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  1. 2017-05-17aRagexeRE

    you can as long as you have spaces if your space is limited then you can't in the easy way (space = 00)
  2. Support level 1500.

    rathena/src/map/pc.cpp line 11371 from sv_readdb(dbsubpath2, "job_exp.txt",',',4,1000+3,CLASS_COUNT*2,&pc_readdb_job_exp, i > 0); //support till 1000lvl to sv_readdb(dbsubpath2, "job_exp.txt",',',4,1500+3,CLASS_COUNT*2,&pc_readdb_job_exp, i > 0); //support till 1000lvl don't forget to recompile !
  3. 2017-05-17aRagexeRE

    to change that , you would need to hexedit it use any hex editor >> i would suggest HxD Search for the job name and change it the client would work fine but you would need to do that every time you make a new client
  4. Compile Error

    you should follow a guide to install visual studio try this
  5. how to remove mvps maps in warper?

    it was PR in rAthena git when the warper was on update progress but it got rejected and the reason is it will be slower think about it>> every time you talk to the warper , the warper must check for all the maps in the array to confirm that your map not blocked! (and in large project like rAthena it matter) to be honest i just copied my old code to the last warper XD >> however i will add it in my git so if someone want it later there is a possible plan for new warper latter
  6. how to remove mvps maps in warper?

    you are missing <tab> replace <spaces> with <tabs> in this line
  7. how to remove mvps maps in warper?

    than i did make it with the last warper //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Warper //===== Description: ========================================= //= A complete - but very condensed - warper script. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 Initial script By [Euphy]. //= 1.1 Added missing duplicates and fixed coordinates. //= Some coordinates written by [Tekno-Kanix] and [ToastOfDoom]. //= 1.2 Added new episodes and simplified functions. //= 1.3 Added Renewal checks and Instances menu. //= Aligned coordinates with @go. //= 1.4 Added new Guild Dungeons. //= 1.4a Slight edits. //= 1.4b Added Wolfchev's Laboratory warp. //= 1.5 Added Lasagna ,Para Market ,WOE TE ,Instances and settings [sader1992]. //= 1.5a Fix Bifrost Tower //============================================================ - script Warper -1,{ function Go; function Disp; function Pick; function Restrict; // -------------------------------------------------- // Main Menu: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Last Warp ^777777["+lastwarp$+"]^000000",-, " ~ Towns",Towns, " ~ Fields",Fields, " ~ Dungeons",Dungeons, " ~ Guild Castles",Castles, " ~ Guild Dungeons",Guild_Dungeons, " ~ Instances",Instances, " ~ Special Areas",Special; if (lastwarp$ == "") message strcharinfo(0),"You haven't warped anywhere yet."; else Go(lastwarp$,lastwarpx,lastwarpy); end; // ------------------- Functions ------------------- // * Go("<map>",<x>,<y>); // ~ Warps directly to a map. // // * Disp("<Menu Option>",<first option>,<last option>); // * Pick("<map_prefix>"{,<index offset>}); // ~ Dynamic menu and map selection (auto-numbered). // ~ Fields and Dungeons must use Disp and Pick Functions. // // * Disp("<Option 1>:<Option 2>:<etc.>"); // * Pick("","<map1>","<map2>","<etc.>"); // ~ Manual menu and map selection (listed). // // * Restrict("<RE | Pre-RE>"{,<menu option numbers>}); // ~ Only allows map for Renewal or Pre-Renewal modes. // If menu option numbers are given, only those maps // will be restricted (i.e. not for "Go"). // // Other notes: // ~ Array @c[] holds all (x,y) coordinates. // ~ Use @c[2] EXCEPT when maps begin dynamically // at 0: use @c[0] and Pick() offset 1. // -------------------------------------------------- function Go { set lastwarp$, getarg(0); set lastwarpx, getarg(1,0); set lastwarpy, getarg(2,0); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize(.blocked_maps$);[email protected]++){ if(lastwarp$ == .blocked_maps$[[email protected]]){ message strcharinfo(0), .block_message$; end; } } warp getarg(0),getarg(1,0),getarg(2,0); end; } function Disp { if (getargcount() < 3) set @menu$, getarg(0); else { set @menu$,""; for (set [email protected],getarg(1); [email protected]<=getarg(2); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set @menu$, @menu$+getarg(0)+" "[email protected]+":"; } return; } function Pick { set [email protected]_block,@warp_block; set @warp_block,0; if((@f && .OnlyFirstFld) || (@d && .OnlyFirstDun)){ set [email protected],1; if([email protected]_block){ while([email protected]_block & (1<<[email protected])){ [email protected] += 1; } } }else{ set [email protected], select(@menu$); } if (getarg(0) == "") { set [email protected], [email protected]; set [email protected]$, getarg([email protected]); } else { set [email protected], [email protected](1,0); set [email protected]$, getarg(0)+(([email protected]<10)?"0":"")[email protected]; } if ([email protected]_block & (1<<[email protected])) { message strcharinfo(0),"This map is not enabled in "+((checkre(0))?"":"Pre-")+"Renewal."; end; } set [email protected], @c[[email protected]*2]; set [email protected], @c[[email protected]*2+1]; deletearray @c[0],getarraysize(@c); @f = false; @d = false; Go([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]); } function Restrict { if ((getarg(0) == "RE" && !checkre(0)) || (getarg(0) == "Pre-RE" && checkre(0))) { if (getarg(1,0)) { set @warp_block,0; for (set [email protected],1; [email protected]<getargcount(); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set @warp_block, @warp_block | (1<<getarg([email protected])); } else { message strcharinfo(0),"This map is not enabled in "+((checkre(0))?"":"Pre-")+"Renewal."; end; } } return; } // -------------------------------------------------- Towns: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Prontera",T1, "Alberta",T2, "Aldebaran",T3, "Amatsu",T4, "Ayothaya",T5, "Brasilis",T6, "Comodo",T7, "Dewata",T8, "Eclage",T9, "Einbech",T10, "Einbroch",T11, "El Dicastes",T12, "Geffen",T13, "Gonryun",T14, "Hugel",T15, "Izlude",T16, "Jawaii",T17, "Lasagna",T18, "Lighthalzen",T19, "Louyang",T20, "Lutie",T21, "Malangdo",T22, "Malaya",T23, "Manuk",T24, "Midgarts Expedition Camp",T25, "Mora",T26, "Morroc",T27, "Moscovia",T28, "Nameless Island",T29, "Niflheim",T30, "Payon",T31, "Rachel",T32, "Splendide",T33, "Thor Camp",T34, "Umbala",T35, "Veins",T36, "Yuno",T37; T1: Go("prontera",155,183); T2: Go("alberta",28,234); T3: Go("aldebaran",140,131); T4: Go("amatsu",198,84); T5: Go("ayothaya",208,166); T6: Restrict("RE"); Go("brasilis",196,217); T7: Go("comodo",209,143); T8: Restrict("RE"); Go("dewata",200,180); T9: Restrict("RE"); Go("ecl_in01",48,53); T10: Go("einbech",63,35); T11: Go("einbroch",64,200); T12: Restrict("RE"); Go("dicastes01",198,187); T13: Go("geffen",119,59); T14: Go("gonryun",160,120); T15: Go("hugel",96,145); T16: Go("izlude",128,(checkre(3)?146:114)); T17: Go("jawaii",251,132); T18: Restrict("RE"); Go("lasagna",193,182); T19: Go("lighthalzen",158,92); T20: Go("louyang",217,100); T21: Go("xmas",147,134); T22: Restrict("RE"); Go("malangdo",140,114); T23: Restrict("RE"); Go("malaya",231,200); T24: Go("manuk",282,138); T25: Go("mid_camp",210,288); T26: Restrict("RE"); Go("mora",55,146); T27: Go("morocc",156,93); T28: Go("moscovia",223,184); T29: Go("nameless_n",256,215); T30: Go("niflheim",202,174); T31: Go("payon",179,100); T32: Go("rachel",130,110); T33: Go("splendide",201,147); T34: Go("thor_camp",246,68); T35: Go("umbala",97,153); T36: Go("veins",216,123); T37: Go("yuno",157,51); // -------------------------------------------------- Fields: // -------------------------------------------------- @f = true; menu "Amatsu Fields",F1, "Ayothaya Fields",F2, "Bifrost Fields", F3, "Brasilis Fields",F4, "Comodo Fields",F5, "Dewata Fields",F6, "Eclage Fields",F7, "Einbroch Fields",F8, "El Dicastes Fields",F9, "Geffen Fields",F10, "Gonryun Fields",F11, "Hugel Fields",F12, "Lasagna Fields",F13, "Lighthalzen Fields",F14, "Louyang Field",F15, "Lutie Field",F16, "Malaya Fields",F17, "Manuk Fields",F18, "Mjolnir Fields",F19, "Moscovia Fields",F20, "Niflheim Fields",F21, "Payon Forests",F22, "Prontera Fields",F23, "Rachel Fields",F24, "Sograt Deserts",F25, "Splendide Fields",F26, "Umbala Fields",F27, "Veins Fields",F28, "Yuno Fields",F29; F1: setarray @c[2],190,197; Disp("Amatsu Field",1,1); Pick("ama_fild"); F2: setarray @c[2],173,134,212,150; Disp("Ayothaya Field",1,2); Pick("ayo_fild"); F3: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],193,220,220,187; Disp("Bifrost Field",1,2); Pick("bif_fild"); F4: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],74,32; Disp("Brasilis Field",1,1); Pick("bra_fild"); F5: Restrict("Pre-RE",5); setarray @c[2],180,178,231,160,191,172,228,194,224,203,190,223,234,177,194,175,172,172; Disp("Comodo Field",1,9); Pick("cmd_fild"); F6: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],371,212; Disp("Dewata Field",1,1); Pick("dew_fild"); F7: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],97,314; Disp("Eclage Field",1,1); Pick("ecl_fild"); F8: Restrict("Pre-RE",2,10); setarray @c[2],142,225,182,141,187,228,185,173,216,173,195,148,272,220,173,214,207,174,196,200; Disp("Einbroch Field",1,10); Pick("ein_fild"); F9: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],143,132,143,217; Disp("El Dicastes Field",1,2); Pick("dic_fild"); F10: Restrict("Pre-RE",13,15); setarray @c[0],46,199,213,204,195,212,257,192,188,171,166,263,248,158,195,191,186,183,221,117,178,218,136,328,240,181,235,235,211,185; Disp("Geffen Field",0,14); Pick("gef_fild",1); F11: setarray @c[2],220,227; Disp("Gonryun Field",1,1); Pick("gon_fild"); F12: Restrict("Pre-RE",3,7); setarray @c[2],268,101,222,193,232,185,252,189,196,106,216,220,227,197; Disp("Hugel Field",1,7); Pick("hu_fild"); F13: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],344,371,20,98; Disp("Lasagna Field",1,2); Pick("lasa_fild"); F14: setarray @c[2],240,179,185,235,240,226; Disp("Lighthalzen Field",1,3); Pick("lhz_fild"); F15: setarray @c[2],229,187; Disp("Louyang Field",1,1); Pick("lou_fild"); F16: setarray @c[2],115,145; Disp("Lutie Field",1,1); Pick("xmas_fild"); F17: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],40,272,207,180; Disp("Malaya Field",1,2); Pick("ma_fild"); F18: setarray @c[2],35,236,35,262,84,365; Disp("Manuk Field",1,3); Pick("man_fild"); F19: setarray @c[2],204,120,175,193,208,213,179,180,181,240,195,270,235,202,188,215,205,144,245,223,180,206,196,208; Disp("Mjolnir Field",1,12); Pick("mjolnir_"); F20: setarray @c[2],82,104,131,147; Disp("Moscovia Field",1,2); Pick("mosk_fild"); F21: setarray @c[2],215,229,167,234; Disp("Niflheim Field",1,2); Pick("nif_fild"); F22: Restrict("Pre-RE",5,11); setarray @c[2],158,206,151,219,205,148,186,247,134,204,193,235,200,177,137,189,201,224,160,205,194,150; Disp("Payon Forest",1,11); Pick("pay_fild"); F23: setarray @c[0],208,227,190,206,240,206,190,143,307,252,239,213,185,188,193,194,187,218,210,183,195,149,198,164; Disp("Prontera Field",0,11); Pick("prt_fild",1); F24: Restrict("Pre-RE",2,7,9,10,11,13); setarray @c[2],192,162,235,166,202,206,202,208,225,202,202,214,263,196,217,201,87,121,277,181,221,185,175,200,174,197; Disp("Rachel Field",1,13); Pick("ra_fild"); F25: if(.Satan_Morroc){ setarray @c[2],219,205,177,206,194,182,224,170,198,216,156,187,185,263,206,228,208,238,209,223,85,97,207,202,31,195,38,195; Disp("Sograt Desert 1:Sograt Desert 2:Sograt Desert 3:Sograt Desert 7:Sograt Desert 11:Sograt Desert 12:Sograt Desert 13:Sograt Desert 16:Sograt Desert 17:Sograt Desert 18:Sograt Desert 19:Sograt Desert 20:Sograt Desert 21:Sograt Desert 22"); Pick("","moc_fild01","moc_fild02","moc_fild03","moc_fild07","moc_fild11","moc_fild12","moc_fild13","moc_fild16","moc_fild17","moc_fild18","moc_fild19","moc_fild20","moc_fild21","moc_fild22"); }else{ setarray @c[2],219,205,177,206,194,182,146,297,204,197,275,302,224,170,139,123,101,110,341,39,198,216,156,187,185,263,223,222,170,257,206,228,208,238,209,223,85,97; Disp("Sograt Desert",1,19); Pick("moc_fild"); } F26: setarray @c[2],175,186,236,184,188,204; Disp("Splendide Field",1,3); Pick("spl_fild"); F27: setarray @c[2],217,206,223,221,237,215,202,197; Disp("Umbala Field",1,4); Pick("um_fild"); F28: Restrict("Pre-RE",5); setarray @c[2],186,175,196,370,222,45,51,250,202,324,150,223,149,307; Disp("Veins Field",1,7); Pick("ve_fild"); F29: Restrict("Pre-RE",5,10); setarray @c[2],189,224,192,207,221,157,226,199,223,177,187,232,231,174,196,203,183,214,200,124,195,226,210,304; Disp("Yuno Field",1,12); Pick("yuno_fild"); // -------------------------------------------------- Dungeons: // -------------------------------------------------- @d = true; menu "Abyss Lakes",D1, "Amatsu Dungeon",D2, "Anthell",D3, "Ayothaya Dungeon",D4, "Beach Dungeon",D5, "Bifrost Tower",D42, "Bio Labs",D6, "Brasilis Dungeon",D7, "Byalan Dungeon",D8, "Clock Tower",D9, "Coal Mines",D10, "Culvert",D11, "Cursed Abbey",D12, "Dewata Dungeon",D13, "Einbroch Dungeon",D14, "Gefenia",D15, "Geffen Dungeon",D16, "Glast Heim",D17, "Gonryun Dungeon",D18, "Hidden Dungeon",D19, "Ice Dungeon",D20, "Juperos",D21, "Kiel Dungeon",D22, "Lasagna Dungeon",D23, "Louyang Dungeon",D24, "Magma Dungeon",D25, "Malangdo Dungeon",D26, "Moscovia Dungeon",D27, "Nidhogg's Dungeon",D28, "Odin Temple",D29, "Orc Dungeon",D30, "Payon Dungeon",D31, "Pyramids",D32, "Rachel Sanctuary",D33, "Scaraba Hole",D34, "Sphinx",D35, "Sunken Ship",D36, "Thanatos Tower",D37, "Thor Volcano",D38, "Toy Factory",D39, "Turtle Dungeon",D40, "Umbala Dungeon",D41; D1: setarray @c[2],261,272,275,270,116,27; Disp("Abyss Lakes",1,3); Pick("abyss_"); D2: setarray @c[2],228,11,34,41,119,14; Disp("Amatsu Dungeon",1,3); Pick("ama_dun"); D3: setarray @c[2],35,262,168,170; Disp("Anthell",1,2); Pick("anthell"); D4: setarray @c[2],275,19,24,26; Disp("Ancient Shrine Maze:Inside Ancient Shrine"); Pick("ayo_dun"); D5: setarray @c[2],266,67,255,244,23,260; Disp("Beach Dungeon",1,3); Pick("","beach_dun","beach_dun2","beach_dun3"); D6: Restrict("RE",4); setarray @c[2],150,288,150,18,140,134,244,52; Disp("Bio Lab",1,4); Pick("lhz_dun"); D7: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],87,47,262,262; Disp("Brasilis Dungeon",1,2); Pick("bra_dun"); D8: Restrict("RE",6); setarray @c[0],168,168,253,252,236,204,32,63,26,27,141,187; Disp("Byalan Dungeon",1,6); Pick("iz_dun",1); D9: setarray @c[2],199,159,148,283,65,147,56,155,297,25,127,169,277,178,268,74; Disp("Clock Tower 1:Clock Tower 2:Clock Tower 3:Clock Tower 4:Basement 1:Basement 2:Basement 3:Basement 4"); Pick("","c_tower1","c_tower2","c_tower3","c_tower4","alde_dun01","alde_dun02","alde_dun03","alde_dun04"); D10: setarray @c[2],52,17,381,343,302,262; Disp("Coal Mines",1,3); Pick("mjo_dun"); D11: setarray @c[2],131,247,19,19,180,169,100,92; Disp("Culvert",1,4); Pick("","prt_sewb1","prt_sewb2","prt_sewb3","prt_sewb4"); D12: setarray @c[2],51,14,150,11,120,10; Disp("Cursed Abbey",1,3); Pick("abbey"); D13: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],285,160,299,29; Disp("Dewata Dungeon",1,2); Pick("dew_dun"); D14: setarray @c[2],22,14,292,290; Disp("Einbroch Dungeon",1,2); Pick("ein_dun"); D15: setarray @c[2],40,103,203,34,266,168,130,272; Disp("Gefenia",1,4); Pick("gefenia",0); D16: setarray @c[0],104,99,115,236,106,132,203,200; Disp("Geffen Dungeon",1,4); Pick("gef_dun",1); D17: setarray @c[2],370,304,199,29,104,25,150,15,157,287,147,15,258,255,108,291,171,283,68,277,156,7,12,7,133,271,224,274,14,70,150,14; Disp("Entrance:Castle 1:Castle 2:Chivalry 1:Chivalry 2:Churchyard:Culvert 1:Culvert 2:Culvert 3:Culvert 4:St. Abbey:Staircase Dungeon:Underground Cave 1:Underground Cave 2:Underground Prison 1:Underground Prison 2"); Pick("","glast_01","gl_cas01","gl_cas02","gl_knt01","gl_knt02","gl_chyard","gl_sew01","gl_sew02","gl_sew03","gl_sew04","gl_church","gl_step","gl_dun01","gl_dun02","gl_prison","gl_prison1"); D18: setarray @c[2],153,53,28,113,68,16; Disp("Gonryun Dungeon",1,3); Pick("gon_dun"); D19: setarray @c[2],176,7,93,20,23,8; Disp("Hidden Dungeon",1,3); Pick("prt_maze"); D20: setarray @c[2],157,14,151,155,149,22,33,158; Disp("Ice Dungeon",1,4); Pick("ice_dun"); D21: setarray @c[2],140,51,53,247,37,63,150,285; Disp("Entrance:Juperos 1:Juperos 2:Core"); Pick("","jupe_cave","juperos_01","juperos_02","jupe_core"); D22: setarray @c[2],28,226,41,198; Disp("Kiel Dungeon",1,2); Pick("kh_dun"); D23: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],24,143,22,171,190,18; Disp("Lasagna Dungeon",1,3); Pick("lasa_dun"); D24: setarray @c[2],218,196,282,20,165,38; Disp("The Royal Tomb:Inside the Royal Tomb:Suei Long Gon"); Pick("lou_dun"); D25: setarray @c[2],126,68,47,30; Disp("Magma Dungeon",1,2); Pick("mag_dun"); D26: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],33,230; Disp("Malangdo Dungeon",1,1); Pick("mal_dun"); D27: setarray @c[2],189,48,165,30,32,135; Disp("Moscovia Dungeon",1,3); Pick("mosk_dun"); D28: setarray @c[2],61,239,60,271; Disp("Nidhogg's Dungeon",1,2); Pick("nyd_dun"); D29: setarray @c[2],298,167,224,149,266,280; Disp("Odin Temple",1,3); Pick("odin_tem"); D30: setarray @c[2],32,170,21,185; Disp("Orc Dungeon",1,2); Pick("orcsdun"); D31: setarray @c[0],21,183,19,33,19,63,155,159,201,204; Disp("Payon Dungeon",1,5); Pick("pay_dun",1); D32: Restrict("RE",7,8); setarray @c[2],192,9,10,192,100,92,181,11,94,96,192,8,94,96,192,8; Disp("Pyramids 1:Pyramids 2:Pyramids 3:Pyramids 4:Basement 1:Basement 2:Basement 1 - Nightmare Mode:Basement 2 - Nightmare Mode"); Pick("","moc_pryd01","moc_pryd02","moc_pryd03","moc_pryd04","moc_pryd05","moc_pryd06","moc_prydn1","moc_prydn2"); D33: setarray @c[2],140,11,32,21,8,149,204,218,150,9; Disp("Rachel Sanctuary",1,5); Pick("ra_san"); D34: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],364,44,101,141; Disp("Scaraba Hole",1,2); Pick("dic_dun"); D35: setarray @c[2],288,9,149,81,210,54,10,222,100,99; Disp("Sphinx",1,5); Pick("","in_sphinx1","in_sphinx2","in_sphinx3","in_sphinx4","in_sphinx5"); D36: setarray @c[2],69,24,102,27; Disp("Sunken Ship",1,2); Pick("treasure"); D37: setarray @c[2],150,39,150,136,220,158,59,143,62,11,89,221,35,166,93,148,29,107,159,138,19,20,130,52; Disp("Thanatos Tower",1,12); Pick("tha_t"); D38: setarray @c[2],21,228,75,205,34,272; Disp("Thor Volcano",1,3); Pick("thor_v"); D39: setarray @c[2],205,15,129,133; Disp("Toy Factory",1,2); Pick("xmas_dun"); D40: setarray @c[2],154,49,148,261,132,189,100,192; Disp("Entrance:Turtle Dungeon 1:Turtle Dungeon 2:Turtle Dungeon 3"); Pick("tur_dun"); D41: Restrict("Pre-RE",1,2); setarray @c[2],42,31,48,30,204,78; Disp("Carpenter's Shop in the Tree:Passage to a Foreign World:Hvergermil's Fountain"); Pick("","um_dun01","um_dun02","yggdrasil01"); D42: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],57,13,64,88,45,14,26,23; Disp("Bifrost Tower",1,4); Pick("ecl_tdun"); // -------------------------------------------------- Castles: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "[FE] Aldebaran Castles",C1, "[FE] Geffen Castles",C2, "[FE] Payon Castles",C3, "[FE] Prontera Castles",C4, "[SE] Arunafeltz Castles",C5, "[SE] Schwaltzvalt Castles",C6, "[TE] Aldebaran Castles",C7, "[TE] Prontera Castles",C8; C1: setarray @c[2],48,83,95,249,142,85,239,242,264,90; Disp("Neuschwanstein:Hohenschwangau:Nuenberg:Wuerzburg:Rothenburg"); Pick("","alde_gld","alde_gld","alde_gld","alde_gld","alde_gld"); C2: setarray @c[2],214,75,308,240,143,240,193,278,305,87; Disp("Repherion:Eeyolbriggar:Yesnelph:Bergel:Mersetzdeitz"); Pick("","gef_fild13","gef_fild13","gef_fild13","gef_fild13","gef_fild13"); C3: setarray @c[2],121,233,295,116,317,293,140,160,204,266; Disp("Bright Arbor:Scarlet Palace:Holy Shadow:Sacred Altar:Bamboo Grove Hill"); Pick("","pay_gld","pay_gld","pay_gld","pay_gld","pay_gld"); C4: setarray @c[2],134,65,240,128,153,137,111,240,208,240; Disp("Kriemhild:Swanhild:Fadhgridh:Skoegul:Gondul"); Pick("","prt_gld","prt_gld","prt_gld","prt_gld","prt_gld"); C5: setarray @c[2],158,272,83,47,68,155,299,345,292,107; Disp("Mardol:Cyr:Horn:Gefn:Banadis"); Pick("","aru_gld","aru_gld","aru_gld","aru_gld","aru_gld"); C6: setarray @c[2],293,100,288,252,97,196,137,90,71,315; Disp("Himinn:Andlangr:Viblainn:Hljod:Skidbladnir"); Pick("","sch_gld","sch_gld","sch_gld","sch_gld","sch_gld"); C7: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],48,83,95,249,142,85,239,242,264,90; Disp("Kafragarten 1:Kafragarten 2:Kafragarten 3:Kafragarten 4:Kafragarten 5"); Pick("","te_alde_gld","te_alde_gld","te_alde_gld","te_alde_gld","te_alde_gld"); C8: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],134,65,240,128,153,137,111,240,208,240; Disp("Gloria 1:Gloria 2:Gloria 3:Gloria 4:Gloria 5"); Pick("","te_prt_gld","te_prt_gld","te_prt_gld","te_prt_gld","te_prt_gld"); // -------------------------------------------------- Guild_Dungeons: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Baldur",G1, "Luina",G2, "Valkyrie",G3, "Britoniah",G4, "Arunafeltz",G5, "Schwaltzvalt",G6, "Kafragarten",G7, "Gloria",G8; G1: Restrict("RE",2,3); setarray @c[2],119,93,119,93,120,130; Disp("Baldur F1:Baldur F2:Hall of Abyss"); Pick("","gld_dun01","gld_dun01_2","gld2_pay"); G2: Restrict("RE",2,3); setarray @c[2],39,161,39,161,147,155; Disp("Luina F1:Luina F2:Hall of Abyss"); Pick("","gld_dun02","gld_dun02_2","gld2_ald"); G3: Restrict("RE",2,3); setarray @c[2],50,44,50,44,140,132; Disp("Valkyrie F1:Valkyrie F2:Hall of Abyss"); Pick("","gld_dun03","gld_dun03_2","gld2_prt"); G4: Restrict("RE",2,3); setarray @c[2],116,45,116,45,152,118; Disp("Britoniah F1:Britoniah F2:Hall of Abyss"); Pick("","gld_dun04","gld_dun04_2","gld2_gef"); G5: Go("arug_dun01",199,195); G6: Go("schg_dun01",200,124); G7: Restrict("RE"); Go("teg_dun01",42,36); G8: Restrict("RE"); Go("teg_dun02",26,160); // -------------------------------------------------- Instances: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Bakonawa Lake",I1, "Bangungot Hospital 2F",I2, "Buwaya Cave",I3, "Devil Tower",I4, "Eclage Interior",I5, "Endless Tower",I6, "Faceworms Nest",I7, "Geffen Magic Tournament",I8, "Ghost Palace",I9, "Hazy Forest",I10, "Horror Toy Factory",I11, "Malangdo Culvert",I12, "Nidhoggur's Nest",I13, "Octopus Cave",I14, "Old Glast Heim",I15, "Orc's Memory",I16, "Sarah and Fenrir",I17, "Sara Memory",I18, "Sealed Shrine",I19, "Wolfchev's Laboratory",I20; I1: Restrict("RE"); Go("ma_scene01",172,175); I2: Restrict("RE"); Go("ma_dun01",151,8); I3: Restrict("RE"); Go("ma_fild02",316,317); I4: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali02",137,115); I5: Restrict("RE"); Go("ecl_hub01",129,12); I6: Go("e_tower",72,112); I7: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",85,64); I8: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",94,141); I9: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali02",46,128); I10: Restrict("RE"); Go("bif_fild01",161,334); I11: Restrict("RE"); Go("xmas",234,298); I12: Restrict("RE"); Go("mal_in01",164,21); I13: Go("nyd_dun02",95,193); I14: Restrict("RE"); Go("mal_dun01",152,230); I15: Restrict("RE"); Go("glast_01",204,268); I16: Go("gef_fild10",240,198); I17: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali02",92,141); I18: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",133,108); I19: Go("monk_test",306,143); I20: Restrict("RE"); Go("lhz_dun04",148,269); // -------------------------------------------------- Special: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Auction Hall",S1, "Battlegrounds",S2, "Casino",S3, "Dimensional Rift",S4, "Eden Group Headquarters",S5, "Gonryun Arena",S6, "Izlude Arena",S7, "Monster Race Arena",S8, "Para Market",S9, "Turbo Track",S10; S1: Go("auction_01",22,68); S2: Go("bat_room",154,150); S3: Go("cmd_in02",179,129); S4: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",113,82); S5: Restrict("RE"); Go("moc_para01",31,14); S6: Go("gon_test",48,10); S7: Go("arena_room",100,88); S8: Go("p_track01",62,41); S9: Restrict("RE"); Go("paramk",97,17); S10: Go("turbo_room",99,114); OnInit: .Satan_Morroc = true; // false will enable moc_fild 4,5,6,8,9,10,14,15 while disable moc_fild 20,21,22 Default is true. .OnlyFirstFld = false; // true will teleport to the first level of the Fields Default is false. .OnlyFirstDun = false; // true will teleport to the first level of the Dungeons Default is false. //Block map from the warper . setarray .blocked_maps$,"prontera"; // Example: setarray .blocked_maps$,"prontera","Alberta",Aldebaran"; .block_message$ = "This map is not enabled in the server ."; } // -------------------------------------------------- // Duplicates: // -------------------------------------------------- alb2trea,57,70,6 duplicate(Warper) Warper#tre 811 alberta,28,240,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#alb 811 aldebaran,145,118,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#alde 811 amatsu,203,87,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#ama 811 ayothaya,209,169,6 duplicate(Warper) Warper#ayo 811 comodo,194,158,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#com 811 einbech,59,38,6 duplicate(Warper) Warper#einbe 811 einbroch,69,202,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#einbr 811 gef_fild10,71,339,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#orc 811 geffen,124,72,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#gef 811 glast_01,372,308,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#glh 811 gonryun,162,122,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#gon 811 hugel,101,151,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#hug 811 izlu2dun,110,92,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#izd 811 izlude,134,150,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#izl 811 //Pre-RE: (132,120) jawaii,253,138,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#jaw 811 lighthalzen,162,102,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#lhz 811 louyang,208,103,6 duplicate(Warper) Warper#lou 811 manuk,274,146,6 duplicate(Warper) Warper#man 811 mid_camp,216,288,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#mid 811 mjolnir_02,85,364,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#mjo 811 moc_ruins,64,164,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#moc 811 morocc,159,97,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#mor 811 moscovia,229,191,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#mos 811 nameless_n,259,213,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#nam 811 niflheim,205,179,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#nif 811 pay_arche,42,134,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#arc 811 payon,182,108,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#pay 811 prontera,159,192,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#prt 811 prt_fild05,279,223,6 duplicate(Warper) Warper#cul 811 rachel,135,116,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#rac 811 splendide,205,153,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#spl 811 thor_camp,249,76,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#thor 811 umbala,106,150,3 duplicate(Warper) Warper#umb 811 veins,214,123,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#ve 811 xmas,150,136,6 duplicate(Warper) Warper#xmas 811 yuno,162,47,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#yuno 811 // -------------------------------------------------- // Duplicates (Renewal): // -------------------------------------------------- brasilis,201,222,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#bra 811 dewata,204,186,6 duplicate(Warper) Warper#dew 811 dicastes01,194,194,6 duplicate(Warper) Warper#dic 811 ecl_in01,51,60,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#ecl 811 lasagna,196,187,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#las 811 malangdo,134,117,6 duplicate(Warper) Warper#mal 811 malaya,231,204,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#ma 811 mora,57,152,4 duplicate(Warper) Warper#mora 811 the setting on line 541,542
  8. 2017-05-17aRagexeRE

    can you screen shot where you mean?
  9. Sader's Paid Services

    Sader's Paid Services 1 - Custom Script Services The Minimum cost for a script is 5$ ,No matter how small it is The Cost Depends on how big the script ,How Much time it will take The Payment method is PayPal Only! You Send me the script information in the Forum Messages or in Discord [ sader1992#3562 ] You have to reply on any question i ask about the script Without Ignoring Details The script will be in English ,Feel free to send me the texts if you want it in your own Language You have to give me as much Details as you can without ignoring anything You May use the script on any server you Own ,However you can not share or sell the script to anyone! I May need access to your server if the script is a custom mod not rAthena Official If You found any bug ,Contact me immediately! 2 - Fixing and Editing Services The Minimum cost for a script is 5$ ,No matter how small it is Sometimes making a new script better than fixing an old one! Be aware ,Sometimes making a new script will be lower cost than fixing old one! I May need access to your server if the script is a custom mod not rAthena Official 3 - Database Services The Minimum cost for a script is 5$ ,No matter how small it is This include Adding Monsters Items and Database related staff The cost will Depends on how many things you want to Add/Edit 4 - Configuration Services The Minimum cost for a script is 25$ Configuring the server side and the client side I will only upload a little client so you need to download KRO yourself The Cost will increase with how much custom things you want to do Adding Custom src MODs have its own Price Script Delivery You open the TeamViewer to check the script when i finish it Than you server the cash with PayPal Then I send you the script Except Configuration Services its Prepaid service My Public Work You can check out some of my work! sader's Hourly Rewards sader's Reward Manager sader's Enchantment Npc
  10. help party name cant see

    well if with 'display_party_name: yes' still the problem then i don't know why that happening to your client maybe client side diff NEMO ? don't know
  11. how to remove mvps maps in warper?

    @pajodex post the full script edited here
  12. help party name cant see

    i think what you want is 2 not 1 change it to 2 and it's better that you just time in the game chat /showname more then once until you get the look you want
  13. help party name cant see

    you have to close the game first you can edit it with any text editor notepad++ , visual code etc
  14. Hourly Points script

    remove this || checkidle() >= .idle
  15. A big problem in server is of help

    if that happen to me ,i would try to use the item on another class