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  1. Gravity reduced the size of rdata.grf a while ago.
  2. It depends on the theme you're using. If it's an older theme that was built before the new FluxCP theme system, then it'll be broke. The default and bootstrap themes that are included with FluxCP has the menus built from themes/<theme_name>/main/sidebar.php or navbar.php respectively.
  3. Without an actual error code, it'll be difficult. This could be a blocked port via firewall, an IP tied port via MariaDB, an exception caused by Apache, etc etc.
  4. I have no ideas. Why don't you ask the people who made it? I'd start by looking at where you downloaded it.
  5. Ah, I was referring to this. FluxCP is looking for a file called "content&path=downloads.php" and I'm not really sure why, as it get's the page content for that address from content.php. Something odd is definitely occurring for you but I'm not sure what to suggest.
  6. The first thing I would do is remove the .php from your download page URI. FluxCP is trying to interpret that as an actual file, which doesn't exist because the page data is pulled from the cp_cmspages table in your database. For the mail issue, i'll look into it. It's been about 4 years since i've touched that code, so who knows what I was trying to accomplish with the "No one" option. It would make sense for it to be a "catch-all" scenario where you don't send to any emails (kinda like a "select from this list" you see as the first option in most drop-downs). For the database messages, it should just work out of the box (after configuring your config.php and servers.php files). You shouldn't need to do any converting between engines at all - so this has confused me slightly.
  7. Slow in comparison to what? There's no need to mirror.
  8. Since not everyone uses Gepard, how are we supposed to provide you with a scrip if we don't know how Gepard functions? You're probably better off just finding a normal quest script and adding the checks that Gepard provides to the script yourself.
  9. There isn't one. The cheap/free guards are full of holes and shouldn't be used.
  10. I hid the thread in November 2019 at the original author's request. He doesn't want his scripts re-circulating.
  11. Have you added your quest to the correct client file? Different clients use different files. "Unknown Quest" usually means your new quest isn't in the correct questinfo file.
  12. Uh.. the best way to test stuff from another server is to test on the actual server. There are so many config changes that are available so without having the source and db/npc files of that server, it's virtually impossible.
  13. If you know how to access memory, sure. If not, then no. Player Vends are stored in memory unless they're AutoTrade Vends, then they're saved to the `vendings` and `vending_items` MySQL tables.
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