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  1. Try removing the self-collision part in skill.cpp: // Self-collision if(bl->x >= min_x && bl->x <= max_x && bl->y >= min_y && bl->y <= max_y) skill_attack(BF_WEAPON,src,src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,tick,(flag&0xFFF)>0?SD_ANIMATION:0); Damage you can set in battle.cpp: case KN_BOWLINGBASH: case MS_BOWLINGBASH: skillratio += 40 * skill_lv; break; Change it to: case KN_BOWLINGBASH: case MS_BOWLINGBASH: skillratio += 100 + 80 * skill_lv; break; For double damage.
  2. Playtester

    Kiel Card Effect on Certain Skill? bonus bDelayrate,n; Increases skill delay by n% bonus2 bSkillDelay,sk,t; Increases delay of skill sk by t milliseconds bonus2 bSkillCooldown,sk,t; Increases cooldown of skill sk by t milliseconds
  3. Playtester

    Server Episode 9 Maximum Progress

    Ah, ich hab in meinem Browser Cache auf Arbeit doch tatsächlich noch die URL zu "Mega" gefunden:!QQhC3a6J!EJsIx9HLZ5SbiFxOH4nFqg!0JBmGKBT
  4. Playtester

    Server Episode 9 Maximum Progress

    Es gibt keine episodischen files, aber wenn du alte eAthena files willst kannst du jederzeit über das Githup Repository gehen. Die älteste sinnvolle Version die du da findest ist von Januar 2006: Das enthält schon ein paar spätere Episoden, aber die meisten Informationen entsprechen noch dem Episode 9 stand (z.B. die Monster Exp Werte von alten Monstern sind noch von Episode 9). Aegis Files sind wohl für immer verloren, da das ASB Sakray Board vor nem Jahr geschlossen hat. Jemand hatte mal alle Dateien auf "Mega" hochgeladen, aber der Link dahin war auf dem Board... Hab nur noch ne Episode 7 Aegis Mob DB die ich mal ins rAthena Format konvertiert hatte (ist aber nicht mehr auf dem aktuellen rAthena stand, würde also so nicht funktionieren, müsste man erst mob mode konvertieren glaub ich). mob_db_7.txt
  5. Playtester

    Asura Strike Damage increases by level

    In battle.cpp find this: case MO_EXTREMITYFIST: skillratio += 100 * (7 + sstatus->sp / 10); skillratio = min(500000,skillratio); //We stop at roughly 50k SP for overflow protection break; And change it to: case MO_EXTREMITYFIST: skillratio += skill_lv * 20 * (7 + sstatus->sp / 10); skillratio = min(500000,skillratio); //We stop at roughly 50k SP for overflow protection break;
  6. Playtester

    I need help in editing mob_skill_db (renewal)

    I assume the actual problem was that you edited the pre-re database file while compiling with renewal or vice-versa. But yeah, using the import folder is much better anyway, as it allows you to keep updating rAthena without merge conflicts.
  7. Playtester

    I need help in editing mob_skill_db (renewal)

    The picture does not work, so we don't know what the error is.
  8. Playtester

    Some "How can's" here

    1. skill.cpp -> skill_calc_heal -> adjust as needed 2. Not as trivial, but it's all in status.cpp (if you search for status_calc_aspd you find most relevant locations) 3. Not too familiar with it, but I suggest taking a look at the fame point system for crafting or even just TK mission and try to replicate it somehow, probably requires database changes to store the value too. It's also mostly in skill.cpp but pc.cpp handles storing those values. 4. You'll need to recode the skill, take a look at how AoE skills work and how single target skills work in skill.cpp. 5. Not sure. Could just be DB not allowing the class to equip the item if it works as thief and not as assassin. 6. That's pretty easy, but it can be at different locations. If you want to adjust damage check battle.cpp (search e.g. for AM_AXEMASTERY and you immediately find the location). To adjust other values you might want to do that in status.cpp at the location where the corresponding stat is calculated like KN_CAVALIERMASTERY.
  9. Playtester

    Assassin Cross of Sunset

    If you're on renewal, test with high AGI value. (High Agi on Target.)
  10. Playtester

    Monster 'Mode' data

    For some reason this reply displayed for me today. Maybe some bug with the year? Anyway, if you still want the answer - I honestly don't understand how you can even reach that conclusion. When adding hexadecimals there's no number over flow. You just add per digit. Take a look at the second digit from the right, you will have: 0 + 1 + 2 + 8 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 +0 = 11 11 in hexidecimal is a B. So the result for the second digit from the right is B. You do the same for every digit.
  11. Playtester

    How i do make a invencible mob?

    There's also that invincible spell: 1929,Great Demon [email protected]_INVINCIBLE,idle,685,1,10000,1000,60000,no,self,always,0,,,,,,,19 1929,Great Demon [email protected]_INVINCIBLE,chase,685,1,10000,1000,60000,no,self,always,0,,,,,,,19 1929,Great Demon [email protected]_INVINCIBLE,attack,685,1,10000,1000,60000,no,self,always,0,,,,,,,19 Or just make the monster cast NPC_ALLHEAL when wounded. Usually plant mode (all the MD_IGNORE bitsets) and sufficient HP should really do the trick though. That's how they do it on official servers too.
  12. Basically developers bored and crazy enough to work for no money whatsoever recoded the whole server engine of the Ragnarok Online MMORPG, mainly due to legal reasons and to be able to easily add customization. Then that project split up into many different projects because people who are not getting paid have the tendency to get into pointless fights about how to approach certain things. And language barrier.
  13. Playtester

    How big of a difference is pre-renewal to renewal?

    Hmm I think later updating might actually work if you don't add any customization to the code. You could compile the server pre-renewal and after a while switch to renewal and recompile. I mean I did that all the time when testing stuff.
  14. Honestly I don't get why donations even need a chargeback option. Donations are donations and not a purchase.
  15. Playtester

    Variable declaration in src

    Just because the code compiles doesn't mean it makes any sense. What you're doing is casting mob_id to a pointer (memory address) and then make the sd pointer point to that address. I explained to you how you can get sd -> by fetching all the players in visible range of the monster.