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      How do you know?!


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      I am the knower of things /gg

  2. Akkarin

    [v2.0]Basic Premium System

    We moved away from "SVN" several years ago. Please use git instead. Why don't you test it out for yourself and update the thread on whether it works or not? You have atleast one other "is this working" posts in this thread already. Necro'ing a thread that's two years old just to ask something you can clearly find out for yourself grates on my nerves. Since it's your script in the first place, you do the leg-work and don't be so damned lazy.
  3. I update it every few months or when a new version of RSU is released.
  4. Laugh My Ass Off !!!! where do you get this statistic XD I get it by knowing how old the devs are
  5. Akkarin

    Error while creating account FluxCP

    Firstly, ensure that errors are being displayed. The error message will tell you exactly what's wrong. The "Uh oh" message is a failure to register, likely caused by your ancient theme not having the correct registration elements that match with the version of FluxCP you're using.
  6. Akkarin

    The Great File Cleanup 2018

    Evening all! I'm sure we've all come across a file that we really wanted to download, but found that we end up with a page that simply says "File Not Found". It's annoying. We feel your pain. You can help us to clean up these files! When you come across a file that doesn't actually have any files attached to it, you can click on the grey "Report this file" link near the bottom of the file page area. This will give you something that looks like this: When you select the Missing File option, your report will be placed into a special category. If moderators don't happen to have the original file on hand (which we tend to keep when approving files to make sure they work) they will send the original author a PM asking for a re-upload. If the author doesn't respond within 7 days, the file and support topic (if it has one) will be hidden. There are currently 2,760 file records in our database, and i'm almost willing to put money on the fact that ~15% of those files are ghost records (file records in our database without actual files saved on disk). Members who are particularly diligent will be awarded the Helper badge and will be displayed next to all of your posts and on your forum profile. It's like bug-hunting.. but for things that aren't there.. Happy reporting! Akky out~
  7. Akkarin

    [FluxCP] Send to Discord error

    If you Google the "call to undefined function" error message you'd find a load of guides showing you how to update cURL. It's possible the software on your webserver has been updated but curl was left out after a rebuild of php. If you're using shared webhosting this could be a problem.
  8. Akkarin

    Flux CP Register Error [Email Adresses do not match]

    You're using an old theme that likely has old code. Ask the theme creator to update it so it works with the latest version of FluxCP. You can have a go yourself by looking at the code in the default theme files for registration, and the same again for the modules folder.
  9. Akkarin

    ROChargenPHP not view robe

    From what I recall there is only partial support for robes. I remember having to write a line or two of code to get them to display correctly - the changes might be on my private fork. I'll have a look.
  10. Akkarin

    Crowdfunding; The New Set of Goals

    That too. Until we are sure that this app can do what we need it to do, it'll remain open for only staff to post projects. We can iron out any kinks when we open it up for members to post projects (which will all be hidden until a member of staff approves it).
  11. Akkarin

    Crowdfunding; The New Set of Goals

    Well.. as i stated in the first post, the devs create the projects and goals and that members don't have this ability until we can decide on a method of screening so members aren't scammed.
  12. Akkarin

    Crowdfunding; The New Set of Goals

    This is exactly what the crowdfunding app does.
  13. Afternoon all! Back in March this year, the staff had a few conversations regarding the Donation Goals we periodically created in order to keep the forums afloat. While the Goals did what they needed to do for the most part, there was still the other reason that the Goals were created that wasn't being fulfilled. This was for the Devs to earn some monetary recompense for their hard work. As the Donation Goal platform wasn't fulfilling that need, I went ahead and purchased an App for our forums that can do everything we need it to. Crowdfunding. We were going to leave the App offline until one of the Devs could create a code related goal, but since the discussion in https://rathena.org/board/topic/115859-multi-mod-auto-replies/ I thought we may as well go ahead and open up the platform now. You can find the link under "Supporting rA" in the navigation bar. Projects can only be created by staff for forum related apps/plugins/fees or for code projects/enhancements/features for the code itself on github. The project owner receives the donation values to their account credit, which they can then disperse to other staff if they want to share their funds. This platform gives the Devs all they need to get a little bit back. While some of the staff have voiced their thoughts on opening this platform up to regular members, i'm holding off on that until we can find a way of ensuring that project owners will complete their project once the goal has been met. We'll try a few small project goals and see how we go. If the platform does indeed do what we need it to, then we'll begin to think about releasing larger projects to it. Akky out~
  14. Akkarin

    Saved Action Plugin


    Crowdfunding for plugin: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8938-dp42-pm-on-saved-action/ Related conversation: https://rathena.org/board/topic/115859-multi-mod-auto-replies/