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  1. oh okay. just set the max parameter to 750 and disable renewal stats then recompile your server.and reset your stats.
  2. you want to set your max stats to 500 or 750 right? change your 7500 to 750 only if you want to set it to 750 max stats.and also don't forget to recompile your server every time you make changes on your source file.
  3. did you disable the Renewal stat calculations? src\config\renewal.hpp
  4. are you using the latest version of rathena? if not try to update your rathena they made a fix for it b12cef1 https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/5189
  5. make sure you allowed the ip address of your centos7 to your debian10
  6. is there any chances to login using andro while client hash is on?
  7. your using centos on your server host?
  8. does your client is not diff with disable gm sprite?
  9. what class is that?
  10. have you tried to use the search engine? lots of question regarding on how to fix this issue. make sure you also apply the change in the battle.c https://rathena.org/board/topic/97753-annierurus-koe-script/#comment-267586
  11. as of now it would be a waste of time if someone release it because it will be deleted. but i think some of them can make it work but not for free maybe a paid service specially for the latest version of rathena.
  12. because it was outdated. but it can still be fixed just like the BG 2.0. btw they also removing threads like this.
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