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  1. HPP CPP to H and C format file

    Just update your version of rAthena by using 'git pull' on your linux server and you'll get all of the updates. Copying code from a Pull Request dated middle of last year is a foolish idea since it's already inside the main repo. Don't expect old code to work with current code.
  2. Need Developer in server

    This doesn't exactly inspire confidence if you select certain options and then type something else into the message box. Tidy it up please or I'll remove it.
  3. It's a great map! I do see where anacondaqq is coming from with one of the screenshots showing shadows from trees heading towards each other instead of in the same direction.. Maybe there are just two suns where your map is located other than that I love it! On a side note, I don't think anyone has escaped criticism in the showcase area. Forum threads are for discussing whatever is in the first post. We'll have no more flaming between members, ex staff, staff, ghosts in the machine or otherwise to keep this topic on track.
  4. Link Hover for Flux CP

    <?php if ($session->isLoggedIn()): ?> <a href="<?php echo $this->url('account', 'login') ?>">Register / Login</a>&nbsp;:&nbsp; <?php else: ?> <a href="<?php echo $this->url('items', 'index') ?>">Database</a>&nbsp;:&nbsp; <?php endif;?> <a href="<?php echo $this->url('downloads', 'index') ?>">Downloads</a>&nbsp;:&nbsp; <a href="<?php echo $this->url('vote4points', 'link') ?>">Vote and Stuffs</a>
  5. VNC Shortcut support

    If it helps, have a look at my Cervantes installer. Step 8 is where the desktop icons are picked up from my server, created on the desktop and chmod'ed so users can double-click them. https://vhost.rocks/cerv
  6. Hello sir i send you MSG and also a ticket in vHost

  7. got this error after installing fluxCP ||

    Rejected connections is your MySQL server not allowing you to connect from a remote location.
  8. Flux CP issue with mail system

    SMTP is recommended. As Daegaladh mentioned this is generally a misconfiguration by your host, more often than not though it's due to a missing SPF DNS record so your users' mailboxes are rejecting the mail as it can't be recognised as coming from an authenticated source.
  9. Flux CP Card Database

    Oh! That's quite easy. I'll give it a go this afternoon.
  10. Flux CP Card Database

    What exactly is a "ranking card"? Or do you mean to rank players by the cards they have? How exactly would you rank this? There is so much information missing from this topic.
  11. download section.

    I'm pretty sure i told you when you were harassing me via discord. As i've said, i personally test paid files as moderators can't. I've told you paid files get left in a queue until i can test them. Your script isn't straight-forward so it's not a case of just reading but actually testing thoroughly. Smaller paid scripts get approved if there's only been a small change to them (i run re-uploads through winmerge to check for changed content so i don't need to re-test everything) and the moderators take care of any other files pending approval. So, from the above chatlog, you -did- get an answer last week. I'm not here to cater to everyone's demands 24/7. Wait your turn and stop harassing my staff too.
  12. Extended Vending System [1.9] cleanup & fix

    Do you see any updates? Have you tried?
  13. roBrowser - Ragnarök Online in Browser

    It's mostly to do with how Gravity's files are read as their file-formats are intellectual property. It also contains tools to compile/decompile game data, which is a violation of the game's terms of service.
  14. Character Rollback NPC

    You're missing the WHERE clause in your SQL statement. query_sql("~code~ WHERE `char_id` = "+ getcharid(0)); Otherwise your script will execute for a character that you didn't mean to change