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  1. i think it's you who reported about the issue in github , anyway for anyone who have the same issue , the fix is here
  2. sader1992

    Warper help

    menu "Last Warp ^777777["+lastwarp$+"]^000000",-, " ~ Towns",Towns, " ~ Fields",Fields, " ~ Dungeons",Dungeons, " ~ Guild Castles",Castles, " ~ Guild Dungeons",Guild_Dungeons, " ~ Instances",Instances, " ~ Special Areas",Special; if (lastwarp$ == "") message strcharinfo(0),"You haven't warped anywhere yet."; else warp lastwarp$,lastwarpx,lastwarpy; end; to what ever you want you want Towns, Fields and Dungeons menu "Last Warp ^777777["+lastwarp$+"]^000000",-, " ~ Towns",Towns, " ~ Fields",Fields, " ~ Dungeons",Dungeons; if (lastwarp$ == "") message strcharinfo(0),"You haven't warped anywhere yet."; else warp lastwarp$,lastwarpx,lastwarpy; end; for removing the maps that you don't want, you need to remove it manually for example if you want to remove Yuno from the town list it would be from this menu "Prontera",T1, "Alberta",T2, "Aldebaran",T3, "Amatsu",T4, "Ayothaya",T5, "Brasilis",T6, "Comodo",T7, "Dewata",T8, "Eclage",T9, "Einbech",T10, "Einbroch",T11, "El Dicastes",T12, "Geffen",T13, "Gonryun",T14, "Hugel",T15, "Izlude",T16, "Jawaii",T17, "Lasagna",T18, "Lighthalzen",T19, "Louyang",T20, "Lutie",T21, "Malangdo",T22, "Malaya",T23, "Manuk",T24, "Midgarts Expedition Camp",T25, "Mora",T26, "Morroc",T27, "Moscovia",T28, "Nameless Island",T29, "Niflheim",T30, "Payon",T31, "Rachel",T32, "Splendide",T33, "Thor Camp",T34, "Umbala",T35, "Veins",T36, "Yuno",T37; to this menu "Prontera",T1, "Alberta",T2, "Aldebaran",T3, "Amatsu",T4, "Ayothaya",T5, "Brasilis",T6, "Comodo",T7, "Dewata",T8, "Eclage",T9, "Einbech",T10, "Einbroch",T11, "El Dicastes",T12, "Geffen",T13, "Gonryun",T14, "Hugel",T15, "Izlude",T16, "Jawaii",T17, "Lasagna",T18, "Lighthalzen",T19, "Louyang",T20, "Lutie",T21, "Malangdo",T22, "Malaya",T23, "Manuk",T24, "Midgarts Expedition Camp",T25, "Mora",T26, "Morroc",T27, "Moscovia",T28, "Nameless Island",T29, "Niflheim",T30, "Payon",T31, "Rachel",T32, "Splendide",T33, "Thor Camp",T34, "Umbala",T35, "Veins",T36; so Yuno would be removed , "Yuno",T37
  3. default on account if you change #HourlyRewards += 1; to HourlyRewards += 1; it would be on char , with the points variable ofc HourlyRewards
  4. @BeWan no need for spamming please , use 1 post to reply
  5. use the map files from an older data/rdata
  6. sader1992

    Web Hosting

    read the logs in both your server and your web server.
  7. the clone command return the monster gid so you can just save the gid and check for it like .PlayerOneClone = clone("prontera",155,155,"NpcName::OnEvent",1); .PlayerTwoClone = clone("prontera",145,145,"NpcName::OnEvent",2); end; OnEventOne: if(!unitexists(.PlayerOneClone)){ //player one clone is dead } if(!unitexists(.PlayerTwoClone)){ //player two clone is dead } end; also the event name, you can just use different event name for each clone like clone("prontera",155,155,"NpcName::OnEventOne",1); clone("prontera",145,145,"NpcName::OnEventTwo",2); end; OnEventOne: //player one clone is dead end; OnEventTwo: //player two clone is dead end; here a long example : let's clone everyone in prontera , than we check every time one of the mobs are dead we output a debugmes for the char id of the player (i didn't test it , i just wrote it as an example , i don't know even if it will work but technically it should work) getmapunits(BL_NPC,"prontera",[email protected]); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]);[email protected]++){ [email protected] = getarraysize(.charList); .charList[[email protected]] = convertpcinfo([email protected][[email protected]],CPC_CHAR); .mobList[[email protected]] = clone("prontera",155,155,"NpcName::OnEvent",.charList[[email protected]]); } end; OnEvent: for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize(.mobList);[email protected]++){ if(.mobList[[email protected]] && !unitexists(.mobList[[email protected]])){ //the monster has been found. //we save it. [email protected] = .charList[[email protected]]; [email protected] = .mobList[[email protected]]; //we delete it from the array. deletearray .charList[[email protected]],1; deletearray .mobList[[email protected]],1; //we break out. break; } } //now we have the here [email protected] = the player id , [email protected] = the monster gid debugmes "" + [email protected]; debugmes "" + [email protected];
  8. this check for the items if (countitem(715) < 3 || countitem(938) < 20) { copy/paste as much as you want && = and || = or and this delete the items, also copy/paste delitem 715,3; delitem 938,20; for zeny if(zeny < 10000){ mes "you don't have 10kz"; close; } zeny -= 10000; add it before the item check
  9. if you are planing to use the unique id more in the future , i would suggest using this the script would look like this prontera,0,0,0 script rewards 444,{ mes "something"; if(!gepard_int_get("freebies")){ gepard_int_set("freebies",1); mes "here is the rewards"; getitem 502,1; }else{ mes "you already got the freebies rewards"; } close; }
  10. as far as i know , skills have their own animation not like normal attack or multi hit attack
  12. check out your mapcache.dat in the server search for how to update your mapcache
  13. i don't understand, what is the question ?