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  1. Newer clients are compatible with this release - if you wish to use older clients you may need to locate an older installer to obtain the correct maps and textures as Gravity seems to be updating them to a new version and older clients won't be able to read them. "Offline server" means your server is broken. The correct terminology would be "Local Server".
  2. PM me the script you're having issues with. Having a limit is actually not a bad idea. I'll look into adding this option in.
  3. Do a google search for "php change post_max_size ini".
  4. Can you explain a little more as to what you're actually asking to be changed? If you're needing an updated status.php file, you can just grab it from the Github Repo.
  5. This is clearly not a Forum related issue, is it. Moving to the correct section.
  6. It's a web panel and an item that has a menu.. that's literally it. You can accomplish the same thing by using SQL for your items/mobs and FluxCP (or just phpmyadmin or similar will do) to change the values of an item. The GM item they use in-game will be an item that calls a function, the function provides a message and then a menu, when you select to reload the item db the script will run 'atcommand @reloaditemdb;'. Very easy to setup if you look at script_commands.txt in the Github repo.
  7. You could also submit the code as a Pull Request on the FluxCP Github repo - if it works, we can merge it to master branch.
  8. 1. What is an open server? 2. If your server is offline it means it doesn't work. Do you mean a "local" server? If you're using 3rd Party software to facilitate hosting, this isn't really the place to post. You should look up the documentation of the software you're using.
  9. I'm not sure why you thought it was appropriate to post this topic under "Forum Issues". Topic moved.
  10. I'd be very interested to know who is installing ancient unsupported software as a "service". You can PM me if you'd prefer.
  11. Did you hire someone from the Third Party Services list? https://rathena.org/thirdpartyservices/
  12. I'll include some debug code in the next release which should help users with this issue. (it's not really an issue - why anyone would install a version of php that is ~10+ years old is anyone's guess)
  13. The code hasn't changed since it's working, so I can only assume it's to do with your setup. What PHP version are you using?
  14. It's the files that are encrypted. You can overwrite them or add more files, but you can't extract the files without the password/key.
  15. You could also just *not* use it. Uncheck the diff patch in NEMO for something like "Use multiple GRFs". That will force your client to use data.grf and rdata.grf, and maybe adata.grf, I think. You can then hex your client. Use GRF Editor to encrypt your GRF and produce a custom cps.dll and you should be a little safer if you're not going to use any client-side protection.
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