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  1. I've given it a test but it's always hitting the invalid spot error. Tested on 5 regular maps with a simple npc script.
  2. This is a handy script to have! @Zell Would it be possible though to specify 0,0 as target coordinates to create the duplicate NPC on any random walkable cell on the map? I've tried to have a go myself using similar logic to how rAthena handles the spawning of mobs on cells but my efforts in the /src/ folder have shown me I have much room for improvement.. due to failure!
  3. Use a translated grf/data folder. There are many topics about this around the forums.
  4. Use the OnClock or OnHour labels.
  5. Project will expire in 1 month and 17 days

    Our hosting fees per month are 37.46 (including VAT), which also includes our backup drive.
  6. All you'd need to do is write an npc script to remove the CP cash points and give them as #cashpoint instead. A small timer script and a little sql and you're good to go.
  7. Emperium Online is a "variable-rate" Low Rate server. It has Achievements, Pet Evolution, Reputation System, over 50 instances and many mechanics have been changed.. 'cus why not. For example: Teleporting is done via single-use scrolls Creating a guild requires 10 special Emperiums that you craft from Emperium Shards that are dropped by monsters (% each kill). Guild Leveling is achieved via quests or the use of a special item. Caspen is only accessible once you've hit Base Lv99 the first time around - you can travel there anytime after that. Caspen is where the NPCs for Personal and Guild Housing are kept. Multiple storage boxes. Unique implementations of fishing and mining systems, with others being introduced just before Christmas this year. Reputation/Faction system with rotating daily quests. Dropped "Motes" to help heal/buff you while grinding. Updated to a new client and given all the bells and whistles, the project is in need of several Game Masters that can patrol the in-game chat, discord, forums and create pages of information on the wiki. Both GMs and Players can use the Service Desk to report issues that will result in CashPoints being awarded once fixed. We're still relatively new and un-advertised.. so there's few people here yet. Please Note: I am not looking for Event GMs. All events are scripted in order to reduce GM corruption. Application should be sent in via our Applications system at: https://emperiumonline.com/forums/staffapplications/
  8. It's a copy of the kRO instalaltion folder.. so it'll be in Korean.
  9. @Grava is active on the forums, perhaps he'd like to update his file.
  10. If you update your kRO files you'll get this sprite anyway.. so not sure why you've uploaded it to the forums o.O
  11. Which file? Ideally, the file owner should update the file to include the new format.
  12. It's telling you that you're missing the minimap that corresponds with the map your character has just landed on. There are numerous guides on the forums that explain how to create one from within browedit.
  13. We've got mapflags to stop other on-death stuff from mobs, such as no items or no exp from mobs, but there isn't one for no zeny from mob kills if you've got that enabled in /conf/. I have this enabled by default and when trying to look through various output in the chat window, i sometimes spend far too long scrolling passed "Gained xz." messages before i get to what i'm looking for. The cheap alternative is to `@showzeny` but there's no guarantee that a player hasn't already done that manually, so if scripted into an arena type script where you have to kill 30+ mobs, it's just going to reverse and enable it.