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  1. That is a complete waste of system resources. No. Use the script command 'compare'. *compare("<string>","<substring>") This command returns 1 or 0 when the substring is in the main string (1) or not (0). This command is not case sensitive. Examples: //dothis; will be executed ('Bloody Murderer' contains 'Blood'). if (compare("Bloody Murderer","Blood")) dothis; //dothat; will not be executed ('Blood butterfly' does not contain 'Bloody'). if (compare("Blood Butterfly","Bloody")) dothat; So for your script you would do something like: if(compare(.Mob_BlackList, .Mob_List)){ debugmes "Mob is in blacklist."; } else { debugmes "Mob is NOT blacklist."; } Iterate through your array elements however you wish. See Disguise NPC in our repo for further usage example https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/custom/events/disguise.txt#L208
  2. I could understand why you would want to do that if the array was being built dynamically based on varying factors - but your arrays are both defined within the script itself. The simplest way of removing them from the array is.. removing them from the array.
  3. You get "unknown account" messages if the account doesn't exist. Ensure you're SQL details are correct and that you haven't overwritten something you shouldn't have when you uploaded your files to your VPS.
  4. Akkarin


    Earning money from Gravity's work (you're using their client and data files) is indeed illegal. No one is really bothered by that and does it anyway.
  5. This could perhaps be a private PM - there's no reason for this thread to exist. I can only assume from the below image that the text "its exclusive im still thinking if im gonna sell this or not" is to blame for the warning. There is the potential for moderators to view this as an invitation for other members to contact you regarding the purchase of your script. None of the staff have the ability to delete things - it's just hidden I'm on the fence with this.
  6. To be honest, OVH's website has those answers, but yes they provide upgrade paths, and no you don't need to change anything once upgraded.
  7. It's likely you'll need to do this yourself. Apple has plenty of guides for you to follow.
  8. There aren't really pros and cons anymore to well known hosts, Really it just boils down to price and whether or not they provide adequate support. You don't need to waste money on a dedicated server to run rAthena. You should know that
  9. Evening all! You know when you have one of those days and can't wait for it to end? That sums up the entirety of 2020. All of it. It's been tough for people all around the world with the sheer amount of ridiculousness over the last 12 months and eventually there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. It has been 6 years since I last posted a Christmas message, and as is customary at Christmas here in the UK, we get a message from the Queen. This message though, is aimed at 2020 as a whole. If you're lucky enough to be with family this Christmas, treasure them. If you're out celebrating with friends, be kind to everyone you meet. If you're in the hospitality industry serving others with little time to yourself, werk it girl. *snaps fingers* Whatever you're doing, stay safe. And wherever you are in the world, the rAthena team wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings.
  10. https://rathena.org/board/files/category/20-fluxcp-themes/
  11. TH1 is the same as all FluxCP themes at the moment - none of them are updated to use the new item_db table format. It's on my list of things to do for both this theme and the actual FluxCP 'default' theme on the Repo itself.
  12. Some mob skills (NPC_) are labelled at being "mob only" due to client limitations. You could probably work around it, but you'd need to make some huge modifications in the source code.
  13. Yeah. They researched and learnt how rAthena worked, then they changed config options and disabled NPCs.
  14. This can be due to an incorrect value in your LUA files. I think it's the accessoryid.lua/b file that has the view ID of the wearable items - that value needs to match with the view ID of the item in the them database.
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