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  1. Akkarin

    validation email not received

    "ssl://smtp.gmail.com" is not a valid host. Just use smtp.gmail.com
  2. Akkarin

    View Emblem

    The easiest way of looking this up would be to have a look at how FluxCP implements this. From memory it uses a function to convert from the data stored in the table to a bmp. You'll find the files in here https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP/tree/master/lib
  3. Akkarin


    chargen hasn't been updated for a very long time - it does, however, have the ability to use your lua/lub files to generate updated sprite lists. Or if you know the filename for the sprite, you can add it manually.
  4. Akkarin

    how to add new packet 26 to 37

    Err... how old is your version of rAthena? We haven't used the packet_db for a very long time. Download a fresh copy of rAthena and copy your NPC scripts to the new folder.
  5. Akkarin

    IPS License Renewal

    Project will expire in 14 days and 23 hours

    IPS4.x License Renewal Apps: Core Forums Downloads Commerce Pages Total: $85.00
  6. Akkarin

    January Forum Hosting


    Our hosting fees per month are 37.46 (including VAT), which also includes our backup drive.
  7. Akkarin

    How can I disable this Quest Icon?

    *questinfo <Quest ID>,<Icon>{,<Map Mark Color>{,<Job Class>}}; This is esentially a combination of checkquest and showevent. Use this only in an OnInit label. For the Quest ID, specify the quest ID that you want checked if it has been started yet. For Icon, use one of the following: No Icon : QTYPE_NONE ! Quest Icon : QTYPE_QUEST ? Quest Icon : QTYPE_QUEST2 ! Job Icon : QTYPE_JOB ? Job Icon : QTYPE_JOB2 ! Event Icon : QTYPE_EVENT ? Event Icon : QTYPE_EVENT2 Warg : QTYPE_WARG (Only for packetver < 20170315) Warg Face : QTYPE_WARG2 (Only for packetver >= 20120410 and < 20170315) Click Me : QTYPE_CLICKME (Only for packetver >= 20170315) Daily Quest : QTYPE_DAILYQUEST (Only for packetver >= 20170315) ! Event Icon : QTYPE_EVENT3 (Only for packetver >= 20170315) Job Quest : QTYPE_JOBQUEST (Only for packetver >= 20170315) Jumping Poring : QTYPE_JUMPING_PORING (Only for packetver >= 20170315) No Icon : QTYPE_NONE
  8. Akkarin

    Flux Error

    Do you have two themes called default in your theme folder, or do you have a manifest.php file in your default theme folder? Because you shouldn't, and that's the only thing i can think of that would give you that error.
  9. Akkarin

    how i can download clientes 2018

    If you looked in the "Client Releases" section instead of posting in the "Client Support" section you'd find them. Loads of them. With guides. https://rathena.org/board/forum/99-client-releases/
  10. Akkarin

    December Forum Hosting


    Our hosting fees per month are 37.46 (including VAT), which also includes our backup drive.
  11. Akkarin

    Server staff req.

    You can advertise for staff here: https://rathena.org/jobs_available/
  12. Akkarin

    In Game Store

    There is a diff option to enable the Cash Shop button when you're using NEMO.
  13. Akkarin

    Guild House || Can i use Zephyrus Housing System

    You can update the script to work with guild IDs instead of single players. Or strip the script down and only use one set of maps and create a guild instance.
  14. The Crowdfunding application doesn't support Account Credit as a method of payment for projects.
  15. Akkarin

    Account Credits

    It changed week by week, so there's no definitive answer i can give to these questions @[email protected]