Value",9,15); will display "MaxHP +15%" mes callfunc("F_GetRDMOPT_Name",16;)+" "+callfunc("F_GetRDMOPT_Value",16,32); will display "Delay after attack -32%" Submitter Easycore Submitted 10/18/2019 Category Utilities Video Content Author Easycore