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  1. Yonko

    Regards battlemode on 2014+ clients

    It is maybe on my lua/lub? I use the ROenglishRE-master as data for it.
  2. does equipment switch with same item ID does not work on the same slot anymore on battlemode now? I'm using 2014-10-22 and I even try the default 2015-11-04 client How to revert on this kind of battlemode 2013 Clients below this how it works: Player has 2 weapons let say 2 katanas with different cards compounded I set the Katana#1 on /bm on hotkey Q when I wear Katana#1 and change to Katana#2 the Katana#1 should be place on Q on 2014+ Clients I'm wearing Katana#1 and place Katana#2 on hotkey Q of /bm when I switch on Katana#2 the Katana#1 didn't appear on Hotkey Q but you need to put it on other slots of /bm Sorry for bad english xD
  3. Yonko

    Act editor not saving?

    yes that's it. Garment Wing have each folder per class that's how it works
  4. Yonko

    Act editor not saving?

    That headgear supposed to be garment type by default of Gravity I guess.
  5. Yonko

    Question about effect

    Yes just open the browedit and in effects edit you just simply remove it then resave the map and reload it on your grf
  6. Yonko

    How to Enlarge Character Sprites

    grf editor will do
  7. Yonko

    How to Enlarge Character Sprites

    well when you increase the size it changes the attribute of the act file so save it as spr and act. you will no longer needed the lua because it's only a script that has been run in the actOR to edit the size of it.
  8. Yonko

    How to Enlarge Character Sprites

    you should save on your custom grf which i think your data.ini reads first it so the default sprite on data/rdata/sdata.grf will not be affected
  9. Yonko

    How to Enlarge Character Sprites

    when you increase the size of the sprites save merge it on your grf
  10. Yonko

    How to Enlarge Character Sprites

    Well open the act file in aCTOR or aCTOR2 then go to script then EDIT then load the magnifier.lua(already given on the package when you download aCTOR on RMS once you load it you can see a script code of it then look for this mag = 3.0 change the value of it according to the size you want then run if it fits according to you then save.
  11. Yonko

    How to Enlarge Character Sprites

    You can use actOR with the magnifier.lua script (edit the 'mag' value) if you need to resize other sprites.
  12. Renewal bro right click mo yung cotton shirt mo 10 defense lol hahah means naka renewal sila
  13. well nasa hype lang ngayon ang pRO few months come balik loob sa private server yang mga yan hahah Reasons? 1. Not all players eh gusto ng renewal 2. Uso nanaman bot nyan for sure (50% player 50%bot) ang population 3. Pay2Win 4. Reklamador ang pinoy ayaw masapawan ng mga willing gumastos lol
  14. Yonko

    How to make new spr with transparent bg?

    edit it using photoshop and resize the image and save it as png then make a sprite of it using act editor
  15. Yonko

    Poison and Blind Full Screen

    i think putting a limitation on camera angle views will fix it