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  1. agree! i prefer to use text db over yml. i still use 2020 revision before itemdb.txt to yml!
  2. This is why talented developers like @meyraw have stopped working on their projects since we condone spreading other people's work. To be honest, he has the right to do so regardless of the price meyraw set because he is the one who developed it. Its not mandatory for everyone to purchase it but only those who wish to avail. What I'm trying to say is we should never support distributing the works of other just for our own benefits. Let's support Legit developer who contributed their works for our beloved game.
  3. definitely not normal, but i hope they could explain what went wrong?
  4. a lot of user are stuck with their withdrawal, some are waiting for years already.
  5. totally agree with this!
  6. Vy Low

    gcc version

    Im using xterm for vnc, devtoolset-7 doesnt work in xterm this is why i manually install the preferred gcc version for rathena
  7. Vy Low

    gcc version

    this should work, i used it on my centos 7 vps
  8. Vy Low

    gcc version

    check your gcc version if its updated after compiling. if not i suggest try this https://serverkurma.com/linux/how-to-install-and-update-gcc-on-centos-7/
  9. meaning the connection from your isp to the server is not stable, this is why you are getting disconnected, or the server itself has routing problems
  10. remove mo lang lahat ng npc/mobs/quest na wala sa episode 1
  11. type chmod a+x /var/www/html/data/tmp/LangEN.us.cache.php
  12. just add privilege to your website ip so it can connect into your database
  13. read wiki lang https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Install-on-Centos
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