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  1. just before you delete the zeny set Zeny, Zeny-.s_zeny; add if(!countitem(7716)){ mes "you need 1 " + getitemname(7716) + " to complete the enchantment."; end; } delitem 7716,1;
  2. it look for me in the video your script all about chances , so i am not sure what you are asking about its as simple as if(rand(1,100) < 76){ //75% chance (the result is between and includes 1 and 75) }else{ //25% chance (the result is else) }
  3. it's not recommended . but you can use this command *classchange(<view id>{,"<NPC name>","<flag>"}); read the command info to know why it's not recommended also you will need to do a lot of extra code to keep your npc the way you want the player to see (read the command information) --------------------------------------- *classchange(<view id>{,"<NPC name>","<flag>"}); This command is very ancient, its origins are clouded in mystery. It will send a 'display id change' packet to everyone in the immediate area of the NPC object, which will supposedly make the NPC look like a different sprite, an NPC sprite ID, or a monster ID. This effect is not stored anywhere and will not persist (Which is odd, cause it would be relatively easy to make it do so) and most importantly, will not work at all since this command was broken with the introduction of advanced classes. The code is written with the assumption that the lowest sprite IDs are the job sprites and the anything beyond them is monster and NPC sprites, but since the advanced classes rolled in, they got the ID numbers on the other end of the number pool where monster sprites float. As a result it is currently impossible to call this command with a valid view id. It will do nothing whatsoever if the view ID is below 4047. Getting it to run will actually just crash the client. It could be a real gem if it can be gotten to actually do what it's supposed to do, but this will only happen in a later SVN revision. Empty <NPC name> means attached NPC. Target for <flag>: - bc_area : Sprite is sent to players in the vicinity of the source (default value). - bc_self : Sprite is sent only to player attached. ---------------------------------------
  4. i see you used the same photo in the post just to make sure you are using the last rAthena without switching to pre-re so your server is renewal and you get this problem , right ?
  5. you don't need to define the variable before you use it, any new variable you use by default is int 0 string "" so you can right away if(#var < 11){ //your code #var++; }
  6. you need to get the inventory list and check for the item that the player selected , than get all it information delete the item than give the player new item using getitem2 or getitem3 if you use random options system getinventorylist {<char_id>}; getitem2 and getitem3
  7. what you need is a global variable "$var" this variable is for the server and will be saved in sql i suggest you read more about rAthena's variables here
  8. i tested on clean rathena just now and everything fine i would suggest you check the client files you have try with renewal files
  9. if(.s_all_loc[[email protected]_all_selected] == EQI_HAND_L && getiteminfo(getequipid(.s_all_loc[[email protected]_all_selected]),2) != 4){ mes "you can't enchant weapon from your left hand"; end; }
  10. there is already a config for that in the script i think , as long as you don't have a Shield in the EQI_HAND_R or two hand Shield you should not get the problem you are getting if you configure the script right
  11. than you can replace all the codes with getinventorylist; for([email protected] = 0;[email protected]<@inventorylist_count;[email protected]++){ if(@inventorylist_equip[[email protected]] == [email protected]){ [email protected] = [email protected]; break; } } if( (@inventorylist_card1[[email protected]] && getiteminfo(@inventorylist_card1[[email protected]],2) != 6) || (@inventorylist_card2[[email protected]] && getiteminfo(@inventorylist_card2[[email protected]],2) != 6) || (@inventorylist_card3[[email protected]] && getiteminfo(@inventorylist_card3[[email protected]],2) != 6) || (@inventorylist_card4[[email protected]] && getiteminfo(@inventorylist_card4[[email protected]],2) != 6) ){ mes "enchantment detected!"; end; }
  12. you use the random options system ? this command is for the random options system you should have it if you if you use the system there is no other way to get item with random options
  13. replace the if(([email protected] = inarray(@inventorylist_equip,[email protected])) != -1){ (don't forget the "}") with for([email protected] = 0;[email protected]<@inventorylist_count;[email protected]++){ if(@inventorylist_equip[[email protected]] == [email protected]){ [email protected] = [email protected]; break; } }