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  1. Proxy is one of the best option to secure your main ip address
  2. try this chmod 755 /var/www/html/data/tmp/ConfigServers.cache.php
  3. Vy Low


    Good luck with that, he will probably get his funds by then end of 2020
  4. probably he is just using nulled whmcs
  5. This guys is totally a scammer, we even gone to the police/baranggay for the DDOS attack he made on my servers and clients. Also made an investment scam with some of my previous clients, they are already planning to report this guy to the police/nbi for those investment scams he made. So beware of this Dev Blaze aka mark anthony sayaang.
  6. Higher frequency would be better, but ofcourse it depends on your budget
  7. I suggest running a server with atleast 2.5ghz and above since our emulator runs on a single core.
  8. probably this would be the best option Class Specific Shops - Shop changes based on base class
  9. functor will be back on june 23. just wait for him
  10. i suggest mag vmware ka then run it on linux instead
  11. Anyone ever tried implementing 2-factor authentication in fluxcp?
  12. how to set fix max critical damage when weapon is refine to +1 or greater currently in my test server, crit damage has min and max when weapon are refine same goes with power maximize when weapon is refine. Thanks guys!
  13. its says it cannot find the pallete, it means you dont have the missing pallete