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  1. Hi! as the title says, can i request the unpacked of this client? Thank you! Need it badly.
  2. I got a error "System/ItemInfo.lua:116484: unexpected symbol near '='" this is the line that the error indicates: "main = function(server_name)"
  3. About the item description, how can i make it different from other char servers?
  4. actually, i don't know how to use it, maybe you can teach me how to make it work? xD
  5. I don't know, but i need help about my concern.
  6. Does someone tried this patch? How can i make it work? Thanks!
  7. @Emistry let me try, thank you!
  8. Well that's the only information i can give, since i didn't touch any files aside from map_cache.dat and edit client ver in mmo.h
  9. @Akkarin i think this issues i on client side. Client: 2013-12-30aRagexe Customized: Added new objects in Alberta map like Crates, Boxes.
  10. Hello. Does someone experience this problem? and how can I fix this? Everytime I zoom in and rotate the client, I got this weird texture problem. The error occurs not only in Alberta map but in other maps such as prontera, izlude. aldebaran etc
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