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  1. The skill of champion you want to be not affected its damage by Enchant Deadly Poison Did you ever read the syntax comment? it states there the location where you can put the skill if you are using pre-renewal or renewal
  2. Add the specific skill of champion you want to nerf on EDP Click And after that recompile.
  3. I think you can just migrate the item from renewal to pre-renewal
  4. Are you using renewal mode? If yes why dont use item#12790 Item Link : Click Here
  5. Anyone have got this error too? a bit weird cant get this script working lol
  6. I noticed this too though I figure out the problem which is the Camera Zoom angles on NEMO.
  7. anyone can still reproduce this glitch on latest rA versions without using gepard?
  8. Hi, I just followed this https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Adding_new_skills
  9. I already said the solution I just duplicated the sonic blow skill
  10. Well in my part I managed to segregate the Sonic Blow skill from assassin itself from Injustice Card Assassin = Sonic Blow with after cast delay or animation Injustice Card = Unlimited/Non Stopping sonic blows Solution: duplicated the skill itself (all aspects db,skill delays, and lua counterparts) and the duplicated skill must be the item script of the injustice card. just like this on video SonicBlow.mp4
  11. save the map using browedit 586 the 620 has saving issues.
  12. Thanks for this. Anyone possible to have random coordinate on the 3 location? example the x and y coordinate for left area is x1 and y1 to x50 and y50 the center is in x51 and y51 to x100 and y100 so when I fired it will not be hit on a specific coordinate and so on and upon hitting a player it will cause random damage either 1-100% lose hp thanks
  13. try 6320,Premium_Reset_Stone,Premium Reset Stone,0,50,,70,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ atcommand "@streset"; atcommand "@resetskill"; }
  14. sprite/Àΰ£Á·/¿î¿µÀÚ there you go