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  1. don't forget to recompile right after editing the src
  2. have you tried to uncomment #define RENEWAL_STAT src\config\renewal.hpp
  3. there is a bug for this gunslinger spr. when you walk towards to 1 oclock or 5 oclock the head is bug.
  4. for those who having issue applying the old BattlegroundExtended.diff to the latest rAthena version. just try this.i haven't tested it on the live server and i got no compile error on windows. not sure on linux. BattlegroundExtended-032221.diff
  5. check your clientinfo.xml or scientinfo.xml check m qng tama ung nilagay mong account id
  6. changing langtype does not means changing the language of your client. if you want to change it you should translate your client files like msgstringtable.txt and lua files.im not sure if the existing patcher for client like nemo have translation for arabic.
  7. i think that's the normal behavior of @hide command. your character will still in hiding status even you logout. the only difference from @ and # commands is @ will works for your self and # works for other characters.
  8. its up to you if you ever what you want to do if you want to switch or not. they got lots of changes now unlike before but the basic for setting up the server is almost the same. the difference is the location of those file you need to change. but codes are not the same anymore. but since your new its better to focus on one emulator only so you wont be confuse in your goals. rAthena is more heavier and slower because of the recent changes from tx to yml conversion. and also it takes time to load up when you are using it. unlike for hercules.
  9. CDN will be switched off on February 25, 2021. This will impact your project only if you rely on TinyMCE CDN to include TinyMCE in your project (https://cdn.tinymce.com/, https://cloud.tinymce.cloud/ or https://cdn.tiny.cloud/) You can still continue to use TinyMCE by hosting it yourself on your server or by using a third party CDN (for instance: https://cdnjs.com/libraries/tinymce/4.9.11) End of support for TinyMCE 4 is December 31, 2020. This means no new version of TinyMCE 4 will be released after this date. source: here
  10. norm\pib_logo2.bmp you can simply change it. and regarding on the error message. you can check what's on line 3. norm\mod_rpc.cpp
  11. thanks it works but i got lots of compile warning regarding on int conversion
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