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    View File [SCRIPT COMMAND] Fake Player This modification allows you to create fake players without further using mob_avail for such behavior. Usage: [email protected] = fakeplayer( map, x, y, name, job_id, sex, hair_style, hair_color, weapon, shield, head_top, head_mid, head_bottom, option, cloth_color ); Submitter Zell Submitted 08/26/2019 Category Source Modifications Video Content Author Zell  
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    Heya, As of, GRF Editor now has a Dark Theme available. You can choose the theme from Tools > Settings > General > Theme.
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    "By using the beast's chakra with its tail, the host begins its transformation. They begin the red chakra aura, which gives them increased strength, speed and healing. " Credits - Renato Manara & SM et al *If anyone get interested, we are recruiting
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    It's time to show the true power of mapping! : DThe main skill of a real map maker wizard is the ability to make candies out of the impossible, so... ONLY 6 BLOCKS ! ONLY 1 WALL TEXTURE !! 16 BIT !!!(this is a screenshot from one old game with the interior of the castle belonging to the main hero LOL) .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. chwd_cas1 Please rate it if the map is good enough
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    20151104 Here's the Client List : http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/
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    Hello everyone, A new Paint in Black update is here! New Version v19.8.30 is now available and can be found here: https://github.com/Normynator/PaintItBlack/releases/tag/v19.8.30 It includes the Discord Addon, a in-game guide for all PiB commands/features and some fixes. All the instructions can be found on the link above and on the @Normynator project channel on discord. Norm's projects discord: https://discord.gg/r3rvGXR If you need any support, please feel free to join the discord. We can support everyone more quickly in there. Best,
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    Hey guys, was planning to make another control panel. Don't worry, all past control panels i made are gone, all of them are bad. Not optimized, slow and etc... I wanted to start from scratch again so here i go. I will use a fast http wrapper named restana which would make requests much faster. And i will also make the code optimized and user and developer friendly. I havn't thought of a name for it yet, so just leave a reply for a suggested name and i will use it. Also just leave suggestions and i'll add it. EDIT: Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/WvNngBu
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    Name: @reload atcommand Creator: Me (@Cretino) Version: 0.1 (Initial version [Cretino]) Contributors: Q: 'What features have '@reload atcommand'?' R: Q: 'How to use these features?' R: Q: 'How Can I enable 'Reload Fast Mode'?' R: I've tested and is working well, but can have bugs. I'm accepting suggestions. If you found any bug, report in topic or send me a private message. I'll solve the problem as quickly as possible. I think is it. Note: Sorry for my English. Diff file: @reload_by_cretino_v0.1_rathena.diff
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    Hey, guys! I've been looking for an updated EMP breaker test room in the forum and i come across with this script. All credits goes to the real owner of this script which was not included. if you know please do comment it here. What i did was just edit some message and maybe some errors. prontera,155,181,5 script EMP Manager 4_GEFFEN_13,{ // What Map will be used .Map$ = "job3_arch01"; // How many Top Breaker will be Recorded .TopRank = 3; // Message to Inform Players while inside the Room setarray .Instruction$[0], "Please listen here carefully...", "This is a emperium breaker test room which is use to test your breaking time.", "Players are required to have a guild when entering the room.", "If you got everything then let's do this Good luck!!"; [email protected]$ = "[ EMP Manager ]"; while(1) { mes [email protected]$; mes "This is emperium breaker test room you are able to calculate your emperium breaking speed in this room."; mes "what do you want to do now?"; next; switch( select( ( getmapusers( .Map$ ) )?"^FF0000Room is not available":"^0000FFRoom is available^000000", "Top ^FF0000"+.TopRank+"^000000 Breaker ranking", ( getgmlevel() < 90 )?"":"^FF0000[GM]^000000 Reset Room", ( getgmlevel() < 90 )?"":"^FF0000[GM]^000000 Reset Ladder" )){ case 1: mes [email protected]$; if( getmapusers( .Map$ ) ){ mes "There is another player inside it now."; next; break; } warp .Map$,0,0; killmonster .Map$,"All"; donpcevent strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnReady"; end; case 2: mes [email protected]$; mes "Latest record: " + LatestRecord/1000+"."+LatestRecord%1000+" seconds."; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .TopRank; [email protected] ){ if( !$TopRankTime[[email protected]] ) break; mes "Top "+( [email protected] + 1 )+" - ^0000FF"+$TopName$[[email protected]]+"^000000"; mes "Time taken: ^ED1ADC"+$TopRankTime[[email protected]]/1000+"."+$TopRankTime[[email protected]]%1000+"^000000 sec. "; } next; break; case 3: mes [email protected]$; mapannounce .Map$,"Admin resets the emperium ladder room.",bc_all,0xFFFF00; killmonster .Map$,"All"; sleep 3000; mapwarp .Map$,"prontera",155,171; mes "Done reset. and player who are inside are warped out."; next; break; case 4: switch( select( "^0000FFAll Player^000000:^FF0000One Player^000000" ) ){ case 1: deletearray $TopRankTime[0],getarraysize( $TopRankTime ); deletearray $TopName$[0],getarraysize( $TopName$ ); mes "RESETED WHOLE LADDER."; break; case 2: mes "Please input the ^FF0000EXACT NAME^000000 of player you want to delete."; input .Name$; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .TopRank; [email protected] ){ if( .Name$ == $TopName$[[email protected]] ){ deletearray $TopName$[[email protected]],1; deletearray $TopRankTime[[email protected]],1; mes "Removed ^FF0000"+.Name$+"^000000 from the List."; } } } next; break; } } OnReady: sleep 3000; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize( .Instruction$ ); [email protected] ){ mapannounce .Map$,.Instruction$[[email protected]],bc_map,0xFFFF00; sleep 2500; } for( [email protected] = 5; [email protected] > 0; [email protected] ){ mapannounce .Map$,"Count Down: " + callfunc("F_InsertPlural",[email protected],"second") + "!",bc_map,0xFFFF00; sleep 1000; } monster .Map$,29,27,"Breaker Test",1288,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBreaked"; .Record = 0; sleep 500; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer600000: if( !mobcount( .Map$,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBreaked" ) ) end; mapannounce .Map$,"You spent too much time. I think you are AFK , so you are out.",bc_map,0xFFFF00; sleep 3000; mapwarp .Map$,"prontera",156,191; stopnpctimer; end; OnBreaked: .Time = getnpctimer(0); copyarray [email protected]$[0],$TopName$[0],getarraysize( $TopName$ ); copyarray [email protected][0],$TopRankTime[0],getarraysize( $TopRankTime[0] ); LatestRecord = .Time; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .TopRank; [email protected] ){ if( .Time < $TopRankTime[[email protected]] || !$TopRankTime[[email protected]] ){ set $TopRankTime[[email protected]],.Time; set $TopName$[[email protected]],strcharinfo(0); copyarray $TopRankTime[[email protected] + 1],[email protected][0],getarraysize( [email protected] ); copyarray $TopName$[[email protected] + 1],[email protected]$[0],getarraysize( [email protected]$ ); announce strcharinfo(0)+" has achieved the rank " + ([email protected] + 1) + " in emperium breaking with " + .Time/1000 + "."+.Time%1000+" seconds.",bc_all,0xFFFF00; break; } } stopnpctimer; announce "Current time taken " + .Time/1000 + "." + .Time%1000 + " seconds",bc_self,0xFFFF00; sleep 5000; mapwarp .Map$,"prontera",156,191; end; } job3_arch01 mapflag nocommand 50 job3_arch01 mapflag gvg on job3_arch01 mapflag gvg_castle job3_arch01 mapflag monster_noteleport job3_arch01 mapflag nosave SavePoint also for this script to fully work. you need to add this in your rathena/db/castle_db.txt 69,job3_arch01,Emperium Test Breaker Room,EMP Manager#OnBreaked If something came up let me know, and i will try my best to fix it.
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    made in 2013 Set character position、move distance and what skill you want to use and just use it
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    After hopping from server to server, I found that most servers had the same bugs that most people would suggest to be fixed after the server officially opened. I started to compile a list and post my list on the forums before the start of every server I played on. Being young at the time, 18 or 19, I thought maybe I could make a server, not knowing how much work really went into it. The seed was planted, though, and it stayed buried for a long time until about four years ago. I had just got done playing on a 1x server on renewal. It was fun and challenging in a few ways I didn't expect, mainly on the tedious spectrum and being used to autoloot. Unfortunately, the server died. A player from that server showed me how to set up my own instance of RO on my own computer and I could modify it to my liking but it needed a name. I wanted to make a good server, as most of us do, but I was no longer cocky. I knew being an admin was hard but I wanted to strive for something better than okay, something... decent. And thus the name was born. That preamble out of the way, I decided to just roll with what I was most comfortable with. Pre-renewal with some, pretty standard, tweaks and most of the usual suspects fixed. I taught myself script, so I'm pretty bad at it and most likely make redundant scripts but I've been able to get away with doing what I need to and, if I can't, I beg on these forums. It had to have BG and everybody loved eAmod BG, so I looked up the scripts for that and tried to get it to work. It needed some tweaks but I managed and, as far as I can test with one person running ten clients, it seemed to work properly with some play testing. Then I turned my eye to some normal features I felt were lacking: Pets, picking up loot, new content, etc. It was around this point I started modifying the src. I'm no where near even half decent at src modification but I've been able to put together how to get an idea of what is happening. It's allowed me to really make some decent modifications. I brought back pets fighting (not sure if that's enabled in renewal now), added arealoot with some bothering of Playtester, and started tweaking some renewal content. I've managed to get what I feel are some decent tweaks to New World, Dicastes, Mora, Old Glast Heim and Dewata. I implemented the pre-renewal Brasilis with some minor modifications. I've implemented all renewal cards, excluding maybe four or so. The amount of random tweaks I've made to this server I feel really make it stand out but I'm too worried, anxious and just scared to release it. I came close one time but then maintaining a website, finding the correct server to host it on and just the pressure of being an official admin was too much and I canceled. My changelog is pretty detailed and I've been adamant about making sure I write down every change or fix I make to the server. If you'd like to discuss, especially my unfinished ideas, I'm glad to hear feedback. Here's the link: https://pastebin.com/YCf0vnXp
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    This seems to be a more appropriate place so continuing here from @autopilot is a server side AI implementation that can control player characters. The primary goal is to replace human players for any reason : perhaps you installed a server on your own computer and have no other players, or your server has too low population or a critical class for the party isn't available. Either way, this allows you to add characters to your party without having a human player available. Note that this isn't a bot : it might get stuck in a corner if left alone with no human to lead the party. Also note this is server side : you have to be the server owner and capable of modifying your source to add it. Obviously an AI isn't a human player, which means better reaction time, and no "I have to go 5 minutes afk sorry" during boss fights but at the price of not being able to judge more advanced situations correctly. Overall I'd say the AI will play better than a typical player but will fail at anything more complex than "use this skill when <condition>". All the current progress is available here : https://github.com/SeravySensei/rathena/commits/Autopilot To install, make a branch for the feature in your local repository, pull from the linked branch, then use or merge it as you prefer. I strongly recommend reading through the comments in the code : every skill has hardcoded AI and there are a few cases where my server uses nonstandard parameters for skills. These are mentioned in the comments, usually explaining how it is different from normal and what's recommended to change in the code if you are using default skills. Finally, enable all the added commands in your groups.conf file. Currently implemented : All 1st classes, 2nd/rebirth classes. Regular Homunculus. Archbishop. Awaiting implementation : -Homunculus S -3rd jobs -Summoner How to use : @autopilot Tank enables tanking mode, the AI will try to engage enemies in melee and use melee skills. @autopilot Skill enables the AI to use ranged attacks or ranged skills, in general this is the DPS mode @autopilot Support restricts the AI to using support skills only. @autopilothom with same parameters : same modes for the Homunculus. There are a few other commands for enabling "extras" such as telling the AI to use a song or dance or other special skill or use sp potions. You should see them in the atcommands file(s). It's old but here is a recording that shows the AI in action :
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    in my opinion , "ragnarok hosting services" is a scam (OFC IT'S ONLY MY OPINION) why don't you try to buy a normal vps with the system/ip/protection/specs you want and install rAthena in it using https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki ? it would take some work , but again (in my opinion) if you can't setup a server from 0 , don't open one , or look for a partner that can do it in the future you will find bugs/problems in the server , you can't fix it if you don't know the basic just use google and search for a vps with low ping , low price ,1gig ram or more if you want , 10gig storage or more if you want , 1core or more if you want i would suggest Debian 9 2gig ram 2core
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    To put a announce is simple, you just need this script command: announce "<text>",<flag>{,<fontColor>{,<fontType>{,<fontSize>{,<fontAlign>{,<fontY>}}}}}; Just add the 'announce' after the 'getitem': Now, about show a countdown timer... You'll need to remake the script, changing 'addtimer' to other function. I suggest you look at 'doc/script_commands.txt' file or look for one script with hourly reward to get a example. Good luck.
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    View File Act Editor Heya, This tool is an action file editor, it edits Act and Spr files. You will find similarities with ActOR in its design, but it should be much more enjoyable to edit animations ;]. Special thanks to Nebraskka for testing this software in its early days. All the suggestions and feedbacks made this software much better. How to install Download the zip archive provided from the download link at the bottom of this description or directly from there : http://www.mediafire.com/file/uoymx2vni249mlu Install the application with Act Editor Installer.exe; if you are missing a .NET Framework you will be prompted to download it. Once you are done, you can start the program from the link on your desktop. Key features The software has many, many features available. It would take too long to describe each one of them, so I've only focussed on the more impotant ones. You can undo and redo everything, scripts included. You can edit and add sounds easily. Powerful and easy to use palette editor. Sprite types have been abstracted - you don't have to worry or care about that. Animation speed can be changed easily. Most components have a drag and drop feature. Advanced scripting engine (C# language). The scripts can also be used to customize the software menus. Error checking when saving the act/spr to avoid invalid files. The sprite version will be automatically downgraded if RLE compression is not available. Frame interpolation (inbetweening/tweening) is possible via the Animation menu. Prompts you with an image converter dialog if the added image is invalid. Allows advanced edition for actions and frames via their respective menus. You can load files from GRFs directly (and save in the GRFs directly as well). Technical stuff Requires .Net Framework 3.5 (SP1) Client Profile to run (3.5 or more will work as well). When prompted with an error, use the "Copy exception" button to copy the debugging info. I will need this to fix the issue you're encountering. The editor's primary window The interface is really straightforward and similar to ActOR. I'll only focus on new elements! Rendering mode : This option changes the behavior of how layers are rendered. If you use 'Editor', you'll clearly see all the pixels when zooming in. If you use 'Ingame', it will use a linear scaling instead, which is closer to what the client does. References : These allow you to know where your item will be positionned (the yellow marker is the anchor, see below). Color mask : To edit the color of a layer, simply click on the color rectangle. You can also drag and drop the colors between different layers to quickly modify many of them. Common shortcuts : You can manipulate layers by using common shortcuts. More can be found from the Edit menu. These below are only the primary ones. Ctrl-A : Select all layers. Ctrl-C : Copy the selected layers. Ctrl-V : Paste the copied layers. Ctrl-X : Cut the selected layers. Alt-C : Copy current action. Alt-V : Paste current action. Advanced action and frame editions These expose all the available methods of the editor. You can remove a range of frames or copy a frame 10 times very quickly and easily. This dialog is found in Action/Frame > Advanced edit... Anchors You can edit anchors from the editor directly. Anchors are points that connect frames together, from different act files. Here's an example without and with anchors : This is mostly useful when you're using reference sprites (on the right panel). Clicking on the anchor button will let you choose where to attach the sprite (this is set semi-automatically for you though). You can edit those from the Anchors menu, but it is recommended to start from a pre-existing act to avoid doing this tedious process. Palette editor The palette editor allows you to quickly recolor sprites with an intuitive interface. Only indexed images can be edited (it's a palette editor after all) and three modes are available. The gradient mode changes an existing gradient to another color while keeping the original saturation and brightness of the colors - this makes the gradients blend in better. If there are no gradient (usually because it's a custom sprite), there's always the Adjust color mode. This one changes all color from a specified range to another one (Photoshop has a similar feature, which does work better). You can click on the image (on the left) to automatically select the palette indexes. These will be highlighted for a few seconds to show you what you're about to edit. Interpolation (tweening) This script can be accessed via Animation > Interpolate frames. This process fills the images between two frames by detecting the changes applied to the layers. Here's a simple example of how it can be used : Script engine The script engine can be accessed via Scripts > Script Runner. This is a big feature of Act Editor, it allows you to automate all your work with the act and much more. Click on the Help button for guides and available methods (don't hesitate to try out a script; if an error occurs the act will be reversed to its previous state). The documentation doesn't cover all of the available options and methods for obvious reasons (the .net framework is huge). Doc example : The language used by the script engine is C#. If you're not familiar with it, simply check out the script samples (Scripts > Open scripts folder)! I won't go into details here, questions can be asked in the support thread regarding addiotional features and methods. If you believe your script should be added in the program, send it to me and I'll probably add it. Customizable The settings dialog allows you to modify all colors in the editor easily. You'll also find the sound resources (GRFs and folders) that can be set up in the Sound tab. The Shell integration tab can associate the .act files with the software to edit them more easily. Don't hesitate to give me a feedbacks or suggestions! Submitter Tokei Submitted 11/21/2014 Category Editors Video Content Author Tokeiburu
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    I'm glad I could help Maybe in the future when I have time I'll tinker a bit more with it to improve stuff
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    Just made and added new sprites to the showcase: 21. my custom character Zuku Bg 22. some different types of homunculus as slaves for alchemy monsters Zuku Bg (Custom) Homunculus
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    by short description There are 3 different generations of laboratory monsters: 1. Egnigem, Wickebine, Laurell, Errende, Josephina, Kavach, Armeyer 2. Seyren, Eremes, Kathryne, Margaretha, Cecil, Howard 3. Randel, Gertie, Celia, Chen, Trentini, Alphoccio, Flamel I collect them, correct mistakes, add every possible class to each monster, recolor them in 3 official color sets and improve their aura. As a basis, I took the logic of the first implemented sprites at lhz_dun01-03 If you compare the following kRO sprites with corrections in the changelog you will notice that the logic has ceased to be respected and the sprites do not even have sounds! [DONE] 1st classes, 2nd classes, advanced classes, 3rd classes, 3rd japan edition classes, king of the alley, the last one, custom extended classes, summoner The total number of sprites in the pack: ~150 classes (including different types of weapons) x 3 color sets x 2 different auras = ~900 sprites changelog: (!) Below are the non-clean gifs recorded using GifCam.exe over the Act Editor (!) So these can brake or accelerate and do not serve as an accurate image. These gifs are added just for reference For clarity, the background of the laboratory is taken, and the sprites are shown in transparent blue 969F9EE7 and with improved aura Seyren Windsor Eremes Guile Kathryne Keyron Margaretha Sorin Cecil Damon Howard Alt-Eisen Randel Lawrence Gertie Wie Celia Alde Chen Lio Trentini Ilaria Alphoccio Basil Flamel Emure Egnigem Chenia Wickebine Tres Laurell Weinder Errende Ebecee Josephina Kavach Icarus Armeyer Dinze The Last One & King of the Alley Cheril Belle (Custom) Weikath Valtz (Custom) Keytar Oracle (Custom) Rachel Wirth (Custom) Mary Liz (Custom) Zuku Bg (Custom) Homunculus
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    The topic has been removed because of rAthena staff double standards and hypocrisy things. (rA staff blame me that I made a money on this topic while it's not and never was) All that I did for the last 2.5 years with around ~1k answers from my side is help for free for newbies here, but to rA staff, my topic is a pain in the ass. Sorry guys, but the topic can't be maintained on such a community anymore because of its admins. Bye
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    I think is it you want: new_item_enchanter_v1.1.txt You can go to line '364' to configure it and see more for changes.
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    I updated the pull on my repository as a gesture since many people are still interested in it. Have fun PS. I have no intention of supporting any of this. You are still on your own.
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    A mod that makes NPC able to open Buyingstore First diff for rAthena Git Hash: 584fcac4 (20180726) Possible for older rAthena version or emulator
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    Need the latest kRO Install folder for your private server? Look no further! ----> Download <---- Latest: 2018-08-13 Installation: Official kRO Updated: 25/02/2019 Download Link: http://bit.ly/latestkro Package contains RSU RO Patcher Lite for kRO and kRO RE by [Ai4rei] This package is maintained by [Akkarin] This ZIP archive is 3.14GB in size and includes all BGMs plus the latest RSU ([2018-10-23] Release Simply download, extract, play! A fan of this topic? Hit the rep button
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    June Digest 2019 The following digest covers the month of June 2019. Staff Changes: None. Development Highlights: CORE: Fixed dissapearing items when cart is full (8ed3d058) Corrected a potential crash from equip switch (8cfee2c8) Corrected Enchant Arms for older clients (754274bc) Corrected Weapon Forging inventory search (052a4fd1) Corrected the value returned by getmapflag script command for MF_RESTRICTED (f8ea43eb) Corrected PK Mapflag assignment (a548f20c) Sense - show 0 for negatives (19835b63) Implemented instance_live_info script command to retrieve some data of running instances (c1975d7e) DATABASE: Removed the duplicate item ID from item_db.txt (5c1ef394) Updated item_db.txt (aae31a19) SCRIPT: Corrected the map name for announcing the entrance in the Morse cave instance (3cb23fd5) Fixed an issue with a cooldown after killing Wounded Morroc (34971e57) Implemented the Paramarket shops (a16f0ebb) OTHERS: Added the skeleton for the yaml converter (c2899d75) Added missing gitignores for csv2yaml (a4bbb932) Add SnakeDrak as author (46d04269) Fixed csv2yaml for guild skill tree (232b3885) Clean-up doc script commands (7cc8c964) List of Contributors: @aleos89, @attackjom, @Atemo, @Daegaladh, @flamefury, @functor-x, @jenkijo, @Lemongrass3110, @LiamKarlMitchell, @Normynator, @Tokeiburu July Digest 2019 The following digest covers the month of July 2019 Staff Changes: None Development Highlights: CORE: Implemented convertpcinfo script command (5fae7c26) Fixed a clone issue (912d97e4) Corrected autospell stacking (32525bad) Pet Fix Client after 20180704 (87b85819) Prevent moving/dropping the pet egg if it's hatched (454163c4) Fixed invalid item errors in achievements (8bb6b119) Fixed STR affecting mob damage in pre-renewal (2ca417b6) Cleaned up Joint Beat behavior (cb2c553f, 6d199ca7, 5702dc3c) Fixed Achievement Level progression (ac46920e) Fixed CZ_STANDING_RESURRECTION check (17f32a17) Fixed typo with wrong password length (d9db877d) Corrected Strip duration (4ea1b254) Corrected RENEWAL_ASPD macro processing (d476934c) Corrected pre-renewal Heal formula (3caf6687) Corrected a compile warning on GCC 8 (3dd388ac) Properly free function script counter (8050f7c8) Removed leftover variable (90d603d1) DATABASE: Corrected Magnum Break delay (fc2c6e02) SCRIPT: Fixed quest cooldown display bug for Quest Board NPC (bf52c52a) OTHERS: Fixed pet evolution upgrade script (e6eaa9fe) Made mob sprite column unique (d80e111e) Updated README.md (68e98a87) Small doc/script_commands.txt correction (0b1184e4) List of Contributors: @4144, @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @Asheraf, @Badarosk0, @cahya1992, @cydh, @daisyanne1380, @Everade, @gengstergile, @Indigo000, @laziem, @mazvi, @mrjnumber1, @naffej, @Normynator, @Playtester, @RadianFord, @rfperuch, @sader1992, @SeravySensei, @Stingor, @teededung, @Tokeiburu Show your support to rAthena by submitting your Issue or Pull Requests! 
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    Marketplace link: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=secretdataz.athena-language-support This extension provides rAthena-flavored Athena language syntax highlighting and code snippets and automatically highlights files with .rascript extension. The following is the non-exhaustive list of code snippets provided by Athena Language Support. * `defnpc`, `defnpcfloat`, `defwarp`, and `defshop` (In-game objects definition) * `deffunction` (Function definition) * `On:` event handler snippet * `for`, `while`, `do` flow control snippet report issues: https://github.com/secretdataz/athena-language-support/issues show me I suck at making extensions: https://github.com/secretdataz/athena-language-support/pulls Special thanks to @JoWei for the base extension for Atom.
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    what i suggested is pre-doram client if you want older than that without oborou & kagerou feature you can use 20130807
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    El emulador tiene implementado hasta cierta parte el episodio 16.1, porque hasta cierta parte? Porque si bien tiene la Main quest del 16.1 hacia atras, pero se a brincado algunas otras implementaciones antes de dicho episodio (ej. illusion dungs, OGH Nightmare, etc)
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    I have it on my NYRO server.
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    Have 2 problems in your function. First: Second:
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    Add after: at->sd->state.block_action &= ~PCBLOCK_IMMUNE;
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    skill.cpp Remove SCCB_CHEM_PROTECT case 3: // THE HIGH PRIESTESS - all buffs removed { status_change_clear_buffs(target, SCCB_BUFFS | SCCB_CHEM_PROTECT); break; } should look like this case 3: // THE HIGH PRIESTESS - all buffs removed { status_change_clear_buffs(target, SCCB_BUFFS ); break; }
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    prontera,155,181,5 script Sample 4_F_KAFRA1,{ if (!quest_random) { quest_random = rand(1, 3); mes "You have been assigned with a new quest."; next; } switch(quest_random) { case 1: setarray [email protected], 4001, 1; setarray [email protected], 512; setarray [email protected], 100; break; case 2: setarray [email protected], 4002, 1; setarray [email protected]item, 501, 502, 503; setarray [email protected], 3, 1, 2; break; case 3: setarray [email protected], 4003, 1; setarray [email protected], 512, 503; setarray [email protected], 300, 100; break; default: mes "invalid quest."; close; } mes "Quest Requirement(s):"; [email protected] = getarraysize([email protected]); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { mes " > "[email protected][[email protected]]+"x "+getitemname([email protected][[email protected]]); if (countitem([email protected][[email protected]]) < [email protected][[email protected]]) [email protected]++; } if ([email protected]) { next; if (select("Submit Quest", "Cancel") == 1) { for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) delitem [email protected][[email protected]], [email protected][[email protected]]; getitem [email protected][0], [email protected][1]; quest_random = 0; } } close; } try
  34. 1 point
    try - script Sample -1,{ OnInit: .map$ = "guild_vs1"; .max_round = 40; end; OnClock0000: if (.status) end; .round = 0; .status = 1; OnSummon: sleep 3000; .round++; if (.round <= .max_round) { mapannounce .map$, "ROUND - "+.round+"/"+.max_round+"!", bc_map; sleep 5000; monster .map$,50,50,"--ja--",-3,1,strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnReward"; } else { .status = 0; .round = 0; killmonsterall .map$; } end; OnReward: donpcevent strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnSummon"; addrid(1, 0, 5, .map$); // Prize + Amount if (.round <= 10) [email protected] = 1; else if (.round <= 20) [email protected] = 2; else if (.round <= 30) [email protected] = 3; else [email protected] = 4; getitem 501, [email protected]; getitem 502, [email protected]; getitem 503, [email protected]; end; }
  35. 1 point
    Thank you so much for this amazing script !
  36. 1 point
    Hi community! Today I'm here to contribute with this 'simple' script. I think it'll be useful for many people and will give different extra options for your players. This is my first script released here, so, expect something that make you cry in terms of visual xD (but it works, i promise) Telling about the script: You can manage the options you want for each equipment in each slot, controlled by arrays. You can choose if the script will charge Zeny, Cash, Item's, Zeny and Item, Cash and Item. You can set a fail rate. If fail player will loose equipment and materials. You can set if you want players be able to Overwrite the previous random option by trying enchant again. You can set how much slots player can enchant. Default value is 4 what correspond to 5 random options by equipment. You can set the minimun and maximun value that'll be given. Default is +1 to +5 . You can set a wait time when enchanting. Credits: @Keitenai I use your Random Option Dealer as base to create this. @Stolao Help me with lots of problems during development. I can't finish this without your help. @Secrets Looking for your job, advices etc to other people you give me a fundamental idea to solve a problem xD @Ninja and @Sehrentos help me find newbie common errors that helped me a lot. Rights: This is a private/request script for a server called SurviveRO, so, don't claim this as yours because you DO NOT OWN this script and CAN'T repost WITHOUT permission. Feel Free to change values to adapt for your server. ROpt_Enchant.txt
  37. 1 point
    Prolog What's new? Added kind of attacker that will be affected of this damage adjustment Corrected script command usage for atk_rate that didn't work on previous releases Remove some unusable params on battle_calc_normal_damage Conf file, on misc.conf Mapflag NPC Download! DIFFED for rAthena Git Hash: 34971e57 (20190611) : global_damage-rA-20190611-34971e57.diff global_damage-rA-20180918-0d773983.diff
  38. 1 point
    Congratulations on the job. I'll download and use it.
  39. 1 point
    Hello, I'm Haziel. I've been a graphic artist for over 15 years. I've made commissions for several Ragnarök Servers and also, worked on the production of some Indie Games either as Concept or Pixel Artist. Spriter is my main role on game development but I'm also able to perform as Designer, Mapper and Programmer, drop me a PM if you're interested in any of those services. For the previews below, keep in mind: Headgears, Garments, Equipment, Weapon/Shield and Monsters. Headgears Divine Headgear Set A Gem Themed Headgear Set carrying the theme of mystical stones, targeted for each of the main class branches. Dragon Headgear Set In a similar fashion of the previous one, having one main headgear targeted to fit certain classes. Equipment Divergent Set The Divergent Set concept is based on evolution. After meeting some requirements, the player would be able to evolve the basic Divergent Equipment (grey-ish blue), to one of 8 different forms: Demon (Purple), Dragon (Green), Fox (Orange), Ox (Black), Phoenix (Red), Shark (Skyline Blue), Tiger (Yellow) and Wolf (White). Each one with its own properties. The Helmet has it's own appearances while the other equipment will have it's colour changed. Arcane Set The Arcane Set was meant to be a magical bundle of equipment with four options of headgears for combining, it also has a Weapon compatible with Wizards, Sages and their evolutions. Sacred Set Initially, the Sacred Shield was requested, then, a Swordsman Equipment set, I mixed both things and expanded it to an 8-piece Equipment Set. Plate themed, this one is intended for Knights, Crusaders and their respective evolutions, but can be used by any Class. The Shield is currently only available for Crusaders and evolutions but can be adapted for any Class, although a specific Diff from NEMO is required to implement it. An alternative Cursed theme is also available. Elemental Auras Four Aura-like headgears and four monsters/pets to go along the theme. Anime/Show/Game Themed Gears Anime/Game Themed Gears Miscellaneous Gears made based on some Anime/Game characters and/or artefacts. Above, Megaman X and Zero Helmets from Megaman X franchise, Dying Will from Katekyo Hitman Reborn anime, Kaneki Mask from Tokyo Ghoul anime. Sword Art Online 2 Headgears/Garments and 3 Weapons based on the Manga/Anime Sword Art Online. Elucidator and Dark Repulser both are available for Knights and Evolutions, Kirito Weapons for Assassins and Evolutions. Event Gears Valentine's Day Halloween Halloween Package includes 5 Headgears with matching Garments and also the Wicked Set, composed of 2 Headgears and a Garment. Auras 32bit Headgear Auras All of them available in 12 colours. Monsters Defence Turrets Those are monsters meant to be summoned and attack anything that goes near. Originally intended to be WoE-related. Untear, Unseal, Unnes & Undine My take on the concept of evolutive Pets, can also be used as monsters. Miscellaneous Monsters Situational mobs to be used in Custom Maps/Quests. Trickster Collection My own take on Trickster Online conversions. Christmas Boss: Evil Santa Meant for Christmas Events, this boss has some weirdly strong Reindeers as minions! Sword Art Online Collection Overlord Collection RE: Zero Collection Bosses Big Bosses Really Big Bosses VIP Badges Those were intended to be exclusive to certain VIP levels, there are alternate versions for PVP purposes. Logo Headgears I also offer the service of recreating a server's Logo in a promotional Headgear. Headgear Edits Examples of minor works I usually receive requests for, that may be, from little corrections or addition of details to recolours and mixing of headgears. Above, a symbolic gift to Nova and his request about a Sunglass equipped on the lower slot. Garments/Robes Garments are visual items Gravity made on Jan/05 of 2011, but even Gravity itself didn't make much of them. They're equipped on Cape or Costume Cape slot and must be made Class by Class to fit perfectly on each movement. Different from Headgears, they are layered correctly behind the character and does not stay floating around it as some custom content out there. Official examples of it are the Archangel Wings and the Adventurer's Backpack. Wing-Themed Collection My current Wing collection consists of several themes divided on Insect, Feathered, Leather and Other categories. Suitable for all classes. Miscellaneous Garment Collection Another set of Custom Garments, but with another kind of thematic, instead of the usual wings. Miscellaneous Equipment Sets These have no visual appearance, are only intended as common gear. Freebies Headgears Garments Monsters Freebies Click on the preview image to be redirected to download thread! Freebies will be posted weekly! Rules 1. DO NOT steal my work, it takes hours, days, sometimes weeks to be made, don't claim it yours. 2. DO NOT redistribute, mirror or redistribute my work. 3. DO NOT edit my work without my permission, It includes recolours. 4. DO NOT remove my signature included among my files, be respectful. 5. DO use my works as Donation Rewards, be kind and just ask me first. Additional Information • I'm a Freelancer and my work is for sale, contact me by PM, Facebook, Discord, E-Mail ([email protected]ielgraphics.com) or Skype (hyering) if you're interested. • I'll not edit or modify other Artists' work without their permission, be sure to have it before asking. • I do take references on Sprites from TalesWeaver, Trickster and other sources, but I'll not redistribute raw materials or teach how to get it. • Feel free to contact me speaking English or Spanish. I can also understand Portuguese at a certain level. • I'm not a master or a know-it-all, I'll share my knowledge when I feel appropriate to do so.
  40. 1 point
    Sorry guys, the vedio is made with mandarin . The camp have a few functional NPC and a command @back: warp to the camp and get some support. heal : you can heal you teammate with NPC , the area will be 10x10. Jump: you can jump out the wall you choose and against the giant mobs. Shop: get whatever you need. The instance has 3 walls. When giants break down the defense line(mobs:1906) then the wall will goes disappear after 3 walls all gone and you lose. * You can make any damage to defense lines only giants can. map and mobs by Soulestar
  41. 1 point
    It looks quite good! It has so many details, custom things and places to walk by x3
  42. 1 point
    I like how you made the waterfall, seeing those guardian make me remember mobile game, clash of clans feel like lara croft on ride mission
  43. 1 point
    Incredible work. Well done
  44. 1 point
    Who does this system have? I wanted to add to my VIP players, I've been looking for this for a long time. @Edit I still managed to find this (is it to change the color of the name? Or change the color of the chat lines?), But it is outdated. Anyone understanding of source could update these codes?
  45. 1 point
    Ola, tambem não entendi aonde colocar dnum2itemresnametable.txt idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt idnum2itemdesctable.txt
  46. 1 point
    Ragnarok Online Login Screen Generator (ROLSG) Helps you to cut your private server custom login screen with just a click you dont need any photo edditing software to cut it just click and magically your custom login screen is cut by 12 parts that are needed without errors and you dont need to rename it becuase it rename it self after you generate it and it help the people who is new here this is EASY, CONVINIENT and FREE to use How to use : Just load your custom login screen with a size of [1024x768] then Click Convert It will automatically cut into 12 parts NOTE : I created a folder so that after you convert or generate it will not hard to find P.S. since i request here alot i just want to contribute what i use for myself if the file is corrupted or something let me now i will make some mirrors Credits to : Wiskovisky and to ME for the release i dont know if someone release this here try to help ROLSG.rar
  47. 1 point
    You can change it by using any HEX editor. // 2015-11-04aRagexe 4B51CE change 6A FF 6A 00 50 8D 4D D8 E8 85 B8 B7 FF to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 4B5291 change 6A FF 6A 00 50 8D 4D D8 E8 C2 B7 B7 FF to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 6FAFB0 change 20 28 00 00 5B 20 54 6F 20 00 00 00 29 20 5D 20 3A 20 to 20 00 00 00 5B 20 54 6F 20 00 00 00 5D 20 3A 20 00 00 // 2016-02-03aRagexeRE 4D209E change 6A FF 6A 00 50 8D 4D D8 E8 95 08 B6 FF to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 4D2161 change 6A FF 6A 00 50 8D 4D D8 E8 D2 07 B6 FF to 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 71D994 change 20 28 00 00 5B 20 54 6F 20 00 00 00 29 20 5D 20 3A 20 to 20 00 00 00 5B 20 54 6F 20 00 00 00 5D 20 3A 20 00 00
  48. 1 point
    hi, I'm trying to compile my emulator but i am having some issues. I've just downloaded the last git version on Centos 7.3 and runned the follow commands: ./configure --enable-64bit --with-MYSQL_LIBS=/usr/lib64/libmysqlclient.so make clean make sql when i run this last command it returns the follow error: ... CC trade.c CC unit.c CC vending.c LD map-server /usr/bin/ld: obj/mob.o: undefined reference to symbol '[email protected]@GLIBC_2.15' /usr/lib64/libm.so.6: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** [map-server] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/hercules/rathena/src/map' make: *** [map] Error 2 I'm using MariaDB that's why i'm specifying mysql libs on ./configure
  49. 1 point
    I'm still trying to get this to work if anyone is interested. My main concept here is to create NPC's that look like human players that will go around the map attacking monsters like humans do, but when attacked by a human, will attack back. I've been successful in getting my mobs to attack each other, and to attack players, but not both. Kind of at a loss here, if this is even possible.
  50. 1 point
    Yes, i'm new on rAthena i mean in this community but i can guarantee you i can fix it. Anyways, making using BrowEdit 586 or 620 as i said earlier, you can't fix it not totally fix some areas are fixes but everytime you walk in other tiles it will be blacken. Trust me. No Offense for this Brandon For all players having issues with 'Blackening Textures In-game' just hit this and follow. We will use the 'Hexing Method' Open 'XVI32' or any Hexing Editors. Find the .rsw,(File) open it up in a Hex Editor or XVI32, and look for "0201" on the first line and change it to "0109". NOTE: if you Hex the .gat(File) it will give you like this "unrecognized version". It should be worked, and i can guarantee it tested with Ivion 'Matrix Illion Map' Please give me some feed back. Regards, Nemesis / War of Immortals
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