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  1. This is going to be a blunt post. For some time now the rAthena staff have been actively working to reduce the number of reseller advertisements that crop up on our forums, our Discord server, Facebook, websites, etc. We strongly advise that rAthena users do not engage with resellers. The code/content isn’t theirs to sell. You receive little to no support. You are at risk of being scammed. You are not supporting the developers of their respective projects or original content creators. You are lining the pockets of thieves and scammers who have no idea what they’re doing. The original project authors begin to feel demotivated - this can cause them to stop working on this and upcoming projects altogether. The number of reports from our users who have been scammed has increased significantly over the last year. If you wish to hire the services of a known and trusted developer, please use https://rathena.org/board/thirdpartyservices/ - this list of members of our forum has been vetted and approved. This is a list of members who are not going to scam you. If you decide to give your money to some random idiot that claims to have “full working premade x, y, z” then that’s on you. We can’t stop you, but you’re certainly adding fuel to the fire and these idiots will continue to take advantage of other members of our community. If you receive a DM from anyone trying to sell content on rAthena’s Discord or forum and the person is not listed on the Third Party Services page, we suggest taking evidence and report the users to a member of staff. So, what should you do instead? Setting up rAthena and a working client is easy. You don’t need someone else to do it for you - that is not how you learn. Using any of the multitude of tutorials and wiki pages will help you get your rAthena server up and running. If you don’t do it yourself, you will not learn where the configurations are. You won’t learn how to modify an item/mob. You won’t know how to enable an NPC. If you’re now thinking “well, I don’t have time, that’s why I pay someone” then maybe running a game server is not for you. Reseller = Bad. Learning and Self-Betterment = Good. I’m hoping this post gets our point across loud and clear.
  2. The error in the console literally tells you what's wrong. Remove the ; from the for loop.
  3. A marketplace for items on FluxCP is actually a good idea for an addon - just adding item to a holding table then inserting to the buyers inventory when in-game is relatively easy to do. I actually already have something very similar and would require minimal effort to view the table via FluxCP. For free. Paying for addons that would benefit the community as a whole is a daft idea. If you actually want someone to do it as a paid piece of work, then view the 3rd Party Services page.
  4. You should also be posting in the support thread for that file. https://rathena.org/board/topic/127291-release-battleground-extended-2020-with-bombermanporing-ball/
  5. More details in this thread would make more sense.
  6. Can you update your post with how you resolved your issue please, so if other users come looking for answers to the same issue in the future you'd have helped them too.
  7. Wish granted https://rathena.org/board/forum/249-script-showcase/
  8. You don't need to hire anyone - just read the documentation: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki Sometimes it's best to learn as you go along, so I'd start with the conf/ folder and look through everything until I see something that I might like to change. There are so many tutorials and official documentation on both Github (wiki and in our docs/ folder in the repo) and in various locations on the forums (depending on what the tutorial is for) that it is absolutely impossible for you to not find anything useful.
  9. Ideally, anyone wishing to hire someone to do something in exchange for money should only be using the members listed on https://rathena.org/board/thirdpartyservices/ - as this is a list of people that I keep a close eye on. It's difficult to get listed on that page for a reason. If the person you're hiring isn't on that list, then it's a valuable (and sometimes expensive) lesson for you to learn.
  10. Which background items do you mean? If you include a screenshot maybe we can know how to help
  11. "Offline server" means broken, so I assume you mean "local server". There is no magic package that anyone will provide you - see my earlier reply.
  12. I've never heard of any other than the RMS one - some servers have integrated rochargen into their FluxCP installations to provide character signatures, but i've never seen any of them with the ability to generate animated gif's instead of the static poses. Maybe one of the lurkers has come across one? Who knows. Best of luck in your search, though! EDIT: Just seen this posted on the forums;
  13. This is a problem with your diffed client, not with the package provided in the first post. You'd be better off posting in https://rathena.org/board/forum/19-client-side-support/
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