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  1. Using rAthena without modification? Made sure everybody is in the same party?
  2. Already works like this. Just use rAthena.
  3. It's a bug in the emulator itself, but it was fixed recently: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/32525bad55cc5b715f2ad259b6310560089028ed
  4. Okay I searched for a while and figured out the root cause is the config change that came with the commit above. It also affects pre-renewal. You will need to find battle.conf config file and change: // Who should have a baseatk value (makes str affect damage)? (Note 3) enable_baseatk: 0x29F Back to: // Who should have a baseatk value (makes str affect damage)? (Note 3) enable_baseatk: 9
  5. Are you on renewal because if you are there are new damage calculations for monsters: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/fe197bfa120aef5fd31c6896122b35fdc06774b4 Basically the ATK displayed in mobinfo is: mob->status.batk + mob->status.rhw.atk, mob->status.batk + mob->status.rhw.atk2 Base attack for monsters: str = dstr + level; Atk is 80% of Atk. Atk2 is 120% of Atk. So let's take a look at lunatic: // ID,Sprite_Name,kROName,iROName,LV,HP,SP,EXP,JEXP,Range1,ATK1,ATK2,DEF,MDEF,STR,AGI,VIT,INT,DEX,LUK 1063,LUNATIC,Lunatic,Lunatic,3,55,1,36,27,1,11,1,18,0,10,3,3,0,8,5 LEVEL=3 ATK1=11 STR=10 Base attack = 10+3 = 13 ATK1 = 11 * 0.8 = 8 ATK2 = 11 * 1.2 = 13 So Lunatic damage is 21~26.
  6. Did you try checking via @mi command?
  7. Or if you want pre-renewal ASPD (but still everything else from renewal?), then you could just copy the pre-re/job_db1.txt to re/job_db1.txt.
  8. Just do the modifications you want in the skill_db.txt For pre-re it would be this one: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/pre-re/skill_db.txt // 06 nk (skill damage properties): // 0x01 - No damage skill // 0x02 - Has splash area // 0x04 - Damage should be split among targets // 0x08 - Skill ignores caster's % damage cards (misc type always ignores) // 0x10 - Skill ignores elemental adjustments // 0x20 - Skill ignores target's defense (misc type always ignores) // 0x40 - Skill ignores target's flee (magic type always ignores) // 0x80 - Skill ignores target's def cards
  9. Make sure you modify the correct file. If you are compiling on renewal you have to modify /re/skill_cast_db.txt instead. //-- CH_SOULCOLLECT 401,0,0,0,600000,0,0,2000 Right now it's defined to have a 2 second fixed casting for the skill. I don't know what you want to adjust but just put whatever values you want here. Columns are described at top: // SkillID,CastingTime,AfterCastActDelay,AfterCastWalkDelay,Duration1,Duration2,Cool Down,Fixed Casting Time
  10. You do that in the skill_cast_db file: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/pre-re/skill_cast_db.txt
  11. You probably messed up when enabling pre-renewal mode. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/src/config/renewal.hpp In this file you need to uncomment: //#define PRERE Don't do any other changes to the file. Then do a full recompile of all servers.
  12. Remove the call of "clif_skill_nodamage" in skill.cpp. In case of AL_HEAL that would be here: clif_skill_nodamage (src, bl, skill_id, heal, 1); If you don't want to remove it for HLIF_HEAL and AB_HIGHNESSHEAL then you need to write an "if".
  13. Not easily, but if you know to code then the easiest approach is to create a new skill and make the item use that skill. The skill then needs be implemented in: int skill_castend_nodamage_id (struct block_list *src, struct block_list *bl, uint16 skill_id, uint16 skill_lv, t_tick tick, int flag) And need some code along those lines: if (!status_has_mode(&dstmd->status,MD_AGGRESSIVE)) sc_start4(src, bl, SC_MODECHANGE, 100, 1, 0, MD_AGGRESSIVE, 0, 60000);
  14. Yes, that's what you wanted, no? Not being able to spam skills anymore when using 3rd party tools. If you want cast time, that's possible too but not as easily. However, I want to note that if you want to avoid 3rd party hacks, I recommend using my first suggestion to set that setting above to 600. Then even with 3rd party tools you can't cast the spell more than once every 600ms. If you add a small cast time to all skills, then 3rd party tools get even more exploitable as the aftercast delay will be even lower for all the skills. If you still want that, you will have to edit skill.cpp: // return final cast time time = max(time, 0); Change to e.g.: // return final cast time time = max(time, 500); Then all skills have a cast time of 500ms minimum.
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