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  1. getmapxy has been updated Solution : -getmapxy [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], 1; +getmapxy [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], BL_NPC;
  2. Good day rAthena! I'm currently having a problem regarding on a certain skills which still allows the effect shows even using /effect or effect has been turned off. I'm currently using a 2018-06-21 Client. I'm bothered with this skill does anyone know how to fix it? It would be great to share this on our community. Thank you in advance. Example :
  3. Upgrade your SQL. You can find it here : Click me Don't forget to upvote if it helps
  4. Open your GRF using GRF Editor and look for data\cardprefixnametable.txt and compare and insert your designated card description. Example : If you want your Card description on the end of your item. look for data\cardpostfixnametable.txt and put your Orb/Card ID Example :
  5. I think some of the Costume Garments are made only for LimitRO. Some Costume Garments are available you can check it here on RateMyServer : Click me
  6. Free version of AndRO doesn't support Gepard Shield 3.0
  7. Gerzzie


    Currently using on my server. Yes.
  8. Gerzzie


    I'm currently using this. hope this would help. src/map/atcommand.cpp Find : #include "../custom/" Add [ Above ] : Find : }; AtCommandInfo* atcommand; Add [ Above ] : src/map/battle.cpp Find : { "at_timeout", &battle_config.at_timeout, 0, 0, INT_MAX, }, Add [ Below ] : src/map/battle.hpp Find : int at_timeout; Add [ Below ] : conf/battle/misc.conf Find : mail_show_status: 0 Add [ Below ] :
  9. Find on your GRF -> msgstringtable.txt -> Line 3262, 3263, 3264, 3265. Example View :
  10. Go to your iteminfo.lua. Find the ID of the Spear which is [ 1405 ] under identifiedDescriptionName you'll find ClassNum = 4 <-- Spear Sprite. Change it to 0. But it will also affect the Lord Knight/Paladin weapon sprite it will not Show up. Example :
  11. Find : Example ( Prontera only ) : Replace :
  12. Donation <- Aesthetic Costumes, Consumables and etc. Besides you're not building/making a Ragnarok Server just for the revenue/profit you wont succeed. Build a business instead.