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  1. Akkarin

    December Forum Hosting

    Project will expire in 8 days and 18 hours

    Our hosting fees per month are 37.46 (including VAT), which also includes our backup drive.
  2. Akkarin

    Server staff req.

    You can advertise for staff here: https://rathena.org/jobs_available/
  3. Akkarin

    In Game Store

    There is a diff option to enable the Cash Shop button when you're using NEMO.
  4. Akkarin

    Guild House || Can i use Zephyrus Housing System

    You can update the script to work with guild IDs instead of single players. Or strip the script down and only use one set of maps and create a guild instance.
  5. The Crowdfunding application doesn't support Account Credit as a method of payment for projects.
  6. Akkarin

    Account Credits

    It changed week by week, so there's no definitive answer i can give to these questions @[email protected]
  7. Akkarin

    increase exp.

    See: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/conf/battle/exp.conf
  8. This is how many pixels from the left-most edge you want your element to be positioned. Top is the same but counting pixels from the top of the patcher.
  9. Unrelated to the missing packet support, but: 3 lines above the line you changed, the line says do not edit this line. It then gives you instructions on where you should be editing your packetver.
  10. If height is 316 and top is 176, then the notice window will be positioned 176 pixels from the top of the patcher window and be 316 pixels wide. In photoshop, you can use the image info window to see the pixel dimensions of the image, so that would be your width and height. Your top and left would be where you want the most upper-left corner of your image/box/button to start. You can then keep it centred by grabbing the total width of the patcher, then minus the width of the object, divide by two will give you the value for Left. e.g: Patcher = 500px. Notice box = 460px. 500 - 460 = 40px. 40px width between the notice box and the edge of the patcher itself. 40 / 2 = 20px. Left will be 20px to give a 20px overhang on the otherside of the notice box.
  11. Akkarin

    October Forum Hosting


    Our hosting fees per month are 37.46 (including VAT), which also includes our backup drive.
  12. Akkarin

    the confirmation

    Content Moderators review unpaid files submitted and approve after they've been inspected and tested. Paid content can only be approved by Aleos or myself as moderators don't have the ability to download paid content without paying for it. In answer to your question though, yes, slightly. I'm not approving any of your paid content - i'm sure you don't need me to make those reasons public.
  13. Akkarin

    Account Credits

    As i've stated so very, very often on the forums in regards to this question - they're processed automatically on Tuesdays by the forum software itself up to a limited amount each week. It also takes into consideration the age of your account, your last commisionable transaction, relevant transaction cross-references, fraud checking, etc etc etc. There are a number of factors as to why it takes a while and to why the forum software chooses who to pay next.
  14. Akkarin

    [RoCharGen] Wrong Colors

    Upload your server's pallets to rochargen and check the loading order in the db/<something>.php file. I don't remember which one it is, but it's the same one you check when the hair styles are off too.
  15. I'm AFK - alot.

    I've closed my shop which would give me more time for other things, but then i took on a management role in a pub i used to work in a few years ago. I'm also moving in above the pub to cut out an hours travel time each day. Until i get my office sorted my replies to PMs will be sparse to non-existent.

    The forums will continue to run as we have a great team of moderators keeping the place clean and tidy!

    Akky Out~

    p.s. inb4 "where's my payout" - the script is still running and people are still receiving their withdrawals. It's automated, no need to get all flappy if i don't reply to you personally with the exact same phrase that i've typed in response to forum topics already.