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  1. Yes, post on the forum for support from the community, not post on the forum and tag him to get his attention. If he's told you to post on the forum it should be quite clear that he's not going to help you himself at that moment in time.
  2. This post should serve as our official standpoint on the matter. It's not up for discussion. Anyone is able to register any domain they please. As it happens, the domain hercules.ws was registered because the previous owner of the domain let it expire. I've been told there was a sizable gap where anyone was free to register the domain. Let me make a few things clear. rAthena has no intention of causing strife between projects. People at either project are free to register any domain they see fit to register, for any purpose. This is the case for anyone on the planet who has the means to register a domain name. The registration of this domain has nothing to do with our project, it belongs to an individual. rAthena is not going out of it's way to generate problems. While people are under the impression that "free speech rules", the Staff at rAthena have always kept their personal feelings and opinions of Hercules and their project management style to themselves. To be quite honest, most of us don't care what they do and the Hercules project is of little interest to us. rAthena will not tolerate any further under-the-table discussions behind people's backs. Conversations directed to Aleos, myself, the Project Developers or the Forum Moderators should be going directly to the involved party and not messages passed along through other people. We don't care for drama. If you're asked to carry messages back and forth, please simply say no. We're all adult enough to contact each other should we feel the need to. There was once upon a time a news announcement on Herc's forums about them keeping their staff to themselves in terms of promoting an emulator, and expecting us to adhere to the same. We didn't need telling in the first place, we're not kids, it's common-sense. It's also a shame that certain members of their team are incapable of doing as they're directed. We haven't done anything about the chatter between the emu's before now, despite various infringements on our Forum Rules. We want no part in drama that members cause, be them from Hercules, RagEmu, RMS, Midgard-Community or anyone else. This is the first, and shall be the only time I type up a post like this. This post is locked. It doesn't require additional input or opinions. This is what we've done and what we'll continue to do, as a team.
  3. Can you please refrain from tagging specific forum members in a post requesting them to do things for you. If you have something that needs to be directed at a specific forum member, PM them.
  4. Nope - paypal has IPN support for both types of accounts so you don't need to change anything.
  5. AddPoint: PvPPoints = PvPPoints + (.added_points * $PVPPOINTSRATE); dispbottom "You've been awarded "+ (.added_points * $PVPPOINTSRATE) +" PvP Point."; Untested.
  6. Are you using the latest available FluxCP or are you using one that came with a theme/hosting service? The latter are all out of date and you should update your FluxCP to the version we manage on Github. Also, please don't hijack an old thread, your issues are different :/
  7. The sprite for the weapon tab is data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/basic_interface/¹«±â-1.bmp
  8. Hint: Use On<time> labels to set a multiplier e.g. $PVPPointsRate and then add it to the code where the points are calculated: - script floatingpvp -1,{ $PVPPOINTSRATE = 1; OnMinute00: if (gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)==SATURDAY && gettime(DT_HOUR)==3){ $PVPPOINTSRATE = 5; } } Then your code would contain something like OnPCKillEvent: PVPPOINTS = PVPPOINTS + (1 * $PVPPOINTSRATE);
  9. Changing the donation system to issue points in-game instead of keeping them as donation credits on the site isn't that difficult. You'd just need to modify the npc script to check for donation credits with a timer and then deduct them from the sql table for the CP.
  10. I think it's 4282.
  11. This post evens the count between you guys counting and the number of posts in this topic. You may now continue.
  12. For the most part, you could use all the current mechanics available in rA, stop specific npc files from loading, use pre-re and grab an ancient client on the supported clients dev thread.
  13. You're need a client diff, but I'm not sure that would cover it. The filenames are controlled by clientinfo, but whether the client can even display a static gif correctly isn't largely tested.
  14. The easiest way to grab a specific old svn revision would be to use tortoisesvn with the github repo - it supports svn checkout. Why on earth you'd want code that is 10 years old and full of bugs is beyond me.
  15. The Employment section has now been removed.