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  1. open battle.c find 6762 } else { if ( sc->data[SC_REFLECTSHIELD] && skill_id != WS_CARTTERMINATION ) { // Don't reflect non-skill attack if has SC_REFLECTSHIELD from Devotion bonus inheritance if (!skill_id && battle_config.devotion_rdamage_skill_only && sc->data[SC_REFLECTSHIELD]->val4) rdamage = 0; else { rdamage += damage * sc->data[SC_REFLECTSHIELD]->val2 / 100; if (rdamage < 1) rdamage = 1; } } && skill_id != WS_CARTTERMINATION remove Red color and recompile
  2. Update new Client : 2015-11-04aRagexe.exe - We believe the client 2015-10-29 found issues unknown packets by Gravity this the client ,we hope fixed this issues some one help and test, if people found problem please report, thank you 2015-11-04a-packet_db.txt
  3. you can revert this ? https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/aea025e and test again
  4. Add new client support download 2015-10-29a.exe this client support new feature Link item system See VDO :
  5. Now rAthena not support for 2015-10-29aRagexe Client, wait Aleos release both Doram
  6. replace this file in you data and make sure you client update last Kro sysbox.grf
  7. replace this file in you data and make sure you client update last Kro sysbox.grf
  8. 2015 Client Support As of d2d1fd2, rAthena is now able to support 2015 clients! Client Support Feature : 2013-12-23 or Newer (Main Server) Clan System Feature: Requires 2013-12-23 client or newer. Includes the Sword, Arc Wand, Golden Mace, and Cross Bow Clans. Jumping Clan is not yet implemented as more information is needed. Includes official NPC to join and leave Clans. Side note: Confirm your chat window has the Clan Info setting enabled to display messages. Added clan_join and clan_leave script commands. Commit : ecc8cf9 Note: read topic click Cash Shop Sale System Feature: Requires 2013-12-23 client or newer. Requires GM level 99; until permission settings are implemented. Usage: Enter the item(s) you want to sell in your item_cash_db.txt using Type 8. Start the server or @reloaditemdb. The Special tab will be empty at this time, which is fine. Type /limitedsale and hit enter in the chat window in the client. Enter the item name into the Item DB Name field in the sale window. Fill in the data you want for the item: Number of Sale: Amount of this item that is sold to players. Sale Start Time: This is the Month / Day and then Hour : Minute of the start of the sale Time to sell: How many hours the sale will last. 24h is max tested so far. Click Add Limited Item and wait for the start time that was entered to pass. Commit : Pull: 1825 Note: read topic click Client Support Feature : 2014-10-16 or Newer (Main Server) Vending & Buying Store Report Feature: This feature when user close shop, the client showing report for buy/sell Commit : 01adc9c Client Support Feature : 2015-05-13 or Newer (Main Server) One Click Item Identify Feature: This feature allows quickly (ctrl + click right) in you item unidentified Request 1 Magnifier when used. Commit : 5fe8145 Add Body Style & Dressing Room Feature: This feature require the client support before 2015-05-13 or newer user can choose body style and dressing room system Make sure you data&lub support for this Commit : d70b173 Note: now support 5 job only (Guillotine Cross & Genetic & Mechanic & Royal Guard & Arch Bishop Outfit) last update 2016-04-19 Thank you to Rytech for the client Dress pack New Item Random Option Feature: This feature is still in initial release state. Bugs and issues may occur. We hope you could kindly report them to us. Finally, in addition to the feature, we will release more script command support for this feature in the future. Commit : f296409 Note: read topic click RODEX New Mail System Feature: RODEX (RO Delivery Express) is the replacement of the Mail System within RO. (Read more here) Requires PACKETVER 20150513 or newer. All mailbox NPC are disabled as RODEX is accessible through the client. Basic configurations can be found in conf/battle/misc.conf with more configurations in conf/char_athena.conf. mail_return_days and mail_delete_days are defaulted to 15 days for when an unread message is returned and another 15 days for when that returned message is finally deleted. As with the previous mail system, zeny and items can be sent through RODEX. RODEX supports up to 5 attached items now, as opposed to 1. A tax of 2,500 zeny per item (misc.conf::mail_attachment_price) and a tax of 2% zeny when sending zeny (misc.conf::mail_zeny_fee). Players are given a default of 100 mail stamps a day. (misc.conf::mail_daily_count) Commit : Git Hash: 58776da Note: read topic click Achievement System Feature: Title System Feature: Requires client 2015-05-13 and higher. Includes Title System which is integrated into the Achievement System. Rewards are given through the RODEX System. Added new atcommand reloadachievementdb. Added new script commands achievementinfo, achievementadd, achievementremove, achievementcomplete, and achievementexists. Commit : Git Hash: 7f5411d Note: read topic click Client Support Feature : 2015-08-26 or Newer (Main Server) Add New Skill Cart Design Feature (Pushcart Decoration): This feature require the client support 2015-08-26 or newer user can select cart for change to new design for Merchant Class only Make sure you data&lub support for this here. Commit : 71c6896 Note: now not support NPC for this, if you want to test @questskill 2544 Client Support Feature : 2015-10-01 or Newer (Main Server) New Character Creation Windows Feature (Unique Sex): This feature require the client support 2015-10-01 or newer user can choose sex M/F when make new character creation Commit : e3c274a New Class Doram Feature: This feature require the client support 2015-10-01 or newer Thanks to Rytech and Nova for their information! Commit : daa9e01 Note: read topic click Pet Evolution System Feature: This feature isn't supported yet (waiting developer for Implemented). Client Support Download Thanks to @renniw for the preparation of this client! You can download the Client - 2015-09-16a Download (Main Server) - 2015-10-29a Download (Main Server) - 2015-11-04a Download (Main Server) These features require 20150513 or newer. Please report all bugs to the Issue Tracker! NOTE: This 'support' post means rAthena added 2015-09-16 client (source and packets), not "post your issue about installation, how to get, how to make it work of 2015-09-16 client" This is a Christmas gift for the rAthena user, Merry X'mas DressPack.grf sysbox.grf DressPack_v1.3.grf DressPack_v1.4.grf DressPack_v1.5.grf
  9. try check in https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/25cb15161f00e636a1cd4091f7784c1877143e78 fixed in this, thank you
  10. Napster


    @Lemon, Work on Clan system/Rodex @Napster, Work on Pet Evolution System @Aleos, Work on new Class Doram In progress all
  11. Update, clean up support last Rev rA @Elsa , You can post crash log dump?
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