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  1. prontera,0,0,0 script npcccc 444,{ if(!#ONEITEMPERACC){ mes "here is your item"; #ONEITEMPERACC = true; getitem(502,1); }else{ mes "you already got your item"; } end; } if you mean a specific account get 1 item one time prontera,0,0,0 script npcccc 444,{ if(getcharid(3) != 2000000){//account id here mes "your account doesn't match"; end; } if(!#ONEITEMPERACC){ mes "here is your item"; #ONEITEMPERACC = true; getitem(502,1); }else{ mes "you already got your item"; } end; }
  2. if the item is only for vip accounts , you can edit the item script it self to not work if the player is not a vip account, then leave the rented items to disappear on it's own.
  3. get 1 item per any character ? prontera,0,0,0 script npcccc 444,{ if(!ONEITEMPERCHAR){ mes "here is your item"; ONEITEMPERCHAR = true; getitem(502,1); }else{ mes "you already got your item"; } end; } get an item for specific character id ? prontera,0,0,0 script npcccc 444,{ if(getcharid(0) == 1500000){//char id here mes "here is your item"; getitem(502,1); }else{ mes "your character id does not match!"; } end; }
  4. if anyone have anymore question , he can send it to Functor in the PM.
  5. -1: Invalid type. -2: Character/Party/Guild/Clan not found. -3: Instance already exists. -4: No free instances (MAX_INSTANCE exceeded).
  6. int64 value = pc_readregistry(sd, reference_uid(add_str("VARIABLE"), 0)); 0 = THE Index if you are using array , if not leave it 0
  7. well , it's all about how you use the os you need to know the basic like how to install programs , check the programs configuration , permissions , and files management there is no direct guide because you don't see how to "install a program" guide for windows, and you don't need that guide because I would assume "you just know how" even if there is some useless guides like that , each program have it's own things so you need to learn the basic and follow this Install on Debian · rathena/rathena Wiki (github.com) I recommend debian 9 for the high payment for who installed your server , well it's normal I don't think you would ask bill gates to install windows in your pc for one or two digit USD xD it's the nerds tax
  8. [8000] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Scarf", unidentifiedResourceName = "Scarf", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "..." }, identifiedDisplayName = "Scarf", identifiedResourceName = "Scarf", identifiedDescriptionName = { "Item Custom Nidhoggur.", "Class:^6666CC Costume^000000", "Location:^6666CC Lower headgear^000000", "Weight:^006600 100^000000", "Level Requirement:^006600 1^000000", "Jobs:^6666CC All^000000" }, slotCount = 1, ClassNum = 1882 },
  9. drop sprite/icon/collection and the line in the item info should not start with _
  10. also the player must be online try this prontera,150,114,4 script God Connection 811,{ mes "You can bring to life a old friend if you have a God item gift."; if(select("use:close") == 2) end; input [email protected]$; getunits(BL_PC,[email protected]$); if(inarray([email protected]$,[email protected]$) == -1){ mes "Player does not exist or offline"; mes "Player must be online!"; end; } if(countitem(6293) < 1){ mes "you don't have " + getitemname(6293); mes "you need 1 " + getitemname(6293); end; } if(atcommand("@unjail "[email protected]$)){ delitem 6293,1; mes "your friend is now released!"; end; } mes "something went wrong!"; mes "contact the GM!"; end; }
  11. it's not a good idea to delete items directly from the database also it's better if the server was offline when you edit the database
  12. it's already in Emistry's reply put doevent "vip_group_main::OnSetVIP"; into the item script, whatever the item id is
  13. same as Emistry's script , just add timer instead of the vip status - script vip_group_main -1,{ OnSetVIP: #TEMP_GROUP_V = gettimetick(2) + (7 * 24 * 60 * 60);//time in seconds OnPCLoginEvent: if (#TEMP_GROUP_V > gettimetick(2)) { atcommand "@adjgroupid 7"; [email protected] = #TEMP_GROUP_V - gettimetick(2); addtimer ([email protected] * 1000), strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnExpire"; dispbottom "Temp Group Expire in "+gettimestr("%Y-%m/%d %H:%M:%S",21,#TEMP_GROUP_V); } end; OnExpire: atcommand "@adjgroupid 0"; end; }
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