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    A whole map dedicated to traders to sell/buy. You can either choose to put NPCs for players to buy all kinds of stuff or let players set up their shops in their own tents. It also includes a little beach island with deckchairs, some shadey/hidden areas that can lead to indoors (for illegal shops? xD) and also walking access on some ships and boats.
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    Hii! Some time ago I finally finished the second version that I had promised of this map in the section of Projects and Concepts in Progress: This is also my second map ever finished x3 The first version was made in September of 2018, but one of these is a slightly revisited version of that older one, and the second one has certain parts of the public area changed :3 Note: I'm using some of the screenies from that post to avoid uploading unnecessarily, since the map looks the same essentially ☆★☆Previews☆★☆ Path to the Gods ver. This is the first version with some fixes. This area looks more "simple" than the second one, as the idea is that this place is "sacred", unlike the second one. Path to Glory ver. This is the second version. This is more like a true colosseum, with banners and even an ornated place from where the royalty or rulers can oversee the battle below. - The areas for the public are walkable, in case someone wants to add NPCs as spectators or wants to use those areas otherwise. - The fighting areas of both versions are almost exactly the same except for one tiny detail, but the difference is mostly aesthetic. - Oh and I really enjoyed working on this map! I took so long to showcase it because I was working on other maps, projects and irl, and I wanted it to be perfect, and because I had said that it was going to have these two versions. - There will definitely be a third version of this map that will vary much, much more from these two (and it will definitely not take one year to appear x.x). I hope you like it!
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    Hello everyone. norm here. Today I want to present you my project “Paint it black”, a client mod pack. Thanks for reaching the Donation Goal The donation goal was released insanely fast. Wasn’t expecting that Huge thanks to: @Hurtsky @Everade @CyberDevil @Mael @anacondaq @Skyzone As promised all the donated money went to rAthena. Thanks for the support (coffee donation): @pajodex (if you donated but cant find your name on the list please drop me a PM.) A special thanks to @Daifuku for sponsoring this awesome logo. Make sure to check out her service if you need great graphics. Download Current release of Paint it Black can be found here: https://github.com/Normynator/PaintItBlack/releases Dropin replacement for Cheat Defender (by NEMO project): CDClient.dll (SHA-1: 32158C097CD656FF62BB094CF9F4F2BF1A6B1CAD) Installation guide Available mods Timestamp Description: Shows timestamps in the chat window. Usage: /timestamp Default: On Ping Description: Shows average ping to server. Usage: /ping Default: Off FPS Description: Shows fps count. Usage: /fps Default: Off VSync disabled Dscription: Disables vsync for the client. This removes the 60 FPS cap. Usage: /vsync Default: On Custom Logo Description: You can display your own logo next to the Paint it Black logo. Usage: Your logo’s max width should not exceed 304 pixels. It has to be placed in your ragnarok folder with the name logo.png. Feel free to suggest new features. Supported client dates 20180620e 20180621a (suggested by @Mael) 20150513 (for @Stolao <3) 20180621aRE The clientdates requested on the donation goal post will be added soon. I try to add more client dates as said in the donation goal post. Feel free to suggest client dates here. If your client date was already suggested vote it up (so I can see which client dates are needed most). Vote list Changelog Bugreports If you spot a bug please report it here or on github via issue. Gepard compatibility This mod pack is not compatible with Gepard. And it also won’t be compatible in the future. You can get different client modifications for Gepard from Functor. Please do not request compatibility. Thanks to: SHR (https://github.com/sekishi1259/SimpleROHook) rEx (https://github.com/curio-r/rextensions) Greetings, norm
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    So in November I started making my own GameCube controller for the GameBoy Player and wasn't able to finish it because of school, but it's finally done and I love you guys so I'm going to share it here.
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    kRO Full Client 2019 06 19 ( UPDATED WEEKLY) includes BGM DOWNLOAD HERE
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    The topic has been removed because of rAthena staff double standards and hypocrisy things. (rA staff blame me that I made a money on this topic while it's not and never was) All that I did for the last 2.5 years with around ~1k answers from my side is help for free for newbies here, but to rA staff, my topic is a pain in the ass. Sorry guys, but the topic can't be maintained on such a community anymore because of its admins. Bye
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    View File Cell_PVP Updated CELL_PVP. Git Hash: d80e111 Changes: Added cell_pvpnoparty. Added cell_noguild Removed Deathmatch. Removed Autobuff Script. Some Credits from: -Napster -Ize Submitter Haruka Mayumi Submitted 07/15/2019 Category Source Modifications Video Content Author Napster, Ize, Haruka Mayumi  
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    prontera,155,180,5 script Daily Supply 94,{ mes "[ Daily Supplier ]"; if(#DSUPPLY==gettime(DT_YYYYMMDD)){ mes "You already received your supply today."; end; } mes "Here's your daily Supply!"; explode([email protected]$,.items$[gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)],"|"); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]$);[email protected]+=2) getitem atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]]),atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]+1]); explode([email protected]$,.bounditems$[gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)],"|"); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]$);[email protected]+=2) getitembound atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]]),atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]+1]),Bound_Account; set #DSUPPLY,gettime(DT_YYYYMMDD); end; OnHour00: waitingroom callsub(OnCheckDay)+" Supply",0; end; end; OnCheckDay: switch(gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)){ case 0: return "Sunday"; case 1: return "Monday"; case 2: return "Tuesday"; case 3: return "Wednesday"; case 4: return "Thursday"; case 5: return "Friday"; case 6: return "Saturday"; default: return "ERROR!"; break; } return; OnInit: waitingroom callsub(OnCheckDay)+" Supply",0; //You can use Copy | (Vertical Bar) to separate items // Item ID, Amount{,Item ID,Amount}... setarray .items$[0], "501|5|502|10|503|15|504|20", //Sunday "601|5|602|3", //Monday "501|1", //Tuesday "502|1", //Wednesday "503|1", //Thursday "504|1", //Friday "505|1"; //Saturday setarray .bounditems$, "501|5|502|10|503|15|504|20", //Sunday "601|5|602|3", //Monday "505|1", //Tuesday "504|1", //Wednesday "506|1", //Thursday "502|1", //Friday "501|1"; //Saturday end; } Don't Forget to press Answer and Up Vote ^_~
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    Tournament StadiumNUNS MAP The choice of an arena like that was made thinking in a map were a large amount of players can watch PvP events without interfering, separated in bleachers by team. The map also have areas that can be exclusive for VIPs, clã leaders, and STAFF. All the TV's screen and flags can be changed. Clan Leaders and Clan VIP ADM, GM and other STAFF members Players whose guild aren't involved The Texture can be changed by editing texture .bmp picture There are 44 Screens along the stadium Store
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    View File Dropped item with random enchant of Random Options An upgrade version of item_randomopt_group.txt to support randomize of (as example) Vicious Mind Weapon Enchants. This is a source mod, with new database file and item_randomopt_group.txt file is dropped. Crimson Weapon entry is moved to new file. The diff file is only made for rAthena after "Updated the YAML parsing method" at Git Hash: 78eed022, for before this version DO NOT buy this mod download from download page! Bonus files const.db for new RDMOPTG_ Example entries to make random enchant just like Ragnarok Journey (ignore the fact if this RO game was closed), so as example Knife dropped with compounded card (random of 1-4) Drops Card, Fabre Card, Hornet Card, Lunatic Card, Farmliar Card Example entries of Vicious Mind Weapon Enchants itself (exclude the mob_db) Submitter Cydh Submitted 07/06/2019 Category Source Modifications Video https://youtu.be/wHZnsL4DRFs Content Author Cydh
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    After trying to make that stupid mapcache work after x tries and ways, I finally managed to do it. A few scripts of mine are added: Arena Master Armor Enchanter Battle Royale Costume Enchanter Dungeon Quest System Fame System Gold Room Battle Hunting Grounds Last Man Standing Mass Seller Mob Invasion Mystic Enchanter Training System Vote NPC Not sure what the mapcache's problem was but after printing a certain error around 100 times, he managed to add the maps to the map cache... So I'm ready for others to participate in this project, just come into the Discord and PM me directly so I can give you more details. There are also channels, where you can read everything regarding it. Regards, Chris aka Houndeye
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    View File Kamishi's 34 hair color(Rework-MALE) The Hair color works with my Fix Summoner Hairstyle(MALE) which ignores the color of the eye and ...some of the fur This is my first hair color palette release if there are any issues with my work feel free to notify me leave a like if you like my work and helps me get motivated and share Submitter AshiHanna Submitted 06/28/2019 Category Palettes Content Author Kamishi, Ashihanna  
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    you can already do that with grf editor
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    Open ../src/map/clif.cpp and in the function clif_parse_LoadEndAck remove: #if PACKETVER >= 20070918 clif_partyinvitationstate(sd); clif_equipcheckbox(sd); #endif #if PACKETVER >= 20141008 if( battle_config.pet_autofeed_always ){ // Always send ON or OFF if( sd->pd && battle_config.feature_pet_autofeed ){ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_PET_AUTOFEED, sd->pd->pet.autofeed ); }else{ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_PET_AUTOFEED, false ); } }else{ // Only send when enabled if( sd->pd && battle_config.feature_pet_autofeed && sd->pd->pet.autofeed ){ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_PET_AUTOFEED, true ); } } #endif #if PACKETVER >= 20170920 if( battle_config.homunculus_autofeed_always ){ // Always send ON or OFF if( sd->hd && battle_config.feature_homunculus_autofeed ){ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_HOMUNCULUS_AUTOFEED, sd->hd->homunculus.autofeed ); }else{ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_HOMUNCULUS_AUTOFEED, false ); } }else{ // Only send when enabled if( sd->hd && battle_config.feature_homunculus_autofeed && sd->hd->homunculus.autofeed ){ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_HOMUNCULUS_AUTOFEED, true ); } } #endif In the function clif_parse_LoadEndAck after: // Notify everyone that this char logged in [Skotlex]. map_foreachpc(clif_friendslist_toggle_sub, sd->status.account_id, sd->status.char_id, 1); add: #if PACKETVER >= 20070918 clif_partyinvitationstate(sd); clif_equipcheckbox(sd); #endif #if PACKETVER >= 20141008 if( battle_config.pet_autofeed_always ){ // Always send ON or OFF if( sd->pd && battle_config.feature_pet_autofeed ){ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_PET_AUTOFEED, sd->pd->pet.autofeed ); }else{ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_PET_AUTOFEED, false ); } }else{ // Only send when enabled if( sd->pd && battle_config.feature_pet_autofeed && sd->pd->pet.autofeed ){ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_PET_AUTOFEED, true ); } } #endif #if PACKETVER >= 20170920 if( battle_config.homunculus_autofeed_always ){ // Always send ON or OFF if( sd->hd && battle_config.feature_homunculus_autofeed ){ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_HOMUNCULUS_AUTOFEED, sd->hd->homunculus.autofeed ); }else{ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_HOMUNCULUS_AUTOFEED, false ); } }else{ // Only send when enabled if( sd->hd && battle_config.feature_homunculus_autofeed && sd->hd->homunculus.autofeed ){ clif_configuration( sd, CONFIG_HOMUNCULUS_AUTOFEED, true ); } } #endif
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    View File @autostore - Picked item will be sent to storage automatically Type (at)autostore Choose the option Kill monster, pick item Compiled & tested for rAthena Git Hash: 34971e57 (20190611) Submitter Cydh Submitted 06/12/2019 Category Source Modifications Video https://youtu.be/o6y26dZIc7U Content Author Cydh  
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    You need source modification for setcell. you can download the mod and apply it to your rA source. Sample Script : - script CELL_PVP -1,{ OnInit: setcell "prontera",150,180,160,170,cell_pvp,1; end; } cell_pvp.diff
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    View File [Html] Simple Purple Website Responsive One-Page Simple Purple Website Responsive One-Page ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By: Mihael Hope you like it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About: Website is made in php / html responsive one page, is translated in pt-br, but I believe in your potential to translate into their respective languages ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Demo: Espero que gostem. Submitter Mihael Submitted 06/25/2019 Category General Website Templates Video https://youtu.be/IEWmcu_9Lm4 Content Author Mihael  
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    Latest Version : Version 2 Second Upload ( 02/20/2019 ) Version 1 : First Upload ( 09/18/2017 ) I hope someone upload this on our forum to make it easier to find This is not MINE but credits to the OWNER ! collection of RO Chibi from Web (c) Gravity Co., Ltd. & Lee MyoungJin(studio DTDS). All rights reserved.(c) GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.当コンテンツの再利用(再転載・配布など)は、禁止しています。
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    View File Fix Summoner Hairstyle(MALE) The Hairstyle works with My Kamishi's 34 hair color(Rework-MALE) in which ignores the color of the eye and ...some of the fur 10 hairstyles This is my first sprite release if there are any issues with my work feel free to notify me leave a like if you like my work and helps me get motivated and share Submitter AshiHanna Submitted 06/28/2019 Category Hairstyles Content Author Gravity, Ashihanna  
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    As follow up of e7e8b54 and people's thought at Issue:#1404 Added config in conf/battle/skill.conf // Land Protector behavior // 0 : Officially, standing players at the border (outer cell) of the Land Protector is still can be affected/hit // by AoE skills (if the skills has splash effect, such Storm Gust). // 1 : Old Athena style, totally ignore AoE skill from outside Land Protector area. land_protector_behavior: 0 Try it now for FREE! Main branch Changes (against my fork master) Diff file Patch file
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    unlike your post title/body all the tutorials i know in rAthena is very informative here is our most used tutorial if you want more "informativity" i suggest you start to use the search feature
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    @ittiphol If you use EXE 2014-11-12 and later - you can't enable it. Because code was removed from EXE.
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    vejam esse topico que eu criei faz algum tempo, nele tem alguns itens de ocp do IRO que chegam como cash no bro e o de baixo: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/4161 aqui são os itens de RagCan do JRO.
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    case solved: D2 1D 68 B4 FF B4 00 8B C1 <-look for this line RED channel - CA GREEN channel - DF BLUE channel - FB For example, we want to change it by blue color. We need to modify bytes to: D2 1D 68 00 00 FF 00 8B C1 credits to @Functor for giving me hints on how to hexed client
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    found the keyboard button but not for the map here's for the keyboard button keyboard button 73 68 6F 70 00 00 00 00 6B 65 79 62 6F 61 72 64 00 00 00 00 73 6E 73 <-look for this line 73 68 6F 70 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 73 6E 73 <- change it to this line
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    Hi guys, now I'm in this board too and I'm happy to be able to work with you guys once again . Some rules for my releases: 1.) I will not support scripts you have modified by yourself, like changing mayor part of the code. 2.) Do NOT steal, pretend that you are the creator of these scripts - give credits accordingly . 3.) Like everyone else, I don't like it if someone remove the credits in the NPC Header. Anyway, if you follow these rules we won't have problems . For those who didn't took a look at my signature yet, my whole scripts are available via GitHub now. Topic Changelog: > 11-19/2011: Created my script collection and re-released my scripts from eAthena. > 11-24/2011: Added Restaurant, Login Settings, Global NPC Handler, Variable & Array Reader > 12-17/2011: Updated Restaurant and Virtual Password, Added Character Manager for Test Servers > 12-19/2011: Added PvP-GvG-MvP Arena > 12-20/2011: Added new feature to Character Manager > 01-08/2012: Added Card Compounder > 01-12/2012: Added Dynamic Shop > 01-18/2012: Added Vote NPC v1.0 > 10-13/2012: Added Fame System v1.1 > 10-16/2013: Added Training System v1.0 and Mob Invasion Event v1.0 > 09-22/2015: Added Quest System v1.0 > 06-11/2015: Updated Dynamic Shop v1.0 to v1.1 > 10-01/2015: Updated Quest System v1.0 and Fame System to v1.2 > 10-03/2015: Added Dungeon Party System v1.0 > 10-17/2015: Optimized this post a bit, how do you guys like it? > 09-07/2017: Cleaned up the Collection, see below for details. > 11-10/2017: Major update of older scripts > 12-31/2017: Updated Quest System v1.2 > 01-15/2018: Updated Training System v1.0 to v2.0 Added Mass Seller and Daily Reward NPC Added Dungeon Quest Service v1.0 + SQL file > 10-25/2018: Split Topic into Sections (Released, Requests, Additional and Unofficial) Added Instanced Loot System Added every requested Script so far Added Pagination function and GetMobData function Added Unofficial Excellion Gear NPC's and Nightmare Bio Lab NPC's Added Armor Enchanter Fixed Card Compounder > 05-28/2019: Added Battle Royale and Hunting Grounds Script Removed Broadcaster duo unnecessarity > Channel System Removed Unofficial Nightmare Bio Lab official implementation Removed Unofficial modified Morse Cave Instances by Alayne Updated Mob Invasion to v1.1 Modified Costume Enchanter v1.2 Modified Gold Room Battle v1.1 Removed every Update Log from the Scripts, leaving only the Features present > 06-10/2019: Added Mystic Enchanter + Mystic Enchanter without Random Option Support > 07-12/2019: Added the either forgotten or accidently deleted Last Man Standing v1.0 Added Dynamic Battleground Arena v1.0 Git Changelog Released Scripts Entertainment Guild Ranker v1.2 Arena Master v1.6 Last Man Standing v1.0 Mob Invasion Event v1.1 (I know there are many of these already around, but I wanted to try one for myself) Hunting Grounds Instance v1.0 Battle Royale v1.0 Dynamic Battleground Arena v1.0 Utility IP Ban NPC v1.1 InGame CP v1.3 Restaurant v1.0 Card Compounder v1.1 Dynamic Shop v1.1 InGame Board v1.1 Variable/Array Reader v1.0 Mass Seller v1.1 Daily Reward v1.0 Mystic Enchanter v1.0 Warning: This Enchanter might disturb Game Balance, as it allows to enchant everything you set it to! Though I added limitations and many settings to restrict that as much as possible. System Security System v2.1 Virtual Password v1.3 Global NPC Handler v1.1 Fame System v1.3 Training System v2.0 Quest System v1.2 Dungeon Quest System v1.0 Instanced Loot System v1.0 Extra Pagination Function v1.0 GetMobData Function v1.0 Requests Vote NPC v1.2 Request by PapaZola Monster Slaughter Event v1.0 Request by PapaZola Costume Enchanter v1.2 Request by Vegas Freebie NPC ... Forgot who requested it Gold Room PvP v1.1 Request by Paulinds MvP Ranker v1.2 Request by Radian Clean Up Deleted the following Scripts, which I had released but are too simple or unnecessary: Unofficial Scripts Excellion Gear NPC's Best regards, Chris
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    View File odin past and abyss 4 maps.rar odin past and abyss 4 maps.rar texture map uploaded Submitter Abeiy Submitted 06/29/2019 Category Maps & 3D Resources Video Content Author Gravity  
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    Have you zeny too?
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    just make it into a variable and set it to 1 for your account once you do it and return false if 1 set #tutorial_air1,0; or maybe its @ not # for account, pretty sure pound is character just place that at the bottom of the job change then at the top do this if (#tutorial_air1 == 0) { mes "sorry you already use the promo red potion"; end; }
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    What EXE version do you use? What is the ID of your custom skill? What size of the magic target do you want to set? As example tell me ID of existing official skill with the needed size of the magic target. I will be able to check it tomorrow.
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    Have you print from island?
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    It's been too long, I don't think anybody here remembers but i used to do lots of maps for RO. After 9 years, I started mapping again. Here's my first one. (I've photoshopped some random sprites on the screenshots to give an idea.) xD
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    Okay I searched for a while and figured out the root cause is the config change that came with the commit above. It also affects pre-renewal. You will need to find battle.conf config file and change: // Who should have a baseatk value (makes str affect damage)? (Note 3) enable_baseatk: 0x29F Back to: // Who should have a baseatk value (makes str affect damage)? (Note 3) enable_baseatk: 9
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    View File 5 Eremes Scarves Recolors 5 Available recolors for the official gear Eremes Scarf, Red and Black are original and exist in the db, so I excluded both. Submitter iraciz Submitted 06/25/2019 Category Sprites & Palettes Video Content Author Gravity  
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    same thing as functor said move #if PACKETVER >= 20141008 if( battle_config.pet_autofeed_always ){ // Always send ON or OFF ..... and #if PACKETVER >= 20170920 if( battle_config.homunculus_autofeed_always ){ // Always send ON or OFF ..... to `after` // Notify everyone that this char logged in [Skotlex]. map_foreachpc(clif_friendslist_toggle_sub, sd->status.account_id, sd->status.char_id, 1);
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    Just a simple modification to enable/disable Discount or Overcharge on specified NPC Shop. Maybe the idea was brought from Shop System and my old commit about "disable" discount for point & item shop. It just simple touch, add optional flag at very last of NPC shop line. -%TAB%shop%TAB%<NPC Name>%TAB%<sprite id>,<itemid>:<price>{,<itemid>:<price>...}{,<flag>} <map name>,<x>,<y>,<facing>%TAB%shop%TAB%<NPC Name>%TAB%<sprite id>,<itemid>:<price>{,<itemid>:<price>...}{,<flag>} <map name>,<x>,<y>,<facing>%TAB%marketshop%TAB%<NPC Name>%TAB%<sprite id>,<itemid>:<price>:<quantity>{,<itemid>:<price>:<quantity>...}{,<flag>} If the flag isn't set, it doesn't bother any default NPC. Flag 0x1 = Disable Discount 0x2 = Disable Overcharge If unset, Discount and Overcharge are enabled (if available) Examples Discount & Overcharge are disabled here prontera,147,167,6 shop Shop 1 872,2102:-1,2104:-1,501:-1,3 Overcharge is disabled prontera,147,164,6 shop Shop 2 872,2102:-1,2104:-1,501:-1,2 Discount is disabled prontera,147,161,6 shop Shop 3 872,2102:-1,2104:-1,501:-1,1 When file is loaded with that flag, you will get this Info Download discount_flag-rA-20180713-ec1d6d28.diff for rAthena Git Hash: ec1d6d28 (20180713)
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    how to disable the shortcut button and the maximize window?
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    Apoio completamente. Dependo do que precisar só me avisar que eu ajudo.
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    wow cool post, thanks for sharing looks good
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    pajodex asked this question over discord, so this was answered there http://herc.ws/board/topic/7014-who-has-annierurus-pvp-ladder-with-announcement-files-and-sql-queries/?do=findComment&comment=42630 well, even if I make an updated version, it will be hercules only, since rathena<->hercules are getting further apart
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    Hi, I'd like to ask if it is possible to remove Doram / Summoner from the char creation in the 2018-06-20RagexeRE? Couldn't find any diff or string with HxD in this date of client. I hope there's a solution to remove this piece of catnip.
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    Hello Everyone So as of late I am playing Pokemon game on discord and there is this sub game where the bot will spawn pokemon image on the channel and the user on channel only need to guess what is the name of the pokemon, it work to substitute Poke-Ball system and I think this system not far of from disguise so I am thinking to create this one just for the fun, the code is simple and crude so here if any of you interested to make it more robust please do get the needed file here: https://github.com/Litro/disguise-discord to run it you need to fill the value required in config.json file "token" : "" "apikey" : "", "WhiteList": [""], token: you can read the guide how to obtain discord bot token from here apikey: you need to request an API key. Please register an account in divine-pride.net forum and request a key in your profile page. WhiteList: is user id of staff that can use the command to start or stop disguise event. you can read it here for how to obtain it.
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    Postei aqui por que não achei uma área correta. Olá galera, como todos sabem eu nunca me aventurei nessa área de programação, porém por uma demanda da empresa eu tive que fazer um painel simples em VBA, o que acabou fazendo eu me interessar por programação, comecei a estudar HTML5, PHP, CSS, e JAVASCRIPT, com isso decidi começar o projeto de desenvolver um painel de ragnarok para que eu possa práticas, em baixo vai estar todas as funcionalidades do painel. OBS: O painel ainda está em desenvolvimento. [ PF PAINEL] Linguagens: - HTML5 - PHP - JAVASCRIPT - CSS Funcionalidades: - Registrar Conta OK - Visualizar Conta OK - Visualizar Personagens OK - Resetar Posição de Personagens OK - Resetar Estilo de Personagens OK - Logs da Conta OK - Alterar Email Em Desenvolvimento - Alterar Senha Em Desenvolvimento - Rankings de Zeny Em Desenvolvimento - Rankings de Eventos Em Desenvolvimento - Rankings da Campal Em Desenvolvimento - Ranking do PVP Em Desenvolvimento - Ranking de Tempo Online Em Desenvolvimento - Ranking de MVP's Em Desenvolvimento Estou vendo o que fazer quando finalizar, talvez eu disponibilize para a comunidade, lembrando que ainda sou novo nessa área e o painel foi feito com o intuito de aprendizado, então caso tenha erros por favor pode avisar, caso tenham sugestões do que pode ser adicionado podem avisar também, qualquer crítica e sugestão é bem vinda. OBS: O design do painel eu não desenvolvi do 0, peguei um painel flat responsivo e fui modificando. Segue abaixo algumas imagens do painel:
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    GRF Editor: Encryption The Movie Hello again, rAthena, I'm Haziel. I'm a Pixel Artist and also a Scripter. (Also, you can check my work here and here, and if you ever need any Sprite/Script Service, check here! You can also add me on skype (it's on my signature)) Most of the people who know me or hired me for any kind of service know that I don't charge more than it's fair. What upsets me is the people who use my work without authorization, most of the cases, paid material that took hours, days or, sometimes, weeks to be concluded. So, hoping to protect my work, and the custom content of your servers' owners, I've decided to write a guide explaning in detail how to use @Tokei's awesome tool. 1. List of Materials • GRF Editor, if you're not familiar with this software, it is the best GRF Management Tool ever coded. • The files you want to protect, the encryption is made by file so, there's no need to encrypt the whole GRF. • Your Hexed must be 2012-04-10 or above, it won't work on 2010 Clients. • Decide your Hexed filename, it's essential for the encryption to work. 2. Generating Encryption Key GRF Editor uses a Key Encryption Method, what means that your protection is based on a password. Choose a password you'll remember or note it somewhere, you won't be able to decrypt your files without it and always save a Backup of the files you'll encrypt. Password chosen, you'll need to generate the DLL, the one that will allow your Client to read encrypted files. Open the GRF Editor and navigates on the top menu to Tools > GRF Encryption, you'll see the window below. First, Input your Key on the Encryption Password field. Next, select your Client on the Client Path field, it is needed for the DLL to be coded to its filename or be modified if needed. IMPORTANT: The Client being asked here is for the Hexed, IT IS NOT the Patcher, Launcher or Loader. The name of the DLL can also be changed, it will output a modified Hexed of ready to read it. With everything set, click in Generate File(s), and it will pop up a folder where your DLL has been generated, add/replace the one in your Client folder. 3. Encrypting Files Files can now be encrypted. Open your GRF, GPF or THOR, select the files you want to protect. Right-click it and select EncryptIon > Encrypt. Enter the Password you previously defined, confirm and the file will be highlighted in Orange. The colour might not show up when you're working on a THOR file or opens a GRF/THOR previously encrypted, that's normal behavior. Once the GRF or THOR is saved, you won't be able to read the file. Normally an error will pop, but you can test it ingame, if you've done it correctly, it will be displayed properly. As far as I've tested, the Encrypted Files works in the DATA folder if extracted. If you want to Encrypt or Decrypt a whole GRF, you can select Tools > GRF Encryption with the GRF open by the software and choose the options Encrypt GRF or Decrypt GRF. You will be asked for the Key, and then It'll run the process through the entire GRF and export it to a new folder. The same process can be made with THOR files, even if it displays any reading error, patched Encrypted files will work. I hope that's clear enough and that it may help you. Post any question you may have in the comments below and I'll try to help. My best regards, Haziel
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    normally, you should manually change the HP value in the `mob_db.txt` for each monster in the dungeon. the other way is a source code edit, but the easiest way of using this will cause all monsters hp to double (*2).
  48. 1 point
    So if you want: A not clickable npc, with position/info never send to the client/bot (so npctalk, effects, ... will fail), use -1. A not clickable npc, with position/info send to client (npctalk, etc. will work), use 139. A clickable npc, use 111.
  49. 1 point
    I'd also like to add getmobgid and getchargid. It probably would've been best to use gid for everything instead of rid. For those who don't know I'm not talking about Guild ID. What I'm talking about is Game ID... This is a unique ID given to every entity in your server. I feel it is extremely useful. We could use one command to return information from any interactive object instead of separate commands. Example: getstrgidinfo(<gid>,<type>{,<object>}).
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    case PR_SANCTUARY: hp = (skill_lv>6)?777:skill_lv*100; if (dstmd->class_ == MOBID_EMPERIUM) hp = 1; break;
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