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  1. F_Rand returns a random number not a random item nor a random count and float is not valid for rathena script language so ifyou want to use the function , it's like this [email protected] = callfunc ("F_Rand", 603,617,503,502); getitem [email protected],1; so it would be random from these set of numbers ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Returns a random argument. // -- callfunc "F_Rand",arg0,arg1,... // Example: // // You can use it to pick a random number from a list: // set @itemIDfromList, callfunc("F_Rand",1129,1222,1163,1357,1360,1522,1811,1410); ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function script F_Rand { return getarg(rand(getargcount())); }
  2. it has nothing to do with the database "getitemname( @s_Item_id[[email protected]] ) == "null"" mean if the item has no name than it's invalid item
  3. it's most likly but there is also a mapflag to prevent casting icewall , so check that too in your npc folders
  4. well , i can't really help fix that , if you followed everything correctly from the doc in the project to the files here , everything should work fine.
  5. than your problem is fixed , you can ignore the debug messages if it work fine or you can ask here : or search to fix those errors
  6. you should compile in your build folder , not outside
  7. you need to use cmake , or else the discord project won't compile , read the doc files in the discord project.
  8. if you mean you still have the errors put the full log of your compiling from the start to the error (use code box ofc)
  9. look like the project files itself not in your map folder , or not in the make file , make sure that the discord projects compiling
  10. map (1).cpp make clean && make
  11. i am sure that it not the case , the compiler stop at that error , so you don't see what after however , upload channel.cpp , if you get error after that , i will again tell you to track the changes and delete tham than re-apply
  12. if you want to add different item to each monster , than the fact that they are Demi human is somewhat useless , just edit the monsters drop in the database if the same item for all the Demi human monsters than use this bonus with OnPCStatCalcEvent bonus2 bDropAddRace,r,x; Adds x% to player's drop rate when killing a monster with race r.
  13. the script is not supported anymore , and it does not support random option , i suggest you create a script that does only what you need instead of using any type of "all in one" scripts however , this should make the random options work sader_s_enchant_V2.6_(with random option support).txt
  14. i suggest you apply the patch manually , track the changes , remove them , re-apply manually .