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  1. Hi, thanks! Is Python in backend ^^
  2. Update project link discord added. ?
  3. Hello everyone, I recently made a post about "New RO" in this same category, and a lot of people gave me nice feedbacks, so today I bring something that I was already thinking about doing for the community, but I wasn't in the mood, I want to thank my friends and developers @Pixel and @craftro without them none of this would be possible. About the project: ROW is an executable visual editor, you put your "YouRagnarok_patched.exe" and it will give you the options (just like WARP or NEMO) but this is for custom things So you need to have an exe already built, otherwise you won't be able to enter the game It is currently in the ALPHA BETA version, so you will only be able to access 1 function, which is to change the color of the monsters' hp bar. To use it is very simple, you select your exe, choose the look you want and generate the exe. Note: If you have gepard, it will probably not allow any changes, so test with gepard disabled. The site is not responsive yet, this is just a test model, and if you find any bugs let me know, it is to work on any version of the exe (2010~2022) (Except for Ragnarok Zero new UI) Link: https://hexed-regexe.herokuapp.com/mobs Link discord project https://discord.gg/MxTB7WJVy5
  4. Updates I created a diff nemo that allows me to change the style, color, and direction. ?
  5. unfortunately it's not easy to get these results ?
  6. View File HAPPY_BUTTERFLY AURA [free] Hi, good use! ? Submitter Froost Submitted 05/18/2022 Category Animated Headgears Video Content Author Froost  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, good use! ?
  8. For a while I hear "the ragnarok client can't do anything, it's very limited", so I decided to focus 1 year on learning reverse engineering, learning to read the code and invent my own ways, I learned methods to find the shapes and colors, and every day I was perfecting myself, today I can modify basically anything, when I can't, I set a goal to try a little more, here is my showcase and I hope you like it. when I started it was 2021, so 20200401 was my focus. Today I'm already upgrading to 20211117+ Change GM/Player/Mob/npc color? yes! very small npc box? yes I increased (I like space) MENU? YES! AP BAR for all jobs? YES! NEW WARP? yes! CUSTOM BASIC INFO? oh yes!! Custom LoadingBar? Yes! recover the old menu? yes Others mods: New Collection Night mode: Chat: Hp bar colors: others colors Text effects: Select Service Login Screen new position. Updates: I created a diff nemo that allows me to change the style, color, and direction. Original portal My custom
  9. It would be very useful for an option to choose the background to be able to see how it would look ingame, instead of testing every modification, that would make it much easier.
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