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  1. Version updated to work with rAthena, replaced the npc:family with @family command. PD: The english translation is very poor and incomplete.
  2. Myzter? please when will you update again the Anti-BotKiller? i've been waiting for many years for your come back.

  3. Please share the lua file to fix the bug. Thanks Added a fix for lines with cero length inside descriptions, maybe works, please check it out.
  4. I need to write a new BotKiller, a little different than BotKiller 6, but i'm busy working on other stuff right now, maybe in 1 or 2 months the new BK7 will be available here
  5. Hi, This tool generate the txt item files (idnum2itemdesctable.txt and others) reading the info from a ItemInfo.lua file. (non encrypted file) Sample of a compatible LUA file: tbl = { [501] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Red Potion", unidentifiedResourceName = "»¡°£Æ÷¼Ç", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "A potion made from", "grinded Red Herbs that", "restores ^000088about 45 HP^000000.", "^ffffff_^000000", "Weight: ^7777777^000000" }, identifiedDisplayName = "Red Potion", identifiedResourceName = "»¡°£Æ÷¼Ç", identifiedDescriptionName = { "^000088HP Recovery Item^000000", "A potion made from", "grinded Red Herbs that", "restores ^000088about 45 HP^000000.", "^ffffff_^000000", "Weight: ^7777777^000000" }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 0 }, [502] = { ... Screenshot: I hope be useful for someone. Myzter ItemInfo2Txt_1.1.rar
  6. BK6 only works with emulators with "query_sql" support. sorry for another noob question,,,,where can I find this query_sql and is it "on" by default(ex after dl the git) The most emulators support this command by default. - script BKAtLogin -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: callfunc "CheckBKNPC",10000; // Allways start BK } But why no time count for kick? and NOT Freeze? I don't know why, sometimes other scripts with timers conflicts with BK6, also event labels like OnPCLoginEvent and OnPCKillEvent can use all the stack, producing failures in timers...
  7. BK6 only works with emulators with "query_sql" support.
  8. - script BKAtLogin -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: callfunc "CheckBKNPC",10000; // Allways start BK }
  9. Hi, Try removing the "close;", it should work because is the last command in the script and there are not "mes" commands, Regards, Myzter
  10. Thank you Adam, I'll really like to contribute with my ideas, sometimes I am too busy and so I disappear, but eventually I end here, reading and trying to help. Thank you very much for taking the time to write something like this! As at the moment, when I m trying to whisper the NPC with a regular account (non-GM), I get the dialog "I don't have the rights to use that service" Also, could you please confirm that there is a "cooldown" to prevent people to abuse and spam investigate the same players (where do I set this please ?). Thanks for the help/great script. BUMP, Anyone ? Open the table bk6_config and change the parameter "[email protected]", the default minimum level is 2, if you set 0 everyone in your server will be allowed to use the whisper mode, except users with bad statistics in their interrogations. Hi, the securiry is one of the most important things in a MMORPG game, but there are limits, if you send BK every 5 minutes to each player, they will hate you, that's why BK6 start randomly every 30 or 45 minutes while they are killing monsters, 5 minutes is annoying, seriously. There are a sample NPC inside the script that explain how to add BK6 in your own NPCs, using different probabilities but always waiting at least 30 minutes before start again. Also, you can lower the minimum level to use the whisper mode (table bk6_config -> set 0 to "[email protected]"), making your users guardians of the server.
  11. Only the first (WordNum) because the second one (minimap) doesn't work on certain maps. This version provide new plugins, ie: lie2me, fakename
  12. BK6 is the lastest release of Botkiller
  13. I don't know, i've never test BK with that emulator.
  14. Ok, download and install this new version of LangManagement.txt, error fixed.