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  1. Thanks for the reply Emistry. But then, wordpress was based on HTML code, the code as mentioned in the above link reference is based on php. I think it wont work if i add those code & statement. Well, i manage to add the status online using a simple coding. However now looking foward to add Player Online.. Got any idea? Nvm. Got it done by a help from my friend .. server status and player online done Hope there is more active member in this community to help around in the future..
  2. Hi, as mention on the topic title. Can anyone teach me how to add (codes, etc..) to my wordpress web theme to show my current server online status and player onlines. I saw some RO server have this feature while using wordpress theme. Here are some example :- RO server A (using wordpress theme) RO server B
  3. Yea, i would like to apologize for using harsh words and bashing him on previous post (even tho he deserve it). I was quite angry with his action of removing part of the photos which is the proved and used to nominated his post as best answer. It is unfair. But its okay. I don't think there will be anyone can bring this case to justice. Hope the administrator and community have much more concern to help resolving this kind of issue in the future. thanks for reading.
  4. Yeah, its simple for you to say. It does not happened to you yet. You don't know how hard i had to work to earn that big amount of money and the effort i have put to send the money via western union. c0nflict ran off,blocked me on facebook and didn't even think about returning back the money. Now, you guys are saying that i should accept his cheap offer instead of getting my money back. Look at him, he don't even dare to talk about replacing my money. The only way to fix this issue is by returning back my money. If he really wanted to fix the issue by offering me back the harmony account, he should did that few month ago instead of blocking me with no further notice. What about my term? I want him to return back my money? Can he do that? He dont even dare to talk about it now I dont need his cheap offer anymore.
  5. You cant understand the truth and you can blame me as accusing him because he removed a lot of the photo (proved) that i posted with an excuse to protect his privacy. Its okay i will post it on a separate blog and let everyone know the real story. He also claimed this thread by pointing out "best answer" from his own post. Suggested to support me with harmony just after i reveal about him on rAthena? You know how many month i have been patiently waiting and pm him on facebook? He ignore me, blocked my facebook and removed my access to the account without notice. He ran off with my money without honoring the deal and now you were saying that he still innocent? lol
  6. Its a shame for someone entitle as "support leader" and turn out to be a scammer. Cheating someone else money and don't even want to admit it. Still hanging out around rAthena acting innocent. I don't know where you put your face at. What a shame.
  7. I'm afraid you totally misunderstood my post. I said "server re-opening announcement", the server was ONLINE and running 1 week after AsuraHosting closed. But that's besides the point; we're going around in circles here. So how about a summary? 1) Our transaction is totally unrelated to my current hosting business, and my previous server. 2) I cannot give you access to my e-mail once again, nor would I forward all of my e-mails to your inbox. 3) You can use the Harmonize.it account (it's yours), I can PM you the details, however you'd have to be contented with me having to manually send you the Harmony Package files when I am available. Unless perhaps Sirius magically appears and changes the e-mail. Let me summarize it for you :- 1) You are a terrible liar. 2) You did not honor the deal. 3) Return back my money. That`s all. Can you do that? I guess NO..because you are desperate for money and now you open your own hosting to find more money after you have used all of my hard earn money that has been paid to you before .. Good luck & thanks for reading.
  8. Yeah, again and again you tried to cover yourself. previous post you said you cant recall turning off your server, now you said it is coincidence that you decided to re-open the server after you ran off with my money and block the harmony account from my access. Not to mentioned you block me on facebook as well with no further notice and reply.
  9. - You were selling me the whole account, not just a reserve ip. We had that deal and you didnt honor it. You are the one who confirmed to give me full access and change the account to my email after i agree with the price you offered to me. Now that you removed the photo of you block my account, it proved that you are trying to cover yourself again Oh, okay. Here is the proved (p/s : don't remove it after you cant cover yourself again ) you close your server : June 14,2014 You re-open the server after ran off with my money (Sept 28,2014) : I am removing images containing real names, personal e-mails and account credentials from the posts. As it is my right to privacy. Feel free to feast on this drama though. - I don't buy your email account, our deal is that you will replace your email harmony account with mine so that i have full access of the harmony account as the new owner. Looks like you are the one who making a drama here to cover yourself. Whatever it is, yeah you have title & power in rAthena, you can always remove and re-edit my post just to twist this topic and showed yourself innocent. You are stealing other people money and you don't even dare to face the truth now.
  10. Another lie you are trying to create right here now huh? You blocked me on facebook and you run away with my money. What an awesome way to cover the bad thing you had done. You were saying that i read yours unread email?What?is that the best way you want to cover yourself as innocent in this matter?Thats funny bro, i used your account only for few days after that you quickly change everything and block me on facebook. I never had a skype account that i added you too. Here is the proved that you were blocking me at facebook: // Images Removed // I saw your post on your server after you have blocked me, you were using my money to launch your server again. What a big lie you have thrown to me and i will never forget that. I`m just hoping that everyone are aware of your parasite way of sucking & stealing other people money. Be careful guys,if you are using Ragnarohosting and one day they ran off, i can only said that i have already warn you about them. Rest, is still up to the community to judge. p/s: You told me last time to sell the whole account and add my email, if my email was in the harmony account, why do i bother to read your email inbox? funny. I make a big amount of payment for purchasing that account and you were saying that you actually reserve one slot ip for me? i can get a reserve harmony ip account for just 10 usd if i want just "reverse ip for one slot". You are terrible liar c0nflict.
  11. First of all, i would like to remind you that all i am offering is the truth that happened to me few month ago. It is up to you whether you want to believe me or not. The story start when... Few months ago,i was developing my own ragnarok server, i wish to have my own harmony license and start to look around for someone who want to sell their harmony account. My friends informed me that i can ask a person name Vince de vera at facebook a.k.a c0nflict at Rathena board. So,i added him on facebook and asking him if he is selling his harmony account. He told me that he is selling it due to the lost of interest in continuing his RO server because of recurring DDOS attack. After making a deal,he insisted me to send the payment via western union instead of paypall. I trusted him because i though he is part of the rAthena community. I knew he is active,well known and also a good contributor. But then,i was wrong..Below are part of our conversation and the deal we have made: // Image Removed // // Images Removed // After i got scam by c0nflict, i feel so disappointing and i keep myself away from the Ragnarok life until recently. Again,i wish to open a new ragnarok server and i was searching for a new hosting. I came across Ragnahosting. I took the asia package that they offered. After i have made payment for the hosting using my paypall account, i was suprised to found out that the payment goes to // Name Snipped //. The same person who scam me few month back. That person is the same person, c0nflict. So,i left Ragnahosting because i don't feel secure to let them host my server. I hope you guys don't fall into his trap. He ran off after letting me to use his harmony account for a few days. He even blocked me on Facebook. I manage to keep all the screenshot before he ran off. I wanted to share this to let you guys aware of this scammer. His new hosting company : http://ragnahosting.com Rathena profile : https://rathena.org/board/user/309-conflicts/ Thanks for reading.
  12. As stated in the above title,does anyone sell ip slot with account access or a license of harmony? i would like to purchase. Do pm me! thanks!
  13. Hi, Can anyone help me. When i click on my mvp summon, it does not show up the mvp list. Can anyone help me how to fix this problem? Im using the MVP script as the one i attach in this post. Below screen shows the blank list of mvp to summon that happen in my server :- The error that appear when i use this script was only the :- [Debug]: mapindex_name2id: Map "" not found in index list! MVP.txt
  14. To host your own ragnarok server, what you need is :- vps or dedicated server (recommended linux operating system install with root access) A register domain for your ragnarok server website (For example : www.myragnarok.com ) To start setup your ragnarok database, you need a few software and files :- emulator ro (eathena or 3ceam or rathena or hercules) website ro (fluxcp or sgcp or other etc..) wincp and putty (platform to install your emulator,website ro, and run/compile,stop/edit your server) Any info require you can send me a pm
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