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  1. So 1st let's point our that since that cover more then source it would fit more in general support then source.https://rathena.org/board/forum/211-general-support/ What your current server configuration ? what did you change /set. Have you correctly set your server as pre-re ? #define PRERE in src/config/renewal.h To remove maps : comment out the maps in question in conf/maps_athena.conf If you want to remove some items it's in db/pre-re/item_db.txt If you want to remove some instance it's in npc/scripts/athena.conf
  2. @Luking, the pic is nice but actually the hidden information is what we wanted to see to confirm the issue. The "not found" file is a bit misleading it's "unable to read" really what we suppose here. Anyway let assume you are user, rathena in group ragna. What you want on conf is. -rw-r--r-- 1 rathena ragna 22 19:54 inter_athena.conf Thus you'll have the file access. To make all the rathena file your could simply do. cd rAthena sudo chown rathena:ragna . -R I suppose you currently have the wrong user cause they was transfered via ftp or something.
  3. Add a define for MAP_INVEK in mapindex.h
  4. A little note, if I may. With truncation your remaining time could be a little misleading. Suppose for instance we have 1.8s left. with current code it will show 1s, where I think 2s would be better to show. To fix this you could simply change your line : int w_tick = 10 - (DIFF_TICK(gettick(), sd->canlog_tick) / 1000); to int w_tick = 10 - (DIFF_TICK(gettick()+500, sd->canlog_tick) / 1000); //+500 (0.5s) will make it roundup if needed be
  5. @Akinari and @Akkarin are 2 different people. Which limit are you thinking of @renegade ? the emulator is pretty open with lot of thing done via config. (to avoid the need of edit code). Now if we speak about real limit, you have no plugins support yet but you can just edit the code directly. (we working on it tough, but plugins really shine when you can choose from a various bunch and which also allow release people to not share their code. (could be a little dangerous)). Beside this another hard limit is that it doesn't support multithread and it's not perfect for scaling out the box. multi map-server, char-server and such are good for scaling as you could dispatch the burden on various device but they not perfectly supported imo. (due to most people using 1 server per type and even those on same host... Aside this io operation aren't all async so that a lost of performance but that quite the same category as multithread. And finally we don't provide a package manager to easily add new libraries (such as boost hibernate or whatever). Now thoses aren't real limitation imo as we don't prevent you to add them, in fact some are quite easy to do, the limitation come that since this isn't in place other might not link the same way as you and you could have some issue to merge. But beside that if you an ok dev you quite have all the liberty whatever you want. I'm curious to hear your limitations tough.
  6. Hmm even if we did, you'll have to modify your client to force him to use http too. Now that not impossible but I feel is not the good way as imo it would be more work then to edit the filter. I don't get how that application gateway can work protect on http but not tcp. Now hmm why do you want all server to be protected ? what the common way of attack ? Do they spam a particular port which then result in ddos ? Should protecting login only would be enough ? Anyway you could change rA to use http, I would suggest use http2 and protobuf to do this. This should be done in pair with client so whatever you choose as long the client is happy with it is fine. Just keep in mind that you want persistent connection cause the default for http is a connection per request. Now what I would really do in your shoes, (beside asking wtf if that protection only for http), is: 1) put all your login-serv / char-serv / map-serv on private ip say 10.* 2) Host or rent a VPN server that will allow your user to join the private network of your servers. (preferably on another device, this will allow that even if this get attack only the vpn ddos but not the actual game servers). Now only protect this VPN server and voila you all good. People should be able to ddos your server cause they don't know their addresses. (at least not in this way if they flood once connected that another matter..). Instead of having to modify both client and server you modify none. And just ask your user to launch their vpn client first.
  7. Lighta


    My bas it seem to be "sd->cart.u.items_cart" We'll need to make few accessor as this is not friendly enough imo
  8. Lighta


    Request a new update. storages such as inventory/ cart / storages / guild_storage etc.. was revamped and they no longer lie in mmo_status. To fix the mentionned issues you have to edit all "sd->status.cart" to "sd->cart" eg line 234 (pl_sd->status.cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].card[0] != card_id && to (pl_sd->cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].card[0] != card_id && cf :
  9. Hi @Micheck, just checked your github the code is fine. (I'm not a c# expert anyway). For little comment you should consider give a real name to your form, that will help you to give them concrete responsibilities etc.. (but this really matter when code start to be big). Another thing that you could consider is to put your project here : https://rathena.org/board/files/category/130-server-managerseditors/ I don't manage the forum so idk if it's correct in there but I believe it is. Finally I don't know if you tough about this yet, but generally you want to have have a backup done regularly, like each day/week etc. Cause this is safer to just think of doing it time to time. To do this it would be interesting to have the program as a service. I know you could wrap it with https://nssm.cc/ or others, (you can also do a scheduled task). But I wonder if .net doesn't have something builtin for this. If you do this consider file rolling. That what I had in my script, dunno if you checked it, anyway it's just a tough. Good luck and keep the good work.
  10. It is suitable, hope you didn't get it wrong. I was just mentioning that you also have to take into account the context where this will be used. It's sensible stuff and we don't have the same connection /trust then you and your father so that normal we have something to verify / look what you going to do with those stuff. But that just my pov. Thank for the explanation. so it's meant for remote usage.
  11. I @Micheck thank for sharing. So I didn't check the dll yet but here my input : 1) Database are sensible information, here you providing an exe to get those information but we don't really see what you doing with it as you only provide binaries. (the only way to check it to decompile or to trust you) 2) I didn't try if this work with mono yet but .net reduce your possible user base. (unless they use this in remote) 3) Could you list the feature of your program ? what make him better then mysqldump ? I'm sure doing this could help you identify new interesting features. I attached as reference/idea a little script that I had done for my backup. (it's for redmine here but could work for any db) backup_redmine
  12. Since you using an x64 OS, can you try with server built with x64 as platform instead ? Right now to use an x86 in an x64OS it will try to use WOW64 as virtualization but idk what wrong here.
  13. Hi, this is strange as those redistribuable provide msvcr110.dll. It appear is looking for the x86 version tough from your error message. You can check if you fullfill all dependancies with this : http://www.dependencywalker.com/
  14. MSVCR110.DLL To fix this download and install https://www.microsoft.com/fr-ca/download/details.aspx?id=30679 (it should install the dll in System32 like previous answer but it's safer).
  15. is the freeze constant ? repeated ? try to localize when causing the most time. You can also check if you didn't build in debug configuration, altough it shouldn't freeze. Is there many player on your server doing lot of action ? like a woe ? For the multithreaded, is discussed but it will take time.
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