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  1. uulitin mo lang yung script ng CustomBox papalitan mo lang yung function head ng CustomBox2.
  2. thank you so much. Last modification is it possible for 0.01~0.99% chances instead of 1%~100% chances?
  3. thanks for the alternatively one how will i add another maps incase I want is multiple maps?
  4. Hi, I would like to request a simple script like this. When monster is killed there's a percentage to drop 1 random item on list(custom list) which bypass their natural drop items see the scenario below(percentage of drop can be configured from 0.01%~1%) on a specific map. Poring in prt_fild01 drops 1 item on the list together of the its natural item drop(jellopy, empty bottle, unripe apple. sticky mucus, knife[3], apple & poring card) when killed. Thanks
  5. sa groups.conf ba tinry mo na irestart server?
  6. baka admin account gamit mo pag admin kasi bypass yun.
  7. It is maybe on my lua/lub? I use the ROenglishRE-master as data for it.
  8. does equipment switch with same item ID does not work on the same slot anymore on battlemode now? I'm using 2014-10-22 and I even try the default 2015-11-04 client How to revert on this kind of battlemode 2013 Clients below this how it works: Player has 2 weapons let say 2 katanas with different cards compounded I set the Katana#1 on /bm on hotkey Q when I wear Katana#1 and change to Katana#2 the Katana#1 should be place on Q on 2014+ Clients I'm wearing Katana#1 and place Katana#2 on hotkey Q of /bm when I switch on Katana#2 the Katana#1 didn't appear on Hotkey Q but you need to put it on other slots of /bm Sorry for bad english xD
  9. yes that's it. Garment Wing have each folder per class that's how it works
  10. That headgear supposed to be garment type by default of Gravity I guess.
  11. Yes just open the browedit and in effects edit you just simply remove it then resave the map and reload it on your grf
  12. well when you increase the size it changes the attribute of the act file so save it as spr and act. you will no longer needed the lua because it's only a script that has been run in the actOR to edit the size of it.
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