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  1. Just create proxy. something like this
  2. webhosting is good, but not for game servers as they have lower base clockspeed on their servers. Tested all the servers for a decade now and having a low base clockspeed will only cause problems and lags in the future
  3. no fixed yet applied
  4. currently experience this also with the latest rev
  5. unmanage yan, ikaw mag sesetup lahat, pwede mo try hosting ko, help kita setup until mag up server mo.
  6. your answer is http://rathena.org/board/topic/53447-how-to-enable-crashcore-dumps-in-your-server-linux/
  7. digital ocean is meant for developers, its not meant for hosting games. Normally its used for vpns, proxy, and developing applications and not advisable for publication.
  8. Vy Low

    Error FLUXCP

  9. Vy Low

    Error FLUXCP

    change the permission ConfigServers.cache.php to 777
  10. use centos 6, been using it in my hosting and it work fine
  11. I still prefer running centos 6, tested overtime
  12. About Wan Hosting Networks Been through Ragnarok Hosting since 2010 Web Hosting DDOS Protected Hosting Open ports ideal for FluxCP free subdomain name.ragnarok.site free fluxcp Setup and forum boards Litespeed Server RO VPS Free webhosting on all package Free setup of your emulator choice Multiple Location Proxy Server Hide your original IP Best option to cater players around the world. Tested with Ragnarok Sarah Server and was able to cater more than 6k players around the world with no dual. Best for internatioanal Servers Contacts Discord: Iskarpeys#9748 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VyLow24 Skype:
  13. possible just run both servers with 2 different ports
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