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  1. sader1992

    Animated Headgear: Colored Black Cat

    i see your good intention however these are not the only files for the headgear so i suggest to learn more about the client files than update this file
  2. sader1992

    custome prontera MAP (CHECK HERE) (SEE THE PEOPLE WHO GOT THOSE BADGES) << ([5]: Refrain from advertising your service or money in exchange for paid services- there is a relevant sub-forum for this business.) << (NO PAID TOPIC IN THE FORUM) (CHECK WHO MAKE MAPS FOR $$ HERE AND TRY TO SEND THEM A MESSAGE) OR TRY ASKING HERE >> (BROWEDIT DISCORD) i can give you more example but well you get the idea just think about it lol
  3. sader1992

    custome prontera MAP;type=downloads_file or you can hire a designer
  4. sader1992

    Explain getd because i don't understand :(

    [email protected] = 10; [email protected]$ = "thing"; mes "" + getd("[email protected]" + [email protected]$); mes "" + [email protected]; //[email protected] + ([email protected]$ = "thing";) //[email protected] + thing //[email protected] //getd("[email protected]" + [email protected]$) == [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------- [email protected] = 0; [email protected] = 5; [email protected] = 10; [email protected] = 15; for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<4;[email protected]++) mes "" + getd("[email protected]" + [email protected]); //getd("[email protected]" + 0) == [email protected] //getd("[email protected]" + 1) == [email protected] //getd("[email protected]" + 2) == [email protected] //getd("[email protected]" + 3) == [email protected] it's easy you just need to test it , than you understand it
  5. sader1992

    HELP the titles tab disappeared

    the name of the first tab is too lang i suggest you decreases the name of the first tab msgstring file it may fix the problem
  6. sader1992

    Whitesmith Weapon Refine

    i would really suggest you use the international forums as i didn't understood what you mean
  7. sader1992

    Dead player will cast text

    Than don't post it here
  8. you can just test it;type=downloads_file
  9. for robe yes anyway the tool above can do the work for you as i made it cuz i had a lot of wings to add that time however it's not intended to be like this the tool only copy/paste/rename/organize the files for you but what intended is to make the item look the best for each job not just copying ,but copying work most of the time
  10. i didn't understood your issue so i told you about the tool and i don't know what the folders in this encoding xD but the tool generate the folders in Korean anyway i did see what the folder is = 로브 and this folder is where you put the (ropes folders) inside it let's say you want to add this rope (rathena_rope) inside the grf you put the files of the spr/act data\sprite\로브\rathena_rope\ (folder) data\sprite\로브\rathena_rope\남\ (male folder) inside it all the files for each job for male data\sprite\로브\rathena_rope\여\ (female folder) inside it all the files for each job for female if the folder is not in your grf you make one
  11. sader1992


    it's npc so you put it as any normal npc and also i suggest you check this as i see you ask for every small thing so it's better to read the basics sometimes
  12. sader1992


    look more into this commands *setlook <look type>,<look value>{,<char_id>}; *changelook <look type>,<look value>{,<char_id>};
  13. sader1992