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    Need the latest kRO Install folder for your private server? Look no further! ----> Download <---- Latest: 2018-08-13 Installation: Official kRO Updated: 25/02/2019 Download Link: http://bit.ly/latestkro Package contains RSU RO Patcher Lite for kRO and kRO RE by [Ai4rei] This package is maintained by [Akkarin] This ZIP archive is 3.14GB in size and includes all BGMs plus the latest RSU ([2018-10-23] Release Simply download, extract, play! A fan of this topic? Hit the rep button
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    @IsabelaFernandez You can use this, I think it has what you need. prontera,150,150,4 script Quest NPC 1_M_MERCHANT,{ mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "I have an awesome item list here, you want to take a simple quest?."; next; menu "Nope i dont want!",-, "Yes show me the list.",M_DO; mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Ok bye.."; emotion ET_HAH; close; M_DO: mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "You can select one from the following..."; next; menu "ITEM1",A_ITEM1,"ITEM2",A_ITEM2,"ITEM3",A_ITEM3,"ITEM4",A_ITEM4,"ITEM5",A_ITEM5,"ITEM6",A_ITEM6; A_ITEM1: mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "You want this gear?"; mes "You need this items before you have mine."; mes "Poring Coins [300 ea]"; mes "Mithril Coins [500 ea]"; mes "Ghostring Card [1 ea]"; next; if(select("Get It:Cancel")==2) goto M_END; if(countitem(7539) < 300 || countitem(674) < 500 || countitem(4047) < 1) { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Not enough coins"; close; } else { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Here you go!"; delitem 7539,300; delitem 674,500; delitem 4047,1; progressbar "FFFFFF",3; getitem 999,1; // Item ID Number close; } A_ITEM2: mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "You want this gear?"; mes "You need this items before you have mine."; mes "Poring Coins [300 ea]"; mes "Mithril Coins [500 ea]"; mes "Ghostring Card [1 ea]"; next; if(select("Get It:Cancel")==2) goto M_END; if(countitem(7539) < 300 || countitem(674) < 500 || countitem(4047) < 1) { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Not enough coins"; close; } else { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Here you go!"; delitem 7539,300; delitem 674,500; delitem 4047,1; progressbar "FFFFFF",3; getitem 999,1; // Item ID Number close; } A_ITEM3: mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "You want this gear?"; mes "You need this items before you have mine."; mes "Poring Coins [300 ea]"; mes "Mithril Coins [500 ea]"; mes "Ghostring Card [1 ea]"; next; if(select("Get It:Cancel")==2) goto M_END; if(countitem(7539) < 300 || countitem(674) < 500 || countitem(4047) < 1) { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Not enough coins"; close; } else { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Here you go!"; delitem 7539,300; delitem 674,500; delitem 4047,1; progressbar "FFFFFF",3; getitem 999,1; // Item ID Number close; } A_ITEM4: mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "You want this gear?"; mes "You need this items before you have mine."; mes "Poring Coins [300 ea]"; mes "Mithril Coins [500 ea]"; mes "Ghostring Card [1 ea]"; next; if(select("Get It:Cancel")==2) goto M_END; if(countitem(7539) < 300 || countitem(674) < 500 || countitem(4047) < 1) { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Not enough coins"; close; } else { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Here you go!"; delitem 7539,300; delitem 674,500; delitem 4047,1; progressbar "FFFFFF",3; getitem 999,1; // Item ID Number close; } A_ITEM5: mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "You want this gear?"; mes "You need this items before you have mine."; mes "Poring Coins [300 ea]"; mes "Mithril Coins [500 ea]"; mes "Ghostring Card [1 ea]"; next; if(select("Get It:Cancel")==2) goto M_END; if(countitem(7539) < 300 || countitem(674) < 500 || countitem(4047) < 1) { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Not enough coins"; close; } else { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Here you go!"; delitem 7539,300; delitem 674,500; delitem 4047,1; progressbar "FFFFFF",3; getitem 999,1; // Item ID Number close; } A_ITEM6: mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "You want this gear?"; mes "You need this items before you have mine."; mes "Poring Coins [300 ea]"; mes "Mithril Coins [500 ea]"; mes "Ghostring Card [1 ea]"; next; if(select("Get It:Cancel")==2) goto M_END; if(countitem(7539) < 300 || countitem(674) < 500 || countitem(4047) < 1) { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Not enough coins"; close; } else { mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "Here you go!"; delitem 7539,300; delitem 674,500; delitem 4047,1; progressbar "FFFFFF",3; getitem 999,1; // Item ID Number close; } M_END: mes "[Quest NPC]"; mes "See you..."; emotion ET_SLEEPY; close; }
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    Same fix done from Poring Catcher : Dice_Event_v2.txt
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    Err this should be the fix for that : Tested and working. poring_catcher_v2.txt
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    Hello, I'll use this post to show you some of my projects and modifications. The name of my server is called RO: Zero, but it started before gravity announced theirs, so I chose to keep the name. LOGIN SCREEN https://vimeo.com/287302640 https://vimeo.com/300142810 https://vimeo.com/274177970 https://vimeo.com/310257994 https://streamable.com/6t1f6 Splash's https://streamable.com/n58ma Misc All Launcher's have Discord RichPresence SCRIPT & SOURCE Bet System https://vimeo.com/297864967 Pick Item with Mouse Click https://vimeo.com/288068416 Hack'n Slash Attack System https://vimeo.com/285431474 SkillShot System https://vimeo.com/269528679 Header Hud Char Info https://vimeo.com/268928510 System Conversor Skill Target to Place https://vimeo.com/307620277 LEAGUE OF LEGENDS INSPIRED SKILLS Ivern https://vimeo.com/270423927 https://vimeo.com/270211429 Kalista https://vimeo.com/270518714 Ash https://vimeo.com/270728857 Orianna https://vimeo.com/270911850 Xayah https://vimeo.com/271172345 Katarina https://vimeo.com/269402201 Client Edit Drag System https://streamable.com/dnqgz New Hud Interface (Old) NEW INTERFACE FROM TOS (WITH NPC DIALOG) https://streamable.com/ebec1 New Game Filter https://vimeo.com/303199417 Item Summon Screen https://vimeo.com/300142810 Rain https://vimeo.com/298893681 Campfire Button Shortcut https://vimeo.com/298498848 Discord Integration WALK WITH WASD https://streamable.com/c4u7u DRESSROOM MOD https://streamable.com/n1ncz MASTERY WINDOW https://streamable.com/zfttp ________________________________________ A lot of other things I haven't record, but I will try to keep this updated soon.
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    6/10 pssst: Activate Windows
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    Many of the items she exhibits are free... You could create them yourself or request services from an available spriter. Of course, as long as you can't communicate with her.
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    The pull request is for both pre-re and re.
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    Hi folks! That's my first post here, so huh, take it easy on me. Well, I've been playing around with GRF editing, in fact almost a year now, and I think I finally figured out how to deal with .str files (actually I'm thinking about making a tutorial for that since I couldn't find it anywhere and had to figure it by myself) So I've made this, it wasn't meant to be a good-looking effect but rather an easy to avoid one, and I'd really like if you guys could rate it. Thanks Also sorry if that's the wrong area, I don't rly know for sure tbh;
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    Version 1.5.1


    New NPC Label OnPCLootEvent: This label triggers when a player picks up an item from the ground in a map marked with the 'lootevent' mapflag. This works with @autoloot and @alootid, this does not work for items given by script. When in a party with shared loot, only the player who looted the item from the ground will trigger this label. The information of the item picked up will be stored in an array called '@looted_data', check the script_commands.txt for the order of the data stored. Usage Sample: lootevent_sample.txt


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    View File Tic Tac Toe Minigame Script and Map ✖ O ✖ Tic·Tac·Toe miniGAME O ✖ O Features: · 2 player based minigame · Fully automated · Free map included! (tictactoe.rsw) · Detects tied game · 1st turn selection is randomised · Very easy to install: Just copy the map files to your GRF and the script files to your custom NPC folder. · Lots of fun for your players! ✪ Buy once and have access to future updates! ✪ [ ! ] If you have any questions or you need to contact me for support, you can reach me at @Leeg or you can post a comment here and I will receive a notification. You can also send me an email at: By buying this script, you agree to these terms: - You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way, shape, or form. - Chargeback scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena. - I (Leeg) still retain all rights to this script. - Terms above may be changed or adjusted without prior notification. Submitter Leeg Submitted 04/06/17 Category Games, Events, Quests Content Author
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    Version 1.0.0


    Apply the patch manually These commands allow you to create duplicates at run time. duplicatecreate("sourcename", "targetnameshown", "targetnamehidden", "targetmap", targetx, targety, targetdir{, targetspriteid{, targetxs, targetys}}); duplicateremove("npcname");


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    View File Third Job Costumes & New Classes: Corrected Third Job Costumes + New Classes The Correction With the advent of jRO releasing new Job Costumes, and also, the new classes from the Taekwon branch, many of server owners want to replace the vanilla sprites or even, implement the bodystyle system. But, there's a catch! Originally jRO, and now, even kRO spriters, have made it completely off of the default pattern of palette. In a classic example, you can notice the pattern of the RO palettes. What matters is the position of the colours, as an example, for all jobs, the white-ish tones will be always on the same row, so we can use it to create custom palettes. See how it works: But jRO didn't follow the classic pattern, making it incompatible with custom palettes (@Kamishi ones included). So, I edited frame by frame of each job sprite, of each gender, mounted or not, correcting them, converting them in a way so many of the previously created palettes will work. This package includes: Alternate Outfits: Alternate Royal Guard M/F + Gryffon Battlemount + Lion Mount Alternate Ranger M/F + Warg Battlemount + Ostrich Mount Alternate Minstrel/Wanderer + Ostrich Mount Alternate ArchBishop M/F + Alpaca Mount Alternate Warlock M/F + Fox Mount Alternate Mechanic M/F + Savage Mount Alternate Genetic M/F + Savage Mount Alternate Guillotine Cross M/F + Hyena Mount Alternate Shadow Chaser M/F + Hyena Mount Alternate Sorcerer M/F + Fox Mount Alternate Sura M/F + Alpaca Mount Alternate Rune Knight M/F + Dragon Battlemount + Lion Mount New Classes Star Emperor M/F + Wolf Mount Soul Reaper M/F + Wolf Mount As requested by @Emistry, I also added an extra, making it more compatible to default palettes: Kagerou/Oboro + Frog Mount Following the another @Emistry's request, all files are now already on GRFs. The previous version had no Cashmount palette included, this one fixes the issue. Only the already released costumes are supported at this moment. The Rune Knight seems to be the last of them, it's over a year from the first release! As a final part of the package, I'm including Classic Palettes for all Alternate Costumes. Enjoy the final product! Submitter Haziel Submitted 02/24/2016 Category Job Sprites Content Author Gravity Corp  
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    Why are you insulting someone who is legit asking about how to do something? I just asked that because your answer was off-topic. What you said isn't going to help me do the client edit, you didn't have to say anything about how the skill tree progression works because it's not an proper answer. You just came here and replied to my question with a pointless choice of words. Don't do that, if you're not trying to help. EDIT: Ok, looks like your script removed three commas, I was supposed only to remove the last one(which I didn't see, beforehand), ty anyway. Solved.
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    Name: @reload atcommand Creator: Me (@Cretino) Version: 0.1 (Initial version [Cretino]) Contributors: Q: 'What features have '@reload atcommand'?' R: Q: 'How to use these features?' R: Q: 'How Can I enable 'Reload Fast Mode'?' R: I've tested and is working well, but can have bugs. I'm accepting suggestions. If you found any bug, report in topic or send me a private message. I'll solve the problem as quickly as possible. I think is it. Note: Sorry for my English. Diff file: @reload_by_cretino_v0.1_rathena.diff
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    Version 20190611-34971e57


    INFORMATION: The main target for usage only for server that use kRO client Client 2015-08-26 or newer or some functions (especially the cart selection) will be fail This mod in few words, You can set Genetic's cart sprite for level 1 Merchant, change its max weight and max item numbers rAthena Requirement: Git Hash: 2e15fae7 (2018-05-05) You can config cart related values for Weight limit Max item numbers Level requirement Job requirement But, because the client is not customizable (I meant I can't edit the client), there are things that cannot be changed related with client/PACKETVER. So, because I modified the MC_CHANGECART to MC_CARTDECORATE (sending ZC_SELECTCART) PACKETVER MAX_CARTS ZC_SELECTCART Weight Limit Max Items Level Req Job Req 20150826 + 12 YES YES YES YES YES 20120201 + 9 not supported YES YES useless useless Older 5 not supported YES YES useless useless Don't forget to add MC_CARTDECORATE as quest skill to preferred player. Forgot to took SS, so just watch the Video Ok, that's all. Any bug & suggestion please tell me. If you find a way or know how to make patch (hex the client) to add more carts, please tell the community


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    Version 1.0.0


    Greetings rAthena! I hope you enjoy this npc of Maple Story, it is the second I have done. Please do not claim my work as yours. Please do not sell it or resell it.


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    Version 1.0.0


    Greetings rAthena! I hope you enjoy this npc of Trickster Online, it is the fourth I have done. A different box, feel free to use it in events or whatever you want. Please do not claim my work as yours. Please do not sell it or resell it.


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    Version 1.0.0


    Greetings rAthena! I hope you enjoy this npc, i do not remember the exact name of the frame creator or the game to which it belongs , whatever this it's the third I've done. Feel free to use it in cooking systems or something else. Please do not claim my work as yours. Please do not sell it or resell it. Do remain any credits of the respective author if you know.


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    Yeah if you look in grf editor click the str file click extract resources tab Find that file and edit it how you want. This is a really simple way to modify the effects we have access too, ROSTR viewer is weird and probably the last thing you wanna learn lol But for example if you look up shieldcharge.str this skill has a rotation and drop right so if you just modify the shield to lets say a pokeball, you could pretty much make it look like your throwing a pokeball on the ground
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    Greetings, everyone. New content for Valentine's Day were added: Valentine's Day 32bit Headgear Auras All of them available in 12 colours. And if you haven't had the time, I've also recently added a new freebie:
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    I'm developing a server based on a game called Harvest Moon. Conclude the Farm system, it will accept trees, vegetables and animals. What do you think? Any suggestions? Content of the video in Portuguese.
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    @Eros @Haruka Mayumi You can remove ID of this effect from "..\data\luafiles514\lua files\effecttool\forcerendereffect.lub" Fury Cast Animation == 261
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    View File Cheshire Set CHESHIRE SET CUSTOM HEADGEAR & CUSTOM ROBE Greetings again, rAthena! I'm Haziel, once more, I'm back planning on new freebies every week! Cheshire Set consists in a one Custom Headgear and a Custom Garment, Cheshire Ears and Cheshire Tail. I hope you enjoy the final product! If you're interested on my work, Contact me on hyering or through one of the channels below! By downloading this file, you agree with my Terms of Service: • YOU WILL NOT remove my signature from any of the included files. • YOU WILL NOT alter, edit, recolour any of my files unless for your personal use. • YOU WILL NOT repost, repass or mirror my work nor edited versions of it anywhere. • YOU WILL NOT sell, resell or in any manner, ask money or rewards using my work as exchange. • YOU WILL NOT claim my work as yours. Submitter Haziel Submitted 01/25/2019 Category Headgears Video Content Author Nexxon, Haziel Graphics  
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here is 1 of some sprite that lately I make to my server. Credits: Idea: AvonRO. Image: Gravity Interactive (Box & Smoke) w0wzukubg (Cards Image) (I don't know who own the Guy image since I can't find it or the source no longer available) It's just my experiments about sprite editing to improve my experience about it. Do remain any credits of respective author if you know.


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    Version 1.0.0


    Here is some sprite that lately I make to my server. I don't own any of these image.. besides Gravity, I don't know who are the original users who start to distribute some of the image since the source no longer available. I just mix it from my grf & picture collection. It's just my experiments about sprite editing to improve my experience about it. Do remain any credits of respective author if you know.


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    Version 1.0.0


    Full Coded Theme (bootstrap adaptive design) Includes: PSD logo Enjoy!


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    pc.hpp #define MAX_SKILL_TREE 85 also a fast way to do it create new group id give it all_skill: true permission add the group id to OnPCLoginEvent for the job id or at the job changer (or any kind of script) you will find all the skills in the etc window
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    Try In status.cpp find: void status_read_soullink_db(char* file_name) { change to: void status_read_soullink_db(const char* file_name) {
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    I'll answer this for you. so here's the answer. no answer yet... the problem is not the donating, the withdrawing xD
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    View File Colored Black Cat I still studying & learn about custom so for the starting i learn this to change item color You can find original sprite from your kro data. for cat lover. Submitter MukkiesftKies Submitted 06/19/2018 Category Animated Headgears Video Content Author KRO  
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    It looks simple but nice, smooth and clean. There are a lot screen issues. If u need help just let me know it. In average good work. Keep it forward! Rynbef~
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    Version 0.1.7 Alpha


    Hi! This project is written in C++, using Qt ( So the code is platform independent, and once I reach Beta I plan to release both the source and linux binaries ). Feel free to post your ideas. This tool is intended to be a modern database editor. The goal I want to achieve is, to provide an ultimate tool to edit (almost) all files of the db folder, with advanced usability, and blur the border between the files ( for example you see at the item tab, what monsters the item dropped by, although it is stored in a different file.) Usage: File->Open and give it the location of your db folder. ( Only support rAthena, it searches for the dbs in re or pre_re subfolder based on settings. ) Features: Informative tooltips to help the user Item and mob database support Script editor for item's scripts. Adding, editing, removing database entries Read/Write TXT databases, export/import them to/from SQL Blur the borders between the files. Double clicking an entry loads that entry to edit. If you fill the ID field and press return, if such entry exist, it will be loaded and selected. Switching between renewal and classic dbs Basic sanity checking on save ( for example detecting zeny exploits ) RegExp based search Saving behavior: Save button save only the entry, use file->save to save the dbs. If there is an entry exist with the saved id, it will be overwritten, otherwise appended. Planned features: Add MobSkillDB support Add SkillDB support Classic <-> Renewal converter ( implement formulas that can convert between classical and renewal ) Support for editing client side files Integrity checks (for example mob droping a nonexistent item) Implement your ideas


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    goto \data\luafiles514\lua files\datainfo and edit this tb_cashshop_banner.lub
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    Version 1.0.0


    Information This source allows you to "script" additional bonuses on soul link buffs like an item script. See db/soul_link.yml for example. Q: Why this and not OnPCStatCalcEvent? A: PCStatCalc is known to be buggy. Alternate diff link: https://github.com/secretdataz/rathena/commit/6b91c4d18cc537e25a64f371ee3faf468b9dcc99.diff THIS RELEASE IS SUBJECT TO GPLv3 LICENSE Copyright © - Secrets <[email protected]> 2018 - All Rights Reserved Take a look at my premade script list if you like my works or want one of my premade scripts. or


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    instead of getitem <itemID>,<qty>; use rentitem <itemID>,<duration>; note that duration is in seconds
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    if someone is still looking for Piamette Sprites.zip
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    in core.h #define MIN_CHARS 12 // Default number of characters per account. #define MAX_CHAR_VIP 3 // This must be less than MAX_CHARS in mmo.h #define MAX_CHARS 15
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    Would be nice if the betting system was added. Will buy a copy of it for sure
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    On Battle.c Find and remove: if(mflag > 1) //Autocasted Blitz nk |= NK_SPLASHSPLIT; This will remove the splash damage part. On Skill.c Find: if(sd) { // Automatic trigger of Blitz Beat if (pc_isfalcon(sd) && sd->status.weapon == W_BOW && (skill=pc_checkskill(sd,HT_BLITZBEAT))>0 && rnd()%1000 <= sstatus->luk*10/3+1 ) { rate=(sd->status.job_level+9)/10; skill_castend_damage_id(src,bl,HT_BLITZBEAT,(skill<rate)?skill:rate,tick,SD_LEVEL); } If you want to enable auto blitz beat with every weapon type, remove this: && sd->status.weapon == W_BOW If you want to enable auto blitz beat on every attack, remove this: && rnd()%1000 <= sstatus->luk*10/3+1 Hope it helps =)
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    Version 1.1.8


    Heya! This is a new project I've made aiming to manage the various databases as easily as possible. This tool was initially developped using Client database editor's engine, a tool from GRF Editor. It has been adapted to support more database formats and many of the features have been improved. How to install Download the zip archive provided from the download link at the top right corner of this description or directly from there : http://www.mediafire.com/download/p0zhcc8ipa6cjt3 . Install the application with SDE Installer.exe; if you are missing a .NET Framework you will be prompted to download it. Once you are done, you can start the program from the link on your desktop. Features Both rAthena and Hercules' formats are supported by the application. Many conversions between rAthena and Hercules are possible. Converting items can be done simply by right-clicking on the elements and selecting "Copy entries to clipboard (ServerType)". Undo and redo commands are available, as well as navigation commands (quite useful when switching tabs a lot). There are many shortcuts within the application, all of which are shown when right-clicking items or going through the menus. I do plan on adding more as well. The databases are 'merged' between each other to offer an easier view. This is true mostly for the item and mob databases. Flag fields can be entered with either an hexadecimal value or an integer value. You will have to add "0x" if you want to enter an hexadecimal number though. For Windows XP users, the program's layout may change a bit. The Aero theme is applied to make sure the application looks like it should. Getting started Create a new project from File > New project. Go in the settings tab and set the path of your database. If you're using pre-renewal, then drop the pre-re folder in the "Server DB path" box (drop the re folder otherwise). Don't drop your "db" folder, it simply won't work! Save your project file to avoid redoing this step everytime you reload the application by going in File > Save project info. The project info file is automatically saved, so you don't need to save it everytime you do a modification in the settings. If you associate .sde files with this tool, you will be able to start up your project from the project file directly (which is more convenient). The last setting is the resource files and it is optional. Simply drag and drop a GRF in the paths list. This will add icons in the items list view (it will also make the application slower when scrolling for that list). Easy input fields All the fields are easy to set and most of them have tooltips. For example, to edit the drops of a mob, simply right-click on the items and change the drop value (both float and integer values are accepted in the field : typing 5.20 is the same as typing 520). How to save the database There are multiple ways to save the database : quick save, full save and export. Quick save keeps the commands you've applied on the database (Ctrl-S), this is the saving option you should be using. Full save (Ctrl-Shift-S) does not keep the commands and you will not be able to undo any operations afterwards. Export (File > Export to db/SQL) exports the database to another folder and this is normally used to convert databases. When saving, the comments are preserved as much as possible, but this is not always possible. For example, the items table from Hercules is always rewritten, so the comments will be lost in this file. Unmodified tables will not be saved. Disabling a tab will also prevent the associated table from being rewritten/saved. This can be achieved by right-clicking on a tab and selecting "Disable 'table name'". SQL support You can export your current database to SQL from File > Export to SQL > ... The first option in the list is the current database format. The other options are used for conversions between rAthena and Hercules. Backups system The application automatically creates backups everytime you save the database (can be disabled in Settings > Enable backups manager). You can revert to a previous date by going in Tools > Backups manager. This tool's purpose is to make sure you never lose any important data (as well as preventing data corruption). Merging or adding lines from another database It is possible to merge databases by going in Edit > Add item from raw db line. Simply copy and paste the lines from the database you want to add. You must select the corresponding table before doing so, of course. (Known bug : adding lines with invalid parameters will put the database in an invalid state). Synchronize with client database files If "Synchronize with client database files" is checked in the Settings tab, you'll be able to turn on all the following features. Bind item tabs together (suggested by UltraCat) This feature enables you to quickly alternate between the Item and Client Items tabs. Whenever you switch table, it will autoselect the item previously selected. The text search filter will also be applied to all three tables (Item/Item2/Client Items). Subfilters (such as item description, script, etc) will be ignored if the item isn't included in the search result. Manage view IDs automatically (suggested by UltraCat) This feature allows you to completely ignore the view IDs for headgears and costumes. Only the identified resource's field is taken into account when synchronizing with the client databases, so make sure you set at least this field! You must also set up the lua paths; go in any item table and click on the wheel next to the "View ID" field. This will bring up a dialog to setup the paths (preferably, the files should be located in your data folder to avoid saving the GRF all the time). They will be automatically decompiled if necessary. If everything has been properly set, the View ID field for the headgears and costumes will be grayed out. When saving, you'll notice some view IDs will be switched around, but SDE will try to keep your original IDs as much as possible. The view names will be changed to the item's Aegis Name (has no effect ingame). Mob sprites edition In the mob tables, you will find a wheel button, similar to the view IDs. Setting up the paths will allow you to see the mob sprites as they will appear ingame (except for granny models, like emperium for instance). The "..." button can let you select the sprites from the mob folder in the GRFs (or data folder). Preview images With the client tables synchronization, the preview image for items in the list view will be properly displayed. This is handy for custom items. Notepad++ support There is support for Notepad++ to easily find items in a text (or conf) database. Right-click an item and use "Select in Notepad++". Search feature The search engine is the same used as CDE, so it should make it easy to find an item. There is also a hidden search option : if you type "[number_of_slots] 4" it will give all the items with 4 slots or "[refineable] true" will give you all refineable items. This can be applied to any attribute in the table which are not shown in the search panel. Todo list Import from SQL (is that even necessary?). Automatically create a table from a file. Batch files / command line methods (would be similar to GrfCL). Known bug : exporting mob_skill_db from Hercules to SqlRenewalHercules doesn't seem to be parsing properly (for this file only). Type safety (check for invalid inputs, use the same SQL rules when loading the databases). Hope you enjoy this tool! The sources will be available on githut for the next release. If you have a feedback or suggestions, let me know and I'll probably add them to the software. Sources https://github.com/Tokeiburu/RagnarokSDE


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    Version 1.3


    Info & History Info: HANSIP Protection is a src modification to make sure NDG,speed hack, WPE Users still follow the rules. History: This is a simple code, which we have made since long to minimize the NDG User. The first way to solve NDG, we add a cooldown for skills that dosn't has a fixed cooldown (Sonic Blow, Cross Impact, etc). But the player doesn't allowed to do double cast. Finaly we made this code that minimize the NDG users, but still keep the original feature that is double cast for some skills (Sonic Blow, Cross Impact, etc). Implementation & Feature Implementation: Download the file Apply manual "rA - Hansip Protection.diff" to your src. Paste "battle_conf.txt" to conf/import/ Don't forget to recompile your server. All done Features: The user still able to use double SB / CI / etc. You may switch on and off. Very simple Skill Packet Spam detector . Note: 2013 client already detect modified file (after act delay). so i've tested this using WPE. i got the number from comparing with and without *cheat. Supported Skills:Bash Sonic Blow Arrow Vulcan Double Strave Bowling Bash Ninja Kouenka Ninja Hyousensou Jupitel Thunder Cross Impact Dragon Breath Fire & Water Change Log: 1.1 -Add archer double strave skill 1.2 -Add support for some skills 1.3 -Change name from NDG to Hansip -Add skill packet spam detector & punishment -Support PRE-RE


  43. 1 point


    a Polar Bear Cap , ea 9 colors for Free ! Polar Bear Cap By Gravity Recolour By me EL Dragon Have fun with the Sprite's This File Includes: Polar Bear Cap Spr and Act File BMP Item Icon BMP Collection Icon Inventory Spr and Act File


  44. 1 point


    Flying sheep Sprite created by me Act created by mindstream Act fixed by me DON'T: Use it as donation reward Modify without permission


  45. 1 point

    Version 0.6


    NPC Creator Hello all, I just recently made this program in order to Help with some of my scripting structure, instead of having to deal with typeing out all those lines or opening that other program eascriptable, with this i can just run the program type in the info and it saves it as a txt file in the directory specified with the structure all laid out. If anyone has any suggestions im free to hear them and if this kicks off i'll develop it more, i have a few ideas in my head, Customizeable Quest Scripts through gui and such :3. FEEL FREE TO DROP ME A LINE VIA PM IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE OTHER THINGS ADDED TO THIS, 400+ DOWNLOADS I KNOW YOU ALL WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT ADDED TO THIS >.>


  46. 1 point
    Currently this does not work: *Note: Script is only a example other example <URL> really it would be very useful for different purposes that can be used on the server. Here you can use this function maybe that is compatible like that would be an option: but it does not work xD The new Item link system work fine in announce if this system works, I guess NAV and URL also can
  47. 1 point
  48. 1 point
    Taking a look at this script for DrewxD.. Replace all occurence of [email protected] by [email protected] < 1 because query_sql return -1 on failure/empty array (on rathena) it might result that the condition if ([email protected]) is false when it should be true
  49. 1 point
    I really don't like to spoonfeed people, but since I already have the code: 18666,CD_In_Mouth,CD In Mouth,4,20,,200,,0,,0,0xFFFFFFFE,63,2,1,,20,0,815,{ autobonus "{ bonus3 bAutoSpell,8013,5,40; bonus3 bAutoSpell,8013,4,40; bonus3 bAutoSpell,8013,3,40; bonus3 bAutoSpell,8013,2,40; bonus3 bAutoSpell,8013,1,40; bonus3 bAutoSpell,13,1,10; bonus3 bAutoSpell,13,2,10; bonus3 bAutoSpell,13,3,10; bonus3 bAutoSpell,13,4,10; bonus3 bAutoSpell,13,1,10; }",60,5000,0,"{ specialeffect2 EF_POTION_BERSERK; }"; },{},{} Notes: Skill ID 8013 = Caprice; 13 = Soul Strike. Autobonus doesn't support skill names since they (skill names) break the quotation ("") marks. Caprice randomly casts FB, LB, CB and ES. I gave it a 4% chance of autocasting so as if each bolt is casted at a 1% rate. Edit: Should have been posted at the requests section?
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    hi! I made this edit a long time ago for the RUNE 3rd class enhancement project way back when, but since it's down now... well here it is! enjoy! Changes: -Fixed awkward head bobbing on idle attack stance. -Made the standing sprite reflect rogue's. -Sitting sprite was changed to stalker's.


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