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  1. They just rename it, but basically its just one of the matterials
  2. Vy Low

    Unmanage VPS

    i know, but if you have the budget, i still prefer dedicated server, been running servers like for more than 10 years now, even now im using dedicated server on my server, alot of unwanted experience on shared vps when the node are experiencing ddos, high cpu usage etc. Just sharing my experience.
  3. Vy Low

    Unmanage VPS

    they are good both in development stage, but i suggest get a dedicated server with higher frequency for production or a vps with high frequency cpus, most of the vps there are for development purpose mainly on application, website etc.
  4. You can download the file and use Nemo to diff the client, you cant use Ragexe on 2010 clients, it need to be ragexeRE
  5. http://supportmii.com/ro1/Clients/RagexeRE/
  6. ilang players ba online? or test server pa lang?
  7. wala naman sometimes out of resources nagcaucause ng map server down
  8. Just create proxy. something like this
  9. webhosting is good, but not for game servers as they have lower base clockspeed on their servers. Tested all the servers for a decade now and having a low base clockspeed will only cause problems and lags in the future
  10. no fixed yet applied
  11. currently experience this also with the latest rev
  12. unmanage yan, ikaw mag sesetup lahat, pwede mo try hosting ko, help kita setup until mag up server mo.
  13. your answer is http://rathena.org/board/topic/53447-how-to-enable-crashcore-dumps-in-your-server-linux/
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