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  1. Gepard Shield competition - Selection of the winners

    i like @Balfear but it's a bit colorless xD all tho it look good for me
  2. modifying a script

    remove every # in the script
  3. error on the client 2017-09-13bRagexeRE on

    update your kro client (the dll files)
  4. Secret's Updated NEMO Patches

    i don't i don't really know why you get crash i think there is someone did ask me about that too my only guess is the lua files try other lua files this is my diff btw '2018-01-24bRagexeRE' also someone told me it worked with rozero lua files but for me it worked without maybe you need to update your rdata from kro << this the only thing i did before i did diff my 2018 client
  5. Release: Sader's Renewal Mode [PRE-RE Only]

    if monster have 50 def it will act as pre-re def not re def (apply on everything) also items if an item have 50 atk the atk would be pre-re not renewal it's kinda making renewal original with pre-re import with the import of import not all renewal db is supported it's items/monsters/quests etc i will put the renewal.conf in the post it have what is supported in the mod
  6. R>Bot tracker

    that what bots good with XD
  7. Help this script on advance refiner

    failedrefitem [email protected]; to //failedrefitem [email protected]; for to not delete the item doing that would mean there is nothing will happen when fail so you may want to add fail effect instead this line ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ for the success rate >> this script use `getequippercentrefinery` so you can edit it in `db/(pre-)re/refine_db.yml` or you can just remove this and add your success formula if (getequippercentrefinery([email protected]) > rand(100) || getequippercentrefinery([email protected]) > rand(100)) {
  8. View File Sader's Renewal Mode [PRE-RE Only] this mode is only for PRE-RE servers support only txt base db not sql db you will find the config file in /rAthena/conf/battle/renewal.conf How it Work ? this mode will add all the missing items/monsters/quests/maps in pre-renewal from the renewal if you without this mode @item a hat not on the pre-renewal the result would be @item failed if you with this mode @item the above you will get the item from the renewal database that work on all the setting in the renewal.conf file read it once you apply the mode Installation : see the video for installation! if git apply didn't work with you because you did a lot of src edit in your server then you would need to apply it manually this file made on : Git Hash: a6a2c4301bcf295b1769411a9123fd6a39ba613f License : by downloading this file you are agree on the following: i will Back Up my server before using this file. i will use this file for my own private server only , not for a group of servers . i will never share this file with anyone . i will never upload this file to public and i wont leave it on shared storage . i will report any bugs or errors to sader1992 . all the rights retain to sader1992 . Charge-back scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena. Terms above may be changed or adjusted without prior notification . Submitter sader1992 Submitted 01/18/2018 Category Source Modifications Video Content Author sader1992  
  9. Can't see other players! Default Installation!

    'localhost server' and '/who says that there are 2 players online' this kinda confusing are you sure they are connected to your server ? `2 players online` = you and another account it would be you too if you are loged in with another account if you are sure they are connected to your server can you screenshot your terminal ? (all the 3) and also if you have any error in your terminal would help too
  10. Lua to Lub compiler

    i didn't notice that for the image he is using you can just rename it from lua to lub and it will work
  11. Lua to Lub compiler

  12. Lua to Lub compiler

    i can't explain more lol and here you can find up to date iteminfo
  13. Lua to Lub compiler

    open it with grf editor and export it and it will be unpacked
  14. make the map resnametable.txt file and import it to the client and the mapcache.dat and it will work without map files or you can just copy the [email protected] and name it [email protected] (you would need to copy it with browedit
  15. UTF -8 Text help