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  1. Hello, I'm searching how to limit the refine from a item on some maps ,for example: The maximum refine of Knife is +6 on GvG Maps, If you have +7 knife the item put off of your equipment. Can be possible? Regards.
  2. Hi How i can do that the skill Dragon Fire Formation dont take effect on Land Protector?
  3. poter21

    Exe 2012 eAthena

    ¿Es posible hacer funcionar un exe del 2012 en un emulador eAthena?
  4. poter21


    Anyone knows how you solve this debug?
  5. Yes! The same like refiner normal but that can refine more than 1 item of the same item ( i hope that you understand me xD)
  6. Now work, but this refine the items +10 only. I thoght that this script make that if you have for example 5 knifes +0 you can refine each at the same time +1, +2, +3, +4
  7. thanks annie, i've problem on eathena with: * 4 : '.'@search$ = "#"; can you help me?
  8. And what if the items need to be +0?
  9. how can i delete the Date Modified" ?
  10. poter21


    Hi, I'm getting this error "[Warning]: pc_bonus: unknown type 0 3 !", is there any modification to the source I can make to see what is the problematic item? Like show its ID or something. Thanks.
  11. poter21

    load mob_Db

    Hi,i've rAthena but i dont know how can i do that load mob_db from folder pre-re and not re.
  12. Hello. This problem is still not solved, this bug was way back 2010. It is about the damage that the paladin (Player A) is receiving when the player ( Player B ) he casted devotion with is being attacked. Example, Player B was attack by Player C and had a damage of 999k, the Player A (Paladin) will just receive 40 damage instead of 999k. Anyone has solution for this?
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