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  1. We'd like to hear your thoughts - please select the poll option that best describes how you feel about bringing the blogs back to rAthena. If they're brought back, there's a possibility that the old blogs from our IPB3.3/4 days several years ago can be imported as they're still stored safely within our forum's database. (I can't say I'm overly excited about seeing some of my own blog posts, but the option is there!) The poll will close on Tuesday 28th January. If enough people would like them to come back then I'll create a crowdfund project on the forums for them. If not, then we might revisit the subject in another year or two. Don't ask me why the cost is so high - it just is. See attd.
  2. For other users in the future that may come across this thread, could you please type up your solution.
  3. There's a config in /conf/ that will allow you to set the target group, then you can use the login event label to check to see if the player's account is older than 3 days and then update their group. This is all available in /doc/script_commands.txt.
  4. Uh.. you're trying to find "this version" and link to goddameit's version, but you don't want the version you say you want?! Anyway, I can only find one version of a chess script, which happens to be goddameit's. There are chess NPC sprites and chess board maps in our archives but no accompanying script. However, if you want to write your own you can check out some of Keyworld's replies to this post: https://rathena.org/board/topic/74925-comment-on-my-1st-script/
  5. I guess it'd be more helpful if you could explain "why" you can't update your jRO files..
  6. All reputable hosts provide web access to their VMs usually under the term KVM, Web Terminal, Web SSH, VNC Console or Console Access. No one will ever recommend using 3rd Party SSH or Telnet platforms via a different website for security reasons. Some providers (like vHost) require your SSH Key to login, which can't be used through most websites in an effort to prevent session hijacking, keylogging and simply saving your password.
  7. Project will expire in 4 months and 8 days

    IPS4.x License Renewal Apps: Core Forums Downloads Commerce Pages Total: $85.00
  8. Project will expire in 8 days and 13 hours

    Our hosting fees per month are 37.46 (including VAT), which also includes our backup drive.
  9. That would work if you're using Pre-RE. If you're using RE then you'll need those DBs too. Once the tables have been created and the data inserted, there's no reason for them not to display.
  10. I've given it a test but it's always hitting the invalid spot error. Tested on 5 regular maps with a simple npc script.
  11. This is a handy script to have! @Zell Would it be possible though to specify 0,0 as target coordinates to create the duplicate NPC on any random walkable cell on the map? I've tried to have a go myself using similar logic to how rAthena handles the spawning of mobs on cells but my efforts in the /src/ folder have shown me I have much room for improvement.. due to failure!
  12. Use a translated grf/data folder. There are many topics about this around the forums.
  13. Use the OnClock or OnHour labels.

    Our hosting fees per month are 37.46 (including VAT), which also includes our backup drive.