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  1. digital ocean is meant for developers, its not meant for hosting games. Normally its used for vpns, proxy, and developing applications and not advisable for publication.
  2. Vy Low

    Error FLUXCP

  3. Vy Low

    Error FLUXCP

    change the permission ConfigServers.cache.php to 777
  4. use centos 6, been using it in my hosting and it work fine
  5. I still prefer running centos 6, tested overtime
  6. possible just run both servers with 2 different ports
  7. it was discontinued, better use gepard instead
  8. when you use proxy, it will read on the login as the proxy ip, similar to vpn. but inorder to check that the proxy is working as intended you need to check from login > char > map, the best way to do it is try logging in to login server and check the ip connected to the login port, then proceed to char ip, then check again on the char server if proxy ip is connected to the char server port as well as the map server, this is one way to ensure that proxy is working properly, otherwise it will only read the proxy ip on the login server, but then uses players ip when connecting to char and map.
  9. Awesome project again @Vykimo ! Looking forward to this!
  10. Proxy is one of the best option to secure your main ip address
  11. try this chmod 755 /var/www/html/data/tmp/ConfigServers.cache.php
  12. Vy Low


    Good luck with that, he will probably get his funds by then end of 2020