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  1. Question, what class are you trying to level up? cause if you check the error it might be a skill_db issue as the pc_checkskill said its an invalid skill id or maybe you change something inside the src on skill.cpp.
  2. I think thats a client issue if you use @refresh that will fix the issue of monster showing on screen even its dead.
  3. you type the command @warp "mapname"
  4. Based on what im seeing there's no item reward given only the title (1029) which will directly activate once you claim it on the achievement window.
  5. Are you trying to call a function on a player picking loots and will automatically equipped?
  6. Try this script https://upaste.me/r/a04e54027f405c652
  7. It might be a client side issue since 2010 clients are not compatible with the 2012 try reverting it back and use 2010 if its working properly. but you might want to create another version of data files to test the 2012 client compatibility.
  8. It is required to state your full name here. Anyway, Welcome to rAthena!
  9. If you only changed the postion in item_db.yml then thats not gonna work, first you need to make the client side read it as a robe/garment type of item.
  10. I've seen some modification on youtube.com on how to edit the tiles. try searching it.
  11. The best way to solve your issue, hanapin mo muna kung saan mag tatapos yung isang insance kung may e bibigay ba na reward pag natapos mo, then search mo nalang yung specific reward, then add ka nalang ng getitem <#ITEMID>,<AMOUNT>;
  12. Hi there, I was wondering how does the claiming works? issue about the v4p is at first players got their points but on the second claim they didnt get any points at all. even relog and logout nothing adds.
  13. I didnt touch anything in source mode about this one and im trying to retrack everything that has a guild related code but none of it is related.
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