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  1. Radian

    Release: MVP Pets

    Client side is outdated.
  2. Radian

    buildin_delitem: failed to delete 1 item

    This part [email protected] = getarraysize ( .slots ) should be like this [email protected] = getarraysize ( .slots );
  3. Radian

    [Solved] Unusual problem with Idsearch

    Apply this patch https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/40a4edc4f8fff75ba35b969882edabd17dd4c258
  4. Radian

    bindatcmd question

    Thank you @n0tttt
  5. Radian

    bindatcmd question

    Yup this is what i wanted... but it didn't it only reads the default part.
  6. Radian

    bindatcmd question

    Hey guys, I am trying to create a bindatcmd script that works like @ccommand "options" Options: market - (warps the player to the market area) bg - (warp the player to the bg area) In-game will look like this.
  7. Radian

    Utility: Selection Buffer

    Nice works perfectly. Thank you
  8. Radian

    Utility: Selection Buffer

    @Skorm I have a suggestion for this one. since you need to talk to the npc to setup which of those buffs you want to be enabled. why not make a command where players can use it anywhere anytime. but that checks if they have the right amount of zeny.
  9. Radian

    Closed connection

    All good now...
  10. Radian

    Strange attack glitch?

  11. @Cydh I tested it using this one https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP/commit/f21f02be510be8300b0df2c4a47a71663902ea63 the template is not saving into my database.
  12. Radian

    [w0w] Advanced Maps Project

    Great released !!!
  13. Radian

    Release: MVP Pets

    Can you updates this into the latest data + server files?
  14. Radian

    Release: @partybuff/@spb

    Nice @Vykimo !!! I know this was released here in rathena as paid by Lilith if im correct.