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  1. D On my client.conf min_hair_style: 1 max_hair_style: 99 min_hair_color: 1 max_hair_color: 1400 min_cloth_color: 1 max_cloth_color: 1400 save_body_style: no Did you also change and use @reloadbattleconf or to make sure restart the server?
  2. You might put it on the wrong directory that's why its giving you error?
  3. Try creating a new character and see if its crashing still..
  4. On the server side, did you check the conf/battle/client.conf on this part save_body_style: no mine was set as no but by default: yes
  5. Checked my server and its working fine.. normal player with a group id 0 cannot view the other players equipment.
  6. You can create a separate npc for exclusive headgears (ex: top, mid and low) by calling the shop #.. but to answer your question i think its possible but that would make a lot of changes in the script. For me.. I love hows its made and how it works
  7. Other class like star glad, and other classes are working fine with the jRO costume 3rd job suits palletes are working fine only on the gunslinger side which is weird.
  8. Before im using a 2017 client its working fine now im using the 20180620 client this happens.
  9. It was the paid 700+ palletes i checked the files and all are present.
  10. Hey, everyone... I am having issue with my gunslinger palletes, anyone got the same issue with this? Im currently using Kamishi's palletes.
  11. Radian

    lvl 99 reward

    // -- A very simple script that made by me (Radian) // -- Compatible with rAthena. // -- I don't mind if you want to optimized this // -- just please include me on the credits prontera,35,270,6 script LvL 99 Reward 864,{ if ( .enable_event ) { if ( getcharid(3) > .aid_end ) { mes "[ ^777777Account ID Checker^000000 ]"; mes "I'm sorry you are late to avail this.."; close; } if ( getcharid(3) < .aid_start ) { mes "[ ^777777Account ID Checker^000000 ]"; mes "It's impossible you are below of the id we required to obtained the special event rewards."; close; } if ( BaseLevel < .max_base_level || JobLevel < .max_job_level ) { mes "[ ^00FF00Race Up to Max^000000 ]"; mes "We're sorry you are not qualified yet on this event, please come back when you are base level is "+.max_base_level+" and job level is "+.max_job_level+"."; close; } if ( #Reward == 1 ) { mes "[ ^FF0000Baj^000000 ]"; mes "We apologize that you are not qualified any more to receive or get a special reward from us."; close; } mes "[ ^0000FFCongratulation Note^000000 ]"; mes "We verified that you are qualified and will receive a reward from us."; if(.enable_item_reward) { for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.reward); [email protected]++ ) for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.amount); [email protected]++ ) getitem .reward[[email protected]],.amount[[email protected]]; } if(.enable_cash_reward) { #CASHPOINTS += 100; // Replace to your desired amount. dispbottom "You receive 100 Cash points."; } #Reward = 1; announce "Congratulations! "+strcharinfo(0)+" has claimed his reward for Race to 99 Event This event runs until April 4 2021", bc_all; close; OnInit: // ------------------------------------------------------------ \\ .enable_event = 1; // Set 0 = Disable / 1 = Enable (default) .enable_item_reward = 1; // Set 0 = Disable / 1 = Enable (default) .enable_cash_reward = 1; // Set 0 = Disable / 1 = Enable (default) .max_base_level = 99; // Set the maximum base level here. .max_job_level = 70; // Set the maximum job level here. .aid_start = 2000000; // Set the Account ID here where you want to start. [ set this to 0 = disable ] .aid_end = 2000100; // Set the ending Account ID here. [ set this to 0 = disable ] setarray .reward,20737,12210,14002,6316,12211; // Set the rewards here. setarray .amount,1,5,10,10,10; // Set the reward amouns here. waitingroom "99 Reward",0; // Waiting Room. // ------------------------------------------------------------- \\ end; } } @cadz I tried to edit it and didnt run a test Did a test on the script its updated now.
  12. Thank you for the response, I will try this one and see if it will work. Edit: Its working now, thank you @Tokei its normal when i encrypt the client it wont produce a new client right just the .dll file?
  13. Hey @Tokei how are you doing? Im just having issues with encrypted files atm while using a 2018-06-20eRagexeRE client date exe What im getting is queryRegionInfo or the client cant read when its encrypted i tried running it without encryption and its working fine. I made new GRF's change the cpp.dll name into something else, create new patch of client and still not working. Any idea what mistake i made on encrypting it?
  14. Greetings everyone, Im here to ask for help regarding on my issue on this custom source modification. This is the part where its getting errors. for the specific part (data = itemdb_group_exists(opt_id);) if (sd->inventory_data[i]->flag.inventory_script_option) { int j; struct s_random_opt_data *data; current_equip_opt_index = -1; for (j = 0; j < MAX_ITEM_RDM_OPT; j++) { short opt_id = sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[i].option[j].id; if (!opt_id) continue; current_equip_opt_index = j; data = itemdb_group_exists(opt_id); if (!data || !data->script) continue; run_script(data->script, 0, sd->bl.id, 0); if (!calculating) return 1; } While recompiling my files these are the message that i get; status.cpp: In function ‘int status_calc_pc_sub(map_session_data*, e_status_calc_opt)’: status.cpp:4213:31: error: cannot convert ‘s_item_group_db*’ to ‘s_random_opt_data*’ in assignment 4213 | data = itemdb_group_exists(opt_id); | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~ | | | s_item_group_db* make[1]: *** [Makefile:84: obj/status.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/radians/src/map' make: *** [Makefile:50: map] Error 2 Thank you in advance for who can help me solve this issue. cheeeeeers!
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