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  1. personal info on flux

    You add the fields to the form within the theme files, then add the code to the already existing code within the module file, then amend the code within /lib/.Looking at the code will make it easy to follow and alter.
  2. database was replace on update

    That means the pop command didn't return your files, possibly due to a conflict. It's generally best practise to commit your local changes and pull from remote "github.com/rathena/rathena" so your changes are correctly merged. Stashing is only effective if you're making minimal edits and making full use of the import directories.
  3. database was replace on update

    If you followed the guides on how to update your local repo you would be able to recover them.
  4. The script is trying to insert the value "1" in a column labelled as a primary key, so you can't re-insert nor update that value. You script need fixing.
  5. FluxCP Mailing system trouble

    Gmail is very picky with where it allows smtp connections from. It has a special table somewhere that lists what you need to configure with specific ports and smtp host. From memory your setup looks fine, though.
  6. Flux CP Permission Denied

    It's generally helpful to update the original post with how you resolved your issue, incase any users have a similar problem in the future.

    It's generally an issue caused by suexec, but only for CentOS servers. Disable it and chown your entire fluxcp directory to the apache user.
  8. differene rathena & herc Flux CP

    The databases are different so the sql statement must match. Ours has features and pages that match the content of the emu. From a designers perspective they shouldn't need to know which you are using as the theme engine within both versions of FluxCP is the same. I guess they're still stupidly bundling out of date versions with their designs
  9. Move npc

    If you put an "end;" before the on touch label, the script won't run when a player clicks it. How are you defining the new coordinates? Don't forget you can use dispbottom or debugmes and output the vars so you can see where it's moved to.
  10. GRF: GRF Editor

    It's generally helpful to update your post with how you fixed it, incase anyone else has a similar issue in the future.
  11. Wrong section. Moved to "Scripting Support".
  12. Custom skill Visual Effect

    Wrong section. Moved to "Source Support".
  13. Stun/Freeze/Stone effect

    Wrong section. Moved to "Source Support".
  14. WOE Setup

    If you bothered to read the script you'd know the answer to this question. All players can see the NPC once it's been loaded into the game, all players can run the script to view the information, only GMs with specific level access and higher can change the WoE schedule. It's a config option into the script.
  15. Have you enabled the ports on the guest machine's windows firewall for inbound traffic?