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  1. My discord group https://discord.gg/kCmSH3wk5V
  2. use luafilest514/lua files/Spreditinfo Those two files are to replace the original inside luafiles514\lua files\spreditinfo so Garments won't display improperly in some positions. Same files can be renamed to biglayerdir_female and biglayerdir_male for older clients. SPREditInfo.zip
  3. try @bodystyle 1 in mechanic job
  4. to increase you just need a large number here.
  5. it is not necessary. this custom refers to @costume (christmas and etc.) does not work for visuals.
  6. Hello, a lot of people ask me for support for this, and I think something is so simple, but I still want to help them, well I know that just writing is not enough, so I made a video teaching my BRAZILIAN community how to do it, but also I made a text file and I teach for the AMERICAN community too, well you can watch and see if you can follow, I found it easier. Video complete: Server database editor GRF editor Client hexed 20200604 Current emulator rathena Notepad ++ My aura DEATH After the whole process: Quickly learn how to add custons to the latest rathena emulator with item_db.yml 0 - open your main GRF that is reading luafiles514 (in the example of the video is my data.grf because I don't have another one) and extract ACCNAME.LUB | ACCESSORYID.LUB 1 - add your custom visual name to data\luafiles514\datainfo\accname.lub 2 - add your custom visual ID to data\luafiles514\datainfo\AccessoryId.lub [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_DEATH] = "_DEATH", the _ (underline) is mandatory in this process because the client places the female and male symbol at the beginning to identify the folders. ACCESSORY_NAME = LAST ID, My: ACCESSORY_DEATH = 2006 3 - Configure the item_db.yml in the server data base editor ( select the PRE-RE or RE folder from your rathena emulator database)Link download SDE compatible item_db.yml http://www.mediafire.com/download/p0zhcc8ipa6cjt3 .| note: this version tokei made me available for testing, it's official, but I believe that here on rathena it hasn't been released, so it's a beta version. obs: you can copy the id of some item like i did with id 500 and redirect it to the new ID. CTRL + SHIFT + D (copy ... id) I used 250001 as an example. 4 - create the id on iteminfo.lub identifiedDisplayName = item name after identifying or if already identified. identifiedResourceName = location where the item's sprite will be in the inventory / collection or when it drops identifiedDescriptionName = item description after identifying or if already identified. everything unidentified on the front will be when the item is not identified. my code: [250001] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Death Aura", unidentifiedResourceName = "DEATH", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { }, identifiedDisplayName = "Death Aura", identifiedResourceName = "DEATH", identifiedDescriptionName = { "A snack of a piece of walnut mixed with chocolate and rounded together.", "I don't know why walnut carries it.", "________________________", "Heals 10% HP and 10% SP.", "________________________", "^ff0000(The item is deleted after the event ends.)^000000", "________________________", "^0000CCWeight:^000000 1" }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 0, costume = false }, 5 - place the files in the respective folders. ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ - folder that holds the spr e act of the items when dragged. ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®/³²/ - folder of the equipped male look ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®/¿©/ - folder of the equipped female look data\luafiles514\datainfo\accname.lub - this is where you define the visual name data\luafiles514\datainfo\AccessoryId.lub - file is where you define the view id of the visual. If you did not understand the tutorial and would like to see how I did it in practice, see the full video at the top. Thank you rAthena!!
  7. Use diff nemo "flood limit"
  8. Froost


    prontera,20,60,0 shop GoldVending# 810,969:500000 Gold sell 500k
  9. you might be able to paint them in the actor editor if you have the spr and act of some scripts> change all colors layers
  10. add the monster's npc in the NPC folder and put a custom npc ID, you must be using monster id, that's why the sword appears (example 1002: poring) but you can use the JT_PORING something like that that will be used from the NPC folder and not from the MOB folder
  11. View File New ThunderStorm I did this effect some time ago, I think it would be cool to share it. Submitter Froost Submitted 01/07/2021 Category Skill Animations Video Content Author Frost  
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