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  1. Yeah, sadly I have to move on to other projects for now. I'm just hoping this inspired someone in the RO community to post something of their own~ Aww, well I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted! -- Thank you everyone for joining me on this wild ride~ https://tapas.io/episode/829335
  2. Ahh thanks a lot! ------- It's been a great run, hasn't it? https://tapas.io/episode/822240
  3. ehe thanks a lot! -- The world is all but an illusion, and magnifiers are the window to the truth... https://tapas.io/episode/814871 somehow i missed posting the prev upd8, oops... sry bout that
  4. After all this time, Grace finally lives up to her job as a Dancer! https://tapas.io/episode/800373 I had a busy weekend and I forgot to post here OOPS
  5. There's a disease outbreak in Midgard, and it has no known cure?! https://tapas.io/episode/792960
  6. A creepy monster is sucking out Darius' life! Or, has been sucking out his life, this entire time..? https://tapas.io/episode/785158
  7. Wait, Juniper has almost the exact same spells as Joshua does?! https://tapas.io/episode/777039
  8. Joshua still can't get over the fact that this cat can talk... and he gets what he deserves... https://tapas.io/episode/769338
  9. Wait, another reunion? Cats can talk?! Joshua gets a rival in the new PP&P?! https://tapas.io/episode/761169
  10. Joshua reunites with an old friend, but wait, something's different about him... https://tapas.io/episode/753401
  11. Finally, it's time to crush that plant with these meteors... huh, it didn't die?! https://tapas.io/episode/745966
  12. Joshua is ready to BLOW YOUR MIND... as soon as he finishes casting... https://tapas.io/episode/738528
  13. Grace just won't stop fooling around, but, how did she just kill that?! https://tapas.io/episode/731031
  14. Hahah thanks a lot! I do try to recall some memories with each joke lmao, like the funny unexpected things that often happens in game -- And they're off to try their new 2nd job skills! but... Grace, what are you doing?! https://tapas.io/episode/723153
  15. I... don't even know what to say about Grace's new uniform in this week's PP&P... https://tapas.io/episode/715430
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