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  1. i try to make MOD for Monk Spirit /** * Does attribute fix modifiers. * Added passing of the chars so that the status changes can affect it. [Skotlex] * Note: Passing src/target == NULL is perfectly valid, it skips SC_ checks. * @param src * @param target * @param damage * @param atk_elem * @param def_type * @param def_lv * @return damage */ int64 battle_attr_fix(struct block_list *src, struct block_list *target, int64 damage,int atk_elem,int def_type, int def_lv) if (sc->data[SC_SPIRIT] && (sc->data[SC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_MONK && def_type == ELE_GHOST)) ratio = 75; #ifdef RENEWAL //In renewal, reductions are always rounded down so damage can never reach 0 unless ratio is 0 damage = damage - (int64)((damage * (100 - ratio)) / 100); #else damage = (int64)((damage*ratio)/100); #endif //Damage can be negative, see battle_config.attr_recover return damage; }
  2. announce ""+strcharinfo(0)+" has won the Guess the Number Event! My number was "+.usednumber+"!",0; mes [email protected]$; mes "You have guessed my number! Congratulations!"; getitem @prize,@amoun; disablenpc "guess"; --------------------------------------- *disablenpc "<NPC object name>"; *enablenpc "<NPC object name>"; These two commands will disable and enable, respectively, an NPC object specified by name. The disabled NPC will disappear from sight and will no longer be triggerable in the normal way. It is not clear whether it will still be accessible through 'donpcevent' and other triggering commands, but it probably will be. You can disable even warp NPCs if you know their object names, which is an easy way to make a map only accessible through walking half the time. Then you 'enablenpc' them back. You can also use these commands to create the illusion of an NPC switching between several locations, which is often better than actually moving the NPC - create one NPC object with a visible and a hidden part to their name, make a few copies, and then disable all except one. --------------------------------------- *hideonnpc "<NPC object name>"; *hideoffnpc "<NPC object name>"; These commands will make the NPC object specified display as hidden/visible, even though not actually disabled per se. Hidden as in thief Hide skill, but unfortunately, not detectable by Ruwach or Sight. As they are now, these commands are pointless, it is suggested to use 'disablenpc'/'enablenpc', because these two commands actually unload the NPC sprite location and other accompanying data from memory when it is not used. However, you can use these for some quest ideas (such as cloaking NPCs talking while hidden then revealing.... you can wonder around =P
  3. i dont have any idea about hexing
  5. check this
  6. is possible become the Animted preview not Static Preview? Just Like Skill Menu when you full screen it? this novice is animated
  8. @Sehrentos can you try to add this ? on this script
  9. just use skilleffectinfolist.lub here my sample using for Lightsaberthrow [SKID.PD_LIGHTSABERTHROW] = { effectNum = 1, effectID = { EFID.EF_TOMAHAWK }, onTarget = true },
  10. can add option for Ranking System and Points and % to make it
  11. i aready changed the slide animation is working fine im talking about the knockback here sample of Final Strike with knockback here video of asura
  12. Asura Strike visual bug. Slide RO clients have it for a long time now, 2010-07-30 and older. SAMPLE VIDEO But on higher client version bugs were fixed. is there a way to revert this effect ? @Functor can you help me about this
  13. what about for asura strike ? i fully disable all cast delay from Dangerous Soul Collect Critical Explosion Asura Strike