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  1. the only other warning is advertising , which is +3 points , the warning you got is a lighter version of advertising even if you didn't mean to , your reply does give a sign to (talk to me in PM if you are willing to pay) I am not saying you meant to do that for deleting the post , most of the things that against the rule are hidden so it does not set an example for others to do the same notice that the user didn't ask for "your script" he asked for a script with the discerption he provided , your reply would be valid and might not be against the rule if the user was asking for "Poring King's script"
  2. you can try src edit the command it self , would be easier then searching for every place it used in
  3. the answer is above ^ just replace >= with == for only +7
  4. ask in here BrowEdit Discord also you would need it if you are planning to work on maping
  5. look like you enchantment npc give bound items , if you still have this issue , you can post the script you are using here. if anyone have this problem, here is the solution ^
  6. Please explain what you need more , I didn't understand what is the issue and what intended to be
  7. while we are in the "Third Party Releases" section, I don't see a "release" I just see links for the original project. and This post has been up for 10 days. You should update this post soon
  8. something like this Imports: - Path: db/re/item_db.yml - Path: db/pre-re/item_db.yml Mode: Prerenewal - Path: db/re/item_db.yml Mode: Renewal - Path: db/import/item_db.yml
  9. sader1992


    conf/import/char_conf.txt login_ip: char_ip: public_ip conf/import/map_conf.txt char_ip: map_ip: public_ip and don't forget to check your ports
  10. you are using the custom job changer , I am asking about the official quest , all the quest are enabled by default , so just remove the job changer and people would be forced to go do their job quest.
  11. how this is different from the official rathena's scripts ?
  12. you should talk to the server owner , and ask him to contact @Functor and ask him about the issue.
  13. - script ANY_MAP_SPAWNER -1,{ function F_SpawnMob { monster getarg(0),0,0,"--ja--",.mobId,1,"ANY_MAP_SPAWNER::OnMyMobDead"; announce "A new mob has spawned!",0; return; } OnInit: .mobId = 1002; setarray .maps$,"prontera","izlude"; for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize(.maps$);[email protected]++){ F_SpawnMob(.maps$[[email protected]]); } end; OnMyMobDead: [email protected]$ = strcharinfo(3); announce "The mob has been killed by "+strcharinfo(0)+", wait a hour for the respawn.",0; sleep 3600000; F_SpawnMob([email protected]$); end; } You need to use for loop also after that your timer wont work the way you expect it to, so you replace it with something else the script above work the way you want.
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