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  1. got update for @mapmoblist? im trying now got error
  2. i already try search npc quest like this can anyone share it with me? https://imgur.com/a/K9k4HMq
  3. its posibble to make this npc will giving buff and heal when player near the npc https://pastebin.com/R8QhmqTM
  4. i already edit the percent to 100% but when trying always failed and broke the armor here my script https://pastebin.com/J9NP53z8
  5. hello its there posibble make bloody branch only can use at private mvp room map?
  6. i found this script from forum and when i trying change the time started the happy hour why everytime im reloading script this script automatic working not following the time i setup,here my script https://pastebin.com/iv3FPPre
  7. same im looking this 1 also after using @autoattack and then @afk also not working the character stop attacking and walking anyone can help? to make char keep attacking and walking
  8. i found this script from rAthena but its stuck when player with full zeny click this npc. anyone can help fix? turbo_room,94,105,4 script Zenny Giver#BG8 804,{ mes "^0055AA[ Banker ]^000000"; mes "Who wants to be a Millionaire?"; mes "For sure you are!"; next; Zeny += 5000000; mes "Here you go!"; mes "5 million zeny for you, darling"; close; OnInit: waitingroom "Zenny Giver",0; end; }
  9. hello its there posibble to make quest npc give a random reward here my list for reward 7073,7074,7075,7076,7077,7078,7079,7080,7081,7082, item requirements 7020 -10 1054-50 7035-15 1009-50 7442-50 after create the item npc will annouce player make the quest
  10. only like this can do it? example if can following like a npc for job
  11. thanks working now no more error and debug
  12. can give me an example i try add but when trying make it only get same item only 5
  13. [Warning]: script: buildin_getmapxy: Invalid type 0. [Debug]: Source (NPC): hourlypoints (invisible/not on a map) here my script please help guys thanks u rA https://pastebin.com/4HVMcdxq
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