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  1. SQL Import Error Item DB & Item DB 2

    Without screenshots how are we supposed to know what your problem is? What line? Which item? How old are your sql files? Did you get them from our github repo?
  2. This is a full kRO client. You provide your own diffed client and setup your own server. Don't be so damned lazy.
  3. ItemInfo client 2017-09-20

    The September 2017 clients have an additional arg for 'costume = true/false,'. You need to add this to every item in your itemInfo file.
  4. GM simulation instance party dungeon.

    You have a local server, not an offline server. To test, create another account and open your client again and sign in so you have 2 characters connected. Party up and they test the instance.
  5. About Latest Server Files

    Install .net 4.5 and retarget to 141 (or similar)
  6. help setting up password recovery

    It'd be helpful if you mentioned what panel you've uploaded. Many users won't just download something if they don't know what it is. If it's just a few pages and not a complete panel, adding password recovery can be done by simply typing "php password recovery script". Learning to do things for yourself is good.
  7. About Latest Server Files

    What he linked you to isn't a guide for using VS. Right click on the yaml project and select "retarget". You should be given a dropdown box to select a version from. Choose the one it suggests (as this is the version you have installed on your pc). You should then be able to right click and select build.
  8. What Client to use?

    You get +1 internet points for calling it a "local server" instead of an "offline server". Most people wrongly use "offline server" to say they're using it locally. You get another +1 internet points for using git instead of a downloadable package from someone else. There are many many clients you can use, it's just upto you which features you want. I'd start by having a look at the diff'able clients here https://rathena.org/board/forum/99-client-releases/ first, or if you want to use an older one, they're attached to the "2015 clients" thread under Development News here
  9. help how to update emulator

  10. How to add custom items

    https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/mob_db.txt The principle is the same. Add to your db, add to client files, job done.
  11. System News Forums in Website

    rowCount isn't a standard mysqli function. Use num_rows instead http://php.net/manual/en/mysqli-result.num-rows.php
  12. How to install phpmyadmin?

  13. my fist theme for IPS 4.2

    There are barely any differences except the header banner and category box colours. The turquoise and yellow are too contrasting.
  14. compiler Error Help me

    "Latest" isn't a github hash. The error tells you what is wrong. Retarget your project or install missing frameworks. Google will even give you instructions on how to do this!
  15. Windows 8 and 10 client problem

    You have given us no information. No one on this forum has a crystal ball. What are your client dates, what diff did you apply, have you tried a different client date, anything else that would be remotely useful?